✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Alfred

Alfred is the second prince of Fasan who was turned into a wolf by Gerda’s curse. While he excels in combat and forming strategies, he can’t seem to figure out how to deal with women. As you can imagine, this greatly amuses all of his other brothers. So much so that all of them constantly tease him and Tiana, which just makes his route that much cuter. Just as how I’ve formatted Klaus’ route, we’re skipping all the already-read lines.

Here’s the guide I’m using. Alfred is in blue.

If you want to play in a different order than mine, you’ll need to keep the first four chapter translations open alongside the character route you want as I have used Matheus as a template for the common route.

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*I’m not a professional translator. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes!


Alfred CV: Kōsuke Toriumi

From Chapter 1

Some time later, Tiana finishes cooking. She announces that dinner is ready but no one responds. She turns around, still stirring the boiling pot. Thinking they might have fallen asleep, she cranes her neck to see Matheus and Alfred slowly getting to their paws. Lucia and Erik, however, can’t seem to get up. They were so energetic earlier. None of them have had a proper meal in a while, so it’s no wonder they can’t move.

Who should she feed? Tiana picks the wolf. “Here you are, Alfred. Bon appetit.” She gives him a plate of sausages boiled in tomato sauce and proceeds to chop them into pieces for him with a spoon. A smaller portion should be easier for him to digest, she reasons. Tiana brings the spoon up close to his face, and he opens his slender jaws and swallows the food. And then proceeds to choke and have a coughing fit. She’s so sorry! Is it too hot for him? Tiana rubs his back and Alfred shakes his head no.

It’s fine and the food isn’t hot. He says it’s been a while since he last had a meal and he didn’t know how to eat it. So… he’s forgotten how to eat food? Alfred hangs his head with embarrassment and Tiana smiles at him.  She suggests starting out with the soup, then they can move on to the sausage when he’s become more accustomed to it She scoops out a spoonful of soup and raises it to his muzzle. Alfred seems like he’s able to get it down this time, and his eyes narrow with contentment. “Thank you. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such good food.”


She giggles and says he’s very welcome. This is all she’s made today but if there’s anything he’d like to eat, she wants him to let her know since she’ll be going shopping tomorrow. No, this is enough. He’s fine with anything that’s edible and says he’d be fine eating soup every day. R-really? But this soup was made from leftovers, so if she can make him something even tastier… He says that even if these are leftovers, good food is good food. Alfred is so grateful to have been picked up by a kindhearted young woman. “Alfred…” Feeling bashful, Tiana picks up the spoon again in an attempt to conceal it from him.


Tiana withdraws a notebook from her desk drawer. Ever since she was a child, it’s been a habit of hers to write in it before bed. She’s grateful that everyone ate the food she cooked for them and is certain they’ll recover soon so long as they maintain an appetite. If she helps out Lotte tomorrow, she can stop by the market on her way home to pick up some tasty things for them. She flips to a new page with a pen in one hand. Her gaze falls onto the blank page and she smiles.

Her parents would be stunned to learn that people can be cursed into animals. She’s not entirely sure what to write down, but because tomorrow is going to be an early one, she finishes quickly and closes the notebook. Today was like a strange dream, she thinks, before she retires for the night.


Tiana thanks the last customer of the day for their business and stretches. She’s tired from working since the sun rose, but the kitchen still need to be tidied up. She hangs a ‘Closed’ sign on the shop’s door and heads back inside where Lotte says her assistance really made the day go by easier. In return, she gives Tiana her share in the form of a pouch filled with a wad of Cattleya nelkes. Tiana says it’s too much, but Lotte says she now has four animals to look after. It’s going to be hectic, so this is just a little extra for today, that’s all. Tiana looks over to her friend’s parents in the kitchen, and she thanks them for their generosity. They’re happy to be of help and they’ll call on her again in the future. Tiana says she’s available anytime, and with the money and the bread they’d given her, she exits the bakery.

