✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Sylvio

Sylvio works at the apothecary next door to Klaus and seems to know Tiana from somewhere.

Here’s the guide I’m using. Sylvio is in black.

If you want to play in a different order than mine, you’ll need to keep the first four chapter translations open alongside the character route you want as I have used Matheus as a template for the common route.

Sylvio’s route can’t be played until you finish Lucia’s. You also must not pet the princes during his route.

All rights belong to Otomate.

*I’m not a professional translator. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes!

Sylvio CV: Takuma Terashima

From Chapter 1

Tiana thanks the last customer of the day for their business and stretches. She’s tired from working since the sun rose, but the kitchen still need to be tidied up. She hangs a ‘Closed’ sign on the shop’s door and heads back inside where Lotte says her assistance really made the day go by easier. In return, she gives Tiana her share in the form of a pouch filled with a wad of Cattleya Nelkes.

Tiana says it’s too much, but Lotte says she now has four animals to look after. It’s going to be hectic so this is just a little extra for today. That’s all. Tiana looks over to her friend’s parents in the kitchen and thanks them for their generosity. They’re happy to be of help and they’ll call on her again in the future. Tiana says she’s available anytime, and with the money and the bread they’d given her, she exits the bakery.

What did everyone ask her to buy again? When Tiana had first brought the animals home, she’d been worried sick about them. They were so weak they could hardly move. She thought maybe they’d regain their strength after tomorrow’s meal, but this morning proved they were getting better. They’re probably hungry and awaiting her return this very moment. It should be fine to prepare a more ‘proper’ meal for them today, so she’s going to go all out with her cooking skills.

“Meow.” Tiana is about to head for the marketplace when a black shape suddenly appears before her. She swallows back a startled scream. “G-god, that scared me. Oh, it’s just a cat…” The cat mews again, sounding as though it’s mocking her as it watches her release a deep sigh of relief. Tiana giggles and asks what’s wrong. Is it hungry? The cat meows in response, prompting her to wonder if it actually wants to play instead.

Tiana sits down in front of the friendly cat and it meows up at her. “Hi, may I pet you?” she asks. It has really pretty fur. The cat meows happily and Tiana thanks it. She places the cat on her lap and holds it in her arms. It mewls delightedly. Bruh the voice acting xD


That was fun, Tiana thinks to herself. She giggles. She lets out a contented sigh after petting the cat for a good while. “Meow.” It’s so cute. She wonders where its owner must be. She’d love to meet the cat again… Oh, right! She’s gotta stop by the market or they’ll sell out of all the food! Tiana jumps to her feet. Shopping completely slipped her mind. “See you later, kitty!” It mews back to her happily in reply, and Tiana waves goodbye as she rushes to the market. 


From Chapter 2

Recap: With a map hinting at a possible lead, Tiana heads down with Matheus to scope out the apothecary. This is where she first meets Sylvio.

“G-good afternoon!” Tiana says. She receives a welcoming call in return. What kind of medicine is she here for?


Tiana had been steeling herself for whatever this store might contain, what with the whole, “illicit dealings in black magic ” thing she’d been told about, but she falters, at a loss for words at the sight of a peculiarly amiable, beaming young man. He asks how he can be of help. Is she not feeling well? Tiana lies and says she has a sore throat. Ah, a sore throat? He has just the mixture for that. It’s super effective.😉The young man deftly plucks some medicine off of a shelf and then packs it into a bag for her. “Here you are!” Tiana thanks him and collects the bag from him. Then she pays him. The boy thanks her for her purchase and wishes her well.

Matheus immediately inquires about the bag when she steps out onto the street. Tiana apologizes to him. The shopkeeper was so kind and before she realized it, she’d purchased some ordinary cough medicine. Furious, Matheus demands she go back inside and be direct, not beat around the bush. She quickly turns on her heel and heads back into the store to face the shopkeeper once more. He cheerfully welcomes her to his store but stops when he sees she’s returned. What’s wrong? Did she leave something here?

Tiana apologizes before saying that she has a question for him. Oh, he knew it! He’s interested in her too. Can he have a second? What? A-alright….Tiana braces herself, unsure what he’s going to do. The young man suddenly grabs her by the waist, pulls her into a hug, and brings his nose close to her neck. Wh-what!? What is he…!? His breath tickles her neck; she squirms in his arms and he happily gazes down at her.

