✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Extra Side Story

Warning! The Ex Side Story depicts a tale following the ending of the main campaign of Beastmaster and Prince. As such, it is recommended that you play this after completing the main campaign.

*The only choice you will make is who you will check on, so there is no guide. I have divided this post into pages based on the order of characters in the selection menu from the common route.

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Tiana is awakened by the chirping of sparrows. She gets out of bed and stretches from head to toe. She yawns, noting that it’s already morning. She needs to hurry and get breakfast ready. After getting dressed, she opens her bedroom door.


Oh? Are the others awake? It’s pretty noisy. Tiana strains her ears, listening to the voices coming through the walls. She throws the door open when she realizes who it is.


Klaus is telling Matheus that he needs him to go out today, as arrangements have been made to escort he and his brothers down to Fasan and Sardine. Matheus sneers at Klaus and says that was quite selfish of him. He had no intention of asking Klaus to do that. They’re the ones who are being selfish, Klaus retorts. Matheus is now the King of Fasan. He no longer has any reason to remain in Cattleya. He’s also received word from Fasan asking that the princes return at once. They’re probably under the impression that Cattleya is detaining them.

Everyone in Fasan would actually think that Klaus was detaining them, says Matheus. What? What does he mean by that? “Simple. You asked us to stay here.” He’ll be looking after Cattleya until things have settled down. If Klaus has any objections, he’d like him to speak up. “You bastard! How dare you—the nerve!” Klaus snaps. Matheus reminds him that Fasan and Cattleya are allies. Cattleya’s next Pope has taken the throne, and the people around him would like Matheus to keep an eye on him until he has settled into his new role. Is there something weird about that?

*If he wants to wave around his justifications he can get out of this house and stay at Rosette Castle! 


Royalty staying at a commoner’s house is absurd! How about they take a moment to consider the way they’re inconveniencing Tiana? No, he’s the one waving around justifications, says Matheus. If Tiana said they were a burden to her, he’d be open to considering staying at the castle. Even if Klaus’ personal feelings are what’s causing him to try and drive them out of her house, it’s pointless. His personal feelings!? Klaus yells. Does Matheus not understand his own position?

Security measures can be adjusted accordingly for them at the Rosette Castle, but should something happen to them in a place like this, they can’t deal with the matter. Well, isn’t he a sophist? Matheus quips. If someone were capable of badly injuring either him or Alfred, would the castle soldiers even be able to fight them? Klaus scowls and says Matheus always has to have the last word. 

Tiana calls out for the two of them to wait a moment, but she misses her chance to speak up. When she sees that Klaus is about to grab Matheus, she rushes to cut between the two men. “Stop it, both of you! It’s too early to be fighting!” They’re not fighting, Matheus grumbles. This guy’s just doing what he wants and is trying to kick them out. Klaus turns to Tiana and asks if she could clear things up for him. What? C-clear things up? 

Klaus says that everything is over and Gerda’s curse has been resolved. There’s no longer any reason for her to look after these guys. Okay, that’s true, but… Tiana falters. The door opens and Lucia appears, yawning loudly. “Mornin’, Tiana,” he mumbles. She greets him in return and remarks on how he’s up rather early today. Lucia says he was so hungry he woke up. He begs her to hurry up and feed him something. Tiana giggles and agrees. She’ll get things ready so just wait a moment.

“Tiana. Are you even listening!?” She fumbles for something to say, eventually settling on an apology to Klaus. Before she realized it, making meals for the princes and living her life with them had become the norm. Klaus angrily says that they’ve won her over because she’s such a kind-hearted person. If she doesn’t like it then she should say so. And if she does speak up, then he’ll… But Klaus doesn’t get to finish his sentence. Lucia interrupts him to ask what the heck he’s talking about so early in the morning. He trying to kick them outta here?

Oh, he certainly is, Matheus says. Erik makes a contemplative sound in reply. He can’t very well ignore that. Tiana gasps. How long has he been here!? Erik says he was in the courtyard watching Alfred’s morning training session when things started getting loud inside. He came back to see what was going on. Lucia repeats what he said dubiously. Erik was…watching Alfred’s morning training? Is that fun? Fun? Erik asks in a delighted tone. His expression twists mischievously as he recounts how confused Alfred was when the amount of weights he was lifting increased and when he had secretly upped Alfred’s number of sit ups. All without his brother noticing. 

