✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Lucia

Next up is our token tsundere! Lucia is the third prince of Fasan who was turned into a duck by Gerda’s curse. He can be a bit of a brat sometimes but he means well. Surprisingly, Lucia has a pretty deep connection to Tiana and I think the writers outdid themselves with his route in particular. Just as how I’ve formatted Klaus’ route, we’re skipping all the already-read lines and starting a new save file.

Here’s your guide. Lucia is in orange.

If you want to play in a different order than mine, you’ll need to keep the first four chapter translations open alongside the character route you want as I have used Matheus as a template for the common route.

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Lucia CV: Hiro Shimono

From Chapter 1

Some time later, Tiana finishes cooking. She announces that dinner is ready, but no one responds. She turns around, still stirring the boiling pot. Thinking they might have fallen asleep, she cranes her neck to see Matheus and Alfred slowly getting to their paws. Lucia and Erik, however, can’t seem to get up. They were so energetic earlier. None of them have had a proper meal in a while, so it’s no wonder they can’t move.

Who should she feed? Tiana picks the duck. “Here you are, Lucia. Bon appetit.” She gives him a plate of fish simmered in tomato sauce and proceeds to chop it into pieces for him with a spoon. A smaller portion should be easier for him to digest, she reasons. Tiana brings the spoon up close to his face, and he opens his beak wide and swallows the food. How is it? Does he like it? Lucia blushes. He says it tastes like heaven and he feels warm all over.


His eyes are shining as though he’s been profoundly moved, and Tiana bursts out laughing. Is her food really that good? “If you were in my position and had been served this tasty food you’d understand,” he says. Things were so bad it’s like he’s been stranded in a desert this whole time. It’s not like Lucia and the others hadn’t been given food during their captivity. They just couldn’t seem to digest the animal food they were given, which led to a gradual decline in their health. The most he could manage to get down was water. If she hadn’t bought them, they’d have been on their way to the afterworld a few days later.

“O-oh,  I see…” Tiana says. She shudders to imagine what it must’ve been like in their place. Lucia grumpily says she stopped feeding him and she apologizes before quickly getting him more. His eyes narrow with contentment as she scoops up another mouthful and holds it out for him. She says these are only leftovers and asks him to let her know if there’s anything he wants as she’ll be going shopping tomorrow. What, really!? There’s actually something he really wants. It was being sold at the marketplace where she met them. Oh, and what that would be?

A sandwich with slices of dried eel! He saw someone pass by their cage eating one. They looked like they were loving it. Tiana laughs and says she’ll get him some. Is he a big fan of seafood? Lucia says he’s not a picky eater but he sure likes fish. Tiana tells him to eat up so he can get better soon. She scoops up another spoonful for him and he enthusiastically gulps it down. Tiana suppresses a giggle. He’ll back to health in no time at this rate.


A few days later…

Day by day, the animals slowly recover their strength until they can move about in her home. A lion, a wolf, a duck and a rabbit all sequestered in her place is quite the racket, though. She tells herself it should be alright, hoping they aren’t bothering her neighbors. Matheus asks what’s with the long face and she replies that it’s nothing. But inwardly, she admits that there is something she’s been curious about.

Tiana reaches out and touches the lion’s back when he stops in front of her. Due to their debilitated health, she hadn’t noticed until now how each of the animals had elegant coats of fur. Matheus tells her not to pet someone’s back without saying anything. She apologizes, saying they have such beautiful fur she couldn’t help herself. (o>艸<) To her surprise, he’ll allow it, but only for a little while.

Erik whines that it’s unfair since he wants to be petted too. Lucia blushes and stutters, saying she can pet him – just a little, though. Alfred doesn’t mind so long as she doesn’t yank his tail. They all shuffle into a line. Tiana adores animals so of course she’ll pet them if they let her. Or more accurately, she’s been holding back the urge to pet them since she brought them all home. Tiana chooses to pet Lucia.


