✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Erik

Erik is the fourth prince of Fasan who was turned into a rabbit by Gerda’s curse. He’s ridiculously gifted in the arts despite his youthful appearance. Erik carries a stuffed frog named Caspar everywhere he goes and is often picked on by his older brother, Lucia. Due to spoilers, I’d recommend saving his route for last or second to last. Just as how I’ve formatted Klaus’ route, we’re skipping the already-read lines.

Here’s the guide I’m using. Erik is in green.

If you want to play in a different order than mine, you’ll need to keep the first four chapter translations open alongside the character route you want as I have used Matheus as a template for the common route.

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Erik CV: Kaji Yuuki

From Chapter 1

Some time later, Tiana finishes cooking. She announces that dinner is ready but no one responds. She turns around, still stirring the boiling pot. Thinking they might have fallen asleep, she cranes her neck to see Matheus and Alfred slowly getting to their paws. Lucia and Erik, however, can’t seem to get up. They were so energetic earlier. None of them have had a proper meal in a while, so it’s no wonder they can’t move.

Who should she feed? Tiana picks the rabbit. “Here you are, Erik. Bon appetit.” She gives him a plate of vegetables boiled in tomato sauce and proceeds to chop them into pieces for him with a spoon. A smaller portion should be easier for him to digest, she reasons. Tiana brings the spoon up close to his face, and he opens his small mouth and gulps the food down. How is it? Not too hot? Erik says it’s not hot at all. It’s really, really good!

Really? Well, she’s glad to hear it. Erik looks up at her sadly to say that he was only ever given raw vegetables during his confinement so he’s happy to be able to eat something someone cooked for him. Tiana’s quick to say he’s over exaggerating, but he assures her that he’s not. Matheus said it would get bad for them if that merchant knew they weren’t actually normal animals. All he could do was look on with envy as the people ate yummy looking food. “So…thank you, Tiana. For saving us.”


Tiana murmurs his name. It was never her intention to do something so great, but she’s happy to hear this. She tells him there’s still plenty of food left so he should eat up and get well. She adds that she’ll be going shopping tomorrow, so if there’s anything he’d like she can get it for him. What? Really? Erik asks. Well, he loves sweets but… “Sweets? Got it. I’ll buy some tomorrow.” Erik says her name and then thanks her. He can hardly wait! She smiles and dips her head at Erik, who is giddy with excitement.


“Alright then…” Tiana withdraws a notebook from her desk drawer. Ever since she was a child, it’s been a habit of hers to write in it before bed. She’s grateful that everyone ate the food she cooked for them and is certain they’ll recover soon so long as they maintain an appetite. If she helps out Lotte tomorrow, she can stop by the market on her way home to pick up some tasty things for them. She flips to a new page with a pen in one hand. Her gaze falls onto the blank page and she smiles.

Her parents would be stunned to learn that people can be turned into animals. She’s not entirely sure what to write but because tomorrow is going to be an early one she finishes quickly and closes the notebook. Today was like a strange dream, she thinks, before she retires for the night.


Tiana thanks the last customer of the day for their business and stretches. She’s tired from working since the sun rose, but the kitchen still need to be tidied up. She hangs a ‘Closed’ sign on the shop’s door and heads back inside where Lotte says her assistance really made the day go by easier. In return, she gives Tiana her share in the form of a pouch filled with a wad of Cattleya nelkes. Tiana says it’s too much, but Lotte says she now has four animals to look after. It’s going to be hectic so this is just a little extra for today. That’s all. Tiana looks over to her friend’s parents in the kitchen and thanks them for their generosity. They’re happy to be of help and they’ll call on her again in the future. Tiana says she’s available anytime, and with the money and the bread they’d given her, she exits the bakery.

What did everyone ask her to buy again? When Tiana had first brought the animals home, she’d been worried sick about them. They were so weak they could hardly move. She thought maybe they’d regain their strength after tomorrow’s meal, but this morning proved they were getting better. They’re probably hungry and awaiting her return this very moment. It should be fine to prepare a more ‘proper’ meal for them today, so she’s going to go all out with her cooking skills.

