✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Chapter 2

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In the Fasan Kingdom, a severe looking blonde man asks a soldier for an update on His Highness, who reports that there’s been nothing new. When the princes departed from the Sardine port, their ship was immediately engulfed in flame and then sank beneath the waters. The sailors and the royal guard were ferried to safety in fishing boats, but so far there’s been so sighting of the princes. “I see…” the man responds in a grave voice to the report, but he’s interrupted by a young boy who addresses him as Berndt. This young boy is Prince Dirk. Berndt respectfully greets the prince, who demands to know if the soldier’s story is true. And what does he mean they don’t know where they are?!

The soldier nervously apologizes, explaining that they’ve been searching for the princes, but it’s been several days since the incident and now he fears the worst has happened. Prince Dirk reacts immediately to this, and Berndt orders him to wait. But the prince is adamant, shouting that he unhand him. He’s going to look for his brother, who’s probably out there right now waiting for someone to come and rescue him –

“What shall become of our country should we lose you too?” His Majesty has just passed away and now the four princes are nowhere to be found. No one but Prince Dirk can protect this country and guide its people. Berndt asks the soldier for any other updates. He says the most confounding aspect of this entire situation is that their guard was impeccable. There was no way for any other party to have infiltrated their ranks, so for the ship the princes were on to easily catch flame like that is…

Berndt instantly sees a connection: the Renard Empire must have seen the King’s death as an opportunity to strike. The Renard Empire?! exclaims the soldier. Berndt doesn’t think the witch is responsible for this, does he? Berndt says it’s still too early for them to tell. For the time being, he wants this entire debacle kept a secret while they exhaust every last resource into locating the missing princes. “Yes, sir!”


Back in the Cattleya Kingdom, Tiana awakens. She blearily observes that it’s light outside – no way, is it already noon?! She opens her eyes to look out her window where the sun is already hanging high up in the sky. Hadn’t she been up all night reading? She hasn’t gotten enough sleep so she decides to get a little more rest. Closing her eyes, she rolls over on her side only for something cold to hit her cheek. What is this? It’s so silky and nice…

“You look so content,” a voice says. It asks her if she’s having a really nice dream. Whose voice is this? Tiana knows she’s heard it somewhere. Whoever it is warns her that if she leaves herself vulnerable and open…he’ll pounce. Tiana wakes right up lol.

“You’re finally awake. What time do you think it -“ Tiana screams. The lion’s eyes widen and his mouth opens in shock. Alfred races into the room to ask what’s wrong – has something happened? Erik asks if she’s okay and Tiana, still rattled, stumbles over her words. She woke up and Matheus was…Erik doesn’t understand what she’s trying to say so she blurts out that she woke up to Matheus on top of her. Lucia disapprovingly says it’s way too early for that and he should save it for nighttime and Alfred coyly remarks that Matheus was incredibly bold to creep into a woman’s room for a romp. Erik asks Alfred what that means and he says it’s something that “children don’t need to know.” Rolling on the floor laughing


Matheus only went into her room to wake her up because he’s hungry. “Then you could’ve shouted outside my door or done something, anything else, you know?!” He can’t just let himself in without any warning! Matheus proclaims that he did do that – once – but she didn’t get up immediately so it’s her fault ( ̄へ ̄) Besides, doesn’t his lovely voice make for a wonderful alarm? Tiana balks at his haughty self-praise. He’ll be leaving and that if she doesn’t want them all to starve to death, she should hurry along. Tiana watches him pad away down the flight of stairs, seething as he does so without an ounce of shame. She promises herself to get a new lock.


Alfred begins by asking what they’re going to do now. After lunch, they’ve all gathered around to discuss how they’ll break the curse. Since they know what the ingredients are, can’t they go searching for them? Lucia asks. Matheus says he did some of his own research when everyone had gone to bed and he learned that there’s no way easy to obtain the necessary components. He researched? Matheus says he looked through the book she hadn’t finished. Which means he never went to sleep. She’s taken aback by his unexpected actions and he irritably narrows his gaze at her. Did she think he was some lazy slave-driver? (Nah, that’s Lucia) Tiana wasn’t thinking that at all. She’s surprised he could even read with those paws of his. He proudly says it was tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not an impossible task. Tiana praises his skills but Alfred says that Matheus just hates losing* “Wouldn’t you say he’s just full of himself?” Lucia chimes in. The lion tells them to shut up because they’ve done nothing.

Lucia wonders how they’ll get back to being human if they can’t get the ingredients. Matheus says their only leads right now are the Renard Empire and the questionable existence of the last remaining witch, but it’s way too dangerous to cross the border as it is. Alfred agrees, noting how they can’t put too much stock in information that’s made available for the general public. Erik jumps in to point out that anyone can easily read about curses, but it can’t just be witches who are brushing up on black magic. Lucia asks if he thinks there are people out there cursing others for a hobby, but Tiana’s never heard of anyone doing that. Still, if there are people studying magic on their own, then surely there’s someone in Cattleya who does so.

Matheus thinks so too, and he even suggests that it might be less dangerous to seek someone like that out. Come to think of it, Tiana believes Klaus knew more than he let on. She nearly asked him about everything… Matheus tells her to lend him her ear and he whispers a plan to extract information from the man.


Tiana arrives at the Rosette Castle in time to spot Klaus, and she takes off in a rush to accost him. Will Matheus’ plan even work? Klaus asks what she’s doing here, and she explains that she had some business with him. She thanks him for lending her those books the other day, they were really helpful. Helpful, huh? Klaus says that she completely evaded his question the other day: why she was interested in witches. Oh, well… Tiana trails off and Klaus continues in a stern voice. He promised her parents that he would look after her in their absence and if she’s about to go sticking her neck into danger, then it’s his duty to stop her –

She cuts him off to say that she completely gets it. She understands that looking into witches and sorcery is risky, but this is very important. If it wasn’t, she wouldn’t be bothering him. Tiana turns her face away from him, tears in her eyes. Klaus pauses, then asks if something happened. She apologizes for turning to him for help, that she’s always being a nuisance with her requests, and that she’ll figure something out on her own.