What did everyone ask her to buy again? When Tiana had first brought the animals home, she’d been so worried for them. They were so weak they could hardly move. She thought maybe they’d regain their strength after tomorrow’s meal, but this morning proved they were getting better. They’re probably hungry and awaiting her return this very moment. It should be fine to prepare a more ‘proper’ meal for them today, so she’s going to go all out with her cooking skills.

“Meow.” Tiana is about to head for the marketplace when a black shape suddenly appears before her. She swallows back a startled scream. “G-god, that scared me. Oh, it’s just a cat…” The cat mews again, sounding as though it’s mocking her as it watches her release a deep sigh of relief. Tiana giggles and asks what’s wrong. Is it hungry? The cat meows in response, prompting her to wonder if it actually wants to play instead. Although she’s interested in the cat, Tiana knows everyone is hungry and waiting for her. “Sorry, kitty. I gotta get going. Another time, okay?” The cat meows dolefully in reply. Tiana gives it a small wave and heads down to the marketplace.


A few days later…

Day by day, the animals slowly recover their strength until they can move about in her home. A lion, a wolf, a duck and a rabbit all sequestered in her place is quite the racket, though. She tells herself it’s alright, hoping they aren’t bothering her neighbors. Matheus asks what’s with the long face and she replies that it’s nothing. But inwardly, she admits that there is something she’s been curious about. Tiana reaches out and touches the lion’s back when he stops in front of her. Due to their debilitated health, she hadn’t noticed until now how each of the animals had elegant coats of fur. Matheus tells her not to pet someone’s back without saying anything. She apologizes, saying they have such beautiful fur she couldn’t help herself. (o>艸<) To her surprise, he’ll allow it, but only for a little while.

Erik whines that it’s unfair since he wants to be petted too. Lucia blushes and stutters, saying she can pet him – just a little, though. Alfred doesn’t mind so long as she doesn’t yank his tail. They all shuffle into a line. Tiana adores animals so of course she’ll pet them if they let her. Or more accurately, she’s been holding back the urge to pet them since she brought them all home. Tiana chooses to pet Alfred.



From Chapter 2

Tiana awakens. She blearily observes that it’s light outside – no way, is it already noon?! She opens her eyes to look out her window where the sun is already hanging high up in the sky. Hadn’t she been up all night reading? She didn’t get enough sleep so she decides to rest a little longer. Closing her eyes, she rolls over onto her side. And hears something strange. Cue the sound of intense grunting. What is that? It’s been going on for some time. The suspicious noise seems to be coming from her courtyard. Tiana sits up so she can peer through her window and into the courtyard. She sees a wolf energetically doing sit ups in the sunlight. “Ah, Alfred…!” Tiana practically tumbles down the stairs in a rush.


Alfred’s still grunting and doing sit ups by the time Tiana makes it outside, and she calls out to him. “…Tiana. What do you need? I’ll be done here soon so if we could talk later…” She apologizes and asks him to hear her out, causing him to tilt his head at her in confusion. Can he please stop doing sit ups in this form? Stop? Why? Won’t he scare the neighbors if they see him? That’s true, says Alfred. In some cases, a scene like this might be a little worrisome. That wouldn’t even be the half of it, Tiana corrects him. Alfred argues that he’s finally gotten his strength back and can move, so he can’t sit around and be lazy. He starts to tell her that he wants to regain all of the muscle he’s lost – but she cuts him off to ask him to exercise inside the house. Alfred goes silent.


But the fresh air outside is nice, he grumbles. Then he can open a window. After another silence, Alfred reluctantly says it looks like he doesn’t get a choice. She heaves a huge sigh of relief when he gives up, and she watches as he heads back inside. Tiana carefully scans the area, worried that he might have been seen, but it doesn’t seem as though anyone has. She’s glad he listened to her but she’s going to have to watch him for a little bit. She looses another small sigh.


