Otome Game Review: 7’Scarlet

Intro: Ichiko Hanamaki’s brother disappeared in Okunezato, so when her friend Hino sets up a trip to attend the Okunezato Supernatural Club, she tags along to search for clues. The Fuurinkan Hotel is so short-staffed the employees let them work part-time in exchange for free room and board. During their days at the hotel, the person who set up the club doesn’t show up, so they go on without them. The club is dedicated to unearthing the truth in the mysterious disappearances and accidents in the town, but the longer Ichiko stays there, the more her life is in danger. 

Final thoughts below:

tumblr_p9lv3fc1z31vta984o1_540Isora: is a second year in high school and Furinkan Hotel’s sole chef. He plays the flirty trope so well I’d no idea a yandere lurked behind his smiles. He tells her the Murakumo family owns not just the Furinkan Hotel, but  all of Okunezato. When he was a shota, his family took him to a French restaurant and the experience sparked a passion for making others happy with food. He left Okunezato to study l’art de la cuisine but his dad died. His mom couldn’t manage their restaurant alone and worked herself into hospitalization. The Murakumos caused many businesses to fail in order to keep Okunezato isolated and controlled, culminating in Isora’s hatred for them. Isora decided to become a chef and take care of his mom and is working to pay her bills. Ichiko and Hino look around town for clues which pisses Isora off so much he slams a strawberry tart before her and orders her to eat it, knowing full well she hates strawberries. Wow, she can’t hang out with other men? -__-  Hino takes both plates and the next morning the same tart is found near a dead cat. Hino’s in the hospital, so Ichiko confronts Isora asking wtf is happening. He says he’d never do that and she’s all m’kay.

tumblr_p9lv3fc1z31vta984o7_540Yuki gets kidnapped so Isora tells her not to go out. Problem is Yuki was sent to fetch ingredients Isora needs to cook with, so she convinces him to let her get them. She sees the suspicious black car from earlier and decides Yuki MUST be in it so she follows it into the abandoned part of town and gets attacked. Isora magically knows where she is and rescues her from death, then locks her in his bunker of love. Isora cooks her meals and says everyone knows where she is. But then he says things like, “man I’m so glad I can have you to myself-not that i wanted you to get hurt lol”, or, “if only your hands had been injured instead of your legs.” His facts just ain’t adding up so he rages at her like thanks for being so kind in this situation. He admits no one knows where she is cuz the killer could be at the hotel (and no one called 911-or even suspected HIM?) and he just leaves the door open one day on accident. If she escapes, the killer shanks her. If she stays out of complete faith in her kidnapper, the killer knocks Isora out and tries to kill her. Normal end: Isora punches the crap outta the guy, the place burns down, and Isora goes to the hospital where she thanks him and peaces right out of town. Good end: after subduing the killer, instead of ripping the ridiculous cat mask off to find out who he is, they make out as the place is burning down around them. He says when he was a shota he made treats and this rando loli showed up and he had her be his guinea pig. She loved them but she ended up choking on one with strawberries resulting in her Strawberry PTSD. He tells her he lusted for 12 years after her loli ass and I’m over here all WUT pfft that’s beyond creepy son. At the hospital, he apologizes for locking her up and scaring her (no shit) but then she agrees when Isora says he won’t let her break up with him even if she wants to?! Best part of the route was the killer saying Isora was a controlling boyfriend rofl.

tumblr_p9k2s6kmdm1vta984o4_1280Hino: loves mysteries, cute things, and plays futsal. Ichiko mistakes the bathing areas and gets a peek at her friend while the poor guy’s all HOW did you not see the 男 near the entrance? At the festival he gets triggered by target practice holding a toy gun to get her a prize and faints. The next day, she sees him talking to a cat about his FEELS for her and she never remarks on that rofl They explore the old town for clues and find a tunnel leading into the forbidden mountains. It’s too dark so they ignore it. The day is hot so they cool down with ramune but Ichiko’s bottle didn’t come with the marble pusher, so Hino helps her. One morning, Hino goes out to pray for Yuki’s middle school to have an awesome festival, but he never returns. Ichiko chases after him and runs into Karasuma in the Okune Shrine. He says something bad will happen. Sure enough, Hino calls her: Tsukuyomi’s been stabbed and was rushed to a hospital. The concert for the AUK-ZERO boi band is cancelled and the boss says they have three days to pack up and leave.