Summary of the rest before chapter two: Tiana reads through the books Klaus got for her at the library. One of the books is about dragons, which has nothing to do with witches, so she thinks it was mistakenly included in the pile. Then she goes to bed.


From Chapter 2

Tiana awakens and blearily observes that it’s light outside – no way, is it already noon?! She opens her eyes to look out her window where the sun is already hanging high up in the sky. Hadn’t she been up all night reading? She’d love to sleep in but she needs to get up soon or the animals will get hungry.


She heads downstairs and finds Matheus and the others in the living room. They’ve made themselves right at home. Erik cheerfully greets her and Matheus remarks that she’s finally awake. He tells her to hurry up and make him something to eat because he’s so hungry he could die. Tiana apologizes for making him wait and says she’ll quickly get something ready for him. Alfred is as caring as ever, though. He says there’s no need to rush. She must be exhausted having stayed up so late last night reading.

Matheus calls him out for being so polite when his stomach’s been growling louder than anyone else’s. The wolf flushes in embarrassment and tries to save face but trails off. Tiana giggles and thanks him. She slept soundly and is fine. Tiana’s just rolled up her sleeves when she realizes something’s off. She turns around and asks them where Lucia is. Erik says he’s still asleep upstairs. Would she like him to wake him for her? Wait, she can do it, she says. Tiana heads upstairs to the room she’d lent to Lucia and Alfred.


“Luciaaaa? Are you awake?” She calls out to him countless times, but when he doesn’t respond, Tiana sees no other option left to her. She opens the door and finds him lying stretched out on top of her bed. He’s snoring loudly and mumbling to himself in his sleep. She supposes that he must be a sound sleeper if he’s not responding even with her calling out to him.

She feels a little bad about waking him since he looks so peaceful, but she steels her heart anyway and shakes him. “Hey, Lucia. Time to get up! Everyone’s waiting for you downstairs!” she says. Lucia grumpily tells Erik to shut up and let him sleep a little more. Huh? Erik…? Erik must have a duty to wake him each morning since he’s not a morning person, Tiana figures. He must have mistaken her for Erik.

Tiana tells him not to fall back asleep and to wake up already. Lucia’s voice rises before dipping back into a murmur. He said to shut up and warns Erik that he’ll burn his frog if he keeps pestering him  😂 B-burn his frog!? He must be talking about the little stuffed animal on Erik’s back. Does he always talk to Erik like this? Tiana wonders. Fine, if that’s how it’s going to be…! Tiana grabs the whistle hanging at her chest. She lightly blows into it, and the room fills with the pleasant sounding note. Lucia screams in shock and rolls right off of the bed and onto the floor.


“W-wha…what are you doing!!” She couldn’t get him to wake up, she says. So she’s going to be violent about it! What the heck would she do if his heart had stopped!? Tiana tells him that she tried calling him and even shook him. And does he always tell Erik he’s going to burn his frog? W-well that’s…Lucia stutters. He says it’s worse to be woken up from a peaceful slumber. That’s not going to cut it, she tells him. If he’s not going to wake up on his own then she won’t serve him breakfast. Oh, she’s so annoying. What the heck, is she his mom or something? It’s not like he’ll die if he doesn’t have breakfast. Despite his bad manners, Lucia heads on downstairs, his white tail wagging. Tiana feels bad for Erik if he has to do this every morning. It must be a lot for him. She follows Lucia downstairs, all the while pitying Erik.


They gather around to discuss the map after lunch as the conversation had been postponed the day prior. They listen to each others’ viewpoint on whether they should continue investigating or if they should go scope out the place marked on the map instead. Alfred thinks they should check it out; Lucia says they can’t just laze around all day; Matheus and Erik, on the other hand, are more reserved. Erik doesn’t think they should go and Matheus highlights how little they know about the person who gave her the map. They can’t be careless. He turns to Tiana for her input.