“Meow.” Tiana is about to head for the marketplace when a black shape suddenly appears before her. She swallows back a startled scream. “G-god, that scared me. Oh, it’s just a cat…” The cat mews again, sounding as though it’s mocking her as it watches her release a deep sigh of relief. Tiana giggles and asks what’s wrong. Is it hungry? The cat meows in response, prompting her to wonder if it actually wants to play instead. Although she’s interested in the cat, Tiana knows everyone is hungry and waiting for her. “Sorry, kitty. I gotta get going. Another time, okay?” The cat meows dolefully in reply. Tiana gives it a small wave and heads to the marketplace.


A few days later…

Day by day, the animals slowly recover their strength until they can move about in her home. A lion, a wolf, a duck and a rabbit all sequestered in her place is quite the racket, though. She tells herself it should be alright, hoping they aren’t bothering her neighbors. Matheus asks what’s with the long face and she replies that it’s nothing. But inwardly, she admits that there is something she’s been curious about.

Tiana reaches out and touches the lion’s back when he stops in front of her. Due to their debilitated health, she hadn’t noticed until now how each of the animals had elegant coats of fur. Matheus tells her not to pet someone’s back without saying anything. She apologizes, saying they have such beautiful fur she couldn’t help herself. (o>艸<) To her surprise, he’ll allow it, but only for a little while.

Erik whines that it’s unfair since he wants to be petted too. Lucia blushes and stutters, saying she can pet him – just a little, though. Alfred doesn’t mind so long as she doesn’t yank his tail. They all shuffle into a line. Tiana adores animals so of course she’ll pet them if they let her. Or more accurately, she’s been resisting the urge to pet them since she brought them all home. Tiana chooses to pet Erik.



From Chapter 2

Tiana awakens and blearily observes that it’s light outside – no way, is it already noon?! She opens her eyes to look out her window where the sun is already hanging high up in the sky. Hadn’t she been up all night reading? She’d love to sleep in but she needs to get up soon or the animals will get hungry.


”Good morning, Tiana!” Erik greets her. She returns the pleasantry and apologizes. He must be hungry. Oh, erm… just a little, Erik admits. Tiana asks him to wait a moment so she can prepare something to eat. He thanks her and asks her to let him help. He wants to help her? Yeah. He’ll do whatever he he can. Something Erik could do… Tiana ponders before suggesting he stir the pot (with a wooden spatula) so the food doesn’t get burnt at the bottom. “Okay, sure!” he says, and Tiana places a step-stool beside her next to the flame. She hands him a wooden spatula and he stirs the pot’s contents, tightly holding onto the tool with his front paws. *Erik huffs from the physical exertion.


It may be a simple task, but it’s a huge undertaking for Erik’s petite body. Tiana would feel bad if she made him continue, though she admires his commitment to the job. She thanks him for his help and says she’ll take over for him. But he insists he can keep going. “Really? But…” Erik firmly grips the spatula and won’t let go. Tiana’s happy he wants to help her but she’s worried this could be dangerous for him. Just as she’s thinking this — Erik cries out in pain.

“Watch out!!” The spatula’s weight throws him off balance; Erik’s hind legs slide off the stool and he nearly plunges head-first into the pot. Tiana quickly reaches out with both hands and catches him. “Th-that was a close one…” she says, and Erik snivels. Tiana panics. Is he alright? Did he burn himself!? Erik hiccups and apologizes for being useless. Nonsense! It was silly of her to ask a rabbit to help her cook. She’ll have him help her out a whole bunch once he’s human again, but for now it’s enough if he stays and watches her work.

Erik’s ears perk up. Alright, he’ll help her out a lot when he’s human again! He’s not the best at cooking but he can clean! Giggling, Tiana thanks him. Oh, maybe he can help her taste-test the food. Whoa, can he? He can definitely do that! ROFL. Tiana says he can actually start right away and Erik happily agrees to sample the food. Tiana reflects on how long it’s been since she’s cooked a meal with someone else. If only Erik and the others could stay here forever…


They gather around to discuss the map after lunch as the conversation had been postponed the day before. They listen to each others’ viewpoints on whether they should continue investigating or if they should go scope out the place marked on the map instead. Alfred thinks they should check it out; Lucia says they can’t just laze around all day; Matheus and Erik, on the other hand, are more reserved. Erik doesn’t think they should go and Matheus highlights how little they know about the person who gave her the map. They can’t be careless. He turns to Tiana for her input.

