✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Chapter 1

I know I said I was going to review this game first, but I was having so much fun that I threw myself headfirst into this raging inferno. The kickstarter to localize this game may have tanked, but I like this game far too much to leave it in the ditch. I’ll be translating every route and every chapter. Enjoy!

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At the entrance to the Cattleya Kingdom is a fountain plaza, and a little ways past the plaza is a shopping district teeming with customers. Tiana, our heroine, is out to do some shopping before she meets up with her best friend, Lotte. One of the storefronts catches her eye with its lovely sundries. As she’s parsing through the various merchandise, a rough set of footsteps approaches her from behind – a jarring sound on this quaint early afternoon – only to stop right beside her.

It’s a soldier. He asks her if she’s seen a tiger around. Confused, she repeats his inquiry back to him as if for clarification, and he nods seriously back at her. Tiana says she hasn’t seen one and the soldier shakes his head and sighs, as though he’s unable to come to terms with the situation he’s found himself in. He apologies for wasting her time and then he heads back into the streets to resume his search.

Tiana can only wonder what’s going on if the Rosette Castle’s own soldiers are looking for a tiger downtown, when –

At an ear-splitting screech, Tiana gasps and drops the item that had been in her hand. She fearfully turns around right as something unexpected comes into her view: a growling tiger is slowly crossing the distance between it and a cowering woman. The people who heard her shriek scatter like baby spiders at the horrifying spectacle.

BM Tiger

The woman cries for help; in a flash, Tiana grabs the whistle hanging at her chest. Silently praying that she’ll make it on time, she blows the whistle as hard as she can and the shrill note scatters in all directions. The tiger is startled by the sound and pauses in its preparations to attack, turning a disgruntled glance her way. Knowing full-well that one single note of her whistle can’t stop the animal, she sucks in another huge breath and tries again. Trembling as though with fear, the tiger sits down and the hostility gradually drains from its expression. Then its eyelids close and the beast slumps onto its side as if it’s fallen asleep.

The whistle seemed to have done its job. Tiana lets out a sigh of relief and then asks the woman if she’s alright. She replies that she is, somehow. As Tiana extends a helping hand to her, they briefly make eye-contact, prompting a startled cry from her. This is her best friend, Lotte.

Lotte says she thought she’d heard that sound somewhere before – it was Tiana’s whistle. Tiana asks if she’s alright, but Lotte reassures her that she only hurt her hip a little bit and there’s nothing to worry about. Thank God, Tiana says, while Lotte glances over at the unconscious tiger. She asks what happened to the animal since it calmed down so abruptly. Tiana put the tiger to sleep and explains that her chances of succeeding decreases the larger the animal is, admitting that she was afraid it might not have worked out. If she had known it was Lotte in that situation, her nerves would’ve gotten the better of her. Lotte tells her not to talk like that because she had been terrified, and Tiana laughs, grateful for the outcome.

She wonders what they should do about the tiger. This must be the very one the soldiers were looking for, she surmises as she looks down at it. The beast is sprawled on the ground, sleeping contentedly. Tiana notices that one of its legs is injured, and she determines that this was why it had been so agitated, but right as she’s piecing it together, the soldier from earlier rushes over.

He orders the other soldiers to capture it. Tiana asks him where the tiger came from and he says it was being kept in the castle’s arena. Her eyebrows draw together as she realizes that’s how the tiger had gotten its injury in the first place. The soldier tells them to stand back because it’s dangerous, and after they put the animal into a cage, they return with it to the castle. Tiana wonders if the tiger’s injury will be cared for while Lotte admonishes the soldiers for being sloppy, angry that Tiana had to do all the hard work for them and yet she never received so much as a thank you in return. They were careless, allowing this to happen in the first place. Tiana laughs, agreeing with Lotte and expressing once again her gratitude that nothing had gone wrong. Her friend tells her to come to her place so she can properly thank her, but she tries to refuse her. Lotte insists that it’s fine and tells her to hurry up.

Lotte and her family own a bakery and this is the place Tiana follows her friend into. Tiana reluctantly accepts a basket from her, filled with tiny bottles of bright colored jams. When she asks if it’s alright for her to have so many, Lotte laughs and tells her that the carnival is coming up soon and so she’s been making several different flavors. She hopes Tiana will let her know which one is the best so she can file it away for future reference. Tiana happily accepts. She’s excited to try them as Lotte makes delicious jams. Her friend thanks her and then changes the topic to her whistle. It’s been ages since she’s last heard the sound of it. A long time ago, Lotte once borrowed the instrument from Tiana, but when she blew it, it wouldn’t make a peep.


This whistle was specially crafted by Tiana’s dad, differentiating it from the usual kind, and so it took her a long time before she could successfully use it. Lotte says that when Tiana was a child, she practiced a lot and said she wanted to become a great beastmaster like her mom. Tiana isn’t sure she’ll ever achieve her goal. She’s been practicing, just as her mom told her to do, but she’s worried she’ll never become a proper beastmaster. Her friend is confused. After all, she managed just fine today. But Tiana says that her mom would’ve taken care of the situation with the first blow of the whistle. On top of that, Tiana hasn’t had any luck in her search. Lotte doesn’t understand what she’s getting at, so Tiana asks if she’s ever heard of a beastmaster without any beasts of their own. Lotte hesitantly agrees with her and Tiana continues, saying that beasts, like the tiger from earlier – or even a lion – don’t seem to be anywhere.

Lotte promises to let her know if she sees any, and after Tiana thanks her for the help, she asks if she’s seen her older brother, Klaus. Tiana hasn’t. Her friend sadly says he’s been so busy that he’s not been by the shop and she’s worried about him. Tiana points out that Klaus is a busy bee. Lotte also shares with her some confidential information: apparently their neighboring country’s king, the King of Fasan, has passed away. She thinks this is the cause for her brother’s hectic schedule and predicts that soon a public announcement will be made.