“You smell lovely. It’s a very…familiar scent.” Familiar…scent? *When she finally realizes that he’s sniffing her, her cheeks grow hot. He just smiles contentedly, not caring at all for her position. “I’m Sylvio. What’s your name?” Huh? Ah, erm… Tiana awkwardly says. “Tiana.” She’s not sure why, but she feels compelled to introduce herself to him. Sylvio flushes and smiles happily. Tiana? That’s a pretty name. He’s so happy that she came back to put the moves on him. Sylvio asks her to wait for him so he can close up shop. Where does she want to go to have fun? he asks as he cleans up the place. Tiana quickly shakes her head. No, this isn’t like that! What? That’s a shame. So then what’s she here for? “It’s about magic.” 


From Chapter 3

The next day.

Silvio welcomes a customer into his store, only to break out into a smile. Oh, Tiana! He was wondering who it could be. He’s so happy that she’s here to see him. Erm, no. She didn’t come here for him, Tiana quickly corrects him. She edges back, overwhelmed by his sheer positivity. Sylvio’s lips quirk playfully. “There’s no need to be shy. Come on, I think it’d be great if we dated.” 


D-date!? Sylvio says she must like him since she keeps making an effort of stopping by his shop, right? He likes her too, of course. “P-please wait. We only met yesterday.” Time doesn’t matter, Sylvio says. The most important thing is how they both feel…yeah? He takes her hand in his and tries to draw her closer to him, but she hastily pulls away from him. Tiana says he’s wrong about this. She’s here about the medicine she purchased from him the other day. Tiana wanted to try it out right away, but the medicine only worked for a few minutes. 

Sylvio’s disappointed that that’s why she’s here. The Gold Powder is a pretty complex medicine, he says. It’s difficult to mix one up that has long-lasting effects. R-really? Sylvio says it’s possible to make a higher quality powder, though it would take a few days to do so. It’s also triple the price. Triple?! What she’d bought the other day had cost her 50,000 Nelkes, and three times that amount would make 150,000 Nelkes. Her monthly allowance is nearly spent, what with the 50,000 she’d paid as well as the animals’ food expenses.

Even if she held out for next month’s allowance, it still wouldn’t be enough. Silvio asks if she wants them to mix it for her and she asks him to give her a moment. Tiana doesn’t have money on hand but maybe, if she can get the animals to work with her, she can find a way to earn the money. She’s not positive she can get it all right away, but given time… Tiana says she’ll buy it. She’ll scrape together the money somehow. Sylvio thanks her for her patronage. 


Recap: after discussing the money situation with the gang, Tiana is given the option to rely on one of them to find a way to cover the cost. 

She thinks she should try asking Sylvio for advice. What do they think? Sylvio? Lucia’s never heard of that name before. Who is this guy? Sylvio is the clerk at the apothecary, she says. Maybe she can trade him something else for the medicine that isn’t money. Trade him something else? Lucia trails off. Like what? Tiana says that someone came into the apothecary the other day to sell the herbs they’d gathered in the mountains. Perhaps she could give Sylvio a rare herb they need for the mixture? Alfred says he understands. So that’s what she meant. He thinks it might be worth checking out. Tiana giggles happily. That’s great. She’ll go ask him right away. 


“Good afternoon!” With everyone in agreement, Tiana hurries down to the apothecary to find Sylvio. He greets her with his usual, friendly smile. “Welc – oh, Tiana. That was fast. You already have the money?” Erm, not exactly. She’s actually here to ask him for advice. What? Has she finally made up her mind then? Made up her mind? Tiana asks, puzzled. “Why don’t we go book a church right now since dating’s such a pain? Where’d you like our new home to be?”


Sylvio is always joking around. Tiana strains a laugh and shakes her head. She’s here to ask him a favor regarding the Gold Powder purchase she made. She doesn’t have the money, so can she trade him something else instead for it? Maybe a rare herb? Sylvio curls a finger into his scarf. She wants to trade him herbs for the medicine? Wait, she’s not planning on going treasure hunting in the forest like Kurt, is she? It’s dangerous and he wouldn’t recommend it. 

Tiana understands, but she doesn’t have any other choice. Whatever then, Sylvio readily accepts her decision. If she can gather some Gold Flowers from the Kinnbart forest for him, then he’ll trade her the medicine. Gold Flowers? Tiana asks. Sylvio explains that they are an ingredient in the Gold Powder medicine and they only bloom at night. Oh, she gets it. So the apothecary procures their own ingredients by themselves. Okay, she’d like to do that then. Sylvio smiles. If she can bring him one hundred Gold Flowers, it’s a deal. It’s gonna be tough, so he good luck. Sure, she’ll do her best!


