❤ New Content For You ❤


Most of my posts are otoge reviews. Considering not many are localized and they take a while to read through, bad ends and all, reviews don’t come out very fast. I want to put as much content into each review and leave readers with a good idea of what their $ can get them.

So, I’ve been consulting many on twitter as to what they’d like to see from my blog.

Based on a majority of poll results and DMs, many want more than just otoge reviews. They want reviews for other quality entertainment that can hold them until the next localized otoge. And a surprising amount of people have asked me to put out content I like-you’re too sweet thank you! ❤

I want to keep my blog consistent with my theme of otoge, but I also want to make this blog a good resource for you. So I’ve added a new tab at the top right of the menu called Special.


This is where non-otoge content will go, but will still appeal to those who enjoy otoge, narrative-heavy games, romance, and etc. If it’s a non-otoge review you can find it under the normal Game Reviews drop menu, or under Special. I also play and read pretty much everything I can so if it’s good and worth the price, I’d love to share that with you all.

If you only follow to read my otoge reviews, don’t worry! The new content will not slow down any reviews. They’re only here because many requested I review things they can enjoy while waiting for another otoge to play. And I have a lot of goodies to recommend 🙂

My next otoge review will be for 7’Scarlet. I’ve been having a bit of a slump with otoge, a full-time job, and sadly being defeated by laryngitis (lost my voice to the point where only air comes out rofl) so thank you for your understand as to why it’s not been out already.

I’m so lucky to have such an amazing audience. Every day, I receive more and more readers and followers and I get to know such wonderful people. I enjoy talking to each and every one of you, so please don’t hesitate to comment on here, hit me up on twitter, add me on PSN, or whatever you like.

If you like what you see please follow or share. Thank you!

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