They gather around to discuss the map after lunch as the conversation had been postponed the day before. They listen to each others’ viewpoints on whether they should continue investigating or if they should go scope out the place marked on the map instead. Alfred thinks they should check it out; Lucia says they can’t just laze around all day; Matheus and Erik, on the other hand, are more reserved. Erik doesn’t think they should go and Matheus highlights how little they know about the person who gave her the map. They can’t be careless. He turns to Tiana for her input.

She says they don’t have any other leads so for now it should be fine to go and check it out. They can always turn around if it looks like it might be dangerous. Lucia proudly agrees with her. “You all are too cautious,” he says. Alfred agrees, saying that sitting around isn’t to his taste. If there’s something they can do then they should do it. Matheus mulls it over before he shrugs his shoulders. Oh well, there’s nothing he can do. So, where’s this mark on the map? It’s a very rough looking sketch, but it has locations like the fountain square near the entrance to Cattleya clearly marked on it. Wait, this spot… this is in the shopping district? And it’s right next door to Lotte’s bakery!? What’s wrong, Matheus asks her. Does she know that place?

Yeah, she passes through it every day. But is a witch really there? It’s not like there’s any odd shops around the bakery. If you know the area then lead the way, Matheus says, closing his eyes. Wait, he doesn’t mean he’s… Yep, he’s coming along because it’s too dangerous for her to go alone. She’s a beastmaster, isn’t she? It shouldn’t be an issue for her to take a lion out with her. He’s not wrong, she admits. But deep down she wonders if it’s really a good idea to walk a lion out into town. She takes Matheus to the shopping district, all the while feeling a twinge of unease.


She purchases some gold powder from Sylvio and is able to turn the animals back into their human selves, but only for a short while. Erik cries, thinking they’d finally returned to being human again. Dammit, he sold her a defective product, Lucia rages. They’ll pay for this! Alfred bares his fangs and says they should make them suffer for this. Wait, Lucia – hold on Alfred! Tiana begs them. She’ll go down to the store tomorrow to ask for an explanation.

Matheus says that it was too good to be true. She frantically tries to soothe Alfred and Lucia before they decide to march on into the apothecary, and she consoles Erik when he cries. Matheus is right: this is too good to be true. She wishes the shopkeeper had told her it was only a temporary fix. Their joy had been short-lived; she strains a sad smile for them. Tiana pets Alfred.



From Chapter 3

Recap: Tiana orders a stronger batch of medicine. Since it will take a few days for it to be ready, she has to find a way to come up with 150,000 Nelkes.

Erik says that if there’s anything he can do, then he’ll do it! Alfred will too. He’s grateful that she’s been taking care of them, but he doesn’t want to add to her burdens. Matheus can think of a few ways of earning some dough with this form ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) He takes the bag of gold powder from Erik and looks inside. When Tiana takes a peek, she sees about three palmfuls worth of the power left. She asks Alfred if he has any good ideas in mind because he seems to be the most dependable. She…thinks so? Alfred asks PFFT. Well, if she’s relying on him, he’ll give it his all but…they should first decide what they’re going to do about the Gold Powder.

What does he mean? He says it’s much more efficient for them to earn money in their human forms but they have precious little of the powder left. It’ll be too late for regrets if they end up wasting it. Alrighty, then… Tiana chooses to entrust the powder to him. He smiles and says that if he uses all of it, he should have 45 minutes. There may be something he can do in that amount of time. So he has a good idea in mind? Alfred says he doesn’t have any redeeming qualities so it’ll be pretty bad if it doesn’t go well. They should get going. He urges her to follow him. She tries to get him to wait, but he takes off ahead of her. What could he be good at? Tiana has a bad feeling about this.


Tiana continues to wonder where they’re going as she follows Alfred, all the while feeling a smidgen of apprehension. He draws to an abrupt halt in front of Rosette Castle. He can make money here? Yes. He’s can earn some at the arena. Could she watch him from the audience? What? The arena!? Isn’t there a less dangerous way to go about making cash? Alfred tells her that there’s nothing else he can do but swing a sword. However, he’s confident that no one could beat him at this. Won’t she have a little faith in him?