And that’s how it went, Tiana concludes. What do they think? Matheus closes his eyes and says he understands. “So instead of paying for the medicine with money, you can trade him the ingredients used in the Gold Powder?” Erik is really excited about the idea of a certain kind of flower only blooming at night. He wants them all to go down there as soon as it’s night time. 

All of them? Lucia balks. “I gotta come too!?” They’ll be able to find a lot of flowers if there’s a lot of them, Erik points out. Alfred agrees. However, there’s a problem. They only have enough powder to last them only forty-five minutes. Matheus says their animal forms doesn’t prevent them from searching. Let’s leave as soon as it’s night time. Lucia groans at the task ahead of them. This is such a pain. 


Later that night.

Erik perks up excitedly. “Are those the Gold Flowers!?” Erik pokes at a golden flower shining in the grass with his forepaw. Wow, Tiana marvels. It’s really glowing. It’s beautiful! “What the heck, it was that easy? This is nothing.” Alfred reminds him that they need to gather one hundred of them. It’s not going to be that easy after all. Precisely, says Matheus. He tells them to split up to search for more. Okay~ Erik agrees happily.

They wander through the forest in search of flowers that glow in the dark. Although the first one was easy to find, their hunt goes on for a while. They can’t locate any other flowers. Gathering a hundred of them might be more difficult than she expected. Tiana proceeds deeper into the woods, slowly growing impatient. That’s when – “Hey, hey, it’s dangerous that way. It’s too dark, don’t be so rash.” Tiana gasps. 

Her eyes widen when a shadow suddenly blocks her path. “Sylvio!? Wh-why are you here?” Oh, he was just curious. He wanted to see how things were going for her. Tiana inwardly wonders if he was actually worried about her. His concern makes her smile. Tiana holds out the flower to him. “Look, Sylvio. A Gold Flower. Is this it?” Ah, yep that’s the one. Still, finding a hundred of those is pretty tough, isn’t it? 

It sure is, Tiana says. Finding the first one was easy, but she can’t find anymore. Sylvio says that Kurt is lucky to pick thirty of them in one trip at best. What?! Tiana exclaims. If Kurt, who’s familiar with this forest, can only find that many of them, how on earth is she supposed to gather a hundred? Well, he came didn’t he? What? Sylvio tells her that he was thinking of lowering the price for her if she couldn’t afford the medicine, but he had no idea what they’d say to him if he had.

But if he wants to help her pick the flowers, he can do that. Right? Tiana thanks him and says she’ll take advantage of his offer, if that’s alright with him. “Yeah, leave it to me. This way, Tiana.” Ah, wait, Sylvio! He suddenly takes off. She calls out desperately for him, afraid to lose sight of him. He assures her that the path he takes is safe and that she’ll be fine if she follows him. 

Tree stumps and tree roots don’t appear to be an obstacle to him as he makes his way deep into the forest. Tiana can only try to keep up with him so as not to get left behind. “Sylvio, please. Slow down a little!” Damn, she sure is weak, Sylvio drawls. It’s gonna be difficult to pick lots of those flowers if they don’t go somewhere many people go. Tiana’s in the middle of telling him she knows that, when she suddenly feels as though she’s lost her own footing. Tiana squeaks. 

She tried to take another step forward with her right foot, only for it to fall through a pile of dead leaves and keep on sinking. Huh? Wh-what’s this!? “Tiana?” She screams as the ground beneath her collapses, and she thrusts a hand out toward Sylvio. “Whoa! Oh shit! Grab onto me, Tiana!” His powerful arms catch her, and in that moment she thinks, “I’m saved.” Sylvio struggles to hold her up, but it’s no use. They’re gonna fall! Tiana screeches. 

She feels like she’s weightlessly floating in midair for a brief second, and then she lands on her butt on the soft earth. “Oww,” she groans. Sylvio looses an annoyed sigh in the darkness, and Tiana realizes she’s the only one who took a bad fall. That scared him, he says. Is she alright? N-no, she’s fine. Somehow. She carefully brushes the dirt off of her. What is this place? The hole they fell through doesn’t seem too deep.

She can feel the cold, damp air in this place… The darkness and the sensation of pressure pushing down on her makes her so overwhelmed with fear that she nearly screams. But Sylvio gently wraps her hand between both of his. “Don’t be scared, it’s alright. I’m here, aren’t I?” Tiana says his name. He’s talking to her as though he can see her clearly in this darkness. Something catches his attention, and he tells her to look. Look? Look at what?

