✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Klaus

Klaus is Tiana’s childhood friend. He lost his parents in the war that took place in Cattleya 20 years ago, and was taken in by Lotte’s family. Though he and Lotte aren’t blood-related, they see each other as siblings and both of them love Tiana. He works as a Librarian Assistant in Rosette Castle and looks after Tiana at the behest of her parents when they go traveling. Unfortunately for him, Tiana’s almost always up to no good and it’s really stressing him out.

Here’s the guide I’m using. Klaus is in purple. Make sure that ALL of the Mofumofu games for the princes are cleared with a blue screen. This prevents any affection levels from rising with the princes.

If you want to play in a different order than mine, you’ll need to keep the first four chapter translations open alongside the character route you want as I have used Matheus as a template for the common route.

All rights belong to Otomate.

*I’m not a professional translator. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes!

Klaus CV: Hiroki Yasumoto

From Chapter 2

Tiana arrives at the Rosette Castle in time to spot Klaus, and she takes off in a rush to accost him. Will Matheus’ plan even work? Klaus asks what she’s doing here, and she explains that she had some business with him. She thanks him for lending her those books the other day, they were really helpful. Helpful, huh? Klaus says that she completely evaded his question the other day: why she was interested in witches. Oh, well… Tiana trails off and Klaus continues in a stern voice. He promised her parents that he would look after her in their absence and if she’s about to go sticking her neck into danger, then it’s his duty to stop her –

She cuts him off to say that she completely gets it. She understands that looking into witches and sorcery is risky, but this is very important. If it wasn’t, she wouldn’t be bothering him. Tiana turns her face away from him, tears in her eyes. Klaus pauses, then asks if something happened. She apologizes for turning to him for help, that she’s always being a nuisance with her requests, and that she’ll figure something out on her own.

Klaus calls out after her to wait. “Do you think I can just sit back and not say anything when you’re looking like that?” He snags her hand and pulls her to him, leaning forward so that his face is close to hers. If she truly wants to know that badly, he’ll tell her everything he knows – just please don’t make that face. Tiana mentally pumps her fist with a whoop of success. She didn’t think Matheus’ plan would actually work! She wonders what kind of knowledge Klaus holds, trembling with excitement as she waits for him to speak. One side of his mouth tilts up and his voice dips low. He’s not telling her anything for free. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


She starts to ask him what he means, and he cuts her off to explain that all information regarding witches is confidential business belonging to the state. Without proper payment, he won’t breathe a word. Tiana stutters at the implication. Payment?! She instinctively squeezes her eyes shut against the kiss he’s going to force on her- but his lips don’t press against hers.

“Whose idea was it?” Mission failed! Tiana startles and he asks her again, his voice dipping even lower than before. Whose plan was it to set her up to pry information out of him? Ack, he got me, she thinks. The perpetrator’s strategy wasn’t a bad one, but they clearly have no idea what kind of relationship he and Tiana have. There isn’t another man on this entire continent who’s ever seen her cry. Did she think he couldn’t tell the difference between her real tears and her fake ones?

Yeah, trying to fool her childhood friend with crocodile tears was a pretty absurd plan, Tiana thinks with a bitter smile. He tries again: who set her up? No one! He’s overthinking things. She vigorously shakes her head in denial. Even though he saw right through her, she still has to protect Matheus and the others. Klaus says he’s going to take his time in getting her to tell him whatever it is she’s hiding.

But Tiana thinks it’s going to be impossible to conceal things from him for much longer. She feels bad for Matheus and the others, but she thinks she should confide in Klaus about her predicament. With her mind made up, Tiana meets his gaze head on. “Okay. I’ll…tell you everything.” I guess Klaus didn’t expect her to give up so easily, because he murmurs her name and nothing more. She believes he can help her if she comes clean about everything and they’ll have to understand why she did this. “They? Who on earth are you talking about?”

As Tiana worries about where to begin, an unfamiliar boy interrupts them to ask Klaus what he’s doing. Is this a romantic rendezvous? Klaus heaves a frustrated sigh. She’s his childhood friend, he corrects him. Anyway, is he going back to that place in that getup? The stranger tries to explain himself but changes the topic to tell Klaus the ladies at his dad’s place are looking for him and he should probably get back. None of them know what to do when he’s not around. “Is that so? Alright then.” Klaus tells Tiana they’ll continue their discussion after his work ends.