Tiana nervously says his name in reply; her heart races when he stares intently back at her. Alright. But he has to promise he won’t be reckless. Very well. He won’t make her worry. And so she reluctantly agrees, taking a seat among the audience members to watch his battle.


The Presenter announces the third match of the day and the one that the crowd has been waiting for, which involves a contestant named Sigismund. Hell yes, cheers a man. He’s been waiting for this. A woman asks if the Presenter just said, ‘Sigismund.’ Isn’t he the guy who’s been on a winning streak of 99? The man says it looks as if someone’s here to give him his 100th win. The woman makes a contemplative sound and says it looks like there are some desperate fellows out there. Tiana shrinks down in her seat, overwhelmed by the crowd’s fevered enthusiasm, and fearfully gazes down at the center of the arena.

She sees a muscular man swinging a *chain with an iron ball attached to the end. This guy can’t be Alfred’s opponent, right? Tiana thinks to herself. The Presenter proceeds to welcome Sigismund’s courageous challenger to the arena: “The wandering swordsman, Alfred!” The man in the audience taunts Alfred, telling him to try and last against his opponent for even a minute. Oh dear, he’s far too skinny, says the woman. Won’t he get killed? “A-Alfred…!?” Tiana’s premonition turned out to be right. She leans forward in her seat and tells him to hold on – he promised her he wouldn’t do anything reckless!

“…What? What’d you say?” Tiana tells him to stop and not go through with such a dangerous match. There’s got to be another way! Alfred apologizes because he can’t hear her over the noise. “Oh, I can’t believe this!” Tiana exclaims 😂  And then the Presenter announces that it’s time for the third match of the day to begin. The sound of a gong kicks off the fight and the cheers grow louder. Tiana’s voice is subsequently drowned out amidst the noise, but by then it’s too late to stop it from happening.

Sigismund tries to act all cool by asking how he should cook Alfred, who just says, “Sorry, but you’ve lost.” There’s the clang of a blade, and for a moment Tiana can’t even figure out what happened. It’s not just her, either. Everyone overseeing the fight seems to share the same sentiment. Alfred’s sword cuts through his opponent’s ball and chain weapon, and in the blink of an eye, it falls to the ground in pieces. “Are you going to continue?” he asks Sigismund, who concedes his defeat. Alfred points the end of his blade at his throat, and the man dejectedly slumps to his knees.

The Presenter manages to compose himself in time to announce that Alfred is the victor. He has instantaneously defeated the once unbeatable man of 99-wins and has made a terrifying debut. What just happened? The man in the audience croaks. U-unbelievable! The woman says. Where is all of that strength in that skinny body of his? Tiana is equally stunned. He won? Really!? The relief she feels to know that he’s unharmed trumps the joy she feels in light of his victory. Thank god he didn’t get hurt, she thinks to herself. Alfred happily waves at her and she forces a smile in return before leaving her seat.


“Tiana. Take it. It’s the reward money.” She thanks him and takes a look inside of the pouch. They have almost all they need. H-he made this much from the fight!? Alfred apologizes to her. He picked the match which offered the most reward money, but this still isn’t enough to reach their goal. No, this is plenty! She can’t believe he won so fast and was able to make this much in the process. She’s shocked by how strong he is. Looks like he wasn’t doing his sit-ups every day for nothing after all. Is that so? Alfred smiles and says it’s been ages so he wasn’t sure he could manage a sword, but it looks like things turned out alright.

But he really has lost some muscle. He needs to break this curse fast and get himself back into shape when he’s human again. He’s already so strong and yet this isn’t good enough for him?! Tiana thinks to herself in amazement. She smiles ironically at him. Alfred says they need to hurry back home because the Gold Powder is about to wear off. Sure, they’ll swing by her house. She and Alfred hear the sound of footsteps rushing toward them, and they look over their shoulders. Oh? Those people… she trails off, prompting Alfred to say there’s something familiar about their faces.