Klaus calls out after her to wait. “Do you think I can just sit back and not say anything when you’re looking like that?” He snags her hand and pulls her to him, leaning forward so that his face is close to hers. If she truly wants to know that badly, he’ll tell her everything he knows – just please don’t make that face. Tiana mentally pumps her fist with a whoop of success. She didn’t think Matheus’ plan would actually work! She wonders what kind of knowledge Klaus holds, trembling with excitement as she waits for him to speak. One side of his mouth tilts up and his voice dips low. He’s not telling her anything for free. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


She starts to ask him what he means, and he cuts her off to explain that all information regarding witches is confidential business belonging to the state. Without proper payment, he won’t breathe a word. Tiana stutters at the implication. Payment?! She instinctively squeezes her eyes shut against the kiss he’s going to force on her- but his lips don’t press against hers.

“Whose idea was it?” Mission failed! Tiana startles and he asks her again, his voice dipping even lower than before. Whose plan was it to set her up to pry information out of him? Ack, he got me, she thinks. The perpetrator’s strategy wasn’t a bad one, but they clearly have no idea what kind of relationship he and Tiana have. There isn’t another man on this entire continent who’s ever seen her cry. Did she think he couldn’t tell the difference between her real tears and her fake ones?

Yeah, trying to fool her childhood friend with crocodile tears was a pretty absurd plan, Tiana thinks with a bitter smile. He tries again: who set her up? No one! He’s overthinking things. She vigorously shakes her head in denial. Even though he saw right through her, she still has to protect Matheus and the others. Klaus says he’s going to take his time in getting her to tell him whatever it is she’s hiding. Oh no, this is bad. At this rate he’s definitely going to find out about everything!

As she frantically casts about for a means to escape, she spies an unfamiliar boy heading their way. He asks what Klaus is doing. Is this some a romantic rendezvous? Klaus heaves a frustrated sigh. She’s his childhood friend, he corrects him. Anyway, is he going back to that place in that getup? The stranger tries to explain himself but changes the topic to tell Klaus the ladies at his dad’s place are looking for him and he should probably get back. None of them know what to do when he’s not around. Klaus tells Tiana they’ll continue their discussion after his work ends. Thank God, she’s saved…

Tiana somehow escaped his interrogation. She heaves a relieved sigh before turning to thank the boy for his help. What did he do? She trails off, debating whether she should explain. The boy appears as though he’s deep in thought, and then he pulls out a slip of paper. She watches, unsure what to do, as he writes on it with a sharpened object – something like charcoal. “There! Here you go!” She takes the paper from him, curious about what he wrote, but she can’t even read it.

She starts to ask him what the heck this thing is when he says she’s looking for a witch, isn’t she? Wait, hold on. Was he eavesdropping on them? The boy doesn’t even answer her, pitying her instead for how mean Klaus is when it should be fine to share this much with her. Then he takes off, leaving Tiana unable to swallow the turn of events. She looks down at the piece of paper again. At first, she couldn’t even tell what was written on it, but upon further inspection, it resembles a map of Cattleya. No way, she thinks, poring over it. Is this circle here where the witch is supposed to be?

Tiana considers seeking out the boy to confirm her suspicious, but they’ll likely cross paths again, so she turns back home to where the animals are waiting for her.


“I’m home…” Tiana announces. Matheus says she’s finally returned. So how did it go? Was she successful? “I’m sorry, I wasn’t…” Well, there’s nothing they can do about that, Matheus says. Wow, she wasn’t expecting this. If anything, she thought he’d be angry. He wants to know what went wrong so they can be better prepared in the future. Well, Klaus told her that the plan wasn’t bad, but the person who came up with it didn’t understand what kind of relationship she and him have. What? Matheus deadpans, displeased. It’s rare that Matheus’ plans don’t fall through, Alfred remarks with a grin. Lucia says that if the plan was fine, then maybe Tiana’s acting sucks?


Erik scolds him for being cruel. She’s lying to those she cares about because of them! Tiana knows she’s a poor liar, and Erik’s right on the money: it had hurt, trying to deceive Klaus. She knows her friend is honestly worried about her, but whenever he decides to grill her, she’ll inadvertently spill everything. Matheus concedes the man is hard to outsmart, so they must come up with a different plan. Lucia unhelpfully asks if anyone has ideas and that’s when Tiana remembers. She may not have gotten anything out of Klaus, but a boy who was passing by gave her a map. *Cue Matheus looking up at her with a dubious expression.

Was he eavesdropping on them? It would seem that way, she admits. He said “If you’re looking for a witch…” and then he gave her a map. He seemed to be an acquaintance of Klaus’, so she assumed he had to be someone from the Rosette Castle. Lucia says she can’t trust some random guy’s information, and Alfred concurs. It’s likely a trap. But he didn’t look like a bad person, she thinks to herself. You need to be more suspicious of others, Matheus tells her, because she’s still not realized that she’d been duped at the marketplace.

Tiana frantically sifts through her memories while the four collectively sigh. Erik was debating whether he should even say anything, but that brooch she traded for them is worth at least the cost of her house several times over. Her thoughts run wild: she could buy more than one of this exact house with –  No, that can’t be right! Alfred says they wanted to warn her, but they couldn’t at the time. He apologizes to her. But poor Tiana is still in shock. She’d thought the brooch was valuable only because her Mom had always treasured it, but now…it can’t be.

Lucia asks if she’s alright. Of course she’s not, Matheus snaps at him. She’s distressed. The moral of this is to be more diligent, he concludes. Bruh, wtf  Erik sticks up for Tiana, saying that they wouldn’t be here right now if she hadn’t given up the brooch, and Alfred agrees. They might not even be alive if not for that brooch, and for that, he’s grateful to her. Erik promises that they’ll all apologize to her parents for what happened when they return and tells her to cheer up.

Yeah…that Hannes guy probably deceived her. There hadn’t been any other choice to save them all, though. Mom will understand, is what she tells herself, but the revelation leaves her stricken; she can’t calm down. Erik intervenes by helpfully suggesting that she pet them like she had the other day. She said she loves animals, didn’t she? And she looked so happy when she petted them all.

