Final Fantasy XV Official Works Limited Edition

Mistakes were made.

If you’ve come across my blog at any point, there’s probably been a mention of Final Fantasy XV in one of my posts. XV was the first Final Fantasy game I ever completed and, for many personal reasons, is my favorite video game. During its second anniversary stream, director Hajime Tabata resigned and all of the upcoming DLC was cancelled. Instead of scrapping it entirely, they released them in the form of a novel called Dawn of the Future.

I expected this book to be the last official new merchandise we would get from XV. Which brings us to a surprising new art book that was released this year. There are two versions: the Official Works Limited Edition, and the standard release. I originally decided not to purchase the Limited Edition version because it’s so expensive. But I caved and preordered it months in advance. As I always do when it comes to XV.

So before I regret all my life choices, let’s take a look at this beautiful set. Please excuse my poor lighting and limited desk space.


The clam-shell case comes shrink-wrapped and is quite hefty. The material doesn’t feel cheap and it looks absolutely gorgeous on display. Opening the flaps feels smooth but sturdy.

ffxv book coverffxv 2

There’s a noticeable smell on the product, almost like plastic, and there was some dust inside of each of the cutouts. I believe it will fade away, as it wasn’t too strong and it seemed to disappear after handling the book for a while. Removing the art book, Lover’s journal and the acrylic stand is easy to do. They all fit snugly inside of their casings and I don’t think they’ll easily fall out on their own. There is foam inside of the covering, helping to hold each piece in place.


Beneath is a stunning reproduction of the XV logo of Noctis and Luna embossed in glorious holographic detail.

ffxv4 I didn’t want my fingerprints all over the acrylic stand so here’s what it looks like on top of the art book. Again, my lighting truly doesn’t do this justice. The stand doesn’t feel like a lot of the other acrylic stands I’ve purchased in the past, which are usually thin and fragile. This one is a thicc boi and the stand you place it into is says Final Fantasy XV in bold black letters. 


Here we have a replica of the Lover’s journal that Luna and Noctis use to communicate with each other throughout the game. I’m not too sure what material the cover is made of, but it seems to be some kind of faux leather. The gold design is not embossed.

lovers notebook

(The gel wrist-support is a paper-weight, apologies.) As for the journal’s paper, it’s thin and appears prone to bleed-through. I can easily see the shadow of my finger through it. I don’t think I’ll be using this for actual writing, considering just how delicate the pages are.

lovers notebook pages

Lastly, the end-pages have some art on them. This is the back.

lovers notebook endpages

Now let’s take a look at the art book itself. The cover is soft and smooth to the touch. It feels almost like the clamshell case, but much more durable. A silver ribbon bookmark is included, matching the overall aesthetic. I was initially hesitant to get this because the cover is white and that can’t be good for attracting dirt, but it’s gorgeous nonetheless. I think it’ll be easy to take care of and clean, especially since you can pop it right back into its case. The Official Works title here seems to be a separate piece of paper that they glued down onto the cover.

ffxv artbook

The book itself boasts around 209 pages of high quality, glossy photo paper. The book lies flat and the spine didn’t crack when I opened it. The sheen isn’t too shiny and the colors are rich and vibrant. Here’s a look at some of the artwork within:

ffxv art 1ffxv art 5ffxv art 4

The art book details all of the chapters in the game with accompanying screenshots and summaries. It also includes lore, a section on Comrades, character designs from the Brotherhood anime adaptation and the Kingsglaive movie, party dialogue and more.

ffxv art 2

Each Episode is included as well.

ffxv art 3

There are also interviews with the staff in regards to the production of the game, the DLC and a lot more.

ffxv interview

And finally, we have the Queen herself, Yoko Shimomura, who really needs no introduction.

ffxv yoko interview

That’s all I’m going to share from the art book, but I hope this gives you a good idea of what it includes. I personally think this is a fantastic purchase for any Final Fantasy fan. However, the steep price tag might be a deciding factor in your choice between the regular art book and the Limited Edition. Since this is my favorite game, I bit the bullet and got it. 

If you’d like to get a copy of the Limited Edition for yourself, you can pick it up here using my affiliate link. The regular edition can be purchased here. As far as I can tell, the art books are exactly the same. The only difference is the Limited Edition has a different cover and comes in a special case bundled with the journal and acrylic stand.

4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV Official Works Limited Edition

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      Hi, Krystallina! Hope you’re well!

      Yeah… I definitely had to save up for this one and cancel other purchases I’d looked forward to. I think the set’s price will likely drop, as you said, since the timing is really odd and I doubt it will sell out that fast. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’re able to get a copy 🙂

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