Tiana sides with him and Erik. She doesn’t think they should trust this map and besides, she doesn’t even know who that boy from the castle was. Erik thinks it’s really suspishhh that some guy came out to hand her it, too. Matheus is impressed Tiana remembered to be more cautious and she nervously laughs in response, inwardly wondering if that was supposed to be a compliment because it’s sure not making her feel happy. Lucia tsks at her. What the heck? Now she’s questioning this map she brought home?

Alfred tells him to knock it off. He has no qualms with Matheus’ decisions, but now he’s not sure what they’re supposed to do. That’s when the lion tells them to wait –  Erik says it looks like someone’s at her front door. A visitor? She turns around and finds Klaus right in front of her. He chooses this moment to announce that he’s coming in. Klaus?! She stutters, asking him what he’s doing here all of a sudden, and a surprised sound escapes him. He’d barged so rudely into her living room but now he stiffens at the sight of Matheus and the other animals. He pauses, before saying, “…Hey, Tiana.” What is it? she asks him.

She’s letting them roam freely outside of their cages? She awkwardly hesitates. From another perspective, this was probably odd. Then she perks up: the lion and the wolf might seem scary at first glance, but they’re well-behaved goodest boys! She doesn’t think it’s a problem for them to be out of their cage. But Klaus does. He raises his voice in disbelief. It’s a huge problem! Even a beastmaster can get hurt in an accident born from negligence. Tiana fights back, insisting that everything’s fine and that the animals are all at home here. She puts them in their cage at night when they need to go to sleep so he needs to stop fretting over her – it’s fine! If Klaus knew they were sleeping spread-eagle all over the guest beds, he might just throw a fit.

Good Lord, there’s not enough of him to go around to watch over her, he laments. Seeing as he’s not going to win this one, he orders her to lock them up in their cage as soon as he heads back – does she understand? Yeah dad. She asks him why he’s here. He’d nearly forgotten, he says. He’s here to collect the books she borrowed. Klaus came all this way to pick them up for her? If he’d said something she’d have gone down to return them herself. Tiana binds all of the books together with twine and then hands them to him, thanking him for being such a big help.


But he stands there even after he takes the stack from her. Was there something else? If he inspects her house too closely, he’ll find that there’s a lot of tasteless things here… So she asks him if there was something else he needs. No, that was all. Alright, well thanks for coming all this way, she says. Tiana plasters a smile on her face to mask her relief. Thank God. If he decided to grill her, it would be really difficult to hold her tongue about Matheus and the others.

“By the way, Tiana,” he says, eliciting a startled response from her. Yeah, what is it? “Are you aware that there’s an apothecary next door to our bakery?” The change of topic is so abrupt that Tiana can barely keep up and she parrots his statement as a question. He says *’it takes one to know one’ and that rumors say illicit dealings in black magic takes place there. He doesn’t know what she’s looking into, but as this could be a clue, why not go and have a peek?

What? She thought she’d never find out anything from him, so why is he telling her this? I guess she’s too stunned to react because he reminds her that she was so desperate for information that she tried pulling a crying stunt on him. Whatever she’s sticking her neck into is a mystery to him, but he knows this isn’t just some trifling curiosity or a game to her. He’s seen so much more than tears from her (concerning this). Tiana is so moved that she’s driven to true tears this time, and she turns her face so he can’t see. In her mind, she thanks him. She hasn’t told him anything, but when she finally can do so, she’ll tell him everything.


She purchases some gold powder from Sylvio and is able to turn the animals back into their human selves, but only for a short while. Erik cries, thinking they’d finally returned to being human again. Dammit, he sold her a defective product, Lucia rages. They’ll pay for this! Alfred bares his fangs and says they should make them suffer for this. Wait, Lucia – hold on Alfred! Tiana begs them. She’ll go down to the store tomorrow to ask for an explanation.