tumblr_p9k2xsk2up1vta984o2_1280If she returns home, the killer vows to find her. If she goes sees Tsukuyomi (before he was shanked), the boss calls her a hoe for speaking to a guy in his room and zooms away after Karasuma -___- at him. She lies down and someone stabs her to death. Hino says when they were little he brought her to a haunted house to impress her but a wanted serial killer had shacked up there and so he started strangling Ichiko. He gave Hino a gun and told him to shoot because he didn’t want to kill her, but Hino couldn’t do it. Right as she fell unconscious, her oniichan saved the day by shooting the guy. Oniichan tells Hino that Ichiko is a target for serial killers like what does that mean??? Since then, Hino’s had gun PTSD and has vowed to protect her. Right as they’re about to kiss the killer cockblocks by shooting his leg. At the hospital Tsukuyomi finds a letter taped on the door. She has to go through the tunnel alone. She goes and finds her oniichan’s jacket. The killer arrives and throws Karasuma down. He says her oniichan is dead and that he only kills women but Tsukuyomi, Karasuma, and Hino got in the way. Hino comes to the rescue and the killer decides shoot me and you’re good. If she shoots, there’s no bullets in the gun and Hino takes the killer over the cliff with him, where they both die. If she lets Hino shoot, there’s no bullets and Karasuma tackles the killer over the cliff. In either end, no bodies are found. She and Hino make out before oniichan’s grave and the weirdest kiss CG appears. Hino apparently was ( ◉◞౪◟◉) during the kiss so he sees his favorite mascot truck drive by.

tumblr_p9r6gb44ev1vta984o5_1280Sosuke: is a medical student who thinks logic solves everything. He’s terrible with emotional intelligence and reading the room. Despite this, he has a strange fascination with death and the afterlife, often reading up on the subject. His profs and peers would think less of him if they knew so he keeps this to himself. Instead, he delights in hiking so he can ponder those subjects. Sosuke offers to help look for her oniichan and they hide in the shrine when a group of people come running. He holds her close while he looks out but what he sees rattles him. He locks himself in his room for a long time so she decides to search on her own. She doesn’t tell anyone she’s going into a forbidden area, doesn’t break food or water, etc. She feels like someone’s watching her and the path is blocked so she gets back into town but is surrounded by ninja who try to take her with them. Sosuke’s all leave her and they listen. Sosuke says he split from his family but she tells him he should make up with them but whoops his dad’s body was discovered the day they were at the shrine!

tumblr_p9r6m8lpbn1vta984o6_1280She follows Sosuke through a forbidden entrance and she brings supplies this time. Wrapping twine around a trunk, she makes it only so far, but when she backtracks, she finds the twine has been cut. Feeling as though someone’s watching her, she starts to panic until Sosuke somehow finds her. Ninja surround them and tell them to see the Murakumo family. Yuzuki’s dad says the ninja are Ensepulchers who hunt revenants, but in doing so, they become their victims. He offers them a rank in his forces but Sosuke says he needs time to think, preventing Ichiko from rashly agreeing after Yuzuki’s dad shows her a journal that belonged to oniichan. Before they leave, the jiji says a revenant is at their hotel and she’ll be attacked. Sure enough, she’s attacked on the first floor when she goes to get tea. Somehow the killer has enough time to shuck off his disguise to blend in with everyone. Sosuke confesses having feelings for her and he keeps her safe that night and there shoulda been a kiss cg there otomate. They go to a different cafe to discuss what happened and she tries to get him to repeat what he said last night but he teases her. Eventually Sosuke goes Phoenix Wright on everyone and Tsukuyomi turns out to be a revenant and the cat-mask killer. The ninja come to kill him but Tsukuyomi manages to attack them; Sosuke jumps in front of the blade for Ichiko. Good End: Sosuke takes her hiking to see purple flowers and says he met a girl when he was little, her. He kisses her and wtaf was this CG like nooooo he’s one of my fav and he gets that? :/ Normal End: she has to go home so he gives her his number and promises another date. A wonderful route where Ichiko actually had a *gasp* personality and did things? Sosuke was delightful (∿°○°)∿ ︵ ǝʌol