Tiana seems to recognize one of them. Isn’t that the guy he defeated earlier? Sigis-something? Alfred’s fallen adversary leads a group of muscular men their way , waving at them. “Oiiii! Wait up!” Sigismund calls out. Another man tells Alfred he has something to talk to him about and asks if he has a moment. Tiana nervously turns to Alfred. She’s not sure why but this seems bad. Maybe they suspect he cheated because of how easily he won the match? Alfred thinks he may have attracted trouble considering he made himself stand out as a newcomer. “…Run.” Tiana calls for him to wait for her, and he tugs on her arm. She chases after him in a panic.


This should be far enough, Alfred says, only to hear Sigismund shouting, “*Bro!! Please! Wait for me!!” Alfred tsks. He can’t believe they chased them all the way here. He’s sorry about this but can she bear with him for a little bit? What? What does he mean, ‘bear with him – A-Alfred…!?”


Alfred gently grabs Tiana by the waist and lifts her up onto his shoulder. He takes off at a sprint. Tiana screams and tells him to put her down. He’s sorry but he has to get them off their trail. Sigismund wants to know why his bro is running away from him and Alfred asks him why he’s chasing him. He’s done nothing to him! If he wants to talk to him then he should do so calmly. Another fanboy man begs him to shake his hand and give him his autograph while he’s at it. Sigismund curses at the man and tells him not to beat him to the punch, then tells Alfred he’s enamored with his strength. “Please fight me one more time!” 

The other man protests and asks Alfred to fight him this time instead. A second man asks Alfred to return to the arena. He wants to sear his battle into his memories! The men gaze after Alfred with burning passion as he runs as fast as he can away from them. It doesn’t seem as though they hold any animosity toward him, says Alfred. Yeah, it’s more like an intense admiration. “Bro!!! Don’t ignore me, please!!!” Alfred’s sorry but he doesn’t have the time right now. He’ll listen to what they have to say some other day. Another man asks his bro to wait for for him, while another cries, “Brooo!!!!” Alfred picks up the pace, with Tiana still slung over his shoulder, and soon he pulls ahead of the men and loses them entirely.


They finally lost them, says Alfred. Tiana is worn out. Although he’s been carrying her on his shoulder and she hasn’t actually been running, she’s indescribably exhausted. Still, she’s relieved that the effects of the Gold Powder didn’t wear off in front of – !? In the brief span of relief she had felt, a blinding light abruptly fills their surroundings. Alfred, now back in his wolf form, says it looks like they barely made it in the nick of time. Tiana giggles and says they sure ran into trouble.

Yeah, back at the castle…or rather, back where he used to live, this happened to him all the time. He’s used to it, but… All the time, Tiana repeats. What kind of life was he leading up until this point? Put simply, his job was to train strong soldiers. “That makes sense.” If that was his job, that’s probably why he’s so powerful. She thinks all of his soldiers must be lonely without him there, but he says they’re probably glad they can skip training 😂  Alfred would like to return as soon as he can, but…

Tiana imagines a bunch of muscular men holding back tears in Alfred’s absence… then erases the picture from her mind in a fluster. She tells him that the fur on the back of his head has gotten all mussed up and asks if she can fix it for him. “Yes, please.”


“Okay, let’s go home,” says Tiana. Right. They’ll give everyone a report when they return. She cradles the reward money in her arms as the two of them walk back.


The next day.

Alfred and the others pad up next to Tiana as she’s cleaning the living room. She asks what’s wrong and Alfred responds by saying they all want to know what she has planned for today. They’re still short on the money they need, aren’t they? Hmm, plans for today… She asks if he has any good ideas for earning money. Well…they should check how much they need first before they can determine how much is left. She says that Alfred already won the prize money at the arena so they only need a little more to reach their goal. Alright…Very well. Alfred has a good idea in mind and asks where the most crowded spot in town is. The most crowded spot in town?