Alfred is embarrassed, but he doesn’t mind if it will make her feel better; Matheus reluctantly says that he’ll allow it because it’s not like she can easily ever pet a ferocious beast; Lucia blushes, saying she can do so as long as she doesn’t yank out his feathers (why on earth would she do that lol). It’s difficult for Tiana to suppress the growing urge within her to pet them all as they shuffle closer, but inwardly, she’s squealing with delight. Animals are just the cutest! And people say that petting them can help you relax. Being able to do so to her heart’s content puts her at ease, and she releases a contented sigh. She pets Matheus for the mofumofu. Remember to aim for a pink screen before the timer ends to earn full points!


Erik’s been curious about something for a while. He leans forward on his hind legs to look up at her chest. The whistle hanging from her neck is like a work of art, he says. Oh, this? He hopes she might let him take a closer look. She complies, unclasping the chain about her neck. She holds it out to him. This whistle was crafted by her Dad and is a little different from your standard one, she says. Her Mom travels the globe as a beastmaster carrying a similar whistle. Tiana’s may sound like any other whistle (to an extent), but the one her Dad fashioned is superior –

Matheus interrupts to ask if she just said beastmaster, his voice wringing with alarm. Yeah, is there something wrong? So then she’s also a beastmaster? he presses. Wait, didn’t she tell them? Alfred says this is the first time he’s heard about this. So that’s why she wanted to raise them all. Never mind owning rabbit and a duck, he’d thought she was a queer individual for wanting to raise a wolf and a lion. Now that he mentions it, she probably didn’t explain herself to them. While it’s her fault for not doing so, it still stings to know they’d thought she was an oddball.

Erik wants her to try out the whistle. Is he sure about that? Well, just a little then. She takes it back from him and holds it in front of her mouth, then blows a puff of air into the whistle. She’d intended to use only a moderate portion of its power but it seems as though the sound was far louder to an animal’s ears. They all jump in surprise, shaking. Lucia drowsily says that he’s suddenly feeling tired. That was a sound meant to calm down and lull an agitated animal to sleep, Tiana explains. The bad part is that any animal within hearing range is effected by the whistle’s note. Huh, so that’s why he – hey! She shoulda told them beforehand! Lucia angrily shouts, raising a wing. Sorry, sorry. This is just her special skill, she explains. Her mother told her that this is the most important skill in a beastmaster’s arsenal.

Well, this isn’t good, Matheus says to Alfred, who gravely agrees with him. With just one blow of that whistle, they’ll be under her control. Tiana giggles and reassures them that she’d only demonstrated it because Erik had wanted her to. She’s not going to use her whistle all willy-nilly unless the situation calls for her to do so. Matheus tells her to please keep it that way because he doesn’t want to be made to sleep and wake up at her beck and call.

Still, Tiana is stunned that the whistle could even work on animals that were once human beings. She promised she wouldn’t use her whistle without reason to, but they’d be instrumental in helping her sharpen her skills. All she’s done is scare them though, so she instead resolves to ask them for their assistance after they’ve gotten to know each other better, then affixes the whistle’s chain back around her neck.


Tiana takes out her notebook from its drawer and records the day’s events. She’s been writing in it a lot lately, and now her it’s gotten pretty long. She’ll talk to Matheus and the others tomorrow about going to scope out the place marked on the map. Tiana yawns, telling herself she needs to get to bed. Returning the notebook back to its drawer, she stifles another yawn.


After lunch, they gather around to discuss the map, as the conversation had been postponed the day prior. They listen to each other’s viewpoint on whether they should continue investigating, or if they should go scope out the place marked on the map instead. Alfred thinks they should check it out; Lucia says they can’t just laze around all day; Matheus and Erik, on the other hand, are both more reserved. Erik doesn’t think they should go and Matheus highlights how little they know about the person who gave her the map. They can’t be careless. He turns to Tiana for her input.

As we’re going to be pursuing Matheus first (due to the recommended route order), Tiana decides to side with him and Erik. She doesn’t think they should trust this map and besides, she doesn’t even know who that boy from the castle was. Erik thinks it’s really suspishhh that some guy came out to hand her it, too. Matheus is impressed Tiana remembered to be more cautious and she nervously laughs in response, inwardly wondering if that was supposed to be a compliment because it’s sure not making her feel happy. Lucia tsks at her. What the heck? Now she’s questioning this map she brought home?

Alfred tells him to knock it off. He has no qualms with Matheus’ decisions, but now he’s not sure what they’re supposed to do. That’s when the lion tells them to wait –  Erik says it looks like someone’s at her front door. A visitor? She turns around and finds Klaus right in front of her. He chooses this moment to announce that he’s coming in. Klaus?! She stutters, asking him what he’s doing here all of a sudden, and a surprised sound escapes him. He’d barged so rudely into her living room but now he stiffens at the sight of Matheus and the other animals. He pauses, before saying, “…Hey, Tiana.” What is it? she asks him.

She’s letting them roam freely outside of their cages? She awkwardly hesitates. From another perspective, this was probably odd. Then she perks up: the lion and the wolf might seem scary at first glance, but they’re well-behaved goodest boys! She doesn’t think it’s a problem for them to be out of their cage. But Klaus does. He raises his voice in disbelief. It’s a huge problem! Even a beastmaster can get hurt in an accident born from negligence. Tiana fights back, insisting that everything’s fine and that the animals are all at home here. She puts them in their cage at night when they need to go to sleep so he needs to stop fretting over her – it’s fine! If Klaus knew they were sleeping spread-eagle all over the guest beds, he might just throw a fit.

Good Lord, there’s not enough of him to go around to watch over her, he laments. Seeing as he’s not going to win this one, he orders her to lock them up in their cage as soon as he heads back – does she understand? Yeah dad. She asks him why he’s here. He’d nearly forgotten, he says. He’s here to collect the books she borrowed. Klaus came all this way to pick them up for her? If he’d said something she’d have gone down to return them herself. Tiana binds all of the books together with twine and then hands them to him, thanking him for being such a big help.


But he stands there even after he takes the stack from her. Was there something else? If he inspects her house too closely, he’ll find that there’s a lot of tasteless things here… So she asks him if there was something else he needs. No, that was all. Alright, well thanks for coming all this way, she says. Tiana plasters a smile on her face to mask her relief. Thank God. If he decided to grill her, it would be really difficult to hold her tongue about Matheus and the others.

