Otome Game Unboxing: Code Realize~Future Blessings LE

Today I received my copy of Code Realize FD 1. I’m too broke to get the PS4 LE and since I had a gift card for Gamestop, I didn’t spend anything on this-thank you, Christmas.

I’m not going to be purchasing any games for a while as I’m saving up for a big trip, so thank you for your understanding. I’ll be finishing and reviewing what I already own, though, which is a lot 😛

Anyways, let’s get into this~

From what I understand, the only difference between the PS4 LE and the Vita LE is the former is bundled with the first game. A great deal if you’re new to this series, but since I already bought it when it came out, I got the Vita LE as it’s cheaper and I’d rather not pay anything extra since my gift card paid for the game anyways.

cr 1

The sticker is attached to the wrapping so here’s a quick peek at what it advertises.

Inside the box is another mini box which can hold both the original game and its fandisk.


This is the cloth banner. I’m not going to take it out because several early unboxers have noted its extremely cheap and delicate material. I’d like to keep it looking nice. It unfolds to look like the print on the sticker.


Next up we have tin can badges of the gang!


Starting from the top left: Victor, Lupin, Cardia, Saint ❤ and Van.

Bottom left: Impey, Sholmes, Finis, and Delacroix II


I absolutely ❤ these cute little badges! Here is my OTP, a small treat to soothe the ache that will be Saint’s route because CR adores a certain ship rofl.

As with the banner, I’d like to keep the cards in good condition so I won’t take them out. There should be one for each character in the game.

This LE is really nice, although the LE’s Animate (no longer in stock) and Stellworth had put out were SO much better. Perhaps in the future we’ll get sets as good as those but until then, I think it’s definitely worth getting a LE for all the goodies-especially if you loved the game.


If you’d like to get a LE, you can do so here. Using my links helps me maintain this blog to bring you reviews and other content so I sincerely appreciate your support!

What do you think of this LE? Whose route are you most excited for?

If you like what you see please follow or share. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Otome Game Unboxing: Code Realize~Future Blessings LE

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Thanks so much, Kay! 😀
      Yes, you should get one soon. A lot of otoge are coming out this summer for the vita!! In the meantime, there are a lot of great pc otoge available. Cinderella Phenomenon is completely free to play. Thanks so much, I hope I can save up enough to go 😀



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