New Otome Game Localizations

2 otoge which have been localized to my knowledge. If others have been and I was under a rock please lift it up and let me know the good news.

Firstly, XSEED will be releasing Eikoku Tantei Misteria, or London Detective Mystery in English this fall! It will be released on PC and PS Vita ^^


Read up more on this acquisition

Aksys Games has announced the localization of Code Realize’s second fandisc, Wintertide Miracles, for a Western localization in 2019! It will be available for both the PS Vita and the PS4, for Europe and the US.


While it’s a little sad to see this series being milked, this fandisc is the one that actually delivers what the first one promised us: a happy ending for every single guy. Finally, Saint can have some 🙂 What do you think of this news?

Read up more on this acquisition.

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