It was so much fun watching Alfred’s expression as he gave his workout everything he had. His face practically read, “Huh? That’s odd.” “Y-you’re…” Lucia says. *Alfred’s a gentle guy and easy to mess with. He thinks Erik’s gone out of control. Not at all, says Erik, adding that he’d rather Lucia not talk about him as if he was some kind of bully. He only wanted to treasure his precious time together with his dear, older brother 😂. Lucia turns to Matheus. He’s the eldest sibling so he should say something about his little brother’s behavior.

Matheus tells Lucia not to dump the task onto him. It’s Alfred’s fault he was unaware of what was happening anyway. Lucia should handle this himself if he’s so worried about Alfred. “This ain’t a joke!” Lucia snaps. Alfred somehow managed to survive because he’s Alfred. But if Lucia had been in his position he wouldn’t have made it through a single day! “Ugh, I can’t take this anymore. Stop complaining,” Erik sighs. They don’t have time to be talking about that now, do they? Hm? Oh, that’s right, Lucia says. What were they talking about again?

Klaus pushes up his glasses. They were discussing how he wanted them to leave Tiana’s house soon, Prince Lucia, he respectfully says. Huh!? What the hell? “You’re seriously gonna kick us out!?” H-hold on, Lucia, Tiana interjects. She’s never wanted to kick them out at all! “Tiana. You’re fine so just be quiet,” Klaus rebukes her and she murmurs his name. Well if Klaus is serious about this then Erik has some ideas of his own. Ideas? Klaus asks.2021-04-02-022706

Tiana’s place is much more comfortable than Rosette Castle. As for security concerns, Matheus already told him that there’s no point in them staying at the castle. Though Klaus may be correct in that they’re taking advantage of her kindness, it’s not like it will take them very long to return to Fasan or Sardine. Can’t he overlook this? Klaus’ glasses flash. And if he said that was unacceptable, Klaus asks.

Fasan could put pressure on Cattleya by utilizing the fullest extent of their diplomatic privileges, Erik states. Klaus gasps. Lucia snaps at Erik. He can’t just turn this into a diplomatic problem for Cattleya! So Lucia’s saying he’s fine with being thrown out? Erik asks. Well no, but Erik shouldn’t have gone that far. Matheus says that Erik is far more willing than he is to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He’s a scary guy…

“…Very well. If you insist, I’ll head back to Rosette Castle and call for an emergency meeting…” Klaus says. Wait, Klaus! Tiana cries. She knows what he wants to say, but they’re really not bothering her. “I’m the one who found them all at the marketplace and I want to watch over them until the end.” Lucia speaks up and says they’re not some dog or cat she picked up. Matheus points out that their situation hasn’t exactly changed, though.

She means it? They aren’t troubling her? Klaus presses. They aren’t, she says. And if he’s worried then he can stay with her too. She doesn’t mind. “…Alright. If this isn’t a problem, then I’ll say no more.” He smiles. Tiana’s always been a pushover and he thought she couldn’t speak up when something was bothering her. He was just concerned. 

Tiana giggles happily and thanks him. If there’s a problem she’ll turn to him for help. Please do, he says. But do so before things can’t be fixed. She nervously agrees. “Hm? Everyone’s here. Did something happen?” Alfred! Tiana exclaims. She says good morning to him and asks if he finished his morning training. Oh, yeah. For now…but he’s afraid he seems to have gotten weaker recently. His training regiment is the same as always, and yet it took him a really long time to complete.

Oh? Is that so? Erik drawls. Then he’ll wake up early tomorrow morning to assist him. What? Alfred begins. Is that alright with him? Of course! Helping him train is very enjoyable. Alright, he says. He apologizes for the trouble, but he’s happy to hear that. Erik laughs and smiles like a gremlin. He’s happy too. They’re brothers so they need to get along. (Note: The way Erik talks here is used to purposefully make him sound cute and innocent. I’m surprised he hadn’t been cursed into a fox.)

“Hey, shouldn’t we stop this, Matheus?” Lucia asks, but Matheus says he told him to let it go. He’s up against Alfred. This could actually be good for Erik. If Lucia is saying that he’s willing to get in Erik’s way and have his anger directed at him, Matheus can help him with that. “No, no, no! No one’s saying that at all!” 😂

Tiana watches the scene unfold before her, finding it heartwarming. Inwardly, she tells her self that it feels like she can be together with them for forever…but they’ll soon be returning to Fasan and Sardine. She looses a small sigh, careful not to draw attention to herself. Erik then changes the subject. Isn’t be about time they had breakfast? “Tiana. If you haven’t finished getting it ready, may I help you?”