She says they don’t have any other leads so for now it should be fine to go and check it out. If it looks like it might be dangerous than they can always turn around. Lucia proudly agrees with her. “You all are too cautious,” he says. Alfred agrees, saying that sitting around isn’t to his taste. If there’s something they can do then they should do it. Matheus mulls it over before he shrugs his shoulders. Oh well, there’s nothing he can do. So, where’s this mark on the map? It’s a very rough looking sketch, but it has locations like the fountain square near the entrance to Cattleya clearly marked on it. Wait, this spot… this is in the shopping district? And it’s right next door to Lotte’s bakery!? What’s wrong, Matheus asks her. Does she know that place?

Yeah, she passes through this place every day. But is a witch really there? It’s not like there’s any odd shops around the bakery. If you know the area then lead the way, Matheus says, closing his eyes. Wait, he doesn’t mean he’s… Yep, he’s coming along because it’s too dangerous for her to go alone. She’s a beastmaster, isn’t she? It shouldn’t be an issue for her to take a lion out with her. He’s not wrong, she admits. But deep down she wonders if it’s really a good idea to walk a lion out into town. She takes Matheus down to the shopping district, all the while feeling a twinge of unease.


She purchases some gold powder from Sylvio and is able to turn the animals back into their human selves, but only for a short while. Erik cries, thinking they’d finally returned to being human again. Dammit, he sold her a defective product, Lucia rages, saying they’ll pay for this! Alfred bares his fangs and says they should make them suffer a little for this. Wait, Lucia, hold on Alfred! She begs them. She’ll go down to the store tomorrow to ask for an explanation.

Matheus says that it was too good to be true. She frantically tries to soothe Alfred and Lucia before they decide to march on into the apothecary, and she consoles Erik when he cries. Matheus is right: this is too good to be true. She wishes the shopkeeper had told her it was only a temporary fix. Their joy had been short-lived; she strains a sad smile for them. Tiana pets Lucia.



From Chapter 3

Recap: Tiana orders a stronger batch of medicine. Since it will take a few days for it to be ready, she has to find a way to come up with 150,000 Nelkes.

Erik says that if there’s anything he can do, then he’ll do it! Alfred will too. He’s grateful that she’s been taking care of them, but he doesn’t want to add to her burdens. Matheus can think of a few ways of earning some dough with this form ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  He takes the bag of gold powder from Erik and looks inside. When Tiana takes a peek, she sees about three palmfuls worth of the power left. She asks Lucia if he has any good ideas. Lucia is shocked she’s asking him. She has a feeling he’s good at stuff like this. Lucia stutters and blushes. W-well, yeah he is. Is she going to give him the rest of the powder, then?  Tiana chooses to entrust the powder to him, saying it’s all his to use as he wishes. Lucia smiles happily and proclaims that he’s going to show off his special skills. His special skills?

Lucia’s eyes narrow with mirth. “Making money’s simple. You gotta know someone’s weak points.” He goes on to say that you can easily get some out of the rich folk if you find out something they’d never want exposed – in other words, if you find out their weakness. “Um, well… I don’t know about that method,” Tiana awkwardly says. “What the heck, you sure are conservative. Fine, guess we gotta to try something a little more normal then.” They’ve got 45 minutes to do this. He tells Tiana to get going. She tells him to wait up, wondering if this is going to turn out alright. Tiana has a bad feeling about this but she continues to chase after Lucia.


Tiana tries to get his attention. This place is…but she trails off, prompting him to say, “As you can see, it’s the arena.” He’s not participating, is he!? Is she dumb? He’s not Alfred so there’s no way he could do that, he says as he eyes the posters lining the walls. It’s a bulletin board detailing various people with bounties on their heads. He goes through them with a considering noise. “Hmm, makes sense. Not bad, there’s still some left. There’s no time so let’s just try this one out, yeah?”


He tears off a piece of paper with a sketch of a female criminal’s face on it. “You don’t mean to capture her for the bounty, do you?” That’s right. It’s legal this way and they can help someone out. What, she got a problem with that? She hesitates before saying that it seems difficult, but there’s value in it. Right? he says. Well, let’s get going! Ah, wait, Lucia! While she agreed to look for the criminal with the bounty on her head, Tiana’s not so sure whether they can even succeed as they continue to search the town high and low.