“By the way, Tiana,” he says, eliciting a startled response from her. Yeah, what is it? “Are you aware that there’s an apothecary next door to our bakery?” The change of topic is so abrupt that Tiana can barely keep up and she parrots his statement as a question. He says *’it takes one to know one’ and that rumors say illicit dealings in black magic takes place there. He doesn’t know what she’s looking into, but as this could be a clue, why not go and have a peek?

What? She thought she’d never find out anything from him, so why is he telling her this? I guess she’s too stunned to react because he reminds her that she was so desperate for information that she tried pulling a crying stunt on him. Whatever she’s sticking her neck into is a mystery to him, but he knows this isn’t just some trifling curiosity or a game to her. He’s seen so much more than tears from her (concerning this). Tiana is so moved that she’s driven to true tears this time, and she turns her face so he can’t see. In her mind, she thanks him. She hasn’t told him anything, but when she finally can do so, she’ll tell him everything.


With Klaus gone, a very put-off looking Matheus asks if she means to go down to the apothecary. Klaus himself gave her this tip so of course she trusts it. An apothecary that engages in illicit black magic dealings doesn’t reek of danger? Lucia asks her. Erik points out that if they can use magic then maybe they can break their curse. Alfred thinks there’s merit in checking the place out. So Matheus asks if Tiana knows where the apothecary is. Yep, she passes by it all the time. At that, he tells her to lead the way.

Wait, he doesn’t mean he’s… Yep, he’s coming along because it’s too dangerous for her to go alone. She’s a beastmaster, isn’t she? It shouldn’t be an issue for her to take a lion out with her. He’s not wrong, she admits. But deep down she wonders if it’s really a good idea to walk a lion out into town. She takes Matheus down to the shopping district, all the while feeling a twinge of unease.


Phew, they finally made it. She checks the area to make sure no one is around before releasing a huge sigh. Taking Matheus out was worse on her nerves than she’d expected. She’s glad no one reported her to the castle – someone screeches, cutting off her train of thought. How many screams has she heard today? Tiana hides Matheus behind her and pastes on a smile. She apologizes and tries to calm the person down. Her lion is trained and it’s completely safe – but she stops talking at the sight of her best friend. Lotte says that Tiana scared her! She had no idea that lion was hers and thought another beast had escaped from the arena.

Tiana apologizes for frightening her. Considering her friend had only recently been attacked by an injured tiger, this was probably too much for her to handle. Lotte asks if it’s really alright for her to be walking the lion. It’s not going to suddenly go on a rampage, is it? Tiana reassures her that it’s under control and that he’s trained. He’s a well-behaved boy. Really? So then he can do tricks? Do tricks?? Lotte says that she has him trained, and Tiana immediately starts to panic. What’s she supposed to do? Saying she had him trained is a big fat lie and she’s definitely never taught him any tricks. She asks her friend to wait a moment, and Lotte laughs, thinking that Tiana is about to have Matheus ready a performance for her. Tiana you’re in deep yogurt oml  She gives Matheus a meaningful look before stealing away to the end of the street with him, where she asks him if he knows any tricks.

“Don’t ask me something ridiculous. Of course I don’t know any.” But she just told Lotte she’d trained him – the words just slipped out – wait a sec! A good idea suddenly comes to mind and she whispers to Matheus. He jolts, absolutely flabbergasted. She wants him to do that? Tiana pleads with him, saying that she needs to convince Lotte. Poor Matheus can only scoff, but she insists. “Okay, at my signal, Matheus.” He didn’t agree to this at all, but she pushes him into it anyway.


Tiana apologizes for the wait and Lotte asks if she’s ready. She is but she hasn’t taught him anything impressive just yet. She commands Matheus to sit, and he does so in front of her. With both hands, she pretends to draw back a bow and looses an arrow straight at Matheus. Fall over! She urges him on to herself, but Matheus doesn’t move. She begs him to listen in her mind and the lion takes his sweet time before he keels over from her arrow, not one shred of his acting a good one. Well that wasn’t at all convincing, she thinks.

But Lotte praises her. Tiana’s amazing and she’s never seen a lion do tricks like that before! Oh, really? Of course, she’s been working so hard on this! While Tiana’s not personally happy with this performance, Lotte seems to have really enjoyed it. She’s grateful for the compliment but Matheus isn’t really a lion. It hurts a little, knowing she hasn’t tamed a real beast on her own. Lotte asks what’s going on today. Is she taking her lion on a walk? Tiana says she actually wants to ask her a question, and Lotte wonders what it could be. She says she heard that her bakery has an apothecary next door.

Lotte says that her family often buys from them; their medicines have a good reputation for being effective. Wow, really? According to Lotte, it sounds like this is just your average apothecary and not something sketchy. She asks if Lotte’s heard of any people in the area using weird magic, which confuses her. But it’s fine if she hasn’t she adds, waving off the question when Lotte gives her a strange look. Well, she has to get back to work. Tiana thanks her, saying she’ll see her again. She makes sure that her friend has gone inside before loosing a breath. It’s seems like all she’s been doing is lying to people.

That was a heavy sigh, Matheus comments, and she apologizes, saying she must be tired. But to her surprise, he apologizes as well. It must be hard on her, having to hide everything about them from those closest to her. She thanks him for worrying about her; it does hurt her to do this. However, they’re not doing anything wrong. She’s certain everyone will understand after they explain. “Anyway, Matheus,” she says, prompting him to ask what’s up. She says he could’ve done a better job of falling over during his performance, causing him to peevishly glare at her. He tells her she should be grateful to him for going along with that nonsensical act. Well, they’re here so they should go sleuth out this apothecary.

He’d like to go inside with her, but there’s a chance this magic user might be able to see through his disguise. So he’ll wait outside and if she needs anything, she should call for him. *She’d thought this was a rare moment of him to be nice, but he’s a harsh boss. Alright, she’s got it. Will he be okay by himself if there’s another commotion? He says he just needs to sit still – maybe pretend to be an apothecary statue. Tiana isn’t sure this is a good idea but she doesn’t see the point in pressing the issue. So she leaves Matheus near the front entrance and grabs the door handle with determination.


“G-good afternoon!” she says as way of greeting, and receives a welcoming call in return. What kind of medicine is she here for?