And then Lotte’s mom interrupts them to ask for her daughter’s assistance. Her parents are in the kitchen hard at work, sweat upon their brows. Lotte asks Tiana if she can help out at the bakery tomorrow, and she agrees because she has no plans. She leaves the bakery with the basket of jams and heads for the marketplace. She doesn’t know what exactly she needs to buy, only that she should stock up on ingredients, but she thinks tomatoes are a good start. As she’s looking through a vegetable vendor, someone tries to get her attention, eagerly enticing her to check out his store. With an abacus in one hand, he points to a sturdy, iron-barred cage. She peers inside and gasps in horror, asking him what this all is.

The merchant sarcastically states the obvious: it’s a lion, a wolf, a duck and a rabbit. But they’re for dinner? Wolves and lions aren’t usually classified as cooking ingredients – but ducks and rabbits can be exquisite depending on how you cook them! (*^∀゚) Tiana is understandably appalled, so he asks if she has any questions. She says that lions are carnivores. Is it a good idea to keep all of these animals together inside a cage with one? He waves off her concerns, exclaiming that all of them are docile creatures and won’t bother each other. Tiana thinks they’re actually in poor health, not docile, and she asks the merchant if he’s keeping them well-fed. He’s offended by her nitpicking his merchandise and tells her to kindly leave his business if she doesn’t intend to buy from him. Tiana’s still in shock so she asks him if he’s selling these four animals, and the merchant’s patience seems to be running thin because he exasperatedly tells her he said as much from the very beginning.

This could be her big breakthrough. These animals could be trained! She announces that she will buy them, which stuns the merchant for a hot second. She’s been waiting for the opportunity to buy a beast. The merchant recovers and chuckles, saying that his goods are very rare. But she corrects him, saying she’s not going to eat them, she’s going to raise them! She means to raise them? When she emphatically says that she is, he says he doesn’t care what she plans to do with them and then proceeds to introduce himself to her as Hannes. When he asks what her budget is, she falters a little bit. Well, then she can show him how much dough she’s carrying on her and they can go from there. Tiana opens her wallet with trepidation, showing him her coins and bills. Hannes pauses for a moment before telling her she can have her pick between the duck and the rabbit. She can only buy one? He can’t just give rare merchandise away for cheap, and lions and wolves are hardly ever on sale.


Tiana’s shoulders sag with disappointment, and the animals in the cage bow their heads in a similar sentiment. When she glances over at them, they avert their gazes. Hannes figures he won’t get any other customers even if he waits around, so maybe he should sell the animals to the castle’s arena instead. The arena?! Tiana panics. Won’t they be forced to battle? They’re so weak. Hannes says that he’s their seller; if she pities them, then she better pay up. She doesn’t have a retort for his cruel words, wondering what she can possibly do as she looks once more at the animals. They’re debilitated and frail, but maybe they could be taught tricks? She remembers the tiger that had tried to attack Lotte earlier that day. If the arena purchased these animals, they’d end up like that poor creature…Tiana says she has money. Hannes is all ears, but to his surprise, she pulls a brooch out of her purse. She hopes she can buy the animals with this. Hannes is stunned, taking it from her to greedily inspect its each and every angle. Tiana’s mother had given this to her to use in emergencies. It has to be enough to buy all of the animals. The merchant sighs, encouraging her to ask him what he thinks. He mulls it over, having finished his study of the brooch, and she realizes that she rashly offered it to him. It might be less valuable than she’d thought. She’ll have to give up if that’s the case.

“Alright, fine.” On behalf of her enthusiasm, he’ll let her exchange her brooch for the animals if she truly wants them so much. He will?! Hannes tells her to take good care of them. He gingerly slips the brooch into his breast pocket, and with that, he takes his leave. Tiana tries to call him back. How is she supposed to lift the cage? While it’s all fine and dandy that the transaction had gone as smoothly as it had, it’s nigh impossible for a single person to carry an iron-barred cage containing a lion, a wolf, a rabbit and a duck inside it.

At a loss for what to do, Tiana watches the rabbit frantically beat its paws against the cage, then point at the crowd, and she catches a glimpse of the merchant’s figure as he disappears into the throng of people. The animals collectively release a sigh of relief when Hannes vanishes, and she startles, thinking she must have imagined it. Yet she still notes how strikingly human they are in their movements…it must be because they’re sick. She should get them home to feed them.

Lotte comes to help her out, and Tiana feels really bad because she’s already busy with her store. But her friend says it’s no problem. While Tiana was struggling to figure out what to do with the cage, Lotte and her father had gone out to the marketplace and happened across her. They help Tiana load the caged animals onto a horse-drawn carriage, together with the ingredients they’d bought, and take her back to her place. Lotte is happy that Tiana has finally found her long-awaited beasts, but she says she’s going to hold off on training them. They’re just too weak right now. Even so, she’s excited to start teaching them tricks after they recover. Lotte wishes her well with her endeavors, and then Tiana sees their carriage off before heading inside her home where her four animals await.

She should let them eat first, she muses to herself. When she opens the cage’s iron-barred door, the animals exchange looks with one another as if they’re discussing something. They intently regard their whereabouts, then sluggishly slip out of the cage and plop themselves onto the floor. They’re so frail, she thinks. Maybe they really are sick. Animals and people alike can’t be healthy if they don’t eat. So she asks the animals if they’re hungry; she’ll try and make them something if they can eat it.

As Tiana bends down toward them, the duck loudly gulps. She figures that even though they can’t understand what she’s saying, once they see what she’s up to they’ll probably realize what’s going on. “You must be hungry, little duck,” she giggles. She asks them to wait a little bit because she’s going to whip something up for them, and their expressions immediately brighten, much to Tiana’s delight.

That’s an odd reaction, she notes, but they must all be exceptionally intelligent. It had hurt to barter away her brooch like that – one that was supposed to be used when she found herself in dire straits – but she’d been so fortunate to obtain four promising animals in a single day.

She lists aloud what she’s going to make each of the animals for dinner: grass for the rabbit, fish for the duck, and raw meat for the wolf and the lion. That should be good, right? The four animals look up at her as she rolls up her sleeves and stretches out her legs. Their expressions have changed completely, crumpling into gloomy, despairing frowns. Tiana hesitantly asks if they’re not hungry, and the animals all shake their heads, a variety of expressions flashing across their faces. She startles.

