✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Chapter 3

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“The King is dead and his heirs, Matheus and the other princes, are nowhere to be found.” Right now, Prime Minister Berndt is the only one keeping Fasan together. Were Cattelya to learn that the kingdom is on the verge of collapse, they’d begin making plans. He believes now is an ideal opportunity to seize control of another country, should his King so desire it. The King concurs. The time has finally come. However, they can’t underestimate Cattleya’s loyalty to Fasan. The other man says that if they revolt against them for trying to usurp Fasan, their fight would be in vain. They’ll regret doing that, the King says, just as they did when they opposed them twenty years ago.


The next day –

Silvio welcomes a customer into his store, only to express surprise at who shows up. Did she have any problems with the medicine she purchased the other day? When Tiana entered the apothecary, the salesperson cut to the chase before she could explain. He probably knew something happened. She says the medicine only worked for a few minutes when she tried it out. Ah, well it’s a pretty complex one. It’s difficult to mix up a medicine with long-lasting effects, but it’s possible to make a higher quality powder, though it would take a few days for them to do so. It’s also triple the price.

Triple?! What she’d bought the other day had cost her 50,000 Nelkes, and three times that amount would make 150,000 Nelkes. Her monthly allowance is nearly spent, what with the 50,000 she’d paid as well as the animals’ food expenses. Even if she held out for next month’s allowance, it still wouldn’t be enough. Silvio asks if she wants them to mix it for her and she asks him to give her a moment. Tiana doesn’t have money on hand but maybe, if she can get the animals to work with her, she can find a way to earn the money. She’s not positive she can get it all right away, but given time…

She tells him that she’ll buy it and that somehow she’ll scrape together the money. He thanks her for her patronage. She’s about to leave when she recalls a task that Matheus had given her, so she asks Sylvio if she can ask him something. He immediately thinks it pertains to his private life. No! She wants to know what kind of person is making this medicine. He says that they’re a witch – more or less, at least. A witch: the ones who supposedly razed half of the county to ashes twenty years ago…and whose magics were so great that those in power feared and banished them. Now they are all but extinct.

Tiana asks if there’s truly a witch in this commonplace shopping district. “No, no. If she were a true witch, Fasan or Renard would be here in a heartbeat to either execute her or force her into servitude.” The witch mixing medicines at this apothecary is an oddball that the other countries wouldn’t ever look at. It might be more accurate to call her a novice or an apprentice witch. An apprentice witch? So she’s not very good then? omg Tiana xD That’s putting it bluntly, he agrees. She’s good enough to work at an apothecary, and if she tries, she can make some pretty special medicines. Tiana thinks to herself that if this witch is an apprentice, her skills aren’t completely up to snuff yet and that’s probably why the medicine she’d bought had had a strange effect.

Does that make sense, Sylvio asks her. I don’t know why she doesn’t ask him for a refund but she thanks him for the explanation and says she’s looking for an actual witch.  What’s she gonna do if she meets up with someone that dangerous? She can’t say, but does he know where to look? He doesn’t, but that person might. And who’s that, she asks him. Why, the very one who mixed up the medicine for her – the apprentice witch. He asks if she’d like to ask them herself. She can meet with her? Sylvio says it won’t be easy to get her to reveal herself to Tiana because she’s a fussy person, but one of these days she’ll get lucky. Very well, she says. She asks him to pass on to the apprentice that she’s looking for a true witch. Wow, she’s sure desperate, he drawls. He’ll let her know. She thanks him and he pauses to welcome in another customer – ah, but it’s just Kurt.

The newcomer excitedly tells Sylvio to look at his huge catch. Wait, he’s the guy from the other day. The very boy who’d given her the map a few days ago at the Rosette Castle has come into the apothecary carrying a large bag. As Kurt asks Sylvio if she’s a customer of his, Tiana thanks the boy for his help. He’s confused; he helped her? Tiana asks if he doesn’t remember. When he doesn’t respond, she tries to jog his memory by painting the scene for him: she was with Klaus at the Rosette Castle. Oh, he remembers now. She’s the girl at the fountain plaza who was crying cuz she lost her wallet.