Oh! She’s so sorry! She didn’t realize how late it was! Just hang on, she’ll hurry and get something ready! What? Sylvio says. It’s not done? Oh well, he’ll help her too. Tiana agrees to let him assist her, only to gasp. Wait, when did Sylvio get here!? He says that no one answered him while he was at the front door so he let himself inside. Ah, that explains it. She’s sorry she wasn’t there—she was a little caught up.2021-04-02-211935

Lucia comments that they sure got a lot of visitors at this ungodly hour. What’s Sylvio here for anyway? To eat breakfast, he answers. What!? Don’t be stupid, this ain’t some restaurant! Just last night Sylvio said he came for supper and now he’s boldly letting himself in! Sylvio asks if they aren’t all doing the same thing by staying at her place. Tiana doesn’t mind one more animal, right?

Y-yeah, she says. It’s not like he came in through her window like he did last night. So long as he comes in through the front door, she doesn’t mind. Sylvio laughs and apologizes for that. It’s polite to walk in through the front, although it’s not exactly his style. When he finds narrow gaps or places that don’t look like he can fit through them, it becomes an irresistible challenge to him.

Unbelievable. This guy is going to be frequenting her place? Klaus asks, incredulous. It’s more fun eating with lots of people—she cuts off mid-sentence, confused. There’s the sudden, uncomfortable sensation of something stuck in her throat. Tiana coughs, prompting Klaus to worriedly ask if she’s alright. Did she catch a cold? Alfred asks. Maybe, she says. Her throat was sore last night…

A sore throat? Isn’t that the exact symptoms for a cold? Sylvio asks. Good Lord, Tiana, says Matheus. Why did she keep quiet about that? Yeah! Lucia says. What if she pushed herself and she got worse!? Huh? W-wait! They haven’t actually determined if she even has a cold! Lucia says it’s fine and to stay where she is. He tells her that he’s going to take her temperature and reaches a hand out toward her. But someone else suddenly raises their arm, effectively blocking Lucia. 

“Hold on, Lucia. Why are you trying to touch her?” Erik asks, glaring. He’s thinking of doing something like gazing into her eyes while he takes her temperature, isn’t he? Lucia sputters. I-it’s not like he said that while having any ulterior motives in mind! Really? Erik says. Then he’ll let Lucia do it since he’d do so with impure motives 😂. What!? What the heck are you saying? Lucia exclaims. 

Erik’s voice becomes suggestive for Cero D. He doesn’t think he can get a reading of her temperature from just from his hand. Can he hold her real tight? Tiana is stunned. Pardon!? Matheus scratches his neck and says that wouldn’t work even if he acted like a kid and asked her sweetly. More importantly, he can’t let her stay on her feet if she feels unwell. Matheus is right, says Alfred. He tells her to go lie down and leave the cooking to them.

What? B-but she… Erik happily agrees. He’ll stay with her to take care of her and insists she take it easy. Sylvio awkwardly says he doesn’t think anyone could sleep well with Erik intently watching them. Matheus tells Tiana to speak up if she ever gets cold and can’t sleep. He’ll crawl into bed with her and warm her up. Klaus dares him to try it. He’ll round up the entire Cattleyan army and drive him out of her house. What did he say? Matheus asks.

Tiana pleads with everyone to wait. Her throat only hurts a little bit so she believes she can manage breakfast. Matheus says he’ll carry her to her room and lock her in it if she’s going to be difficult. He’ll what!? Tiana exclaims. Matheus doesn’t budge, though. He tells her that it’s fine and to do as she’s told. It’ll be a problem for everyone if she collapsed. Wait, that’s not the right way to phrase that, he says. He explains that they’ll be too worried about her to get anything done if she’s not feeling well. 

She says his name in reply. Alfred says they’ll bring her meal to her room when they finish making breakfast. He’d like her to rest easy until then. Alright, she will since they’re so insistent. Sylvio volunteers to escort her upstairs, but Lucia angrily cuts in. Hell no he isn’t! He’s going to help them cook breakfast! Huh? Why the heck does he gotta do that? “Shut up, you two,” Erik says in an elegant tone. If they’re going to keep on making a fuss right next to her, he’ll—Lucia panics. Okay, okay! He knows! “Hey, let’s go, Sylvio!” “H-hey, wait! Don’t leave me alone with him!” 


Tiana reluctantly climbs back into bed. She’s really not that sick and yet everyone’s so over-protective of her. She strains a laugh and then sighs. Her body suddenly trembles. Huh, she thinks. It’s almost like she has the chills. She’d thought this wasn’t really anything, but maybe she does have a fever after all. She lies down and closes her eyes, then slowly drifts off to sleep.