“Ah, w-wait a minute. Klaus?” She’d been eager to talk to him about everything and now she’s rooted to the spot, absolutely dumbfounded. The stranger apologizes, wondering if he’d interrupted something. No, it’s not like that. The boy appears as though he’s deep in thought, and then he pulls out a slip of paper. She watches, unsure what to do as he writes on it with a sharpened object – something like charcoal. “There! Here you go!” She takes the paper from him, curious about what he wrote, but she can’t even read it.

She starts to ask him what the heck this thing is when he says she’s looking for a witch, isn’t she? Wait, hold on. Was he eavesdropping on them? The boy doesn’t even answer her, pitying her instead for how mean Klaus is when it should be fine to share this much with her. Then he takes off, leaving Tiana unable to swallow the turn of events. She looks down at the piece of paper again. At first, she couldn’t even tell what was written on it, but upon further inspection, it resembles a map of Cattleya. No way, she thinks, poring over it. Is this circle here where the witch is supposed to be?

Tiana considers seeking out the boy to confirm her suspicious, but they’ll likely cross paths again, so she turns back home to where the animals are waiting for her.


At home, Tiana pets Alfred. We’ll skip everything we’ve already read but as a quick recap: they find out she’s a beastmaster and Tiana decides to try and gather more information rather than trust the map Kurt gave her. Klaus stops by to pick up the books she borrowed and loses his shit when he sees the animals outside of their cages. He tells her to lock them up after he leaves. He also tells her that there’s an apothecary next to the bakery. She purchases some gold powder from Sylvio and is able to turn the animals back into their human selves, but only for a short while. Before bed, Tiana finds the book on witches and learns that people can study on their own to become one, but this often has disastrous results.


From Chapter 3

Recap: Tiana orders a stronger batch of medicine. Since it will take a few days for it to be ready, she has to find a way to come up with 150,000 Nelkes.

In times like these, she thinks she should try asking Klaus for advice. Klaus? Matheus scoffs. She seems to depend on him a lot. Matheus becomes rather glum at the mention of the guy so Tiana hurries to explain how her Mom had told her she was to go to Klaus for guidance if she was ever in trouble.

That includes borrowing money from the guy? Lucia asks. Well she’s not too sure whether he’d lend her any, but she’s positive he’ll have a good idea or two in mind that he’ll share with her. Erik asks if Klaus was the guy who lent her those books to research about witches. He thinks he’s a kind person. Alfred also believes Klaus is a trustworthy individual, and thinks it’s worth a shot if he’ll work with her without her having to tell him anything. Matheus pauses before saying he thinks it’s fine to get his opinion on the matter. He tells her to get going because this is all up to her. Tiana thanks him. Having gotten Matheus’ go-ahead, she dashes off toward the Rosette Castle.


“You again? What do you want this time?” Although Klaus looks visibly annoyed by her repeat visits, he pauses in the middle of his work for her. She apologizes for the interruption. It’s not a busy time of the day for him right now but now he wants her to hurry up and state her business. Inwardly, she frets over where to begin. Even if she has to be roundabout about the issue, she can’t cry about it to get her way. Matheus warned her not to tell Klaus about everything. Alright then. She just has to be direct! “Okay, Klaus. See, I’d like to borrow some money.”


Tiana omg Klaus’ brows draw together in a frown and Tiana breaks out in a cold sweat. Maybe that was too direct, she thinks to herself. But it’s not like she could say it any other way. Klaus wants to know what she’ll use the money for. Well, if it’s not possible to get the money without explaining, maybe he could introduce her to some jobs so she can make the money on her own instead? Our sly megane man reminds her that he’s asked for a proper explanation from her the day before and yet, for one reason or another, she keeps delaying it.

This isn’t good. Then again, shouldn’t she have seen this coming? Klaus has overlooked Tiana’s behavior, but her actions as of late have been far too strange to ignore. What would he say to her mother if something happened to her? Tiana loses all her courage and apologizes because she remembered she had some errands to run. “What? You’re running away again!” She’s really sorry but she’ll explain some day! He tells her to wait, but she ignores his attempts to stop her and flees the building.