Oh dear God he’s adorable Tiana had been steeling herself for whatever this store might contain, what with the whole, “illicit dealings in black magic ” thing she’d been told about, but she falters, at a loss for words at the sight of a peculiarly amiable, beaming young man. He asks how he can be of help. Is she not feeling well? Tiana lies and says she has a sore throat. Ah, a sore throat? He has just the mixture for that, and it’s super effective. The young man deftly plucks some medicine off of a shelf and then packs it into a bag for her. “Here you are!” Tiana thanks him and collects the bag from him. Then she pays him. The boy thanks her for her purchase and wishes her well.

Matheus immediately inquires about the bag when she steps out onto the street. Tiana apologizes to him. The shopkeeper was so kind and before she realized it, she’d purchased some ordinary cough medicine. Furious, Matheus demands she go back inside and be direct, not beat around the bush. She quickly turns on her heel and heads back into the store to face the shopkeeper once more. He cheerfully welcomes her to his store but stops when he sees she’s returned. What’s wrong? Did she leave something here?

Tiana apologizes before saying that she has a question for him. The young man laughs warmly at her, assuming she wants to know more about him. His name is Sylvio, he says with a wicked grin. It’s nice to meet her. She introduces herself and he tells her she has a cute name. He’s gonna have to turn her down though because while he’s not with anyone right now, he’s busy with his job. Sorry about that. Tiana wasn’t obviously here to win over him, not yet at least, so she balks at him, utterly confused. She’s come back to try and chat him up, right? Of course she hasn’t! Oh, well that’s too bad. So, what does she want?

It’s about magic. Sylvio curls a finger into his scarf and narrows his eyes at her. Magic, she says? Yeah, she heard this place deals in it. “I’m not sure where you heard that, but I’m afraid we’re just an ordinary apothecary.” Sylvio continues, saying that just so he can get a clearer picture here, if this place did actually deal in illicit black magics, what would she want? Does she want to kill someone with a curse? Absolutely not, that’s awful! Though he says he doesn’t deal in magic here, something about this is off. Maybe this is some kind of facade to figure out her intentions? Matheus told her to stop beating around the bush…so she’ll get straight to the point.

Does he have anything for sale that could, let’s say, turn an animal into a human? Sylvio’s entire demeanor changes, darkening with thinly-veiled fury. She wants medicine to turn an animal into a human? What on earth does she intend to do with the animal if she turns it? Depending on her answer, he’ll give her some of his own ideas. What happened? He was a pretty friendly guy earlier, but…She can’t even guess as to why he’s even angry, but she knows a scolding from Matheus awaits her if she decides to turn around now.

So she asks if he has the opposite, then: something to turn a person into an animal. Sylvio doesn’t respond, and she worries that she shouldn’t have asked him that either. With a defeated look, he asks her if she has any money, then resumes his affable disposition. The same medicine has the potential to both turn an animal into a human, as well as turn a human into an animal. It’s a unique medicine, and one with a steep price tag. Oh my God. She didn’t think she’d be able to obtain it this easily! Tiana leans forward to ask him how much it costs. He says it’s 50,000 Nelkes. When Tiana checks her wallet, she finds exactly five 10,000 Nelke bills. Holy fuck she’s loaded! Tiana knows it’s expensive, but she can afford it, if only barely…and she pays for the medicine. Sylvio thanks her for her patronage and grabs a small bag off a shelf. He unties the string looping the mouth of the sack and lets her take a look.

Inside the bag is a glittering gold powder. It’s gorgeous, she thinks to herself. It’s simple to use, but Sylvio warns her never to use her bare hands when administering it because a fixed portion of it will effect her, too. So she shouldn’t try using this on anything when she’s downwind of it. As for how to use it, he instructs her to open the bag only a little bit so that she can sprinkle the proper amount onto the animal. And that’s all. Really? Yep, that’s it. Although…

Tiana waits for him to continue, wondering if there’s another precaution she needs to heed. Ah, well it should be alright this time, he says, and tells her to try it out. Take care now! Not feeling terribly confident about his vague answer, she focuses on the claim that if she just puts a dash of this powder on the animals, their curse will lift. Squashing down her restlessness, she steps outside.


Tiana thanks Matheus for waiting – only to pull up short. When she exits the apothecary with the powder carefully tucked in her arms, she finds him surrounded by some boys. The first one proclaims that the lion’s just like a statue and won’t get mad at anything they do to it. The second boy says, “Really? Not even if I yank it’s tail?” The first boy goads the second one to give it a try, it’ll be fine. So the kid grabs Matheus’ tail with both hands and yanks as hard as he can (゜ロ゜)ギョェ Wow, he’s right! The first boy wants to know what the lion will do if he tugs on his mane, and the second one says he’s going to tickle the lion’s belly.


This is bad, she has to save him! Tiana runs over, telling them to stop. The first boy asks if she wants to play with the lion too, and she tells them to cut it out because the lion is her friend. She’s friends with a lion? the boy asks, and his friend thinks that’s really weird. They dash away laughing. She’s glad they were reasonable and ran off before Matheus snapped. She apologizes for taking so long, thinking he’d done well holding it together like that, but when she looks at him, he seems rather strange.

What’s wrong? Those boys were being pretty rowdy with him. Matheus says he’s itchy with a sigh. As she stands there, uncertain, he narrows his gaze and vows revenge on the children. They grabbed him everywhere with their sticky hands without even asking him! “Wait, Matheus! Where are you going -“ A woman lets out a bloodcurdling scream and a man cries out that a lion is going after some kids. Someone else asks for someone to get the guard out here. The once peaceful shopping district dissolves into the very picture of hell, all wild chaos, as Matheus rampages away. Before anyone gets hurt or he gives someone a heart attack, Tiana somehow manages to put him to sleep with her whistle. By the time she finishes explaining the situation to the castle guards who’ve come rushing to the scene and apologizes to everyone for all of the trouble Matheus had caused them, it’s dark when she finally returns home.


Alfred says they came home pretty late when she announces she’s back. Did something happen? He inclines his head at the sight of the both of them looking haggard and worn out. Yes, actually. She describes the basics of the altercation to them and Lucia hoarsely says a bunch of brats started petting him? Thank goodness no one was killed, Alfred says, sweating. Erik praises Matheus for maintaining his composure, then pats him on the head. Matheus sullenly averts his gaze.