No, she corrects him. He gave her this map, didn’t he? The boy sounds amazed as he takes a look. Huh, that’s his handwriting aright, he says. How come she has this? Well, like she’d said before… Sylvio heaves a huge sigh and says there’s no point in trying: this guy is unbelievably forgetful. He doesn’t think Kurt can even remember someone’s face or whatever they spoke about after just one meeting. Tiana’s gobsmacked that he can’t remember her even though they met once. Wait until you meet me, Tiana. I can’t remember shit. 

Anyway, what the heck is that map, Sylvio asks. He wondered where she’d learned about this place, but now he knows she got the information from Kurt. He told Kurt that he didn’t want any weird rumors going around when he’s trying to make this apothecary look like some normal business. The boy blurts out a startled, “What? There’s weird rumors floating around? Are you alright?” Sylvio raises his voice, saying that it’s his fault. He smacks Kurt for good measure (probably on the head) and the poor guy cries out. Sylvio huffs in consternation. “Good lord…oh, I almost forgot. You’re here to sell me stuff, right?”


Oh, yeah! He gathered a ton of good herbs today. Sylvio excitedly tells him to show him what he has, going silent for a moment at what he sees. Wow, this is pretty sweet. They just ran out of stock of this herb. His face practically lights up as he rummages through the bag. He separates all of the different kinds of herbs and mushrooms into separate categories, deftly fiddles with an abacus, and then hands Kurt some 10,000 Nelke bills. That’s his payment, he says, so be sure not to lose it. Kurt jovially says he’ll see him later. Joyfully waving both hands, he leaves the shop. BOTH?!

Tiana immediately is like, “So that guy…”, and Sylvio fills her in on the details. While he only knows Kurt’s name, the guy’s a pretty damn good treasure hunter. *She can go to the Kinnbart forest to meet up with Kurt if she’s curious – Oh, welcome in! He greets a new customer, and upon seeing them, Tiana hastily inclines her head to Sylvio. She apologizes for taking up so much of his time and asks him to get her the medicine. Certainly, he agrees, and tells her to come back in a few days. He politely sees her off after she bows once more to him, and then she heads back home.


Tiana announces that she’s returned, and Matheus welcomes her – in his human form. She gasps, telling him that he startled her. “Well that’s rude. It’s like you’ve seen a ghost,” he says with displeasure. It’s not like she’s gotten used to them all in their human forms, she thinks to herself. Lucia and Erik, meanwhile, are currently engaged in other matters: the former is demanding that Erik give him something back. But he’s not going to because Lucia will just waste it all. Behind Matheus, Lucia is trying to snatch the bag a human Erik is holding, noisily flapping his wings. And in the background –

Alfred is putting his all into doing sit-ups. excuse me but how? Somehow, her home has become even more noisy than before. Erik excitedly welcomes her back and says they’ve been experimenting with the powder: how much of it can they use and how long can they stay human for. Matheus says that with a palmful of the stuff, it seems they can remain in human form for around fifteen minutes. If they can gauge how long they’ll have, he thinks they can use the medicine to their advantage. Tiana seems hesitant when she acknowledges his plans and he asks if she went to the apothecary. Yeah, she went down and asked a lot of questions, just as he’d said to. The shopkeeper said it would take a few days to create a medicine with effects that last longer than the current one does. It’s also three times what she paid for…

Three times the amount? Erik asks her, worried that means it’s really expensive. It is, she says. She can’t afford it right now, but she thought maybe they could talk about how they can get the money. And what about the witch, Matheus asks her. She asked about that too, she reassures him. The one who mixed up this medicine for them is an apprentice witch who may know where an actual witch is residing. Matheus grimly states that no matter how long a medicine may keep them in human form, the fundamental issue remains. They’ll have to capture the one who cursed them, after all.

While Alfred agrees with Matheus’ reasoning, their animal forms pose limitations. He thinks it might be more beneficial to get the medicine that will last longer and then go searching. “But aren’t we broke? How are we supposed to get any coin?” Lucia interjects. Yeah… Tiana could work at Lotte’s bakery, but it’s gonna be tricky to net 150,000 Nelkes on such short notice.