Matheus says that it was too good to be true. She frantically tries to soothe Alfred and Lucia before they decide to march on into the apothecary, and she consoles Erik when he cries. Matheus is right: this is too good to be true. She wishes the shopkeeper had told her it was only a temporary fix. Their joy had been short-lived; she strains a sad smile for them. Tiana pets Erik.



From Chapter 3

Recap: Tiana orders a stronger batch of medicine. Since it will take a few days for it to be ready, she has to find a way to come up with 150,000 Nelkes.

Erik says that if there’s anything he can do, then he’ll do it! Alfred will too. He’s grateful that she’s been taking care of them, but he doesn’t want to add to her troubles. Matheus can think of a few ways of earning some dough with this form ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  He takes the bag of gold powder from Erik and looks inside. When Tiana takes a peek, she sees about three palmfuls worth of the powder left. She asks Erik if he has any good ideas. He’s stunned she chose him. Tiana says it’s he’s always helping her out so she figured she could count on him at a time like this. Erik turns to Caspar for advice. Caspar told him that Matheus and Alfred would be better at this than him ( ̄Д ̄;;Thankfully, Matheus speaks up. He tells Erik that Tiana is asking for his help and it’s about time he be a man.

B-be a man!? What’s that mean? Matheus says he meant nothing weird by that, only that he should try a little harder for Tiana’s sake. For Tiana’s sake, Erik repeats to himself. He returns his stuffed frog to where it sits on his back and smiles. “Yeah! She’s counting on me, so I gotta give her my all!” With a laugh, Tiana thanks him. He asks her what they should do with the gold powder. They probably shouldn’t use it, right? Tiana disagrees and says that they should. She entrusts the powder to him, saying it’s his to use as he wishes. What? He can use it? Unsure of himself, Erik grabs Caspar. “Wh-what should I do, Caspar? I’ve never had to make money before. I don’t think I can do this.”

Erik asks Lucia if he has any suggestions. His brother angrily raises a wing and chastises him for asking someone else for help. Didn’t he just say he’d give Tiana his all!? “God, you’re such a pain in the neck.” Doesn’t he have a special skill for this? Lucia whispers something into Erik’s ear and the younger boy startles. Really!? That’s all he has to do? Lucia encourages Erik to go ahead and try. If things don’t work out they can think up another strategy. Okay? Aww look, the angy duck does care. Erik happily agrees and asks Tiana to head out with him. She tells him to wait up, and rushes after him.


Tiana asks Erik if this is all he needs. With the items he asked her to look for in her arms, she makes her way back to the bench Erik is sitting on by the water fountain, hard at work. He glances up at her. “Yes, thank you! I can make a lot with this!” Tiana hands him a hefty block of wood. Anyway, what is he making? Oh, says Erik. He’s thinking of carving animals out of the wood she got him. Animals? That’s right! He’s pretty good at drawing and wood carving. Whoa, really? Tiana says, impressed. Now she understands. “So your plan is to sell the wooden animals you make?”

Erik’s unsure they’ll sell at all, even if Lucia said it’d be fine. Tiana considers his words before saying that she’ll help him and they should give it a go. She wants to know what sort of animals he’ll make. She does? Of course! Tiana says they’re going to sell a whole bunch and impress everyone at home. Erik excitedly agrees and says he’ll do his very best. *He takes out a small knife and promptly gets to work shaving fine layers from the chunk of wood. Tiana is fascinated by Erik’s skills; he’s amazing. Her heart swells with anticipation as she wonders what the finished product will be.

Wow, she thinks to herself. How is he so good at this!? Erik silently continues carving with his small knife, and before she knows it, he’s made a bunch of different animals. “This wooden duck looks kind of like Lucia,” Tiana says. “Is this one Matheus?” Yeah! He’s working on making Alfred now. Oh yeah, she says. He even got his eyepatch right. As Tiana picks up the wooden animals to look at them, a crowd of people slowly begins to surround them. “Oh my, these are adorable. Are they for sale?”


“Y-yes, they are! Would you like one?” he asks the woman. She will, she says, pausing to remark on the duck’s mean looking face. But it has a certain charm to and would make a great gift for a child. She’ll take one. Tiana and Erik thank the woman and tell her to take good care of the wooden duck. Tiana exchanges glances with Erik, surprised that someone bought his carving right away. “Hey, look, look! These animals woodcarvings are so darned cute!” another woman exclaims. Oooh, they really are! the second woman says. This lion is stunning! The first woman says she likes the wolf more, but the rabbit looks so sweet and content that she can’t bring herself to toss it aside.

