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A huge thank you to Otometantei for nominating me. She’s a fantastic blogger who reviews otoge, anime, games and so much more. She’s also a game developer 😀 and her native tongue is Spanish. Otometantei also knows English and is learning Japanese. She’s even made her own otoge! You can read up on her journey towards completing such a challenging project here. I highly encourage you to head on over to her blog because she’s such a delight ❤


  • Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
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  • Nominate new blogs to receive the award and write them new questions.
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What do you like to see in an otome game female protagonist?

I want them to be their own character. It frustrates me when a character is a self-insert because they can’t completely be who the reader wants them to be. I also can’t stand when she molds herself to whoever she’s paired up with. I don’t need her to be a kickass lady, as most badass women in fiction are grossly exaggerated or are men with stick-on boobs. Strength is different for each person and it comes in different forms. Just because they’re timid and shy doesn’t mean they aren’t a good character. Cardia, on the left, is exactly this but she develops into a capable woman and I admire her a lot. Kazuha, on the right, frustrated me to no end for all of the above and more.



How do you feel about most japanese role playing games (JRPG) having male protagonists?

Great! I don’t care too much what gender the protagonist is. I’m just taking control of a character and experiencing a game. Give me the choice to play as a girl and of course I’ll take it, but I think it’s honestly ridiculous how angry some people get over how they can only play as one gender. So many people flipped their lids at Horizon Zero Dawn having a female protagonist despite how many games put you in the shoes of a guy. So what? It’s a story, not your roleplaying fantasy. If that’s what you’re here for, there are plenty of games that meet your requirements. However, it does really bug me when game developers make outlandish excuses as to why they can’t be bothered to give a female protagonist a shot. The developer for the Persona franchise said,

“With Persona 4, though, we needed the character to come from a big city to a small country town to be the driving force of the story, and it seemed more natural for a male character to fulfill that role.”

Along with this, the developer for the SMT series made a very sexist remark about why they won’t add a female protagonist.

“on average male figures have a better chance to survive than females,” 

So, I don’t care, but it’d nice to get the option to be a girl in a Persona game. That franchise has a pretty popular and integral system where you grow closer to other characters to build links. Most of these are romantic, and I personally don’t find myself drawn to romancing girls when there are literal bishounen standing around. I think it’s awesome if you’re a girl who doesn’t care about this or even enjoys it, great! For me, I’d rather date the boys so I’ve never had much interest in Persona and probably won’t be playing it anytime soon.

What’s the worst game you remember playing in the last year (can be otome game, RPG, or anything you want)?


Ironically, I really disliked Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s not a bad game, don’t get me wrong. The endless amount of possibilities to hunt machines is impressive, the crafting system is easy and fun, and the weapons are diverse and creative. The Cauldrons are really cool and I loved the Stalkers. Bandit Camps were fun to clear out too. Near the end, you can pick up a special armor that pretty much renders you invincible. It just wasn’t for me. I was so bored with the countless repetitive and trite quests which meant nothing (unless you count the few allied quests and you have no idea who they are unless you look up a guide), metal-flower hunting, etc. The dialogue was super cringey at some points and facial animations looked wonky at times. And Aloy was just bland. I didn’t care about her plight because the second she decides to go out there and do business she’s suddenly helping everyone along the way all “I’ll help you!! Don’t you worry!” I loved how she told off several characters though. The main story took around 12 hours to complete and while it was well-told, it was extremely predictable and it never gripped me. The rest of the trophy requirements were easy enough but I detest the hunting trials with the passion of a Blazing Sun, so I decided it wasn’t worth the platinum since I suck soooooo bad at them and I wasn’t having fun. Again, not a bad game, I just didn’t like it. If you’re interested rofl I can sell my complete edition to you for $20 😛

kokuchou no

I also wasn’t a fan of the newest otome game to be released, Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly. I have a review if you’re interested. Tldr; too many design choices killed any immersion I had for the game and I went in with the expectation of a creepy otome game but I got a visual novel with terrible, barely-there-romance and forced tragedy.

If you want my like new copy, I can sell it for $30 (retail is $40).

In fiction, sometimes there are characters that are referred to as a Mary Sue or a Gary Stu. What would you call a Mary Sue/Gary Stu character?

Lazy trump cards writers create when they’re still learning how to create a character. They’re just a mesh of tropes, stereotypes, and perfection in the eyes of the author and the character’s world. I have no patience for them.

Do you have a favorite videogame soundtrack? Which one?

There’s honestly too many games with fantastic music. I’m currently in ❤ with FFXV and Nier Automata’s osts and encourage everyone to pick up both games, though for FFXV I’d consider reading my review since the whole mess it went through has resulted in some….changes and dlc and….sigh. I loved it with all my soul, but damn son.