He needs her to work with him as a beastmaster, but he has a special trick up his sleeve that only he can use. Oh, that’s interesting. How about they head out then? Tiana leads Alfred to the fountain square, which has been called the entrance to Cattleya and where it is crowded with people.


A woman asks what’s going on with that crowd over there. A man tells her that a beastmaster is making a wolf perform tricks and it’s pretty neat. “For my next trick, this wolf will do sit ups!” At her cue, Alfred begins to wholeheartedly do sit ups, huffing with each crunch. The people in the crowd exchange looks of disbelief with one another. A little boy yells about how cool it is, while a young woman exclaims she’s never seen a wolf do a trick like that before. It’s so strong looking! Tiana happily notes that everything seems to be going swimmingly. Alfred’s trick is greatly received, it looks like they’ll have collected all of the funds they need before they know it.

Tiana announces that her last trick will involve making the wolf do some simple math. Math!? A man cries out. Can a wolf even do that? Tiana laughs and says of course they can. She hasn’t actually mentioned this ahead of time to Alfred, but she’s sure he’ll be fine. They trade a fleeting glance, and Alfred gives her a tiny nod in agreement. And so she begins. “What’s 1 +1 ?” The crowd surrounding them stares intently, awaiting Alfred’s response. He’s silent for a moment before he says, “…Two.”


Tiana’s just as shocked as the crowd is. Whoa, whoa, did the wolf just say, ‘two?!’ a man asks. Impossible, he must have been hearing things, a woman tells him. No, he definitely said, ‘two,’ says a boy. Alfred! Tiana inwardly panics. She breaks out into a cold sweat and glances down at Alfred, who finally realizes his mistake and sits up straight. He makes two rather awkward barks, and Tiana pets his head in a desperate attempt to gloss over the incident. She awkwardly praises him for a good job and then asks what 1 + 2 is. Alfred manages to bark three times, causing the little boy in the crowd to say how cool he is. He’s a smart wolf!

The man wants to know what the wolf had done earlier though, but the woman insists he misheard things. Wolves can’t speak. With that, Tiana announces the end of their performance, and she thanks them all for attending. They’re able to collect all of the funds they need despite the little mishap. She and Alfred exchange wry smiles with each other and breathe sights of relief.


“We’re home!” Tiana announces. Erik welcomes them bacl and asks how everything went. She tells him to take a look – they got all the funds! His eyes practically glitter when she shows him the money they received. Wow, that’s amazing! In other words, Alfred earned all of the money by himself, says Matheus. Alfred smiles and says, “It’s only thanks to her help. I never would’ve been able to do this all on my own… Thank you very much.” Tiana says his name, touched by his gratitude.

Then she giggles and says he’s very welcome. Lucia says that since they got all the money, they should celebrate by going all out with a feast. Erik approves of this and says he’d like something sweet. Matheus wants a thick slab of steak, but Alfred interrupts them. They just got the money they needed. What will they do if they waste it? None of them value money. Yet Tiana sides with everyone else. She doesn’t see the harm in it if they don’t spend too much. Besides, pinching pennies all the time can wear you out. Alfred reluctantly asks her if she’s sure about this, and she giggles. Yep, she says. She’ll swing by the marketplace to do some shopping. Erik thanks her and then she makes a list of all the things they’d like to eat before heading out.


