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✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Erik

Erik is the fourth prince of Fasan who was turned into a rabbit by Gerda’s curse. He’s ridiculously gifted in the arts despite his youthful appearance. Erik carries a stuffed frog named Caspar everywhere he goes and is often picked on by his older brother, Lucia. Due to spoilers, I’d recommend saving his route for last or second to last. Just as how I’ve formatted Klaus’ route, we’re skipping the already-read lines.

Here’s the guide I’m using. Erik is in green.

If you want to play in a different order than mine, you’ll need to keep the first four chapter translations open alongside the character route you want as I have used Matheus as a template for the common route.

All rights belong to Otomate.

*I’m not a professional translator. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes!

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