Thanks so much for reading. Anyone can participate because I honestly love hearing what you all have to say and I can learn a lot from you all ^^ You can choose to answer the ones I did or my own set ^^

Here’s my questions:

  • What games are you looking forward to? Can be on your backlog, a future release, etc.
  • What do you want to see change in the gaming industry/community?
  • Recommend your favorite book/game/music/tea/anything you feel deserves recognition.
  • What have you learned from blogging?
  • Do you have any obscure interests you’d like others to know about?

If you like what you see please follow or share, thank you!


13 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. karin

    Aww (●ฅ́дฅ̀●) you’re so sweet, thanks so much for those nice comments ❤

    I agree so much with you on so many things you said! Let's go in order hehe xD

    Female protagonists: I'm so happy to know there's someone else who thinks female protagonists don't need to be kickass in order to be strong! Like you said, "Strength is different for each person and it comes in different forms", couldn't have said it better. I'd rather have a heroine with her own distinctive personality than a no-face heroine who's supposed to be "us" and usually has no goals (and the reality is that people are too different AND self-insert heroines tend to be done very badly, so most players don't identify with them at all). I also tend to see people dislike "innocence". I think rather the innocence, the most annoying thing about a heroine tends to be when they are stupid. Your examples are perfect because both Cardia and Kazuha are heroines that we can consider innocent, but Cardia has a lot of character development, she is smart and she has a very distinctive personality. Kazuha on the other hand…is painfully stupid.

    Most JRPG having male protagonists: I agree that what's important is the story and it really shouldn't matter if you're a guy or girl if the story is good. What I was mostly referring to with the question, though, was in regards to games like Persona. Most of these games have dating elements and I feel the same as you when it comes to dating girls…why do we have to date them when there are so many bishounen around? Still, the most rage inducing thing about this when developers give bs excuses about "why they don't use a girl protagonist". I completely agree with what you said! As much as I love Japan, it's such a shame that there's so much sexism when it comes to fiction, and this is really apparent in video games…Of course, if a game has a male protagonist, I won't dismiss it just because I can't be a girl lol, but I think it'd be nice if there was more variety. If there were more games, especially JRPGs, were you could be a girl MC and you weren't sexualized (like in Neptunia games, for instance, were you are a girl but…it feels more like a game aimed for straight men).

    Worst games you've played in the last year: Wow, that's such a shame about Horizon Zero Dawn. When I first saw the trailer I was actually hoping to get until I saw that it was exclusive to the PS4 xD But gosh…repetitive quests and insipid character motivation sounds awful :/ Congrats on finishing it, though! As for Psychedelica, it's quite a surprise! I haven't played it yet, but I remember reading many comments about people who played the japanese version and thought the game was fantastic and blablabla. As regards the lack of romance, I heard about it before, about how it's actually a visual novel with veeeeery little romance xD but since everyone praised it so much i thought "well, if it has a good story then I don't mind". Then you and another friend of mine started being more objective, which I really appreciate tbh, because when I go to a game with very high expectations…I tend to be very disappointed. So as much as it is a shame to read that there is forced tragedy and not very good characters (and I believe you wholeheartedly, especially when we have similar taste in games and/or characters!). I remember how you mentioned once that you disliked Norn9 and, while I didn't hate it, I still haven't finished it xDDD The plot has holes and some routes were painfully boring (and even annoying at times). I LOVE SENRI THOUGH <3.

    Mary Sue/Gary Stu: Kill them with fiiiiiireeeee lol. I have no patience for them either. Main reason why I hate Kirito from SAO with great passion.

    Favorite sountrack: Nice!! I'll have to listen to them later 😀 I actually haven't played the games because I'm more of a console gamer (and certain adventure games for computer gamer), but I'd like to watch a good gameplay sometime 😀

    Thanks for sharing your answers!! This was a very cool and interesting post to read ❤

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      (●ฅ́дฅ̀●) (●ฅ́дฅ̀●) (●ฅ́дฅ̀●) You are too kind too omg Karin!! ❤

      I'm so glad to see you think that too about otoge protagonists! It's hard sometimes when they don't act the way you want them to but we can't change it. Haha omg you're so right! I think innocent heroines are great but if they're stupid? oh no…

      Oh dear lord the neptunia games….I can't haha. I don't mind a gorgeous looking woman but when the entire game is fanservice to the max I'm out. It's great that the guys can enjoy it but a lot of those guys (not all) seem to be the kind who rage when otoge get localized and then complain they can't find a gamer gf rofl. And agreed so much on persona! It's so annoying. I really don't want to play them.

      HZD isn't really that bad, I just have very little patience with AAA titles since most of them are like look open worlds and then something huge suffers on account of it. I'd consider it if you're interested since I seem to be of the very few who disliked it.