“Now then, Matheus wants a slab of steak and Erik wants something sweet…”, Tiana muses aloud to herself. As she’s walking, her arms filled with  ingredients, she spies a familiar person approaching her. It’s Lotte. Lotte is stunned by how much food Tiana is carrying, and she asks if she’s shopping for dinner. Yeah, they’ve got huge appetites. Lotte laughs and says  the lion must eat a lot. But anyway, has she heard? Something terrible has happened in their neighboring Kingdom of Fasan. What happened? The king had only just recently passed away and now the four princes are nowhere to be found. They’re missing?! Tiana repeats, shocked. Lotte heard that the boat they were on had sunk and the accident took place a week ago. “A week ago? Then that must mean that they…” Tiana trails off while her friend reluctantly agrees that it’s not looking too good for them. Oh no…

Tiana may not have ever met them nor does she even know what kind of people they are, but it pains her to hear news of them all losing their lives in an accident. What’s going to happen to Fasan if his Majesty’s heirs, who were to succeed him, are gone? Lotte says that her brother said Fasan’s fifth prince, Prince Dirk, is safe. But he’s only fourteen years old and seems way too young for this. Lotte is worried about Fasan, but her brother said there’s a possibility that another war with Renard will happen. Tiana’s shocked. Lotte’s not too sure about it all, but her brother said Renard seems to be on the move. After the war wrecked their country twenty years ago, they’d finally returned their town to the beauty it had once been; Lotte hopes that these fears of another war are unfounded.

They part ways, and on the road home, Tiana lets out a tiny sigh. Cattleya is a small country sandwiched between the more powerful nations of Fasan and Renard and was often swallowed up in their numerous territorial disputes. Because Cattleya allied with Fasan, Renard hasn’t dared cross over their borders for the past twenty years. Stop it, Tiana chastises herself. Nothing’s happened yet. She strains a bitter smile and shoves aside her troubling thoughts.


Lucia contentedly says he’s stuffed and that the meal was delicious. And the cake after dinner was perfect, Erik says, thanking Tiana⸜( ´ ꒳ ` )⸝♡︎ “I’m glad you all liked it,” she says. Oh yeah, she just heard about this a little while ago but, have they heard about the four Fasan princes who went missing? Lucia immediately cracks. He’s gotta go do some exercise in his room after dinner, later! Tiana tries to get him to stay, but then Matheus further confounds her by announcing that his stomach hurts because he might have been overeating, so he’s gonna go to bed now. Alfred’s also exhausted so he’s going to bed early tonight. Wait – don’t leave me behind! Erik cries out. “Y- you guys?” Poor Tiana calls out to them.

What on earth happened? They practically fled from the dining room to escape to the second floor. It’s almost like they didn’t even want to talk about the four princes…could they actually have something to do with the princes’ ship sinking – no, there’s no way. If they knew she doubted them they’d be disgusted with her. Tiana decides to retire early so she can head out to the apothecary as soon as possible the next day. She quickly cleans up and then heads to her room.


From Chapter 4

Tiana races through the gardens and hides behind a hedge, quietly peeking over it and back the way she came. She’s not sure what she’ll do if Klaus pursues her, but it seems like he gave up and she lets out a heavy sigh. “Why are you so flustered? Is someone chasing you?” Tiana flinches. A-Alfred… God, he scared her! He apologizes and says he didn’t mean to frighten her. No, she should be apologizing. Klaus started hounding her for answers, so she fled here. “I’m sorry… All we’ve done is inconvenience you.”

It’s alright. She’s positive that Klaus will understand once this is all over. Anyway, she thought he, Lucia and Erik all went back to her place. Did they have something they needed to do? No, they were heading home but… he lost track of them. He lost track of them? Alfred explains how they were on their way to leave the castle, but before he knew it, he’d wound up here. Oh, so that’s what happened… It’s easy to get lost in the castle but could Alfred…? Tiana voices her suspicious aloud to him and asks if he’s actually bad with directions. N-no, that’s not…! Alfred stutters, only to lapse into silence.


In a much more collected tone, he says it might be for the best that he doesn’t hide it from her since she’ll be taking care of them. He’s always had a difficult time remembering how to get somewhere, though not to places he’s already familiar with. He’s been making a concerted effort to try and overcome this, but… She understands. So then if he’s by himself, he can’t find his way back home? He reassures her that everything’s alright because kind people will show him the way if he asks them. That doesn’t sound alright at all, she thinks to herself.