Something’s wrong. She’d assumed they were particularly clever, but this is just strange. It’s almost like they can understand human language. But no animal can. Once more, Tiana sits down on the floor. She asks them if they can understand her, and they exchange glances at her absurd inquiry. It’s not so much that they can’t understand her, but more like they’re contemplating how to answer her. In fact, the rabbit, the duck and the wolf all appear to be waiting on the lion’s decision.

She watches the lion reseat itself in a dignified manner, and she swallows. And then he says, “I like meat, but not when it’s raw.” Cue Tiana’s momentary mental breakdown:


The lion spoke? No way did she mishear that. She definitely heard him. The lion said, ‘I like meat, but not when it’s raw!’ But how can it talk? The duck asks if she’s okay. Tiana has frozen from the shock, so the duck pokes her with his bill. The wolf says it would’ve been better had they pretended to be animals for a little while longer. But the duck adamantly refuses. There’s no way he’s letting her force-feed him raw fish, thank you very much! Meanwhile, the lion continues to explain that he’s not sure he can even digest raw meat. And the rabbit cries that if they keep pretending to be animals and they don’t eat, they’re going to die!

Amidst all of the commotion, Tiana is still reeling from this reveal. Same, bruh. She’s stunned that the wolf, the rabbit, and the duck can talk too. What’s going on? Is she dreaming or is she awake? Maybe it’s all an illusion?

“This is hopeless. It’s like she can’t even hear us,” the duck grumbles. The rabbit can’t blame her. He’d be surprised if a bunch of talking animals appeared before him, too. The lion tells her to pull herself together because her fainting isn’t going to help anyone. He’s decided to place his faith in Tiana and as such, he will disclose their situation to her. Situation? He speaks in a calm voice, and slowly, little-by-little, she returns to a sound state of mind. It should be impossible for animals to speak human language, correct? Tiana agrees with him on that point, but she’s not sure she can accept their circumstances even if he explains them to her. He tells her to listen closely, for he’s only going to summarize what happened.

He begins by proclaiming that they aren’t really animals. They’re human beings. Tiana can only utter a stunned sound at this revelation. The lion corrects himself, saying that ‘once-human’ might be a better way of putting it. They were all cursed by someone, changed into beasts. The lion concludes his story by acknowledging that he knows it’s hard to believe, but they’re currently searching for a way to return to their previous forms. To that end, they need her cooperation. This will be an inconvenience to her, but will she please help them? By ‘previous forms,’  he’s referring to how they’re trying to find a way to become human again, right? The lion says she’s correct.

A long time ago, magic had once been practiced on this very continent, but seldom does Tiana hear of it being used anymore. Can people really be cursed into animals? She can’t believe it, but there are talking animals right in front of her. She dejectedly thinks that she thought she’d finally found some beasts she could train. But they can go back to being human once they break their curse, can’t they? The lion wasn’t wrong when he’d said their situation would be a hard pill to swallow, but she can’t very well abandon them. So she resolves to help them if she can. This entire thing is certainly a huge burden on her, but she believes that this must be some kind of fate. Tiana bows her head to them.

The duck snickers, observing how quickly she ate that all up, and the wolf admonishes him. Would he rather she not believe them?  He argues with him, saying, “Look, if it were me, I sure wouldn’t believe any of this crap.” The rabbit laughs. It’s a good thing someone like Lucia hadn’t picked them up, then. The lion says they’re lucky indeed. Had she not come across them, they might have been grilled to a crisp and served as dinner, or even fighting in the arena. He thanks Tiana again, and she shakes her head, saying he doesn’t need to thank her as he bows respectfully to her.

This is when the duck interrupts to say that none of them have introduced themselves and that his name is Lucia. The rabbit excitedly says he’s Erik, and the wolf hesitates before saying he’s called Alfred. The lion is Matheus, and he wants to know her name. She’s Tiana, and it’s nice to meet them all. She holds out her hand to him and Matheus grins, his eyes narrowing to slits as he offers his paw to her. Despite the weird turn of events, she hopes they can all get along.


Some time later, Tiana finishes cooking. She announces that dinner is ready, but no one responds, and she turns around, still stirring the boiling pot. Thinking they might have fallen asleep, she cranes her neck to see Matheus and Alfred slowly getting to their paws. Lucia and Erik, however, can’t seem to get up. They were so energetic earlier. None of them had had a proper meal in a while, so it’s no wonder they can’t move.

Who should she feed? Tiana picks the lion (fluffy cats let’s go). “Here you are, Matheus. Bon appetit.”* She gives him a plate of sausages boiled in tomato sauce and proceeds to chop them into pieces for him with a spoon. A smaller portion should be easier for him to digest, she reasons. Tiana brings the spoon up close to his face, and he opens his jaws and swallows the food. Is it okay? It’s not too hot? Matheus says it’s delicious. It’s been way too long since he’s had human food.


His eyes narrow with pleasure, and she smiles in relief. She tells him to eat up, there’s still quite a bit left and he needs to get better. Matheus agrees, but while they’re on the topic of food, he likes the sausages fine enough but what he really wants is some grilled meat. Tiana giggles and asks if he likes meat. He remarks that it’s not a matter of whether or not he likes it, he simply can’t live without it. She awkwardly laughs, thinking that sure, a lion’s staple diet is primarily that of meat, but maybe Matheus himself has the same taste. She starts to wonder what he looked like as a human. Maybe he’s a chubby boy –

Matheus cuts into her thoughts, asking her what she’s grinning about. She nervously turns the topic back to his food preferences. He wanted grilled meat? Once his stamina returns she’ll go buy some for him. But then he tells her that he doesn’t need any vegetables. How come? He doesn’t eat them and he doesn’t want them near his plate. Tiana doesn’t think it’s very healthy to have a diet like that, but he adamantly insists that he’s never fallen ill with his all-meat diet and that he’d get sick if he ate vegetables. Tiana obviously doesn’t believe a word he’s saying, but she only says, “Really?” He asks if she’s got that down. She doesn’t understand, but she reluctantly says okay and nods anyway.