She’s about to tell him that she can’t see anything in the dark… until she notices their surroundings are faintly glowing. What? This light is… The moonlight shines down into the hole, and onto the patch of Gold Flowers, which glow. Tiana asks him if these are what she thinks they are. He excitedly says there’s no doubt that these are the very Gold Flowers they were searching for.


“Anyway, what the heck is this place!? I’ve never seen so many of ’em blooming before!” Tiana forgets whatever she was about to say as she gazes out over the mystical scene. Sylvio bets Kurt doesn’t know about this place. She got really lucky. Tiana laughs. Falling down here was terrifying, but she never imagined she’d find so many of these flowers. Ah, the power of plot convenience. Can she trade these to him for the medicine? ROFL Oh, this is plenty enough for that. “Thank goodness,” she sighs. It’s time to get picking! In no time, her basket is filled with flowers, and she and Sylvio smile approvingly at one another. 


Now that she’s gathered the Gold Flowers, she needs to find Matheus and the others. Aw, crap, says Sylvio. He’s gotta go. He’s sorry he couldn’t accompany her all the way back, but he’ll be waiting for her back at the apothecary. Tiana watches as he practically runs away from her, dumbfounded. She’d wanted to properly thank him but…maybe he had some business to attend to?

“Tiana!” Matheus calls. She strains her eyes through the dark and sees Matheus and the others racing toward her. Alfred asks where she went. They were worried when they didn’t see her and have been looking everywhere for her. “I-I’m so sorry. The truth is…” When she shows them the basket jam-packed with Gold Flowers, their eyes grow round with shock. 

Wow, that’s amazing! Erik breathes. Where did she find them!? “My foot slipped and I fell down a hole where all of these were blooming down there.” She slipped and what…!? Lucia exclaims. “Geez, don’t go off on your own to places like that. That’s dangerous.” Tiana apologizes for worrying them, and Alfred says that this should be enough flowers. Yep. She’s going down to buy the medicine first thing tomorrow. Tiana carefully carries the basket of Gold Flowers back home. She never told them that she had bumped in Sylvio in the forest.


From Chapter 4

“Good afternoon!” With the basket stuffed full of Gold Flowers in one hand, Tiana opens the door to the apothecary. Huh? Sylvio isn’t here. Maybe he went out somewhere? “Meow.” Tiana screams. Something touches her foot, and she looks down, surprised. A black feline with a stylish piece of cloth winding about its neck looks up at her. Oh, didn’t she see this cat downtown recently? It meows at her, and Tiana giggles. “I thought so. If you’re here, then that means the clerk is your owner, huh?”

Tiana crouches down before the friendly cat and asks it if she can groom its fur. The cat meows in affirmation (how do you know this Tiana!?) and she laughs. “Thank you.” She places the cat on her lap and holds it in her arms.


Tiana giggles to herself, marveling at how cute cats are. The cat purrs and nuzzles its forehead against her, and Tiana smiles. Oh, right. She’d completely forgotten she came here to buy the Gold Powder. But if Sylvio’s not here, she’ll have to come back later. “W-welcome!” Someone nervously welcomes her into the store, causing Tiana to shriek once more. She’d been about to leave when a woman practically materialized in front of her. Tiana jumps, frightened. 

She’s so sorry, she thought there was no one here, Tiana says. The woman apologizes and says that she’d been working in the back. Oh, so then she works here? “Um. Well…” she trails off. Tiana releases a sigh of relief. She’d thought she wouldn’t get to buy the medicine today. This person seems less confident than Sylvio, though. Hopefully it goes well. She tells her that she asked Sylvio to mix up a medicine that would keep an animal turned into a human for a long time. Oh, right, right. She’ll go get it for her. It should be somewhere around here…

There’s the sound of something falling, then the sound of glass breaking. The woman digs around the back of the shelves, sending several jars toppling down in the process. Tiana asks if she’s okay, and the woman exclaims that she’s got it, and she’s sorry for the wait. Here it is! The woman finally retrieves the gold powder and presents it to her.

Tiana asks if she can inquire about this medicine, and the woman frowns. Sure, what is it? A palmful of the first medicine she purchased only lasted around fifteen minutes, so will this one work? The woman arches a brow and asks if she’s calling her medicine cheap. No, of course not! Tiana shrinks back at her sudden anger, noting the woman’s appearance. She could be seeing things, but this lady is pretty suspicious. She kind of looks like how a witch might look.