Lucia her to wait right here. Just where the heck did he go this time? It’s been 15 minutes since he used the Gold Powder so he only has a half hour left. They’ll be wasting the powder at the rate things are going. Restless with worry, Tiana scans her surroundings and spots Lucia speaking to an unfamiliar middle-aged woman. “Whoa~! It’s really that popular?” he says. But of course! He has a beautiful face and is overflowing with elegance. He’s so much more princely than Cattleya’s self-indulgent one. She can’t complain about his singing or dancing and he’s taken even her old heart captive. He’ll be performing in a play today and Lucia must see the man at least once.

He thanks her and says he’ll be right there to see it. He waves goodbye to her and then runs back over to Tiana. Is he really alright, she asks. There’s only 30 minutes left… “Don’t worry. I got some good info. Come on, Tiana.” What? Go where? Isn’t it obvious? The theater, he says with a wink. Tiana calls out for him to wait. Geez, she doesn’t know what’s going on. Still, she hurries after him.


She chases after Lucia and finds the older woman he’d been speaking with preparing to take the stage as a singer. The shrieking wails of fangirls rise up and destroy all headphone users. They cry out for Prince Kashmir. A second woman begs Prince Kashmir to sing to all of the older women with his angelic voice. Tiana has no idea what’s going on but everyone’s pretty pumped up about this. The person in question has yet to make an appearance onstage, and the women making up the crowd are strangely fired up with excitement.

“There’s no time, so let’s go settle this.” Settle this? How? When the singer gets on stage, Lucia wants her to go up there and cling to him with all her might and say she loves him and wants to go out with him or something. What!? Wait, there’s no way she can even do that with the amount of people in here. He’ll make a path for her but she can’t let go of him. Won’t she get kicked out if she does that? “It’s fine, just trust me!” Like she could do that in this situation! She begs him to explain a little more about what’s going on. As Tiana frantically protests his proposition, the theater owner’s voice fills the theater as he announces the singer’s entrance. He’s so sorry for the wait.

He welcomes the famous singing dancer, Cattleya’s Prince Kashmir, to the stage and the crowd goes wild. One woman says she’s wanted to see him, while another woman exclaims that he’s too beautiful. She can’t take it anymore – she’s going to faint! The moment they lay eyes on Kashmir as he appears from a wing onstage, the fervor within the theater skyrockets. Tiana unconsciously backpedals several steps. There’s no way she’s getting on that stage, she thinks to herself.

“What you dawdling around for? Hurry up and go!” Tiana grimaces and snaps at him. If she gets kicked out then he’s taking responsibility for her! Tiana desperately sprints for the stage with Lucia on her heels. She waits for a momentary gap within the wall of people and dashes onstage. Now! she tells herself. Kashmir gasps as Tiana flings open her arms and wraps him the Ichinose Tokiya cosplayer into a crushing embrace. She confesses her love to him and begs him to go out with her. He nervously tells her that would be a problem for him. “I know my charm has enraptured you so, but if you come up here…!” Tiana apologizes and says she’d really prefer not to be doing this either 😂 One of the women furiously demands to know what’s with her. She’ll never let her hog Kashmir all to herself!

Another woman angrily orders Tiana to get off the stage. She tries anything else and she’ll pay for it! Tiana calls for Lucia to do something and he tells her to leave things to him. He addresses the crowd of aunties. He’s sorry about this and asks them to overlook what he’s about to do for a second. What? Oh, so he’s her friend, a woman angrily says. He has some nerve doing this when he’s a newbie!