Tiana withdraws a notebook from her desk drawer. Ever since she was a child, it’s been a habit of hers to write in it before bed. She’s grateful that everyone ate the food she cooked for them, certain they’ll recover soon so long as they maintain an appetite. If she helps out Lotte tomorrow she can stop by the market on her way home to pick up some tasty things to give to the animals. She flips to a new page with a pen in one hand. Her gaze falls onto the white page and she smiles.

Her parents would be stunned to learn that people can be cursed into animals. She’s not entirely sure what to write down, but because tomorrow is going to be an early one, she finishes quickly and closes the notebook. Today was like a strange dream, she thinks, before she retires for the night.


Tiana thanks the last customer of the day for their business and stretches. She’s tired from working since the sun rose, but the kitchen still needs tidying. She hangs a ‘Closed’ sign on the shop’s door and heads back inside, where Lotte says her assistance really made the day go by easier. In return, she gives Tiana her share in the form of a pouch filled with a wad of Cattleya nelkes. She says it’s too much, but her friend says she now has four animals to look after. It’s going to be hectic, so this is just a little extra for today, that’s all. Tiana looks over to her friend’s parents in the kitchen, and she thanks them for their generosity. They’re happy to be of help and they’ll call on her again in the future. She says she’s available anytime, and with the money and bread they’d given her, she exits the bakery.

What did everyone ask her to buy again? When Tiana had first brought the animals home, she’d been so worried for them. They’d been so weak they could hardly move. She thought maybe they’d regain their strength after tomorrow’s meal, but this morning proved they were getting better. They’re probably hungry and awaiting her return this very moment. It should be fine to prepare a more ‘proper’ meal for them today, and she rushes back home with a multitude of ingredients in her arms.

She apologizes for the wait as she enters her home, and Matheus complains that he got tired of waiting. But there were so many tasty things at the market, she says. Erik asks if she brought back any sweets, and she excitedly exclaims that she has, along with plenty of meat and fish. Erik whoops with joy and thanks her, while Alfred apologizes for intruding on her hospitality, feeling guilty that she’s going so far as to cook for them all. Tiana brushes off his concerns, telling them to make sure they eat their food. Lucia lets out a frustrated cry. He can’t wait around any more and it doesn’t matter what she makes them, just hurry up and make something (this little shit lol).

So Tiana gets to work lining up the ingredients in the kitchen while the animals watch her, their mouths watering. They raise their voices approvingly as they observe her skills, which is a little uncomfortable, but strangely, she feels as though they’ve become one big family.


A few days later…

Day by day, the animals slowly recover their strength until they can move about her home. However, having a lion, a wolf, a duck and a rabbit all sequestered in her place is quite the racket. She tells herself that it should be alright, hoping that they aren’t bothering her neighbors. Matheus asks what’s with the long face, and she replies that it’s nothing. But inwardly, she thinks that there is something she’s been curious about.

Tiana reaches out and touches the lion’s back when he stops in front of her. Due to their debilitated health, she hadn’t noticed until now how each of the animals had elegant coats of fur. Matheus tells her not to pet someone’s back without saying anything. She apologizes, saying they have such beautiful fur she couldn’t help herself. (o>艸<) To her surprise, he’ll allow it, but only for a little while. Erik whines that it’s unfair since he wants to be petted too. Lucia blushes and stutters, saying she can pet him – just a little, though. Alfred doesn’t mind so long as she doesn’t yank his tail. They all shuffle into a line. Tiana adores animals so of course she’ll pet them if they let her. Or more accurately, she’s been holding back the urge to pet them since she brought them all home. Tiana chooses to pet Matheus.

Mofumofu! The core idea is to drag the left analog stick in a circular motion while holding down the O button to pet the animals. Some spots will upset them, so try to find a safe spot lol and pet them until the timer runs out. You must clear this section with a pink screen. If you didn’t, tilt the left analog stick up to scroll through your backlog and then click on a previous text box with the square button to rewind to that part of the story. Clearing each petting sequence with a pink screen awards you with bonus cgs at the end.


Tiana knows that they’re really humans, but petting animals is calming all the same. She sighs happily and Matheus peers at her. She asks him if something’s wrong, and he asks her if she forgot something. She pauses, confused, before she starts with a gasp. Right! She’s supposed to help them find a way to return to being human again. Of course she hasn’t forgotten! Something’s just been on her mind: why were they cursed into animals to begin with? Perhaps someone holds a grudge against them? Lucia tosses out the possibility that Matheus made a woman cry, to the lion’s horror. Matheus rebukes him for saying something so deplorable. When has he ever done that? Lucia lets out an exasperated sigh, calling him a clueless playboy. Matheus retorts that Lucia is a loud-mouth who doesn’t think before he speaks; he wouldn’t be surprised if Lucia flippantly blabbed someone else’s secrets and they wanted to make him disappear…

Lucia starts to joke that stuff like that isn’t possible, only to cut himself off mid-sentence when he realizes that it actually is, and he starts to sweat. Poor Erik says he makes lots of mistakes. He could’ve broken something important to someone. Alfred sweats nervously, but he can’t think of any reason for someone wanting to curse him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Tiana flounders for a response, thinking that all of them are pretty calm about the whole, cursed-into-animals thing.

“What you’re saying is that you have no idea why you were cursed?” she observes, and Matheus says they have some theories, albeit nothing conclusive. She points out that it might be easier to get them back to normal if they knew who did this to them. Wait, that’s it! Alfred asks if she has an idea, and she says that Klaus may know something. He’s her childhood best friend’s older brother, and he’s absolutely brilliant. He’s young, but he works at the Royal Library as an assistant and he’s also a voracious reader.

Alfred perks up at the mention of the Royal Library. He’s heard they’ve amassed quite the collection. But Matheus tells her to hold on. There’s no way he can determine whether Klaus is trustworthy based on her information alone, and Tiana asks him what he means by that. What are they supposed to do if this Klaus fellow is in cahoots with the person who cursed them? Lucia says they need to be careful. Until they can determine their enemy’s motives, they can’t act rashly. Fair enough, Tiana says. She believes Klaus could help them if she explained the situation, but she can understand their reservations. So how can she ask him about curses without going into detail?