Erik says that if there’s anything he can do, then he’ll do it! Alred will too. He’s grateful that she’s been taking care of them, but he doesn’t want to add to her burdens. Matheus can think of a few ways of earning some dough with this form ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  He takes the bag of gold powder from Erik and looks inside. When Tiana takes a peek, she sees about three palmfuls worth of the power left.

She asks Matheus if he has any good ideas because he seems to be the most dependable. He praises her for making the right call and tells her to leave everything up to him. He’ll think of something. Before that though, she needs to decide whether she’ll give him all of the gold powder. What does he mean? It’s a valuable thing and there’s not much left of it, he says. Should she wish to preserve the rest of it, they’ll have to come up with another solution. Tiana chooses to entrust the powder to him, and he smiles. Then they better get going, he says. Go where?

Matheus knows a way to make easy money in 45 minutes, so if she’s fine with that then she should zip it and follow him. She tries to get him to wait, but he takes off ahead of her. An easy way to make that kind of money? She wonders if this is going to turn out alright. Tiana has a bad feeling about this.


Tiana continues to wonder where they’re going as she follows Matheus, all the while feeling a smidgen of apprehension. He draws to an abrupt halt in front of the clock tower. Is this where they’re going to make money? Oh, no, he says. This is a completely different matter altogether. “The place I’m going isn’t for kids, so while I’m busy you go on and munch on some cake or something.”


He takes off at a sprint and ditches her. Tiana tries to stop him, but he slips through a throng of people. She shouldn’t have relied on him, she thinks. Well, no use crying over spoiled milk, she tells herself. She’ll dig into some cake while she waits.


As she awaits his return while chowing down, she feels uneasy and her gaze shifts about her surroundings nervously. What’s Matheus even doing right now? Has he gotten his hands dirty with some sketchy business? Maybe he’s gambling?

A voice suddenly asks her what’s the matter. She looks awfully upset. Tiana lifts her head, stunned, and sees a familiar figure. Cue ominous music 😂  Hannes says he’s been searching for her for a very long time. She can only stutter at the man, recognizing the unusually over-familiar way he’s speaking to her, and she keeps her guard up. (I love how you can see some of Saint Germain in Hannes, from his design to his manner of speech. Considering the same artist drew them, it’s really neat.) “Oh my, aren’t you a cold girl? Are you dissatisfied with the products I sold you?”

Tiana asks if she can pose him a question, and he happily permits her to do so. Did he know how valuable the brooch she gave him was? The second he laid eyes on it, he answers. She starts to ask him why he would do that if he knew, but he interrupts her to say that he accepted her offer to trade him her brooch for the four animals. He’d thought it was a proper transaction.

She knows she was stupid for not knowing the value of the brooch, she thinks to herself. Tiana bottles up her frustrations and bites her lip. Well this is unexpected, Hannes remarks. He thought she’d hound him to return her brooch to her, but it appears she’s a practical young woman. It was good to have come all this way to learn this about her. Tiana has no idea what he’s talking about same girl. And then he announces that he has a job for her. Should she earnestly complete it, he’ll gladly return her brooch to her.

What – he will? Of course, he replies smoothly. It seems as if she doesn’t know how to properly utilize her powers. “My powers?” He says she must’ve known about the tiger that escaped the arena a few days ago, for he heard about a single girl who was able to calm a raging tiger in the shopping district with one blow of her whistle, and he’s been searching for her ever since. He didn’t expect that that girl would be her, and likens this all to fate.

Yes, she put the tiger to sleep, but what on earth kind of job would he have her do? He chuckles and asks if she’s curious. If so, he’ll indulge her. It’s extremely simple: just blow the whistle in the arena. He wants her to put the tiger to sleep like she’d done a few days ago. Tiana is horrified. He wants her to help him commit fraud (by weakening the beast with her whistle)?! Hannes tries to get her to lower her voice, reassuring her that he’s just asking her to blow her whistle as an easy way for her to make some money and that he’s not talking about having her do something shady.

“I refuse!” Tiana is clear about her stance on the matter and she gets to her feet. At that, Hannes says he didn’t want to have to resort to violence, and she gasps when unknown men surround her at a wink from the merchant. They’ll find somewhere else to talk until she makes up her mind. She tells them to let her go, twisting to free herself as they grab her arms. But their strength is unyielding. She doesn’t know what to do, hopes that someone will – “You called?”