“…There. It’s done,” Alfred says. Looks like some good soup, Lucia remarks, surprised. Erik asks him to hold on. Doesn’t he think it needs more vegetables? I-it does? Of course! People who come down with a cold need vegetables. Erik adds that he thinks there are way too many sausages in the soup. He should replace them with lots of carrots and potatoes instead. Wait, says Matheus. Tiana won’t be able to recover her strength if all she eats are vegetables. They need to throw in more meat.


What is he talking about? Won’t that be bad for her digestion? Erik argues. Sylvio pipes in to say he really doesn’t care what they do, but they should get a move on so he can bring it to her. Right, Alfred agrees. She’s probably hungry. Klaus announces that he brought some bread back from his place. Soup alone isn’t going to be enough. Whoa, that’s amazing. It’s freshly baked, Sylvio says. Welp, he’s off to bring this to her. Lucia quickly reacts. “Hold your horses! I’m not handing this job over! I’ll bring it to her!”

Nah, he can’t let Lucia do it, Sylvio says. Huh? Wh-why not? Because he’s got a feeling that Lucia will trip on his way up the stairs and spill the food everywhere. Hey! Lucia snaps. Don’t call him uncoordinated! “Quiet.” Matheus tells them to stop fighting over something like this. “Give it to me. I’ll take it to her,” Klaus says. Lucia yells at him to hold on.


He’s coming in, Klaus says as he opens Tiana’s bedroom door. The soup’s ready, Lucia adds, only to pause. What? Erik whispers. Is she asleep? It looks like it, Matheus speaks softly. He knew she wasn’t feeling well. What the heck, after they just made it for her and everything, Sylvio mutters. Lucia tells him not to talk all smug when he didn’t do anything. Erik chuckles. “She has a cute face when she’s asleep.” He wants to stay here and stare at her. Sylvio reminds him he told him not to do that. What if her cold worsens? Erik raises his voice sharply. What did he mean by that!? Alfred warns them to be quiet. She’s sick. They should leave. Erik whispers to Tiana, wishing her well, and Lucia tells her to get better soon.


*Knock, knock.* Hm? Tiana thinks she heard something. There’s another rap on her door. “Tiana? Are you awake? I’m coming in.” She startles, recognizing the voice. Right as she sits up, someone enters her room. It’s Gerda. She apologizes, thinking she woke Tiana. Tiana is stunned. What’s she doing here all of a sudden? Sylvio called her. He said she caught a cold and wanted her to mix up a medicine for her. Oh, so that’s why… Tiana apologizes. Gerda came all this way and she can’t even serve her tea.

Gerda sighs, exasperated. She tells her Tiana that doesn’t need to worry about that. The sick need to behave and sleep. R-right, Tiana says. At Gerda’s prompt, she lies back down. She knew she had a fever, the apprentice witch says. Tiana’s face is bright red. But not to worry. So long as she drinks her specially prescribed cold medicine, she’ll be back to better in no time. Tiana panics. She mixed up a cold medicine!? What? Gerda snaps, glaring. Why’s she making that face? Does she doubt her skills? N-no, that’s not it!

Sure, she doesn’t have any skill or talent as a witch except for when it comes to mixing up medicines. She’s been selling all sorts at that apothecary and she hasn’t had so much as a single complaint. Tiana’s reminded of Lotte telling her that Gerda’s medicine has a good reputation. “Here. Please take it. I formulated this specially for you,” she says, pulling a small bottle out of her pocket and placing it beside Tiana’s pillow. It’s alright to drink this? Tiana asks.


That’s right. It has a rather unique taste but she’ll have to just deal with it. Tiana inwardly comments on how the color isn’t exactly appetizing. Gerda said the flavor is distinct, though. Come on, bottoms up, Gerda urges. She can’t go home until she’s certain Tiana’s drank it all. Determined, Tiana grabs the small bottle and empties the contents down her throat. She cringes. It’s bitter. Gerda giggles. She was a little worried when she heard she caught a cold, but now she’ll be fine. Tiana murmurs Gerda’s name, watching as the apprentice witch carefully tucks the covers around her. She doesn’t know why, but Tiana feels like a kid again.

“You’re kind of like…a mother today,” Tiana says. Gerda is caught off-guard and tells her not to say strange things. A mother! She scoffs, blushing. Tiana quickly apologizes. She’s right. Gerda’s not much older than herself so that would be weird… Gerda smiles and says she’d be happy to spoil her a little. Spoil her? Tiana repeats, confused. Gerda explains that Tiana is always shouldering too many things. She should keep in mind that she can use others. Tiana laughs. Gerda really does seem like a mother when she talks like that.