Someone at her front door interrupts them. They call for her again, asking if she’s in. Erik stutters that someone’s here and she starts to panic. What should she do? Matheus says they’ll pretend to be normal animals while she goes and greets them. She tells them to stay put and opens the front door, apologizing for the wait – oh, it’s Klaus! (speak of the devil).

Klaus can’t believe how many times he had to call for her just to get her to answer. If she’s home then she needs to open her door. Tiana says she was busy, but Klaus continues, saying he heard from Lotte that she acquired four new animals. Yep! Her wish came true and now she has her own beasts! Klaus is less enthused. Placing a hand to his face, he sighs. Good grief, how can she be so haphazard about this? There’s no need for four animals. Choose just one. Tiana is surprised by this. Why just one? He asks her how much she thinks it will cost to take care of them all, and she falters. The animals’ appetites are rather excessive, and thinking about how that might fare over time has her a little worried. Klaus tells her that the lion should be more than enough for her and he can dispose of the rest somewhere later.

Tiana angrily protests. He’s not getting rid of them! Yeah, she’s worried about their long-term expenses, but she can take care of them! And besides, aren’t they adorable? If he would only look at them he’d never say something so heartless. Klaus could care less about animals, though, and it doesn’t matter how cute she thinks they are. She winces, and he once again brings a hand to his face. This is hopeless, he says. She’s already attached to them. His glasses flash and he says don’t come crawling to him for money. Fine, she relents. Tiana had expected rejection, but his harsh words are enough to make her hang her head.

That aside, what brings him to her place? Lotte said he was busy. Klaus smirks sardonically and says, “Exactly. I’m so busy I could drop dead.”


With a smug look on his face, Klaus pulls something out of his pocket. Oh! Is that a letter from her mother? Her mail was delivered to him. Again. She apologizes that he had to come all this way just to deliver it to her despite how swamped he is. Part of his job is ensuring her safety, he tells her. He wasn’t able to stop by due to his work, so this is good-timing. Nonetheless, he doesn’t know what the letter contains, as is always the case. Tiana unfolds the letter before him. It’s transcribed in a set of characters that aren’t in use on this continent, and functions as a code that only she and her mother can decipher. Klaus has tried countless times to decipher it since he was a kid (wow, we have a badass over here), but he’s yet to scratch the surface. Her mother must be testing him by sending the letters to him, he says. Mom would do something like that, Tiana thinks with a wry grin. She tells him that their correspondences aren’t exactly about private matters, and that her mother can be childish in this regard.

Anyway, Tiana says, trying to change the subject. Klaus looks at her. She says that Lotte told her about Fasan’s King passing away. So it would seem, he confirms, but he can’t believe he died so soon. These days must be difficult for them, too. It’s a shame he can’t be there to see how things are faring. Who’s ‘them?’ “That’s neither here nor there. It’s about time I headed back to the castle -“

Tiana tells him to wait; she wanted to ask him something. That stops him in his tracks. This is where she loses confidence in herself, struggling to find a way to put forth her question. She can’t elaborate on the animals’ situation. She just needs to ask him how to lift the curse. It’s a difficult task, but she has to try. “So you see, well, I’m looking into sorcery and curses and witches…” Sorcery, curses and witches? “Y-yes. You’re always reading tons of books so I thought, of course you would know something. That kinda thing.” He demands she explain why she’s interested in this stuff, and poor, unprepared Tiana says she’s just curious. He asks if she means to curse someone with her curiosity (pfft). Of course not! She doesn’t want to curse anyone.

She’s about to inform him that it’s in fact the opposite when she remembers her promise to Matheus and the others, and she swallows her words. Klaus doesn’t know what on earth she means to do with that knowledge, but it’s not to be taken lightly. And even if he did know about it, he wouldn’t tell her a thing. Crestfallen, Tiana says his name. Expecting him to tell her everything without even explaining herself is perhaps too selfish on her end. Of course he’d be upset. She scrambles to apologize for asking something so strange and he cuts her off to say that she must have had her reasons. Oh? He’s not going to force her to tell him if this is something she can’t share…but the Royal Library has many books on folklore, medicinal recipes and spells that have been made known to the general public. He can get them for her, but as her interests are but a mere curiosity, she’ll have to content herself with the books. With that, Klaus leaves for the castle, ignoring her attempts to detain him.

“What a repulsive guy,” Matheus says, causing her to freak out (≧∇≦)アハハッ He was eavesdropping? Lucia says her home isn’t exactly big so they could hear everything even if they didn’t want to. To her surprise, Alfred can’t remember where, but he’s seen Klaus’s face before. Does he know Klaus? Alfred doesn’t think they’re acquaintances, but he’s certain he recognizes him. Well Erik definitely hasn’t seen him before. Lucia hasn’t either, but he probably wouldn’t remember him even if he had because the guy’s all dull and gloomy. Dull and gloomy, Tiana thinks. If Klaus had heard that, Lucia would be in for a scolding a hundred times worse.

Alfred believes Klaus is an earnest individual. It should be alright to tell him about their current situation, though not right now. Tiana is delighted that one of the animals is speaking highly of Klaus, and it brings a smile to her face. With an annoyed huff, the corners of Matheus’ mouth pull back. Klaus may be earnest and loyal, but he’s without any redeeming qualities. The lion doesn’t want to share their secret with him. Alfred says that he understands his view and they won’t proceed any further. *Tiana deflates at how quickly Alfred defers to Matheus. Why does Matheus hate Klaus so much? Alfred said he’d seen Klaus before, but what if Matheus actually was acquainted with him instead? Supposing that the lion’s mood might darken if she probes the issue, she decides to drop it altogether for the time being.

And she still hasn’t read her mother’s letter. She opens it once more and her gaze falls to the words upon the page. While Klaus couldn’t read a single word, for Tiana, this was as familiar as Cattleya’s language. Her mother’s name is Belinda, and in her letter she apologizes for leaving Tiana by herself for so long, but they’re finally on their way home to Cattleya. They’re coming back with lots of gifts to make up for their absence, and she hopes Tiana can forgive them. Tiana excitedly exclaims that her dad and mom are coming back. Her mother is a beastmaster and her father is a musician. Together, they travel the world as entertainers. Tiana may be used to being left alone, but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t upset that they’d been gone for so long. She knows they can help Matheus and the others, and that fact has her feeling overcome with the need for them to return this very instant. She’ll also need to tell her mom about the brooch when she gets back. Will it go over well? What if she gets upset and asks her why she used it for that?Even so, Tiana doesn’t regret her decision to buy the animals. What did her mom want her to use that brooch for anyway?