Tiana races outside and into the Rosette Castle’s gardens where she stops to catch her breath. It feels like this is all she’s been doing lately. Maybe it would’ve been better to have told Klaus everything after all…Knowing that she’s been unnecessarily adding to his worries depresses her and she starts to hate herself. She’ll go home and try to talk about this with Matheus and the others again. There’s got to be another way.

“Hey, you. Got a sec?” An unfamiliar man addresses her, and Tiana looks up at him. Ah, he knew it. She was in the Royal Library, wasn’t she? Yes, but what about it?  He just overheard her conversation about how she needs money and he actually has the perfect job for her. The perfect job? Yep! It’s a great job that can earn her 20,000 Nelkes in just a day! 嘘クサイ(*¬д¬*) What? 20,000 a day!? Wow. She’d have Nelkes to spare even after purchasing the Gold Powder.

So? Has he piqued her interest? He has, but she’d like to hear a little more about it. He says that’s it’s not a particularly difficult job but it’s difficult to explain the specifics to her where they are. Would she go with him? Oh? Why can’t he talk about it here? There’s some tools he needs to show her, as well as other things…

This whole thing seems shady, Tiana nervously thinks to herself. It might be a dangerous job. The man says it’s fine if she’s not interested cuz he can just ask someone else. A job that nets 20,000 Nelkes in a day is pretty amazing and there’s plenty of other people who’d like to try this out, he adds. Tiana hesitates, then insists he tell her the details. “I’m sorry, but please tell me here. The basics of it are fine.”

“You just don’t get it, do you? Like I told you, I can’t just explain it here!” The man quickly becomes annoyed with her and he roughly snatches her arm. Tiana yells at him to let go. “Excuse me. Where do you think you’re taking that girl?” That voice!


My dudes I cannot. He’s adjusting his glasses like a badass xD Klaus grabs the man’s hand and twists it back. The man cries out in pain, telling him to stop it and let him go. But Klaus shows no mercy even as the guy’s pitiful screams get louder. Why is Klaus doing this, Tiana wonders. What the hell is he doing? Klaus continues to interrogate him. The man says he was just talking to her, but Klaus cuts him off to say that he’s received complaints about a man approaching vulnerable young women with questionable job offers.

No one would complain if people engaging in criminal activities on His Majesty’s own lands were given the maximum punishment. The man screams again, and a Cattleyan soldier rushes onto the scene to ask Klaus if there’s a problem. Who’s this man? Klaus says he’s a criminal and he wants him thrown into jail so he can ask him about his other offenses later. Understood, the soldier says.

The guards take the man away, who obediently goes along with them. Her shoulders sag with relief as she watches them go. “For heaven’s sake…I take my eyes off you for a second and then this happens.” She apologizes, adding that she knew something about him was off and so she’d refused to go with him but then he’d gotten forceful with her. It doesn’t matter, he says. What if she’d been surrounded by more than one of those guys? Could she have fought them all off?

Well, that is… Klaus pushes up his glasses and says he’s told her countless times that she has no awareness when it comes to danger. She needs to be cautious of every man who approaches her and to expect that all of them do so with ulterior motives. Tiana casts her gaze down with tears in her eyes, unable to rebuke him. She starts to apologize for being nothing but a burden to him, but he gently stops her and says, “Here you are.”

Klaus suddenly holds out a bag to her. His voice is soft as he tells her to take it. She does as he says and takes a peek. Sparkling gold Nelke coins shine up at her from within. Is this? Klaus forewarns her that it’s only a loan and he expects her to pay him back. Is he sure about this? She hasn’t even told him anything about… Klaus snorts and says the money probably isn’t for herself, knowing who she is. (Lord he was so hard to hear in that first part wtf lol)

As far as he’s concerned, it’s likely for something stupid that she can’t figure out how to tell him, but that’s just how it is with her. Ah, but then again he’s also stupid for going along with this. She quickly wipes away the tears that are about to spill down her cheeks. “Thank you, Klaus. I promise to pay you back.” Good. He’ll be charging her an interest of 10% every ten days. She better pay him back before the interest grows 😂 he says with a smirk.