Tiana says the children overstepped a line with their teasing, but he went too far in his rage. Besides, he’d forced her to put him to sleep with her whistle because he couldn’t keep himself together. She’s horrified to imagine what could’ve happened had she not been there. Alfred says Matheus should explain himself, and she wonders what that’s supposed to mean as she glances at all of them. All three of the animals appear to be waiting on him. After a moment of silence, Matheus relents. Fine, but she better not laugh at him. Why would she laugh? Matheus is silent again.

What kind of funny story is he going to share? But the lion’s mouth remains closed. She patiently waits, watching as he releases a defeated sigh and mutters that he hates men. What? Her eyes grow round as she puzzles over what exactly that’s supposed to mean, and the lion’s cheeks tense as though he’s pouting in irritation. Rather than hate men, Matheus says a more accurate description would be that his body outright seems to reject them. She doesn’t quite understand, so Alfred explains that Matheus has a peculiar allergy. Whenever another man touches him, his whole body breaks out in hives. What the heck?

This isn’t a story she can laugh about because it’s apparently genuine and that leaves her dumbfounded. So that’s why he said he was itchy after the boys had touched him. Meaning he was enduring hives the entire time. That must have been awful to put up with. But wait a moment. Erik just touched him, right? Erik says that for some reason, he’s the only one who can, but he doesn’t know why. Matheus is only alright when it’s Erik? How come, especially when this allergy of his can make him act out so violently? Tiana tries to think up a reason, but nothing comes to mind.

Matheus says that he only told her because he trusts her, and that she can’t tell anyone. She understands, and she’ll keep an eye out for any guys who may try to pet him. Lucia raises a wing in annoyance, demanding to know if she had any luck gathering information at the apothecary. Ah, that’s right! Tiana delicately holds out the bag she’d been carrying. She was able to purchase it at the store: medicine to return everyone back to their former selves!

What, really? Erik excitedly asks. Lucia can’t believe it either. They can finally be free! Alfred praises her for getting it – he was really getting tired of having to do push ups in this body. Excuse me WHAT? When Matheus doesn’t join in the celebrations, she asks him if he’s not happy. Everyone is rejoicing and yet he’s peering into her hands with a long face. Because of those damn kids he completely forgot to ask who was in the store. He doubts that anyone but a witch could have made that medicine. She says that the boy tending to the store was the one who sold it to her but she has no idea who mixed it. But Lucia doesn’t care who made it. Alfred seems to agree with him for once. If they don’t have to seek out the witch to break their curse, then all the better.

She can understand Lucia’s feelings about wanting to hurry up and try out the medicine, although Matheus remains cautious. Even so, she waits for him to decide. He can’t say anything for certain until they at least try it out once, so he orders Alfred to hold Lucia down. At Matheus’ command, Alfred holds the duck down with his front paws. Lucia tries to protest, asking what the heck Alfred’s doing, and Matheus calmly says they can’t try this strange medicine on all of them. So they’ll start with him.

Lucia can’t believe they’re going to use him like a guinea pig duck and Matheus tells Tiana to do it. She feels a little bad for Lucia, but she does as Matheus tells her and sprinkles the powder over him, making sure not to get any on herself. The poor duck gags and coughs, telling them to quit it. The room gradually fills with brilliant light, and the duck’s silhouette blurs. It’s super bright! Tiana has to look away from the beams of light. When it fades, she asks if it’s over.

She hears Lucia talking to himself, wondering what this all is. She takes a few steps back at the sight of an unfamiliar boy before her. “Yes! I’m back! I can finally talk in front of people again!” Alfred can barely speak, and Matheus agrees with his half-uttered sentence. Yes, this is the real deal. Wait, no way – this boy is Lucia?! Erik tells her to change him back and Alfred politely asks her to do the same for him as well. She excitedly agrees and sprinkles more gold powder over the animals.

Like before, dazzling light fills the room. It slowly fades away, and she can see once more. And – once again, the forms before her are not those of animals. The sight of all three of them before her is too much, and she retreats until her back is against the wall. Erik joyfully wants her to look at him – he’s finally human again! He also looks way too young but uh anyway, Alfred says it’s been a long time since he’s felt like this and that being able to stand on both feet is relaxing. Matheus calls out to her and she jumps.

“What’s wrong? You’re spacing out.” She tries to say something but can’t form a proper sentence. He says it’s only fair that she’s shocked. He can’t believe it was this easy to return to normal, either. It’s all thanks to her, and he hopes she she will accept his gratitude. The blonde young man takes her hand in his and presses a soft kiss to it. Her mind is racing. This is Matheus’ voice, right? She didn’t think it would be this…But then he ruins the moment by asking her if she’s so stunned by his beauty that she can’t speak. (Also, Lucia’s FACE xD)


In a fluster, she yanks her hand back. She tries to pull herself together but her heart won’t stop beating a frenetic beat. What should she do? All four of them are so dazzling she can’t even look at them. Sure, she’s imagined what they’d look like once they returned to normal but…oh god this is too much. Erik worriedly asks if she’s okay. Is she disappointed? Disappointed? she repeats, confused. She liked it much better when they were animals, huh? No, that’s not it at all! She’s just a little embarrassed, that’s all. When they were still animals she’d never felt self-conscious around them. Now that she thinks about it, she’s been living with four guys.

Well yeah, Lucia says. Not like she’s ever gonna find another guy as good looking as him in all of Cattleya. Matheus snidely says that if he means a guy as stupid-looking as him then yeah, he’s not wrong. Lucia chokes. He doesn’t look much different from Matheus! Alfred corrects him, saying they’re completely different. Yeah, they don’t even look like brothers, Erik says. Wait, they’re brothers? Oh, Erik says, they didn’t tell her? They’re all brothers.

Nani the Fuck? | Know Your Meme

Yeah I can’t even either, Tiana. Lucia doesn’t get why she’s so surprised. Couldn’t she tell just from looking at them? He’s the spitting image of Matheus! Matheus immediately refutes him. How do they look alike? Apart from having two eyes, a nose and a mouth they look nothing like each other. Nah-ah, Lucia says. Sure, he may be just a tad less handsome, but the resemblance is undeniable. While they continue to pointlessly bicker, Tiana compares each of them. Matheus and Lucia may not resemble each other much but Alfred looks nothing like them. Though she can sorta see a resemblance to Matheus in Erik.