The trek home from the library lugging all of the books Klaus had prepared for her had been back-breaking. Erik is shocked; are these all about witches and curses?! Lucia says she can’t expect them to read them all, but Tiana reassures him that they shouldn’t have to if they search through anything related to ‘animal curses.’ (Idk girl lol) Alfred says they’ll each have to tackle a volume, and Lucia groans at the task ahead of them. If you have time to blab, you’ve got time to work, Matheus says. Yeah, yeah, he’ll do it, the duck responds. Tiana picks up the closest book and opens it. Let’s see, animal curses, animal curses…Tiana says, tracing a finger down the table of contents. But she finds nothing related to the topic. No luck. Alright, how about this one?

She grabs the next book in the pile, marveling at how old it is. It could easily fall apart if she’s not careful. Compared to the first book, this one is strikingly different: its pages are faded and the binding is so worn it could disintegrate if poorly handled. She has a good feeling about this one. Carefully, she opens the book and starts to read:

“In ancient times, dragons existed on this land. They were more splendid than the Emperor’s castle, their skin as tough as stone, and they spat flames that could destroy entire countries whole.”

What is this? Tiana checks the faded cover’s title, which reads, “Legends of the Ancient Dragons.” Klaus must have accidentally put this in the pile. She flips through every page but finds nothing on witches or curses. Darn, she’d thought it was promising. With a small sigh, she places it on top of the stack of finished books. She wonders how the gang is doing. Perhaps they’ve found something. Tiana looks over the mountain of books to check on their progress, only to find:


“Hang in there, Lucia! You almost have it!” Lucia is desperately trying to open the book’s cover with his short, stubby legs. With super-saiyan screams, the duck slips one foot between the table of the contents and the cover and struggles to lift it. Alas…the cover is much too heavy for him, and Lucia is flung back onto his rear. Erik sighs. It didn’t work. Lucia curses, confounded by how hard it is to lift the damned thing. Alfred chastises him, saying they’ve only just started and he’s already making a racket. Says the guy who hasn’t read anything this whole time, Lucia snaps back. Alfred shushes him. He’s determining the best way to go about this, that’s all. Erik is doing what he can, but his fur keeps getting caught. And Matheus’ book is too small for his paws. He asks for a larger one. It looks like none of them can open a book. Their paws must make it an impossible task.

Matheus tells her not to give up. She’s their only hope. (No pressure lol). She’s their only – oh no. She has to read all of these?! Alfred says he’ll try to power-through while Lucia dramatically proclaims he’s done for. Erik will be right here, supporting her. Tiana can only question if it’s possible for one person to manage this task, imagining how long it will take. But she can’t ask them to do something they can’t. She resigns herself to her fate. She’ll do it, but it’s going to take a while. She will? Matheus is pleased, promising to return the favor as soon as they return to their previous forms. Until she is satisfied, she may keep him all to herself. Matheus will even pay her back with his body, if she so desires it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Pay with his body? Tiana doesn’t understand what he means so she asks him to repeat himself, while Lucia and Alfred start talking behind her back.

Lucia is annoyed that Matheus is talking dirty again, and Alfred says that’s how the lion thinks you should talk to women. They need to ignore him. But it’s not going to work, looking like an animal, Lucia says. Matheus closes his eyes and says he can hear them. He tells them to stop dawdling and prepare a better reading environment for her. Erik will put away the finished books and Alfred says he thinks he can massage her shoulders. Lucia declares he will make sure she’s actually reading (this little shit xD) and Matheus tells him not to be stupid and to help Erik sort the books. Lucia says he was just joking.

While Tiana is grateful that everyone is trying to look out for her, she’s also uneasy that she’s being monitored as she reads. Matheus points out that she’s stopped, and Tiana reaches for the next book at his cue. She runs a finger down the table of contents and stops at a header titled, “On Witches.” She asks him if he thinks this might be a lead, showing him the section with a tap of her finger, and he gives a small nod. Looks like it, how about you read it to us? he suggests, and she immediately turns to the corresponding page and begins to read aloud:

“Long ago, witches once lived on this land in great numbers. They performed a variety of black magics, but they were eventually forced to carry out the bidding of powerful individuals who wished to use their magic against other nations in war. The witches who held rebellion in their hearts for their oppressors were executed, placing all of them in incredibly painful positions. During this long, unending war, the nation to the far west – the Renard Empire – assassinated the other nations’ witches, monopolizing their powers for itself. But the witches in subjugation to the Renard Empire did not wish to use their powers to invade other nations. So they took their own lives, until none were left. In the end, all of the witches had been wiped out, though rumors speak of a sole survivor currently residing within the Renard Empire. Witches purportedly possess incomparable intellect, and it is believed that in order to obtain such powers, they offer up a part of themselves to the spirit world/hell. The razing of half of the Cattleya kingdom 20 years prior is also said to be their doing.”

So concludes the account. Tiana looks up from the book and Matheus shifts, pondering over something. Her thoughts turn to the last remaining witch. It’s beyond a normal person’s capabilities to turn someone into an animal. The culprit responsible for Matheus and his friends being cursed is likely a witch. Is it possible for them to meet with the witch in the Renard Empire? Matheus answers that it will be difficult. How come? He explains that while the Renard Empire isn’t too far away from here, Cattleya is a vassal state of Fasan. Fasan and Renard are enemy nations who’ve fought countless wars in the past, with Cattleya sandwiched in the middle of their conflicts. Entering Renard from Cattleya won’t be easy. But there should be a way in – they just need to find one. Alfred speaks up. He knows gaining entry will be hard, but it’s not impossible for a witch. Tiana excitedly agrees with him. If this is the last witch alive, then she can’t imagine anyone else is behind their curse.