tumblr_p9tcadjpaf1vta984o1_1280Yuzuki: I’m WEAK to Shinichiro’s voice. I could listen to him narrate paint dry. His voice in Hakuoki destroyed me so the moment Yuzuki spoke I knew there was no hope for me. I also ❤ the whole Boss (no huge age gap) who needs to work on himself falling for the nice, hardworking girl. I’ll eat that shit up all day. Yuzuki owns the hotel and his theme song is as close to porno music as you can get 😂 She accidentally finds him doing ikebana through his private residence attached to the hotel. He lets her watch, explaining his grandmother died before she could teach him how to finish it. He catches a cold so Ichiko takes care of him, monopolizing the fact that the mean guy can’t really do much for once so she kind of talks back rofl. Isora says he wanted to put hanaberos in his okayu 😂 She stays up all night tending to his fever while he sleep talks about Revenants. Ichiko leaves to find Yuki all( ◉◞౪◟◉) She goes back during lunch to check on him and hears some jiji yelling. Turns out it’s Yuzuki’s dad and after he leaves the boss apologizes to Ichiko for snapping at her. She ends up running into Yuzuki at night and discovers he’s the night Ensepulcher, but he tells her to go back to the hotel and say nothing.

tumblr_p9tcebjlet1vta984o2_1280Yuki thinks stuff’s going on between them so he gives her the key to Yuzuki’s room when she lies about having to deliver him something lol but he never comes home. She goes to his room and finds it ransacked with Karasuma standing behind the door. He ties her up in an abandoned building, a perfect trap for Yuzuki. He takes the bait and Karasuma ties him up after Ichiko gets free, and questions him about Tsuzuri, his wife. Tsuzuri died of an illness and called Karasuma one night to thank him for being her husband and to congratulate him on his getting his first book published, using the spare change Yuzuki had given her. Yuzuki was supposed to kill Tsuzuri for being a revenant and earn his father’s praise, but he couldn’t do it and tried to save her. Karasuma falls to the ground, sobbing that Tsuzuri meant everything to him. If Ichiko asks about the Ensepulchers, Yuzuki admits he couldn’t stop them from killing Tsuzuri, so Karasuma rages and tries to stab him. So Ichiko nice boats herself twice for her boss. If she asks about Tsuzuri, he explains he tried to protect her by telling his ninja team revenants could be dealt with in another way, but they refused to listen and expelled him. Karasuma frees him and lets them go. Yuzuki explains the revenants exist because people chase death: if a loved one dies and someone can’t get over it, or the deceased has unfinished business, they come back. Before they return to the hotel they both accidentally kinda admit to liking each other 😀

tumblr_p9tcebjlet1vta984o5_1280Another dead body is found and Yuzuki’s dad calls his trash for caring about the revenants. Ichiko finally grows a backbone and tells his jiji to stfu because Yuzuki cares more about doing a good job and making sure the revenants aren’t cruelly murdered and Yuzuki is like aw shit I really like her. Good End: She waits for Yuzuki while everyone’s out at A-TO’s concert and Tsukuyomi admits to being a revenant cuz he thinks no one will be here to stop him. Ichiko is a special snowflake called an Albino. The red in her eyes attracts revenants because she’s pretty much eternal life on a platter, but Yuzuki and Sosuke (who joined the ninjas) stop him in time and take him out back in the woods. Sosuke asks Tsukuyomi if he killed his dad but he’s all I’m classy because I only kill women and I guess it was Sosuke’s first day on the job because he failed so hard at tying the guy up. He shanks Yuzuki and almost offs Ichiko, but Karasuma swoops in and kunais Tsukuyomi. They season him with salt and grill him until he bursts into petals. Karasuma forgives Yuzuki because he gave his wife the chance to speak to him one last time and he peaces out. Sosuke also failed to think ahead so he goes back to get his first aid kit while Yuzuki is bleeding out. Yuzuki tells Ichiko he has feelings for her and they make out while he bleeds to death lol. Good End: At the hospital he messes with her by pretending to have amnesia lol and she tells him she learned her brother died so he offers to fill up the hole in her heart and I’m not sure if this was a marriage proposal with his ZUTTO EIEN NI part haha. He says if he died his one regret was not being able to make out with her every day so he just goes for it not caring if anyone walks in. Normal End: She wakes up in the hospital to learn Yuzuki died and at the hotel she thinks she sees him but she shuts the curtains and tries to pretend she didn’t, so he won’t come back and suffer as a revenant. Ugh I love him so much.