      Don't worry seriously it's ok if we have differing tastes. I think that's what makes this community so awesome ^^ Yeah, I actually ate up the hype so that was my fault. As well as assuming it was your standard otoge haha. Who knows, you may like it? ^^

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      1. karin

        Ehehe, yeah 😀 it’s nice to have different opinions too ❤ But I really appreciate it when I see more objective reviewers like you ^^ Sometimes I see reviews that are either too "praisy" or THE BIGGEST RANT EVAH and…it's difficult to judge if you want to play the game because the reviewer might have different tastes xD Take me, for example, I love shouta characters and I've yet to see more people who love them as much as I do and/or don't automatically hate on them because of a stereotype. But anyways, yay, I think it's awesome to have different tastes as well 😀 but it's also cool when you can share with friends your views on why you liked (or disliked) the same game and/or characters.

        Neptunia…the queen of fanservice *facepalm overload*. I wish there were more games like the Atelier series but including some kind of romance…I find it so unfair that there are very few JRPGs were you can be a girl AND date boys…Even games that aren't RPG like Danganronpa have me rage over the huge amount of fanservice for men. And how there isn't a dating sim from the perspective of a girl either (I'm looking at you especially Danganronpa V3).

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      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Agreed SO much! That’s one of the biggest reasons I followed you. You give your pros and your cons and you do it so well that I feel like I can actually make a decision. And aww thank you! Haha I know you love shota 😉 I actually think you may like this developer. She loves shota so much she made an entire otoge for shota lovers.

        God I agree so much with what you said. I guess it’s just Japan and male audiences being the primary money maker that we never get that much :/ If you want an otoge of just fanservice Klap is awesome rofl

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      3. karin

        Thank you ❤ Hehe I'm glad I was able to make objective reviews as well! That's always my intention too 😀 (there caaaan be exceptions though xD but usually every game has their pros and cons :D)

        Ohh thanks for the link!! Can't wait to play the shota otoge *___*

        Yeah…I hope more female developers start making this sexism stop with their own games. It's really irritating and even sad to see women reduced to fanservice :/

        Klap!! Thanks!! I'll keep it in mind to get it when I go to Japan 😀

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  2. karin

    Gosh I just noticed my comment was such a mess again x’DD I’m sorry, it seems when I write things that are too long, sometimes I begin with an idea and then forget the idea and suddenly there’s a full stop in the sentence x’DD plus typos and missing words. I hope the overall comment was understandable at least 😛

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  3. Krystallina

    I’m looking forward to all the E3 news, but this year, I’m most looking forward to KH3.

    I still think the heroine in Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode is the most Mary Stu manga/anime character I’ve ever seen

    Anyway, congrats on the award!


  4. Rinni

    Yassss preach that Nier: Automata love.

    Persona 5 had a male social link (Yusuke) that teased romance all along but in the end none of the guys were romanceable 😐 I love the girls and sure I picked my favorite but there was so much more chemistry with Yusuke lol

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Heck yessss Nier was soooo good! I wish more people would play it!

      Haha I don’t ever pay much attention to the Persona series, I’m honestly not interested in it unless they do give the option to be a girl. I’m glad you had fun and liked all the girls! It’s just because of how much I love the bishounen I’d be pretty mad the whole game I couldn’t snag one lol


  5. Kay

    One of the reasons you love your blog is because you understand that there are so many different forms of strength. ❤ It's good to see a kickass protagonist, but when it's well worked and not overdone, as you mentioned. It is strange how media can move from one extreme stereotype to another, passing away from what a woman is actually.

    Oh my, I would buy your copy of Horizon if I could XD Games with open worlds can be a good distraction from time to time when I want to play something that is familiar. But since I can not, good luck with your sales! It's a shame that Psychedelica has been bad, hopefully the other two Otomes games released will be a better experience for you.

    I would like to see more female protagonists in JRPG games, but if the story and the characters were good, I play independent of the protagonist's genre lol I can smoothly romanticize all genres in games, but usually so many games have girls that serve only objects, even in games where the focus is the romance between two girls, you can see that it was all fetishized for the male audience… So it's much easier to have a good romance coming out with bishounens… It's kind of mean sad.

    I did not play FFXV or Nier, but I hope I can do it in the future ❤ Both games look awesome!

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Wow, thank you so much, Kay! I’m glad my blog isn’t a complete disaster haha. I hope you’re doing well 🙂

      Yeah, Psychedelica was a bomb but hopefully there’s a good one around the corner.

      Oh lord haha don’t get me started on how anime girls are literally just objects. It’s honestly really annoying. And no it’s not mean, it’s just being honest. Don’t worry about it! ^^

      I’d highly rec FFXV and Nier if you ever get the chance 😀



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