Tiana is shocked by the crowd of people that’s formed around them in so little time. “I’ll take this, please!” “And I’ll have this!” Erik starts to panic a little bit. What do they do? There’s so many people! Tiana reassures him that everything will be fine. She’ll handle the customers while he continues carving more wooden animals. Okay, he nervously agrees. They only have 45 minutes with which to work with, yet there’s no end to the number of customers. When they finally close Erik’s wood carving shop, it’s been a huge success.


“Welcome home. How was it? Did it go well?” Alfred asks upon their return. Erik thanks him and gleefully announces that his shop did amazing and they made everyone happy. He never thought he could sell the things he made. When Tiana shows the gang their earnings, their eyes go wide with shock. Matheus admits he wasn’t sure how things would turn out for them, but it seems like Erik really gave it his all. “What’d I tell ya? Everything you make can fetch a pretty penny,” says Lucia. Erik excitedly thanks him. He says that everyone complimented his hard work and he had so much fun today.

“Thank you too, Tiana. I don’t know what I would’ve done all on my own.” Tiana giggles and says he’s very welcome. She’s glad he sold so many of his carvings. That’s when Matheus addresses Lucia. He’s curious about something. The duck goes rigid. Huh? W-what is it? Matheus asks him how he knew Erik’s creations would turn a profit. “W-well, that’s cuz– look, whatever he makes is really nice so I thought of course his stuff would be popular if he put them up for sale…”

Alfred quickly picks up on Matheus’ suspicions and asks Lucia if he’s been making Erik work so he can sell his crafts this whole time. What? Is that true? Erik asks Lucia if he sold all the paintings he made him. Lucia angrily raises a wing. N-no! He did no such thing! They’re hanging on his walls! “…I doubt that,” Matheus says, narrowing his eyes. Alfred agrees and stares down at Lucia with distrust. Lucia then magically remembers he had some business to take care of. He’ll see them all tomorrow. “Lucia, stop!” Matheus snaps. “You’re not getting away from me!” Alfred says.

Tiana, meanwhile, is puzzling over Lucia’s last words. See them tomorrow? Where on earth is he planning on coming back from? She can’t help but laugh at the racket the three make as they race upstairs to the second floor of her house. Erik turns to Tiana and asks if he did a great job today. Yes, she’s amazed by how hard he worked. Erik’s ears droop and he asks if she can pet him as a reward for his efforts. He wants her to pet him? Oh no Erik you’re about to awaken the beast! Yeah! Is that alright? Sure, she’ll pet him! Tiana beckons him closer and he squeals with delight.



Tiana got to see Erik’s unexpected skills today. It was a lot of fun. They still need to make some more money to reach their goal, so she’s going to work hard tomorrow. She finishes up her entry, returns her notebook to its drawer and slides beneath her warm bedcovers.


The next day.

“Tiana!“ Erik hops over to her on his hind legs as she’s busy cleaning the living room. She asks what’s wrong and Erik says he wants to know what she has planned for today. They’re still short on the money they need, aren’t they? Hmm, plans for today… She asks if he has any good ideas for earning money. What!? Erik places a paw to his chin and says he’s not really good at stuff like this… How much do they still need? She says they only need a little more since they already made money from selling his wooden animals. Tiana, you gotta give an estimate ROFL.

True, but there’s no more gold powder left so he can’t carve any animals. She says he can paint too, can’t he? Yep, he’s pretty good at it. Then how about they put on a show of a rabbit making paintings in front of an audience? What? She wants him to paint as a rabbit? Oh, yeah that would be pretty difficult, she says. Erik doesn’t know whether he can actually do it, but he’ll give this his all. “Hurry, Tiana!” She thanks him. Spurred on by his determination, the two of them waste no time in heading out into the city.