The woman standing in Lucia’s way draws an arc through the air with the palm of her open hand and smacks him across the cheek (゜ロ゜)ギョェ  “Owww! Hey, w-wait a sec!” She says that she told him to leave, and this time her fist smashes into his face. As Lucia tries to make his way onstage, the women push back against him. Just as he’s on the brink of defeat in the face of their vitality, Tiana asks him if he’s okay, Don’t mind me, he says. She needs to do her part. And what’s she supposed to do? “Clothes! Take off his clothes!” What!? “If you can’t strip him then grab his chest!”


Whoa there, what’s he saying? She can’t do that! Kashmir gasps. Impossible, do they…?Kashmir’s been looking down at Tiana this whole time, but when Lucia speaks, he pales. He tries to escape from her arms by twisting his body. He tells her to let go. He’s not getting caught here! She tells him to hold on and startles at the feeling of something soft against her hand as he tries to get away from her. Finding this odd, she once more touches his chest. This feels like!? “Lucia! He has breasts!”  😂 😂

Lucia is ecstatic to hear this. He was right! That’s the female impostor with the bounty on their head! He has rope with him so he wants her to tie her up so they can take her back to the castle – What was that? One of the women shouts. He’s a female impostor? “Capture that angelic man? Stop talking nonsense, duck face!” He cries out in pain, begging them to listen to what he has to say, but the older women don’t want them treating their prince like a criminal. They demand they leave now. Another awful crunch sounds and Lucia groans in pain. “Tiana~~! Help me out!!”

The older women ignite with fury as Lucia treats their beloved prince like a swindler. His screams get louder as they crush him between them. In the middle of it all, soldiers come running down from the castle when they hear about the commotion. And somehow, they manage to restrain the female criminal for them…


…and that’s how they got the reward money, Tiana finishes telling Matheus and the others the story. “Wow, wow! You made so much in just 45 minutes!” The two of them brought back the money and showed it to Matheus and the others, and they stared wide-eyed down at it with surprise. Tiana wants to know how Lucia knew the female criminal was there though. She saw the drawing didn’t she? He could tell she was an attention seeker. Her first charges were for cheating men out of their money. She couldn’t do that again now that she was a fugitive. Just as he thought, her goal this time was to swindle money out of women by pretending to be a man. “I see,” says Alfred. He then praises Alfred for his attention to detail. “Even you can be useful once in a while,” says Matheus.

What’s he mean, ‘once in a while!’ He’s got his own special skills! Tiana giggles and rubs salt in the wound by saying she was wondering how things would pan out at first. It’s amazing that they were able to earn so much money in just 45 minutes. “Good work, Lucia.” “I-It’s not like it’s that big of a deal or anything…” He stutters and blushes. Lucia turns away as if he’s shy and she can’t help but smile. I guess Tiana just can’t resist anymore because she asks if he’s itchy anywhere. She can groom him if he’d like. “So you say, but really you just want to pet the duck, don’t you?” PFFT Uh, well… He hit the bull’s eye there so she can’t exactly deny it… Lucia says he doesn’t care if she’s just gonna pet him. But not too roughly! She laughs and thanks him.


They went through a lot today and there’s still a little ways for them to go before they have all the money they need. She tells herself they’ll work hard again tomorrow.


Tiana finishes writing in her notebook and she returns it to its drawer. Then she slides into her warm bed.


The next day.

“Oi, Tiana. Got a sec?” Lucia sidles up to her, his round, white bottom wagging left and right. She asks him what’s wrong, and he responds by saying they’re still short on the money they need so what does she have planned for today? She asks if he has any good ideas for earning money. Any good ideas, hmm. How much do they need? Let’s see. They got the reward money for capturing the fugitive, so they just need a little more to reach their goal. Very specific, Tiana. Hmm, well he can help her out with that. He tells her to come with him. Go with him where? To the most crowded place in Cattleya! Hurry up! Ah, wait up, Lucia! She chases after him while he moves at a slow crawl.


A woman excitedly turns to her friend to point out a frightening looking duck doing something really strange. She laughs and says he is. He’s super cute! Tiana and Lucia have set themselves up in the busiest spot in Cattleya to perform tricks, and the duck’s charm quickly attracts a crowd of women. “For my next trick, this duck will speak the human language!”