But that doesn’t matter because they’re all bad for her heart. If she’d known, she’d have preferred they remain animals forever 😂 Then she shakes her head. Lucia comes up to her, asking why she’s just standing there, it’s time to go! Go where? Alfred says that now that he’s back to being human he wants to walk around the town. Erik asks if she’ll show them around. Wait, she’s going with all four of them? She’s fine with that but…

Matheus swoops in to reassure her because he’ll escort her tonight, and she gasps when he wraps an arm about her waist; her pulse shoots through the roof. She wonders if they’re having fun teasing her. He asks her what’s wrong, she’s not like herself. Isn’t she delighted that their curse is broken? Yeah, they’ve all had a rough time with this…perhaps she didn’t seem too happy for them. She apologizes. A lot of stuff has been a big shock for her.

She musters up some energy and says they’ll go get dinner to celebrate. Erik cheers, and hopes he can remember how to use a knife and fork. He asks if Caspar wants anything to eat and if he’s hungry. Caspar? Erik shows her his stuffed animal and says he’s called Caspar and he’s his friend. Lucia exasperatedly says he doesn’t care. He just wants them to hurry up and decide so they can go eat. Alfred’s hungry too. Matheus says he’ll escort Tiana and that it’s the only thing he won’t compromise on.

He pulls her close against him and she turns scarlet, glancing down at the floor. It’s been a while since he last had the company of a woman and he’d best get re-acclimated to it. Re-acclimated?! She considers calling out his manner of speaking when she notices a light. All four of them disappear into the white light, and in their place appears –

“What? I’m a rabbit again!” Erik cries out. Lucia exclaims he’s back to being a duck , and Alfred can only wonder what on earth happened to him. Matheus asks her what’s going on. She says that when she bought the medicine, the shopkeeper seemed like he was trying to say something to her. Perhaps it was about how it wasn’t a solution to the curse and that it was only temporary? What? Matheus asks, his eyes bulging.

Erik cries, saying he thought they’d finally returned to being human again. Dammit, he sold her a defective product, Lucia rages, saying they’ll pay for this! Alfred bares his fangs and says they should make them suffer a little for this. Wait, Lucia, hold on Alfred! She begs them. She’ll go down to the store tomorrow to ask for an explanation. Matheus says that it was too good to be true. She frantically tries to soothe Alfred and Lucia before they decide to march on into the apothecary, and she consoles Erik when he cries. Matheus is right: this is too good to be true. She wishes the shopkeeper had told her it was only a temporary fix. Their joy had been short-lived; she strains a sad smile for them. 

Tiana chooses to pet Matheus. Aim for a pink screen before the timer ends!



Tiana takes out her notebook to record the day’s events, as she always does. A lot of things happened today, she thinks. It’s a shame that they hadn’t broken the curse, but they’d temporarily returned to their human forms, so they’re making progress. She carefully composes her thoughts onto the page when she hears a noise like something toppling over near her feet. *Tiana puts down her quill. What was that sound?

She moves her chair aside to look underneath and spies a book has fallen onto the floor. Oh, isn’t this one of the books Klaus had lent her from the Royal Library? Ack, she’d thought she’d returned them all but she still has one. It must’ve slid under her desk while they’d all been researching. Tiana quickly retrieves it. When she opens it, there are several articles about witches on it, just like the other books.

May as well give it a look, she tells herself. She might find something new. She sets the book on her desk and opens it to read the description.

“On Witches. Witches use their magic to perform a variety of tasks, including healing injuries and treating sicknesses, and even dangerous things such as taking lives. The Fasan royal family, whose history contains numerous witches, are said to possess most of the literature they have left behind. As such, the use of magic is not strictly limited to witches, for more and more royalty began their own independent research using said literature. Purportedly, some among these were able to surpass even pure-blood witches in both skill and knowledge. However, there were some who overestimated their skills and meddled in magic without sufficient information, leading to repeated and unpredictable accidents. To prevent those without the aptitude for magic from practicing it, the witches burned most of their literature and passed down their knowledge orally. It is for the same reasons that essential portions of any books on the subject are kept under tight regulation.”

The account of witches concludes, and Tiana closes the book. Wow…so it’s true. As long as you have the right information, you don’t actually need to be a witch to use magic. She understands now why the books Klaus had lent her were so vague about everything. Now she can’t be sure whether the witch who cursed Matheus and the others is even a witch or someone who taught themselves magic. Tiana hopes that she can find a way to break their spell soon. She prays for this to come true while she puts away her notebook


Translation Woes AKA “Why the fuck do I think I can Nihongo?”

As always, if I have made any translation errors, PLEASE let me know! I really want to improve!!

*Alfred says that Matheus just hates losing. This is a literal translation (and among one of many reasons why localizations aren’t always evil because lines like these are awkward and stilted and sometimes don’t make much sense). The entire idea here is that Matheus always wants to be the very best at everything and he hates when someone can do something that he can’t. So the “sore loser” translation works, but the implication can be lost if you don’t understand the context.

*Dubious expression.すると、しばらくそれを覗き込んでいたマティアスが、怪訝な顔で私を見上げた。All my search engines define this as a suspicious face, but that sounds so awkward and almost as though Matheus himself is a shady character. But that’s a literal translation. I’d imagine the nuance leans more toward “incredulous”, but maybe I’m wrong. If you know what it should say please let me know. I really want to improve!

この4匹が、客間の寝台で大の字になっていると知ったら、クラウスは卒倒してしまうかもしれない……。Every dictionary I referenced defined this as “to faint” and I sincerely doubt Klaus is a swooning damsel with his megane uptight ass so this entry made so much more sense.

蛇の道は蛇  There are so many different ways to translate this idiom and your girl absolutely sucks at this stuff. I

薬屋 can refer to any type of drugstore, pharmacy, and so on. Since the game is set in a pre-modern era, I figured the optional use of apothecary fit best.