If they’re going to bother the lady then they’ve just made themselves his enemy, Matheus says. He apologizes for keeping Tiana waiting and asks if she’s alright. She nods, caught in his arms. Hannes tuts at her for unleashing this viscous thing on them 😂 They were only discussing business, he says. Matheus counters by asking if he thought a crowd of men forcibly dragging her away is somehow less viscous than himself. It’s been a while since he last swung his sword, so Hannes shouldn’t mind if he cuts down two or three of his men as a warm-up exercise. The merchant’s men retreat a few steps, intimidated by his intensity.

Hannes says they seem to be at a disadvantage and promises to meet her again with another business proposal. She sighs in relief as she watches the backs of the men fade away into the distance. Then she thanks Matheus, who cuts her off to say they need to go because they’re out of time. His 45 minutes are almost up. She probably doesn’t want to see what will happen when he reverts back into a lion in front of all of these people, so he asks her to take him someplace private. The second they make it into a back alley, the medicine’s effects wear off and Matheus reverts back into a lion.

Thank God they made it in time, Tiana exclaims. She smiles at him, breathing fast, and Matheus heaves a huge sigh. “This blasted curse,” he mutters, and she realizes that he’d very nearly transformed into a lion back there. Yet he still came to her rescue. Her heart warms a little bit at the thought. She thanks him, saying she had no idea what would happen to her if he hadn’t come. Tiana embraces him and presses her cheek into his magnificently bushy mane, and his eyes narrow in dissatisfaction.  “You would never do this if I were human,” he says.

Apologizing, she quickly pulls away from him, but he shakes his head. He doesn’t find it unpleasant so if she wants, then go ahead. Really, she asks. Before he changes his mind, he says and she giggles, thanking him.


But where the heck did he run off to? He never shared his plans on earning money with her and she was super worried about him. Relax, he just did some tarok. Tarok?! Wait, isn’t that…

He never went anywhere as seedy as she’s imagining, he tells her. He went about ripping them off legally and they were pretty passive about it all. However, the 45 minute time limit only let him win so much. He picks up a small bag with his mouth and sets it down in the palm of her hand. There are ten 10,000 Nelke bills inside of the bag. He earned this much in just 45 minutes?! Just what sort of game was he playing? Matheus tells her not to worry about the “how” because the end result is all that matters. He doesn’t bother to elaborate, and Tiana doubtfully takes the money.


The following day.

Matheus slowly pads up next to Tiana as she’s cleaning the living room. She asks him what’s wrong, and he responds by saying they’re still short on the money they need, so what does she have planned for today? She asks if he has any good ideas for earning money. He says they should check how much they need first. Okay…he got 10,000 Nelkes through tarok, so they just need a little more. He confidently says that if they head into town to perform tricks, they’ll earn money pretty fast. She’s a beast master, isn’t she? Matheus will follow her lead if she can teach him some tricks that will please an audience. She excitedly tells him to get going.

They set themselves up in the busiest spot in Cattleya and perform tricks, and just like that, a crowd forms. Go, Matheus! she thinks, and he sits down before her as she mimes drawing a bow with her hands. When the timing is right, she shoots an invisible arrow straight at him. He collapses on the spot when the arrow hits him with a small grunt. A little boy yells about how cool that was, while a young woman says she’s never seen a lion do a trick like that before. Cheering and shouts of joy rise above the crowd, and the people toss coins into their money box. Tiana proudly notes that everything seems to be going swimmingly.

Matheus’ tricks were better received than she’d anticipated, and before they know it, they’ve collected all of the funds they need.


“We’re home!” Tiana joyfully announces. They’re finally back, Lucia says, and he asks how everything went. She tells them to take a look – they got all the funds! When she shows them their earnings from their performance, the others’ voices ring high with astonishment. Alfred knew Matheus could do it, but he didn’t think he could get so much in so little time. Lucia says that since they got all the money, they should celebrate by going all out with a feast. Erik approves of this and says he’d like something sweet. Matheus wants a thick slab of steak, but Alfred interrupts them. They just got the money they needed. What will they do if they waste it? None of them value money.