Tiana bends down to Lucia’s ear and raises her voice. She asks what his name is. His name is Lucia-chan (There are so many translations for chan and I’m not about to incur the wrath of purists on this one right now so we’re keeping it as is) Where does Lucia-chan come from? He perks up and says he’s hungry and asks her to feed him. “No, where did you come from?” This smart-ass starts reciting the Tale of Momotaro. “One upon a time, there lived an old man and an old woman.” PTSD from Japanese class intensifies.


Their conversation goes nowhere but laughter still bubbles up from the crowd at their little exchange, and the people toss money into their basket. The first woman is amazed by the performance. The duck is speaking human language! The second says she wants a duck like hers and asks where she bought him. Lucia’s tricks are better received than anticipated, and before they know it, they’ve collected all of the funds they need.


“We’re home!” Tiana joyfully announces. They’re finally back, Matheus says. He asks how everything went. She tells them to take a look – they got all the funds! When she shows them their earnings from their performance, the others’ voices ring high with astonishment. “I’m stunned. I never thought Lucia would go this far…” Lucia angrily raises a wing. He gets things done when he has to, he quips back.

Now that they’ve reached their goal, they should celebrate by going all out with a feast. Erik approves and says he’d like something sweet. Matheus wants a thick slab of steak, but Alfred interrupts them. They just got the money they needed. What will they do if they waste it? None of them value money. Tiana sides with everyone else, though. She doesn’t see the harm in it if they don’t spend too much. Besides, pinching pennies all the time can wear you out. Really? Alfred asks and she giggles. Yep. She’ll swing by the marketplace to do some shopping. Erik thanks her and then she makes a list of all the things they’d like to eat before heading out.


“Now then, Lucia wants fresh fish and Erik wants something sweet…”, Tiana muses aloud to herself. As she’s walking, her arms filled with a bunch of ingredients, she spies a familiar person approaching her. It’s Lotte. She’s stunned by how much food her friend is carrying, and she asks if she’s shopping for dinner. Yeah, they’ve got huge appetites. Lotte laughs at that and says that the lion must eat a lot. But anyway, has she heard? Something terrible has happened in their neighboring Kingdom of Fasan. What happened? The King had only just recently passed away and now the four princes are nowhere to be found. They’re missing?! Tiana repeats, shocked. Lotte heard that the boat they were on had sunk and the accident took place a week ago. “A week ago? Then that must mean that they…” Tiana trails off while her friend reluctantly agrees that it’s not looking too good for them. Oh no…

Tiana may not have ever met them nor does she even know what kind of people they are, but it pains her to hear news of them all losing their lives in an accident. What’s going to happen to Fasan if his Majesty’s heirs, who were to succeed him, are gone? Lotte says that her brother said Fasan’s fifth prince, Prince Dirk, is safe. But he’s only fourteen years old and seems way too young for this. Lotte is worried about Fasan, but her brother said there’s a possibility that another war with Renard will happen. Tiana’s shocked. Lotte’s not too sure about it all, but her brother said Renard seems to be on the move. After the war had wrecked their country twenty years ago, they’d finally returned their town to the beauty it had once been; Lotte hopes that these fears of another war are unfounded.

They part ways, and on the road home, Tiana lets out a tiny sigh. Cattleya is a small country sandwiched between the more powerful nations of Fasan and Renard, and was often swallowed up in their numerous territorial disputes. Because Cattleya allied with Fasan, Renard hasn’t dared cross over their borders for the past twenty years. Stop it, Tiana chastises herself. Nothing’s happened yet. She strains a bitter smile and shoves aside her troubling thoughts.