May she ask another question? The woman nervously agrees. Did she make this medicine? Absolutely not, she’s just a salesclerk! “Anyway, it’s perfectly fine now so please don’t worry about it.” She thrusts out her hand, as if telling Tiana to hurry up and pay her, and in exchange for the money she forks over, the woman forcibly presses the medicine into her hands. Is this medicine really good? Tiana thinks to herself. She exits the shop carrying the medicine, feeling uneasy.

And it just only now clicked for me that Sylvio was a cat because they gave her the last powder they had on hand. 


Tiana races through the gardens and hides behind a hedge, quietly peeking over it and back the way she’d come. She’s not sure what she’ll do if Klaus pursues her, but it seems like he gave up. She lets out a heavy sigh. “What are you doing there, Tiana?” Lucia asks her. Huh? Lucia…! Didn’t he go home with Alfred and the others? He says he thought he was leading the way back, but they had already disappeared by the time he noticed. It’s easy to get lost in the castle gardens if you’re not familiar with the layout. Tiana says she occasionally spots tourists running about in confusion here… but if he can guide them, does that mean he’s been to Rosette Castle before? Yep. His mom was Cattleyan Royalty after all. What? She was!?

The current Pope is his grandfather. Because of his relation to him, he’s been to this castle countless times as a kid. Huh, so that’s why. Inwardly, she wonders if he’s ever met her somewhere before if he’s been here so much. She thinks back to when her mother was often summoned to the castle and how she would bring Tiana along with her. She tells him that the Rosette Castle gardens is where she first successfully controlled an animal with her whistle. Her first partner was a small, black kitten with a spot of white fur on its chest. The kitten was really fast, so she things never worked out.

At that moment, a black cat pads calmly past them. Oh, that’s right! She excitedly says. It was just like that one… Huh? She feels like she’s seen this cat before…


The cat takes one look at her and spins around, disappearing into the hedges. Th-that was the same cat that was onboard their ship! Lucia says. What? Their boat? So that’s the cat that sprinkled that weird powder on them all and cursed them!? “I’m sure that’s the witch’s familiar. Let’s catch it!” Right! She and Lucia chase the cat around the garden. But it slips through their fingers and leaps along the hedges, looking almost as if it’s mocking them. 


Lucia struggles to catch his breath, exclaiming how fast it is. Tiana laments how close she was to getting the cat into range of her whistle’s notes. This sucks, but it looks like they’ll have to give up for today, Lucia says. Y-yeah. The next time she sees it, she’s going to use her whistle on it. They glance at each other and sigh heavily. Well, it’s time they head back, he says. Alfred and the others probably beat them to it. “Oh? Wait a second, Lucia. It looks like someone’s coming over here.”

The sound of footsteps causes Tiana to glance over her shoulder. She sees an unfamiliar man rushing toward them. “Prince Lucia!” Oh, it’s Berndt, says Lucia. Berndt is so relieved to him alive and well. Well, more or less, Lucia says. A lot of stuff has happened but their lives aren’t in danger. Did he come all this way just to bring Matheus back home? That was his intent, but Matheus wouldn’t listen to him. He insisted he had to remain in Cattleya at all costs.

Lucia would just be wasting his breath if he tried to persuade him to listen. Once Matheus decides something, he won’t budge from it no matter what. Yes, he’s right, says Berndt. The moment Matheus says he’s going to do something, he won’t listen to anyone. “Prince Lucia, do you also mean to stay here? Ms. Charlotte is terribly worried about you…” Yeah, that’s the plan. Lucia asks Berndt to let her know he’s doing fine when he gets back to Fasan. Berndt sees he has no other choice in the matter. “Very well. I shall be back to check on you again soon. Please, take care,” he solemnly says. The man reverently bows his head before departing. Who was that?

Lucia tells her that Berndt is Fasan’s Prime Minister and he was his dad’s right-hand man. He played a pivotal role in the overwhelming victory against the Renard Empire twenty years ago. What? He had such a gentle air about him though. She had no idea he was that amazing… “Nah-uh. He may look nice but the guy’s really strict.” He further explains that Berndt is Matheus’ fencing instructor and the rumors say that no one on this entire continent can best him in a sword fight. Is that so? 

Lucia says it’s time they hurry back home. He used up all his stamina chasing that cat and now he’s starving. Tiana laughs. Alright. Let’s go home, Lucia. They shrug, then leave the Rosette Castle.


Translation Woes AKA “Why do I think I can Nihongo?”



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