Yet Tiana sides with everyone else. She doesn’t see the harm in it if they don’t spend too much. Besides, pinching pennies all the time can wear you out. Alfred reluctantly asks her if she’s sure about this, and she giggles. Yep, she says. She’ll swing by the marketplace to do some shopping. Erik thanks her and then she makes a list of all the things they’d like to eat before heading out.


“Now then, Matheus wants a slab of steak and Erik wants something sweet…”, Tiana muses aloud to herself. As she’s walking, her arms filled with a bunch of ingredients, she spies someone running toward her, waving their hand. It’s Lotte. She’s stunned by how much food her friend is carrying, and asks if she’s shopping for dinner. Yeah, they’ve got huge appetites. Lotte laughs at that and says that the lion must eat a lot. But anyway, has she heard? Something terrible has happened in their neighboring Kingdom of Fasan. What happened?

The King had only just recently passed away and now the four princes are nowhere to be found. They’re missing?! Tiana repeats, shocked. Lotte heard that the boat they were on had sunk and the accident took place a week ago. “A week ago? Then that must mean that they…” Tiana trails off while her friend reluctantly agrees that it’s not looking too good for them. Oh no…

Tiana may not have ever met them nor does she even know what kind of people they are, but it pains her to hear news of them all losing their lives in an accident. What’s going to happen to Fasan if his Majesty’s heirs, who were to succeed him, are gone? Lotte says that her brother said Fasan’s fifth prince, Prince Dirk, is safe. But he’s only fourteen years old, and seems way too young for this. Lotte is worried about Fasan, but her brother said there’s a possibility that another war with Renard will happen. Tiana’s shocked. Lotte’s not too sure about it all, but her brother said Renard seems to be on the move. After the war had wrecked their country 20 years ago, they’d finally returned their town to the beauty it had once been; Lotte hopes that these fears of another war are unfounded.

They part ways, and on the road home, Tiana lets out a tiny sigh. Cattleya is a small country sandwiched between the more powerful nations of Fasan and Renard, and was often swallowed up in their numerous territorial disputes. Because Cattleya allied with Fasan, Renard hasn’t dared cross over their borders for the past twenty years.

Stop it, Tiana chasties herself. Nothing’s happened yet. She strains a bitter smile and shoves aside her troubling thoughts.


Lucia contentedly says he’s stuffed and that the meal was delicious. And the cake after dinner was perfect, Erik says, thanking Tiana⸜( ´ ꒳ ` )⸝♡︎ “I’m glad you all liked it,” she says.Oh yeah, she just heard about this a little while ago but, have they heard about the four Fasan princes who went missing? Lucia immediately cracks. He’s gotta go do some exercise in his room, later! Tiana tries to get him to stay, but then Matheus further confounds her by announcing that his stomach hurts because he might have been overeating, so he’s gonna go to bed now. Alfred’s also exhausted so he’s going to sleep earlier tonight. Wait – don’t leave me behind! Erik cries out. “Y- you guys?” Poor Tiana calls out to them.

What on earth happened? They practically fled from the dining room to escape to the second floor. It’s almost like they didn’t even want to talk about the four princes…could they actually have something to do with the princes’ ship sinking – no, there’s no way. If they knew she doubted them they’d be disgusted with her. Gurl why is that your first assumption though?! Rofl Tiana decides to retire early for the day so that she can head out to the apothecary as soon as possible the next day. She quickly cleans up and then heads to her room.


Translation Woes AKA “Why the fuck do I think I can Nihongo?”

As always, if I have made any translation errors, PLEASE let me know! I really want to improve!!

Chapter 3 was thankfully very straightforward, fast-paced and much shorter than the last one was. I didn’t have much trouble at all with this chapter. Listed below are translation choices and new discoveries I made.

*Witches aren’t given a gender at all in the passages I’ve read, but based on the setting and an estimation of the time period, I’m going with the stereotypical one.

*Kinnbart forest キンバールトの森. Kinnbart translates to goatee in German. The setting for this game appears to be a pseudo German country so it seems fitting but damn was that something xD

(……今更後悔しても仕方がないし、ケーキでも食べながら待ってよう)= “No use crying over spilt milk.” I had no idea what the equivalent of this idiom was in Japanese until now, and it really rolls off the tongue.

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