“Wow, look at that! That rabbit’s painting with a brush!” Whoa, exclaims another woman. It’s so cute!! Having secured a spot in the heavily crowded plaza for Erik to perform tricks, a throng of women are drawn to the rabbit’s adorableness and gather around. The crowd’s voices rise in astonishment as Erik somehow manages to hold the paintbrush between his forepaws and paints the landscape of Cattleya.

The first woman can’t believe what she’s seeing. The rabbit’s absurdly talented at painting — and it’s a rabbit! It really is skilled, says another woman. She couldn’t even paint that well. A third woman calls out to Tiana, who asks what her what she wants. “Would you please sell me that painting when it’s finished?”

Wait a moment, says the first woman. If she’s selling them then she wants it! Another woman says she wants one too, and Tiana nervously asks them to please wait. The large crowd of women press closer, and Tiana quickly whispers to Erik. She tells him that he’s extremely popular, and Erik is surprised. He tells her that he can paint as many paintings as they need. He’ll make a lot so they can sell a bunch. With a giggle, Tiana agrees and says she’ll sell as many of his paintings as she can. Erik’s paintings are better received than anticipated, and before they know it, they’ve collected all of the funds they need.


“We’re home!” Tiana joyfully announces. So they’re finally back, Lucia says. He asks how everything went. She tells them to take a look – they got all the funds! When she shows them their earnings from their performance, the others’ voices ring high with astonishment. Alfred’s jaws open wide in shock. He didn’t think Erik could do this much. Erik doesn’t get offended by this. He simply laughs and says it wasn’t just him. Tiana helped him out too. He thanks Tiana. He had so much fun today! Now that they’ve reached their goal, they should celebrate by going all out with a feast, Lucia pipes up.


Erik approves and says he’d like something sweet. Matheus wants a thick slab of steak, but Alfred interrupts them. They just got the money they needed. What will they do if they waste it? None of them value money. Tiana sides with everyone else, though. She doesn’t see the harm in it if they don’t spend too much. Besides, pinching pennies all the time can wear you out. Really? Alfred asks and she giggles. Yep. She’ll swing by the marketplace to do some shopping. Erik thanks her and then she makes a list of all the things they’d like to eat before heading out.


“Now then, Lucia wants fresh fish and Erik wants something sweet…”, Tiana muses aloud to herself. As she’s walking, her arms filled with a bunch of ingredients, she spies a familiar person approaching her. It’s Lotte. She’s stunned by how much food her friend is carrying, and she asks if she’s shopping for dinner. Yeah, they’ve got huge appetites. Lotte laughs and says the lion must eat a lot. But anyway, has she heard? Something terrible has happened in their neighboring Kingdom of Fasan. What happened? The King had only just recently passed away and now the four princes are nowhere to be found. They’re missing?! Tiana repeats, shocked. Lotte heard that the boat they were on had sunk and the accident took place a week ago. “A week ago? Then that must mean that they…” Tiana trails off while her friend reluctantly agrees that it’s not looking too good for them. Oh no…

Tiana may not have ever met them nor does she even know what kind of people they are, but it pains her to hear news of them all losing their lives in an accident. What’s going to happen to Fasan if his Majesty’s heirs, who were to succeed him, are gone? Lotte says that her brother said Fasan’s fifth prince, Prince Dirk, is safe. But he’s only fourteen years old and seems way too young for this. Lotte is worried about Fasan, but her brother said there’s a possibility that another war with Renard will happen. Tiana’s shocked. Lotte’s not too sure about it all, but her brother said Renard seems to be on the move. After the war had wrecked their country twenty years ago, they’d finally returned their town to the beauty it had once been; Lotte hopes that these fears of another war are unfounded.

They part ways, and on the road home, Tiana lets out a tiny sigh. Cattleya is a small country sandwiched between the more powerful nations of Fasan and Renard, and was often swallowed up in their numerous territorial disputes. Because Cattleya allied with Fasan, Renard hasn’t dared cross over their borders for the past twenty years. Stop it, Tiana chastises herself. Nothing’s happened yet. She strains a bitter smile and shoves aside her troubling thoughts.