Lucia contentedly says he’s stuffed and that the meal was delicious. And the cake after dinner was perfect, Erik says, thanking Tiana ⸜( ´ ꒳ ` )⸝♡︎ “I’m glad you all liked it,” she says. Oh yeah, she just heard about this a little while ago but, have they heard about the four Fasan princes who went missing? Lucia immediately cracks. He’s gotta go do some exercise in his room, later! Tiana tries to get him to stay, but then Matheus further confounds her by announcing that his stomach hurts because he might have been overeating, so he’s gonna go to bed now. Alfred’s also exhausted so he’s going to bed early tonight. Wait – don’t leave me behind! Erik cries out. “Y- you guys?” Poor Tiana calls out to them.

What on earth happened? They practically fled from the dining room to escape to the second floor. It’s almost like they didn’t even want to talk about the four princes…could they actually have something to do with the princes’ ship sinking – no, there’s no way. If they knew she doubted them they’d be disgusted with her. Tiana decides to retire early for the day so that she can head out to the apothecary as soon as possible the next day. She quickly cleans up and then heads to her room.


From Chapter 4

Tiana races through the gardens and hides behind a hedge, quietly peeking over it and back the way they’d come. She’s not sure what they’ll do if Klaus pursues them, but it seems like he gave up and she lets out a heavy sigh. “What are you doing there, Tiana?” Lucia asks her. Huh? Lucia…! Didn’t he go home with Alfred and the others? He says he thought he was leading the way back, but they had already disappeared by the time he noticed. It’s easy to get lost in the castle gardens if you’re not familiar with the layout. Tiana says she occasionally spots tourists running about in confusion here… but if he can guide them, does that mean he’s been to Rosette Castle before? Yep. His mom was Cattleyan Royalty after all. What? She was!?

The current Pope is his grandfather. Because of his relation to him, he’s been to this castle countless times as a kid. Huh, so that’s why. Inwardly, she wonders if he’s ever met her somewhere before if he’s been here so much. She thinks back to when her mother was often summoned to the castle and how she would bring Tiana along with her. She tells him that the Rosette Castle gardens is where she first successfully controlled an animal with her whistle. Her first partner was a kitten, although she didn’t exactly get the hang of it at the beginning.


A sudden image flashes in her mind, breaking off her train of thought. What? What was that? For second, she remembered something… “Tiana? What’s up? You’re making a weird face.” Huh? A weird face? Lucia says she suddenly stopped talking and started spacing out. Is something bothering her? “S-sorry. I just remembered something from my childhood.” A memory of when she practiced here as a kid? Yeah. It wasn’t going too well for her and it was really hectic and a bunch of… Lucia splutters into laughter. L-Lucia?

“Ah, my bad. Just thought it was funny imagining little you desperately blowing your whistle at a kitten.” He doesn’t have to laugh like that! She was telling him about her past struggles and he’d laughed at her. Tiana glares up at him and pouts. Well, it’s time they head back, he says. Alfred and the others probably beat them to it. “Oh? Wait a second, Lucia. It looks like someone’s coming over here.”

The sound of footsteps causes Tiana to glance over her shoulder. She sees an unfamiliar man rushing toward them. “Prince Lucia!” Oh, it’s Berndt, says Lucia. Berndt is so relieved to him alive and well. Well, more or less, Lucia says. A lot of stuff has happened but their lives aren’t in danger. Did he come all this way just to bring Matheus back home? That was his intent, but Matheus wouldn’t listen to him. He insisted he had to remain in Cattleya at all costs.

Lucia would just be wasting his breath if he tried to persuade him to listen. Once Matheus decides something, he won’t budge from it no matter what. Yes, he’s right, says Berndt. The moment Matheus says he’s going to do something, he won’t listen to anyone. “Prince Lucia, do you also mean to stay here? Ms. Charlotte is terribly worried about you…” Yeah, that’s the plan. Lucia asks Berndt to let her know he’s doing fine when he gets back to Fasan. Berndt sees he has no other choice in the matter. “Very well. I shall be back to check on you again soon. Please, take care,” he solemnly says. The man reverently bows his head before departing. Who was that?