tumblr_p9ngbkixgn1vta984o3_1280Yojiro NodaToa: the game doesn’t even try to hide his identity as AUK-ZERO’s former leader. Toa’s socially awkward, nearsighted, and created the Okune Panda as a little boy to attract guests to Okunezato when business flopped. The Murakumo family also shut down his family’s inn so they were forced to move. He was bullied a lot but loved singing and when he met loli Ichiko, he serenaded her behind the shrine and gifted her a marble. He wears a heavy and noticeable kind of kimono (内部に綿を厚く入れた着物のこと) during the summer. She has a bit of a crisis because she enjoys the awkward Toa she’s come to like but when he ties up his hair and takes off his glasses he magically becomes ikemen af.

tumblr_p9ngbkixgn1vta984o6_1280Thankfully she likes him for who he is. Unfortunately, it felt like the writers had shoved in wish fulfillment so the conflict was his manager telling her to gto and lying about Toa being a womanizer. She falls for it because they just met and she doesn’t think she’s cute so she tells him they can’t see each other. But when he cancels his rehearsal they make up because he convinces her that by the power of liking her for 12 years, he’s in love with her rofl. Outta nowhere, ninjas slam him to the ground and try to strip him. Sosuke tells them to stop and they let him go. He explains they were Ensepulchers and they tried to verify if Toa was a revenant by looking for a violet mark on his body, but Sosuke had seen him in the bath before so he knew there wasn’t one on Toa. Ichiko receives a note telling her to go to the Outlook and she does because that’s Toa’s favorite place, but she shoulda stayed at home because Sosuke told her a third body showed up. So instead of informing anyone where she’s going in the middle of the night she heads to the cliff where the killer tries to shank her. He also kicks a poor cat 😦 Toa saves her and Yasu and informants surround the killer but he shanks one of them and gets away. Yasu helps them get to safety and asks Toa for autographs for him and his family lol.

tumblr_p9ngg6pna91vta984o7_1280True end: Tsukuyomi tells them another revenant is at the hotel before he’s taken away so Yuzuki grills everyone to find out who it is. Yua says she’s the revenant but she was covering for Toa, her twin brother. They were separated at birth thanks to the Murakumo’s stupid laws but care so much for each other. Yua’ll do anything for Toa, even killing Sosuke’s father to protect him. She had no idea who it was she killed but Sosuke forgives her because of the circumstances. Toa reveals he hasn’t killed anyone so he has no special mark and he’s near his end because he’s starving to death. He wants to die after the concert ends and Ichiko has helped him live longer thanks to his feelings for her. They all pitch in to help him with his dying wish but Yasu is the culprit and lies to Yuzuki so he can to detain Toa before the concert. Yua skewers herself on Yasu’s blade so her little brother can make his last wish come true and the concert failed so hard because there was no voiced singing like?? You have a renowned seiyuu who spent a majority of his career as a SINGER and you don’t have him sing at his last concert? He bursts into petals and dies but like??? What about Yua? Did she make it? Good End: she receives a letter from Toa saying he’s dead when she reads this and tells her where his body is and that he loves her. I felt so bad for him he was nothing but a sweet, gentle person and he tragically died and suffered after death. Not sure I’d agree with this being the canon route but if she doesn’t complete his route he has no choice but to nice boat in other routes….(´。_。`)

20160723025710Hanate: is a pedo masquerading as an oniichan and I was disgusted. As hinted at in other routes, Ichiko is an albino, short for ambrosia. She’s purer than the purest shojo manga heroine ever and her pupils faintly shine red. If a revenant kills her, they’ll be given eternal life and never have to kill again. She’s exploring with Hino when she lies about having to do shopping and slips into a forbidden tunnel. She thinks Hino came back for her but the killer zooms after her. Someone saves her just in time and wow, oniichan’s alive. Unfortunately, this “truth” is an info dump about this super old guy who met Ichiko when she was 8 years old and was being targeted as an albino. He decides to protect her and takes her out of Okunezato, manipulating her memories to believe he’s her oniichan. His pedobear self is revealed when she starts middle school and he says he now likes her in a way a brother shouldn’t dear lord wtaf is this? Her and Hino’s memories return and they sleep together that night. No idea if they did it but the next morning he literally tells her to get dressed so….anyways, Tsukuyomi is after them and so they race to the purple flowers where the most disappointing anime fights of all time occurs. Hanate orders her to burn the flowers and kill them all, ending the revenant cycle, but she can’t so thank fuck Hino arrives and does it for her. Everyone’s memories of Hanate are wiped and she cries without knowing why and voila. It’s finally over.