Lucia contentedly says he’s stuffed and that the meal was delicious. And the cake after dinner was perfect, Erik says, thanking Tiana ⸜( ´ ꒳ ` )⸝♡︎ “I’m glad you all liked it,” she says. Oh yeah, she just heard about this a little while ago but, have they heard about the four Fasan princes who went missing? Lucia immediately cracks. He’s gotta go do some exercise in his room, later! Tiana tries to get him to stay, but then Matheus further confounds her by announcing that his stomach hurts because he might have been overeating, so he’s gonna go to bed now. Alfred’s also exhausted so he’s going to bed early tonight. Wait – don’t leave me behind! Erik cries out. “Y- you guys?” Poor Tiana calls out to them.

What on earth happened? They practically fled from the dining room to escape to the second floor. It’s almost like they didn’t even want to talk about the four princes…could they actually have something to do with the princes’ ship sinking – no, there’s no way. If they knew she doubted them they’d be disgusted with her. Tiana decides to retire early for the day so that she can head out to the apothecary as soon as possible the next day. She quickly cleans up and then heads to her room.


From Chapter 4

Tiana races through the gardens and hides behind a hedge, quietly peeking over it and back the way she’d come. She’s not sure what she’ll do if Klaus pursues her, but it seems like he gave up. She lets out a heavy sigh. “What is it, Tiana? Oh, are you playing hide and seek?” Erik asks her. Huh? Erik…! Didn’t he go home with Alfred and the others? About that, he says, looking put out. He got separated from them. The castle’s gardens are like a maze. Yeah, they sure are, she laughs. The Rosette Castle’s garden hedges are intricate in design, making it easy for those unfamiliar with them to get lost in. Erik cheerfully changes the subject to that of the parade. Wasn’t it fun? He should’ve dressed Caspar up for the — 

“Uh, Tiana? What’s wrong? You don’t look too good.” O-oh, sorry, she says. She’s probably a little worn out from all that’s been going on. She’d nearly zoned out too, but she quickly shakes her head and smiles. Really? Erik asks her if she didn’t like the parade. No, it’s not that she didn’t like it per say… It’s more like she was reminded that he and the others really are princes. Erik says her name, looking downcast. He apologizes for keeping quiet about the truth all this time. But he doesn’t want her to hate them.

Tiana laughs. It’s alright, she tells him. There’s no way she could ever hate them. Besides, Matheus was the one who said they would remain in Cattleya. Is Erik alright with that? Maybe he wants goes back to Fasan for a bit after all… Nope. Erik doesn’t want to go back home. He can stick together with Matheus and the others if he stays here. Plus, Catteleya’s much more fun than the Sardine Academy is. He likes her house, where there’s lots of flowers, and all of the meals she cooks are delicious. “And…I like you, Tiana.”


Tiana’s cheeks flush at Erik’s innocent smile. If he were a rabbit, she would’ve scooped him up into a tight hug without a second thought. RIP Tiana’s Kokoro 2021. “Oh? Someone’s coming over here.” She can hear footsteps behind them. When she turns around she sees an unfamiliar man rushing toward them. “Prince Erik! Oh thank God, you’re alright!” Erik is stunned. He didn’t think Berndt was still in Cattleya. Berndt says that he returned to Cattleya when he received the news. Oh, alright. He’s sorry for making him worry. He asks if his mother was worried too. Berndt doesn’t even bother to try and relieve Erik’s fears. He says his mother is worried sick about him and suggests he return briefly to show her he’s fine.

But Erik doesn’t want to. He’s not going home! “Prince Erik,” Berndt says. Erik tells Berndt to just tell his mom that he’s alright. “Very well. I shall be back to check on you again soon. Please, take care.” The man reverently bows his head before departing. Who was that? Oh, Berndt? “Um, he’s some high-ranking guy from Fasan and…he’s a little scary. I’m not very good at talking to him.” But Matheus gets along with him. Berndt is really skilled with a sword and is like Matheus’ teacher. Huh, so that’s how it is, Tiana says. Erik announces that he’s hungry and says they should go home. Tiana giggles. “Alright. Let’s get going then.”

Translation Woes: “Why do I think I can Nihongo?”

「うんしょ……うんしょ……っ」Jisho lists this as “huff” or “heave-ho.” I personally didn’t think they worked for Erik and I want to come up with something different instead of just relying on a dictionary… I shouldn’t be up so late trying to do this rofl.

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