Lucia tells her that Berndt is Fasan’s Prime Minister and he was his dad’s right-hand man. He played a pivotal role in the overwhelming victory against the Renard Empire twenty years ago. What? He had such a gentle air about him though. She had no idea he was that amazing… “Nah-uh. He may look nice but the guy’s really strict.” He further explains that Berndt is Matheus’ fencing instructor and the rumors say that no one on this entire continent can best him in a sword fight. Is that so? Well anyway, Lucia. Is it really alright for him to not go back home to his country?

Until they break their curse there’s no way they can, he points out. But someone at home is worried about him. Shouldn’t he go see them? What the heck? Does she want to boot him out of Cattleya that bad? No, that’s not it. Berndt said there was someone at home worried about him. Are they his special someone? He laughs. “Ah… I get it. So it’s like that. You’re jealous.”


What!? “Like you said, Charlotte’s very precious to me. She’s actually my fiancée.” Oh…she is? Huh, so Lucia has a fiancée. She supposes it’s not too odd considering he’s a Prince of Fasan. “O-Oi. What you all down in the dumps for? It was a lie. A lie!” What? It was a lie? Charlotte’s his mother’s name, Lucia says, scratching his neck. He doesn’t even have a fiancee! O-oh. So he doesn’t have one… What the heck? Why was he teasing her!? Lucia breaks out into a sweat. He awkwardly tries to say he didn’t mean it like that. He was curious what kinda reaction she’d have…that’s all. “So you were teasing me!” 

“My bad! I apologized so don’t get mad!” He tries to get her to hurry up and go back home with him because he’s starving. Lucia omg. Tiana says nothing in response. She’s not satisfied with his apology but he continues to bow to her over and over again so she heaves a huge sigh and exits the garden.


Translation Woes AKA “Why the fuck do I think I can Nihongo?”

(これだけ呼んでも無反応だなんて、ルシアってもしかして寝起きが悪いのかな)So there’s two ways I’m reading this sentence. Either waking Lucia will be a bad idea because he’ll be a foul mood, or Lucia’s just not a morning person. Both have similar implications but I’m honestly not too sure which one is correct (though I’m leaning toward the latter right now). If you know what this is please let me know. Thank you so much!


6 thoughts on “✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Lucia

  1. Hinano

    This basically translates as “Even though I’m calling out to him he’s not responding…I guess he’s a sound sleeper?” Aka Lucia sleeps like a log and won’t wake up no matter how hard she tries lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. aseriaa

    YAYYY it’s out!! Thank you so much for all your hard work Leafy! You’re seriously amazing ❤️
    Would I be able to play Lucia’s route first alongside your translations? Or is there any overlap of his route’s lines with both Matheus and Klaus’ routes?

    In other words, would I have to play *both* Matheus and Klaus first alongside your posts? Or does he only share lines with Matheus’ route and not Klaus? LOL does that even make sense xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Hey there, Aseriaa! I hope you’re doing well! And aww that’s so sweet ❤

      You can play in any order (excluding Klaus and Sylvio – they have to be unlocked. After you finish Lucia, Sylvio is available and after Matheus, Klaus is available.)

      I would recommend keeping both Lucia's route open and the common route open in separate tabs since you'll have to go between them if you play Lucia first. But only for the first 4 chapters. The way I've structured this is by using Matheus as a template for the common route.

      So you can go through chapters 1-4 and any time Matheus gets a scene, (including Mofumofu scenes) switch over to Lucia's translations (or whoever you want) and go from there until you start chapter 5. Then you can just use the translation for the character route until it's done 😀

      If you need an example, I've included sections for each character route that says, "From Chapter X." These are the scenes for that character that happens in the common route. All of these are put together on the first page for that character route. I hope I explained that well. If you need any help please feel free to ask any time!

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      1. aseriaa

        Ah thank you Leafy! That makes total sense! I’m glad to hear that Klaus doesn’t share any extra scenes with Lucia 😀 … I’m clearly mega trash for this duck and I haven’t even started yet LMFAO

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