Final Thoughts:

I was supposed to be looking for Oniichan


7’Scarlet has received a mixed bag, with many bloggers praising this game for its horror and romance, and others extremely disappointed with Ichiko, the plot holes, and the romance. If you were disappointed with Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly’s lack of romance, 7’Scarlet does a good job of mixing it with horror and tension. But how does it hold up?



I love her design!! Her large purple eyes are hard to get used to since her pupils are like pinpricks so she looks a little possessed, but I can see why the guys found her attractive. Unfortunately, Ichiko is rather lacking in the personality department. It’s ok to be shy or timid or indecisive, that’s where character growth comes in, and not every heroine needs to follow a badass template. The problem is Ichiko lets people decide for her and her original goal of finding her brother becomes an afterthought the second she’s interested in someone. It’s only in Yuzuki and Sosuke’s routes where she actually makes her own decisions, talks back when she doesn’t agree, and takes action. If she’d remained consistent throughout the other routes I’d be praising her endlessly. She’s generic, a special snowflake, and feels like a blow up doll for the “ideal submissive girl” in a lot of shounen manga, (like Bakuman) which I loathe.

System: I liked the choice of a movie reel after having completed a route. You could go back to an ending or the beginning. The tips were really interesting and a great addition to the story. The skip function is fast and you don’t need to click it again after making a choice during something you’ve already read. However, the interface is setup differently from most otoge so you’ll have to relearn the buttons or you can customize it.

Art: The backgrounds appear to be digitally painted over photos and they’re lovely. The animations are new to me in an otoge and I thought they added a lot to this game and would love to see this in more otoge in the future. I’m not sure if they’re rotoscoped. The CGs are both pretty and wonky. Some kiss CGs were terribly disappointing.

Music: I liked it a lot but man….there’s a concert that takes place in this game, but unlike Collar x Malice, there’s no vocal performance. Which is beyond weird considering the seiyuu is a renowned professional singer.

Characters: I thought Isora was meh until near the end of his route where I wanted to rage quit. He’s a decent guy, he’s young, and he has a lot to learn. Yanderes just aren’t for me and I personally don’t find controlling, manipulating behavior enticing even in fiction so I wasn’t a fan.

Hino was your typical childhood friend trope but Ichiko lost all autonomy with him. I liked his quirk for loving cute mascots and appreciated how he his existence wasn’t based off of the heroine.

Toa was a sweetie who deserved so much more and his love of cats and his design are all solid. Something about him didn’t click with me, unfortunately, so I feel for him, really, but I wasn’t in love with the guy.


Sosuke is pretty much Kent and I loved him. Ichiko was great in this route and I really liked their chemistry and he’s a real winner.

Yuzuki is just feeding my addiction to the boss trope, except thank GOD he’s not much older than her and he wasn’t an asshole or rude to her. I really enjoyed his route. It felt much shorter than everyone else’s but I loved every second despite its flaws. Plus, Shinichiro voices him so of course I just melt. 

Recommended route order left to right:

Isora or Hino>Toa>Sosuke>Yuzuki (locked)>True Route (locked)> ***** Route (locked)

Enjoyment levels from least to most left to right:



Overall, 7’Scarlet kind of bored me. I liked the ideas in it, the tension was handled much better than Black Butterfly, and the romance played a bigger role than I expected. Ichiko caused the narrative to suffer thanks to her inability to do much unless she was on Sosuke or Yuzuki’s routes. Some players may be able to overlook or ignore the pedophilia in ****’s route but I cannot. It’s very explicitly stated their interests towards Ichiko shifted from platonic to sexual interest when she was a minor (13-15 years old) and I felt absolutely disgusted seeing how the events unfolded, especially considering one line where the character advises her to “get dressed” so wether that implies sexual intercourse or not, I took it as such. This character is vastly older than her as well, so that was icky. It severely hampered my enjoyment of the game. If you go into this thinking it to be some slice-of-life with horror you may be disappointed to find supernatural elements are the brunt of the story. 


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What did you think of 7’Scarlet?

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6 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: 7’Scarlet

  1. Eu

    Yay! Glad you liked Yuzuki’s route. 😀 Got to love how Ichiko talks back in this route. But for the most part of the game, she’s meh. ;;;

    Which game are you playing atm? Ashen Hawk? ^^

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Hi, Eu! How are you? 🙂
      I didn’t expect to like him that much haha xD And yeah that’s the unfortunate part of this game. It’s not terrible at least haha.

      Yes, it should arrive Thursday, so I’ll be diving into it soon 🙂



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