*She’d thought this was a rare moment of him to be nice, but he’s just a harsh boss. (珍しく優しいと思ったのに、やっぱり人使い荒いんだから……)A lot of dictionaries call this a slave-driver, which Matheus himself has denied. I wasn’t entirely sure how to translate this without destroying the original nuance, but perhaps it comes off too harsh this way? Maybe, “He’s still working his men hard,” could be another way of putting it.

*Quill is also another setting-based word I chose to use rather than a generic “pen.” The dictionary lists the term as a writing utensil, so it could refer to any number of ones.

And last, but certainly not least, is the, “On Witches” section. I understood what it was saying, but actually translating it was something else. I tried my best but there’s probably something wrong with it.

Chapter 3 is currently being translated. Pick up the game here and play along! You can pick up any port of the game to experience the same story: PS2, Vita, Switch.

Feel free to browse my links to snag yourself a new game or otome merch! Any purchases made through said links gives me a very, very tiny commission rate, which would help tremendously.


6 thoughts on “✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Chapter 2

  1. R i e

    Wow, my brain died for a bit on that comment I left on your first translation (this is “Eri” – clearly my mind decided to reorganize letters in my name back then). I just wanted to thank you once more for all your hard work and sharing this ♥ With how things have been lately, this is like a little ray of sunshine. It’s not much as my Instagram is very little, but I gave you a shout-out today because I really had to mention the great work you’re doing with this (I don’t believe you’re on IG so I made a reference to your Twitter handle where they can find a link to your blog).

    I can’t get over the fun personalities of the characters (and let’s face it, they’re ridiculously cute too)! I’m forever bummed the Kickstarter didn’t work out, but this is the next best thing!

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Rie! Haha I get you I’ve done that before a few times xD. And oh my gosh, that’s so unbelievably sweet of you! I don’t have an IG but I can’t even begin to say how much that means to me! You really made my entire week ❤

      And same, I wish the kickstarter had been successful 😦 but I hope this works as a substitute! Who's your fav character so far? They're definitely a lot of fun! Again, thank you so much for the shout out and for commenting. I'm currently working on Chapter 3 but I don't have an exact date for when I'll be done. Take care and stay safe out there!


      1. R i e

        It works super well so thank you so much! I studied Japanese for 4 years back in University but that was over 10 years ago and I’ve been focusing on my native language and English since (tl;dr, I translate from ENG to FR) so I can barely read through the game on my own (too many mysterious kanjis and so many I have forgotten)! Your translation is beyond helpful! There are moments where I wish I could go back to my textbooks to study, but I don’t have that much free time (I’d rather be gaming and reading in my L1/L2, especially reading in my L1 since you’re never done improving your writing skills in your native language, haha). I also wish you all the best on your road to becoming a professional translator (it’s a rewarding career)!

        And oh gosh, Matheus for sure! I like his personality, haha. Also, who wouldn’t want a big fluffy lion! I’m super glad I managed to snag the plush of him at last (and of course of the four Beastmaster and Prince plush that were made, well five if you include Erik’s frog, his was the hardest one to track down to boot, ugh. Totally worth it, though).

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      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Oh wow, that’s so cool!! I studied French in high school for 4 years and it was such a difficult language for me! And everyone says that romance languages are some of the easiest to pick up for native English speakers pfft xD I do wish our education system prioritized language acquisitions more though, it’s really shocking to see how behind we are in that regard compared to other countries. If ever you decide to get back to Japanese, there’s a lot of incentive to do so 🙂 and there’s thankfully so many resources out there.

        Thank you so much for the well wishes, Rie! I’ll definitely do my best! And heck yes, Matheus is amazing! :O I had no idea there were plushies for them! You’re so lucky!!


  2. R i e

    It’s pretty much the same in Canada, haha. I only learned English because I decided to do so on my own as a teenager (funny enough, because I wanted to understand video games and talk about them with more people – the Internet was still kinda “new” for most people and it was a wonderful opportunity). This country isn’t as bilingual as some people think it is (most of my English friends can’t speak French. The so-called immersion stuff is less than stellar). Most of my relatives can’t speak or understand English (like at all). If you’re not from Montréal, odds are you don’t need it. I’m not sure if the classes did get better since (I’m in my late 30s), but back in the days, they were useless, sadly. If you wanted to learn English, you were on your own.

    Interesting, back in my linguistics classes, they always said germanic-languages would be easier for English speakers (and in my case, obviously, romance-languages). I think it all comes down to your personal motivation and hard work – obviously extra hard work when the language is completely unrelated to your own. That’s why I totally admire how far you’ve come with Japanese! You must have poured so much of yourself into it!

    And it is tempting to go back to Japanese as I still have my books and the Internet is obviously an AMAZING place filled with resources (even more so now than in the mid to late 1990s). It’s just a matter of free time. Though I’d only be interested in being able to -read- it (and not write/speak it. Could also make it less time-intensive). Something to think about for sure!

    And yes! They made the cutest plush (I think they were sold at an old Otomate Party).
    I left my IG URL as a website, if you click on it, my latest picture is all four of them (if you’d like to see how they look)! What’s sad is that Erik is SUPER tiny, lmao. But I guess they wanted them to be proportional to each other? :’D Sorry Erik! Speaking of him, I still think his relationship in the game should be like a little sibling (he just looks so young? I can’t see him as anything else than a little brother for Tiana). It weirds me out.

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Your insta is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!! ❤ and you have the entire gang in plush form!! So cool to see another Pokemon fan too! I'm guessing Alolan Vulpix is one of your favs?

      Wow, that sounds very different from how my teachers and professors made Canada out to be with everyone knowing so many different languages xD but it also showcases just how difficult learning new ones are. Still, that's amazing and super impressive that you decided to learn English and did so! I never would have guessed it wasn't your native tongue! I wish I'd had the courage to do something like that when I was younger 😀

      Haha you definitely have a point there! I wasn't completely into French when I was taught it in school because I'd rather not have another confusing subject to deal with (like math and science I just suck at them) but now that I'm older I wish I'd taken it more seriously. Who knows, maybe I could've done more with it?

      And I feel you on that haha. I'm super lazy in general so I sometimes wonder why I chose Japanese to major in 😛 but yeah, compared to the late 80's, it's really neat how far we've all come.



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