*Tiana tries to protest and starts to desperately plead with him when the soldiers who had led the criminal away to the castle run back over to cut in between them. They wear courteous expressions. They apologize for the interruption but he’s needed inside the audience chamber at once. Has something happened, Klaus asks, and the soldier confirms that something has. They’ve just received news that the four princes of Fasan have gone missing. Their ship went up in flames and sunk…

Klaus is astounded and Tiana finds herself repeating what she’s heard. Their ship went up in flames!? Klaus asks if that means they were caught up in an accident. When did this happen? The story is that this took place about a week ago, and there’s an envoy here from Fasan with the specifics. “Understood. Let them know I’ll be right there.”

The soldiers leave and Tiana turns to her friend to ask if it’s true. Have all four of the princes gone missing?! I mean he just heard the news too lol. He answers that Fasan went out of their way to send a special envoy here, so it’s not looking good. The King of Fasan dies and then this happens to his successors–something’s off. Something’s off? Doesn’t she know? The Fasan Royal family has long been famous for its viciousness.


He explains how battles for the right to the throne are incredibly ruthless and that whenever a king dies, all of the royal family and the aristocracy becomes embroiled in a dark period of turmoil and strife. Even their former King, who just recently passed away, got rid of the other princes who stood in his way of claiming the throne for himself. There are rumors about the king slaughtering all of his biological siblings.

What? So then, the boat the princes had been on that caught flame and sank…wasn’t really an accident? It’s incredibly likely, he says. If they never return, the fifth prince, Prince Dirk, would be next in line. But the boy is only fourteen…Klaus doubts that Renard will overlook this kerfuffle. He thinks things will become crazy in Cattleya for quite some time.

Tiana inwardly wonders whether there’ll be another war like the one 20 years ago. Cattleya is a small country sandwiched between the more powerful nations of Fasan and Renard, and was often swallowed up in their numerous territorial disputes. Because Cattleya allied with Fasan, Renard hasn’t dared cross over their borders for the past twenty years.

Stop it, Tiana chasties herself. Nothing’s happened yet. She strains a bitter smile and shoves aside her troubling thoughts.


Erik welcomes Tiana back home and asks her how things went. She thanks them for waiting for her. A lot of things happened, but in the end, Klaus lent her some money. She shows the four of them the bag filled with gold coins, and Erik beams back at her. Wow, this is amazing! She’s going to go buy them the medicine first thing tomorrow morning. Lucia’s beak snaps open in shock. What the hell did she do to get him to give her so much?

Alfred chides him for being rude and says that the man did this because he trusts her. Tiana really doesn’t know why Klaus lent her the money either PFFT. Matheus believes Klaus thought she might get involved in something dangerous to come up with the money if he left her alone, and the poor girl flounders for something to say. Is that why!? She inwardly panics. At Matheus’ convincing words, the other three animals dip their heads in agreement. Yeah, Matheus is probably right. She can only imagine what would’ve happened had Klaus not come to her at that time.

She recalls the sensation of the man’s powerful grip on her, and she shudders. Oh yeah, Klaus told her something today. The four Fasan princes have gone missing. He said it wasn’t an accident and that something must be behind it all. He’s pretty worried. “O-oh, yeah? That’s the first I’ve heard of it. I’m kinda tired so I’mma go rest in my room,” Lucia says, adding that he’ll eat tomorrow morning and asking if she could save some for him. Huh? W-wait, Lucia?

Matheus wants to do some research so he’ll head back to his room too. Alfred’s tired so he’s going to bed early today. Wait – don’t leave me behind! Erik cries out. “Y- you guys?” Poor Tiana calls out to them. What on earth happened, she thinks, as they practically flee to their respective rooms. It’s almost like they didn’t want to talk about the four princes…nah, she must be overthinking things. Tiana’s also tired so she decides to retire early so that she can head out to the apothecary as soon as possible the next day.