Matheus tells them to calm down. What use is some knowledge gleaned from only one book? He’s also intrigued by this Renard witch but they should research a little more. That’s fair, she says, and all four pairs of eyes settle on her. Under their pressure, she stumbles over her words. She gets it, she’s gonna keep reading through all the books! Erik guiltily promises to repay her back with something when he’s human again, and she giggles, thanking him. Alright, next up is…not very promising, if the description is any indication. She closes the book and sets it atop the finished pile. On to the next. Tiana means to reach out for the next volume on the mountain of unread books, but her eyelids are growing heavy…

She shakes her head to stave off her weariness. mentally admitting how sleepy she is. How many books has she read? And just like that, it’s suddenly a new day and soon the sparrows will be chirping. No, she can’t sleep – she still has a little left.

A voice says her name, snapping her out of her thoughts. It’s Matheus. She startles, trying to reassure him that she’s fine – she’s still awake! He says she doesn’t need to push herself. That she should rest. He doesn’t want her to pass out. She thanks him for worrying about her, but there’s not much left. At her insistence to keep going, the lion starts to say something, but trails off. She makes a questioning noise, and he admits that he’s amazed that she would go so far for those she doesn’t even know. He doubts he has it in him to do the same for others. Tiana can only say his name, thinking to herself that he might be paying her a compliment. She says that though they’ve only just met and she has no idea where they come from or who they even are, she’s glad to have them here with her, since she’s almost always all alone. Of course, she’d be much happier if they were actually animals 😂 It’s a very rare experience, getting to meet talking animals, and a very precious one as well. Matheus’s expression softens. They’re fortunate to have been picked up by someone like her. He doesn’t like fantastical ways of thinking, but maybe something’s brought them all together.


Huh? For a second, it’s as if an image of an unfamiliar man has superimposed itself over Matheus, who is smiling warmly at Tiana. She rubs her eyes. He asks her what’s wrong, but she says it’s nothing. Her vision is blurry and she’s losing focus. But she’s nearly done, she just has to keep at it! Sitting up straight, Tiana flips over the book she’d just grabbed to read the back. Alrighty, this one’s about cursing people into animals and how to turn animals into humans…Tiana gasps. She asks Matheus to take a look. When he sees the book, his eyes slightly widen. He reads aloud the premise with a curious tone.

Reigning in their eagerness, they regard the information. It’s a detailed account of the ingredients necessary to undo a curse that has changed a human into an animal. Tiana is ecstatic. They may not have to find the one who cursed them to break their enchantment after all!

Lucia yawns, asking if she’s found something. He and the others had been dozing, but now they peer down at the book together with Tiana and Matheus. Erik praises her for her findings. They can go back to being human again if they prepare these ingredients, right? Alfred isn’t so sure. “Not exactly…the ingredients are there, but it doesn’t say anything about how much of each component is required or even how to mix them together…” What, really?! Tiana checks the book again, flustered. Alfred’s right. It’s an incomplete entry…

Lucia throws up a wing in anger. What the heck is this? If they’re gonna half-ass it then why even write the thing?! Matheus however sees an opportunity, indicating that although it’s incomplete, they now know there’s a way to become human again. Erik says they just need to keep researching, they don’t need to panic. Lucia snaps at him: “Don’t panic. Says the one who can’t even read because it’s too inconvenient, huh.” Alfred understands Lucia’s feelings, but they can’t continue to burden Tiana anymore. Matheus agrees and says they’re done for the day. He asks her to please get some rest. Tiana will resume her work tomorrow. She closes the book she’d just started and stops her research early.


Matheus and the others’ former selves…

Tiana finishes her diary entry and puts the notebook back into its drawer. Since she’s only seen their animal forms, she’s having trouble imagining what they might look like as people. She hopes they can all find a way to break their curse fast so that they can return to their former selves. As she climbs into bed, the fatigue she’d been resisting all day crashes over her like a muddy stream. And her consciousness sinks into the abyss of a deep sleep.


Apparently There’s A Mobile App? What’s the Difference??

I don’t keep up with mobage at all so I was really fortunate that someone on twitter let me know that it was already translated. No, the kickstarter still failed…but Solmare decided to add it to their Story Jar collection. The first chapter is completely free, so I downloaded it after I finished my own translations to see whether mine were even in the same ballpark. I’m still learning this language and honestly, any guidance is a godsend at this point. To my surprise…I’m exactly in that ballpark. Like wtf how?! I’m still reeling. I actually can read Japanese now. It’s crazy.


So the mobile port removed the voice acting and as you can imagine, a lot of the writing also had to be cut due to a limited word count. However, I really want to give props to the translator. They really knew how to skirt around that issue, including only the most relevant parts of the sentences that had to be trimmed. I do have to wonder why they chose to use “paw” when referring to the tiger’s injury in the first part of the chapter, though. The accompanying CG clearly shows the animal is bleeding from a cut on its leg, and the kanji for 足 can mean either leg or foot (or paw), so I’m not sure why they chose to say their paw was injured. It’s definitely not a word-count decision (at least I don’t think so since leg and paw are the same length). Maybe it’s a case of semantics, I’m not sure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

The mobile app also completely gets rid of the Mofumofu system, which was a huge draw to the game. This system lets you pet the animals to increase their affection. I’m not sure why that was removed when the app has a literal touchscreen…

If you don’t have a copy of the game for the PSP, Vita or the Nintendo Switch, the app version is pretty good. It’s missing a lot of core mechanics though but that’s how mobile ports go. One thing the mobile version allows the player to do from the get-go is start Klaus’ route. In every other version of the game, you need to complete Matheus’ route first before you can even pursue him. As for Sylvio, you need to complete two routes before you can pursue him but the mobile port lets you pick him immediately.

The mobile port lets you to read the first chapter for free but then you need to spend money to purchase diamonds which allow you to read the other chapters. A set of 10 diamonds costs you about a dollar (I’m assuming it’s a little more with tax).

Cost for the entire app? There’s four princes with five chapters each (20 total). Klaus and Sylvio each have 4 chapters (8 total). Since the first chapter is free, you then have to pay for the next 3 chapters of the common route. Unless you go the diamond route, which I’ll get into in a moment. So that brings you to a total of $31 dollars (I’m going to guess that you also need to factor in tax).