Tiana tells him to let her know when he wants to go for a walk. She’ll do her best to guide him.  Is that okay with her? Can he ask that of her? It’s really not a big deal, she says. Feel free to ask her anytime. “…Thank you, Tiana,” Alfred says, smiling at her. She giggles and says he’s very welcome. Well, it’s time they head back. Erik and Lucia must be worried about him. “Hm? Wait a second, Tiana. It looks like someone’s coming this way.” Huh? Tiana follows his gaze and sees an unfamiliar man rushing toward them.“Prince Alfred! Oh thank, God you’re alright…!”

Berndt, Alfred chokes. He thought he was still in Fasan. Berndt says that he returned to Cattleya when he received the news. Alfred apologizes for making him do nothing but worry all the time. To be frank, Berndt hasn’t had any time to catch a break, but he and Prince Dirk wanted to quickly find the princes and make sure that they were safe and sound. These days, Prince Dirk has been so fraught with worry that he can hardly eat. But hearing from His Highness that he’s safe and well should put his mind at ease.

Alfred says he understands. He’d like to see Dirk again, but… “Prince Alfred, do you also mean to stay here?” Yes. He can’t leave Matheus’ side right now. Berndt smiles and says he tried to persuade Prince Matheus to return home with him, but it was all for naught. “Very well. I shall be back to check on you again soon. Please, take care,” he solemnly says. The man reverently bows his head before departing. Who was that? Oh, this is probably the first time she’s ever met him. That was Berndt, Fasan’s Prime Minister and the former King Balthazar’s right-hand man. Twenty years ago, he was a hero who protected Cattleya from Renard. Now, it’s rumored that no one on this entire continent can rival him in a sword fight.

What? So he’s even more amazing that Alfred is with a sword? Yes. Even if he hadn’t lost his eye, he still couldn’t reach Berndt’s level. Lost his…eye? Tiana inwardly repeats to herself. Now that he’s mentioned it, she’s been wondering why he hides one eye, but she’d never asked him about it… There must be a reason, she thinks. Although she’s curious, she has the feeling that she shouldn’t ask him about it and so she changes the subject. Anyway, who’s this Dirk they mentioned earlier?

“Ah, Dirk is my younger brother.” Younger brother? So he has other siblings? Come to think of it, she feels like she’s heard something about the fifth prince succeeding the throne after the four other princes had gone missing. Alfred and Dirk have the same mother… which means that they’re a little different from Lucia and Erik. Tiana’s super confused by this. The same…mother? Oh, could that mean….? Alfred is silent for a moment before he realizes what has her stumped. They didn’t tell her? Matheus, Lucia and Erik all have different mothers.

What? So that’s why….! Matheus and Alfred are siblings but they look nothing alike. So all of them have different mothers. Up until this point she’s had her suspicions, but now everything makes sense. Alfred tells her that this doesn’t change the fact that both Matheus and Dirk are very important to him. However, it’s Dirk who relies upon him the most. He feels incredibly guilty that he’s made Dirk worry so much that he can’t even eat, but if he knew about his curse, he’d likely break down with anxiety. “Anyhow, capturing Gerda and Sylvio is our main priority.” Yeah…that’s right. She meets his gaze before dipping her head in a gesture of strong agreement. They’ve made a grand proclamation to the world that the princes are alive. Tiana hopes that this will make Gerda and Sylvio panic a little bit.


Translation Woes AKA “Why the fuck do I think I can Nihongo?”

This time I feel like I didn’t have any glaring issues understanding the text. Of course, please let me know if you spot any mistakes. I truly want to improve. Thanks!

*The weapon Sigismund uses fits an eclectic range of medieval weaponry descriptions, but the link I included goes into detail regarding one that has become popular in modern fiction and yet never actually existed. It’s a fascinating read if you’re curious. In addition to this article, here’s a fantastic youtube channel that talks about medieval history and how everything worked back in the day.

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