From Chapter 4

We can safely skip most of this whole chapter without missing new dialogue. Here’s where some new lines for Klaus occur (with a little recap just in case):

Tiana follows after the others but then a familiar face comes into view and she stops. “I can’t believe you barged your way in here demanding to use a carriage. You never bother to think about other people.” Klaus goes on a rant and Tiana inwardly curses herself for not getting home before she’d been caught. It’s too late for regrets now, so she lowers her gaze and desperately prays that no one will talk to her.

Matheus says Klaus should be happy to know he’s not dead, and the man’s glasses flash as he proudly declares he had made a congratulatory toast to his demise. He didn’t think he’d have to see his lurid mug ever again. I love Klaus omg


Matheus says nothing in response, and Tiana can only think these two are kinda scary. It’s almost as if they know each other. When Matheus and the others had dropped by the castle, Klaus had been really surprised, but only for a moment. Upon bumping into each other, Klaus relentlessly continues to go on a tirade and Matheus quips back. There’s no sign of them stopping anytime soon, and Tiana is already in a fluster. Klaus says he evaded his question before, and they’re clearly not here to mess around. So what’s their business?

Cattelya’s knowledge and military are important to Fasan, he says. Is there a problem with him, the future king, coming here to scope things out? And neglect the late king’s funeral? No, he doesn’t think so. Matheus tells him that even if there was something going on, Klaus doesn’t need to know. Klaus pauses before pushing up his glasses. He says he won’t force Matheus to speak on anything he can’t talk about. Snooping in his business always gets him nowhere. Anyway, he’s prepared the princes some rooms inside the castle, and it looks like His Majesty, the Pope wants to throw them a welcome party.

Matheus extends his apologies to the Pope because he’ll be refusing both invitations. What? How come? Living in her home is much more comfortable, Matheus coyly says, and she squeaks when he wraps an arm around her shoulders. Tiana twists away, trying to escape from his arms, and then Klaus turns right around to look at her with a scary smile. He addresses her by name. She desperately tries to think up something she can use to get out of this but nothing comes to mind. Yeah, she really should’ve hurried on home with Alfred and the others. She uncomfortably casts a teary-eyed glance elsewhere and Klaus takes one deep breath before speaking.

They both do nothing but make his job more difficult. He tells Matheus to get his affairs in order and then go back Fasan. Matheus gives Tiana a look, and she starts to sneakily retreat from Klaus, looking as if she’s cowering behind Matheus in the process. Klaus’ voice sounds as though he’s barely reigning in his fury when he says, “Tiana. Wait.” Looks like she’s not getting away; she fearfully glances back at him.

His every word is practically punctuated with veiled anger as he asks her if she was planning on explaining what on earth is going on. The thing, is they all just met by pure chance–it’s just happenstance. Since they were in a bind she helped them out, and well, now things are as they are… Klaus says nothing, and Tiana thinks to herself that there’s no way he’ll buy this explanation. Still, she’s not sure what’s okay for her to even tell him…

Klaus finally says that this is all she seems to be doing lately. She’s confused, so he continues. “What am I to you? Can I no longer do anything for you?” He’s her childhood friend and he’s always been looking out for her, but if she doesn’t want him to do that any more then….Tiana immediately cuts him off to tell him to wait a moment. That’s not it at all! She… And then Klaus smirks and says that if his little act shook her up this badly then there’s a lot she still has to learn.

H was acting? Wait a second, Klaus! But he just turns around and gives her an unconcerned wave over his shoulder. Was this his way of taking revenge for trying to use her tears against him the other day? Seeing how hurt he’d looked had gutted her, but now knowing that it was all a game makes her shoulders droop. Tiana looses a sigh.


Translation Woes AKA “Why the fuck do I think I can Nihongo?”

This is the only sentence I wasn’t 100% sure about throughout these previous chapters. I think I’m finally getting better at this! Klaus’ route officially begins on the next page. I hope you enjoy it!!

*慌ててクラウスに食い下がろうとすると、罪人を城へ連れて行った兵士が駆け戻り、恐縮した顔で私たちの間に割り入る。I understand what it’s saying, it’s merely rewording this into English that has me stumped. 恐縮した also got me for a bit, and I decided to go with “courteous,” though I’m still unsure about this choice.


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