Or you can wait to get 1 new diamond a day. So you’ll be waiting around 10 days just to read the next chapter if you don’t want to fork out some cash. If your streak for waiting around for diamonds goes for at least half of the month lol, the diamonds you can collect increase a little bit, but only for those last few days. Aka you’re going to be waiting a while.

As far as I can tell from looking through the rest of the requirements, the cost of diamonds increases the further you get, meaning you’ll be waiting even longer just to read another chapter. I’m broke as shit and I got tired waiting however many weeks it takes to get all the diamonds just to read one chapter to compare translations. I’ve already spend around $60 on the vita game and I just don’t have that kinda money laying around for an app that’s missing so much content.

There’s also story passes. You’re supposed to get new ones every 2 hours but that NEVER happened to me. Maybe I’m stupid and there’s something I needed to do, but it promised a new story pass every 2 hours and I have yet to even see one. Needless to say I closed the app really fast after glancing at the cost for these. A pack of 5 is around $2.00. If you want a pack of 33 (really odd number rofl) the asking price is $10.00. So if you decided you wanted to skip waiting for diamonds, you can pay for passes or diamonds and you’re going to be paying at least $40 to read every single route in this game. (I suck at math so if you know the exact costs and want to share in the comments please do so it would be so informative and help others decide the best course of action.)

So how are my translations? Here’s a look at my translations juxtaposed with Solmare’s. The translator did a fantastic job, so no issues here. I think it’s a good indicator of where I’m at in terms of skill. I’m not terrible, but I have a lot of work to do. 


My translations: “Look, if it were me, I sure wouldn’t believe any of this crap.”



I love the flair the translator gave each of the characters. One day I hope to be this good.

Here’s an example where I believe the word count limit forced the translator to cut or reword the sentence.


My Translation: As I climb into bed, all of the fatigue I’d been resisting crashes over me like a muddy stream. 


My Translation: My consciousness sinks into the abyss of deep sleep.

IMG-1595 IMG-1596

I also noticed that when Matheus offered his body up as payment for Tiana’s help, the app’s translation changed Tiana’s character from someone who had no idea what he was implying, to someone who understood his offer but was just uncomfortable and didn’t press the issue.

Translation Woes AKA “Why the fuck do I think I can Nihongo?”

Google sama is not your God. He cares not for your translation issues. We all know this, but on the off-chance you too are struggling with a sentence, please seek out the help of our true savior, Weblio sama. He also sucks at translating anything but he’s a good resource and a great dictionary. As always, if I have made any translation errors, PLEASE let me know! I really want to improve!!

*”I deflate at how quickly Alfred defers to Matheus.” あっさりと手のひらを返すアルフレートに、私は脱力す. The idea here is that because Alfred changes his mind so quickly (or flip-flopping to Matheus’s whims) she’s so disappointed that she “becomes weak.” I wasn’t entirely sure how to translate this.

*他国侵略  This was a new term for me. This means to invade another country.

*”So they took their own lives, until none were left.”「自ら命を断つ者が後を絶たなかった」 Finding out that one of these words was ARCHAIC was just the cherry on top.

*”Witches are purported to possess incomparable intellect, and it is said that in order to obtain such powers, they offer up a part of themselves to the spirit world/hell.”「魔女は人知の及ばぬ圧倒的な魔力を持つとされ、その力を得るために身体の一部を魔界に捧げると言われている」This fucking sentence oh my god. It made sense in my head, but as I tried to actually write out what it was saying I had the biggest brain fart in existence. I started questioning my life choices and thinking that I had deluded myself into believing I could learn Japanese. ”

*Vassal State 従属国 There’s a lot of different terms for this.

ルナール is apparently, “Renard.” The app also translates it this way, so I’m sticking with this. Google sama translates it as “Lunar” and well, we can never trust him for anything. Liar.

The entire section where Tiana is reading through the book about the history of witches was the most challenging part of the game for me. I somehow managed a decent job of it, though, so that’s great 😀

Chapter 2 is currently being translated. No idea when it’ll be done, but I hope that you can enjoy these translations. Pick up the game here and play along! I’ll be translating more otoge in the future 🙂

As otome games are super expensive, any purchases you make through the links on this site gives me a very, very tiny commission rate. This really helps me out so thank you if you choose to do so!


8 thoughts on “✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Chapter 1

  1. Eri

    Oh.My.Gosh! Thank you SO much for doing this! I’ve always wanted to play Beastmaster and Prince (but don’t care at all for games on mobiles). I’ve had the Vita version for a while but due to not being able to understand it very well, I haven’t played it much. This post is a blessing. I don’t know if you’ll end up doing the entire game, but just sharing a little bit is already huge. Thank you! I saw this on Twitter and since I don’t have an account over there (I’m just poking around otome things), I was glad I could comment on the blog post.

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author


      Aww, thank you so much that means a lot to me! I plan on translating every route and chapter. I don’t have a set schedule due to how many projects I have on my plate right now, but I’m already 70% done with chapter 2 and am hoping to upload it sometime today or this weekend. Keep in mind that I’m following a guide so Matheus will be up first haha. I hope you enjoy the game and I feel you so much about mobile games. Anyway, thanks so much for not only stopping by, but for taking the time to comment it’s really motivating ❤ Take care and stay safe out there!


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  4. Charissa Sophia de la Rosa

    Hello! I’d like to say thank you so much for this! I’ve been wanting to play this for a long time now since I love Furuba so much so when I saw that you’re done translating it, I immediately went and buy a used copy for the Switch. 🙂 As soon as it arrives, you bet I’ll immediately start playing it!

    Thank you so much again for doing this. Looking forward to your next translations! And if they’re available on the Switch, I’ll buy another used copy in order to play it. ^^

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author


      Thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment, you’ve made my day! Furuba is everything ❤ If you're ever in search of a series similar to it, Kamisama Kiss may be worth checking out.

      As for other otoge translations on the Switch, I have plans for Shinobi Koi Utsutsu sometime in the future. I hope you enjoy Beastmaster & Prince as much as I did!

      Take care ❤

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