Gerda crosses her arms and flushes. In a stern voice, she threatens to drug her with something else if she’s going to make fun of her. Tiana’s PTSD intensifies. “I-I’m so sorry! I was only kidding!” Inwardly, Tiana thinks about how it’s been forever since she last caught a cold. While her body aches terribly, she’s glad that there are people who are worried about her. Tiana closes her eyes to that thought and is overcome by drowsiness. Gerda giggles and says the medicine seems to have worked. Tiana should feel much better when she wakes up. “Good night, Tiana.”


Tiana wonders how long it’s been since she fell asleep from Gerda’s cold medicine. She’s dreaming before she realizes it. Perhaps she’d been in and out of a light sleep because she can’t remember what happened in that dream, but she knows it was very strange.


Lucia screams. Sylvio yells for someone to come to Tiana’s room. Alfred slams her door open, demanding to know what happened. Lucia says they’ve been looking everywhere but they’re gone. Gone? Who is he talking about? “Isn’t it obvious? Tiana!” Sylvio exclaims. What!? She’s missing? Alfred gasps. Tiana opens her eyes in a fluster as Lucia’s words echo throughout her room. Tiana’s disappeared? Is that true? Matheus asks. Yeah, Sylvio says as he pulls at his scarf. She didn’t answer when they knocked on her door, so they entered her room but she wasn’t there.

It looks like she isn’t here, Matheus agrees. What about the other rooms? Klaus says he already checked the first floor: she’s not in the kitchen or the courtyard either. Erik checked all the rooms on the second floor but it seems like she’s not in the house. Did she really do something this ridiculous? Matheus asks. They’re saying that she managed to leave the house without telling anyone when she’s been sick in bed? Alfred says it would be fine if she left on her own volition, but…shouldn’t they consider the possibility that she was kidnapped?

Lucia chokes. Kidnapped!? Erik chuckles. He doesn’t know how they did it, but if someone really did kidnap her then they have guts. “I wonder how should I torture them?” Sylvio says this is the first time he’s seen eye to eye with Erik. As an enemy, Erik is terrifying. But he’s an extremely reliable ally. Hey, this isn’t the time to be talking about that sorta stuff! Lucia says. She could be in danger while they’re standing around! “Don’t panic. It’s times like these that we must calmly assess the situation,” says Matheus. Exactly, says Klaus. First, he’ll mobilize all of the Rosette Castle soldiers to search for her. If there’s another option, then they must quickly…

Tiana, meanwhile, is thoroughly confused. What on earth is everyone going on about? She’s missing? She’s right here! Or maybe she’s actually dreaming right now. She sits up and slips out of bed. Matheus and the others all look about ready to make a dash out of her room. “Lucia, you’ll house-sit. Everyone else, follow me,” Matheus orders. Alfred agrees and urges everyone to go when Matheus suddenly startles. What was that? Klaus asks. 

Alfred wonders if he’s imagining things, but he thought he heard Tiana’s voice. “No, you’re not imagining it! I definitely heard her!” Sylvio assures him. Lucia’s voice becomes shrill. Hey! Where is she? Where is she at? Tiana says, miffed. She’s been here this entire time! Klaus practically chokes. W-WHAT!? Sylvio cries. “I don’t believe it!” Alfred gasps.


Confused, Tiana asks what’s wrong. This voice, Matheus says. Is it really her? Lucia starts freaking out. What the hell is going on!? We’re not all dreaming or something, are we? Sylvio asks. Erik doesn’t understand what happened but there’s no mistaking that this is her voice. Tiana apologizes awkwardly. How long has it been? It looks like she’s been in bed for a long time… Oh, but thanks to all of them, it looks like she’s gotten over her cold! Gerda’s medicine truly did the trick—

Matheus can’t believe it but it looks like this is really happening. Y-yeah, says Alfred. He didn’t think this would… What’s wrong? Tiana thinks to herself. They’ve all been acting so strangely. “Tiana. Do you understand what’s going on right now?” Klaus asks her. Huh? What does he mean? Klaus tells her to take a good look at herself. Tiana puzzles over that. What? Well, now that he mentions it, when did her bed get so big? It’s not just her bed, either. All of them seem oddly huge, too. 

Tiana immediately holds both of her hands in front of her face. And what catches her eye is—What are these!? *Paws!?” Please calm down and listen, says Matheus. Right now she…well, somehow she’s turned into a cat. Thanks, Captain Obvious. Wh-what!? Tiana cries. These paws, this bushy fur and this long tail. N-no way. She can’t—Tiana screeches at the top of her lungs.

Lucia flinches. He tells her to calm down. Why!? Why did this happen to her!? “Tiana, I understand how you feel but you must compose yourself,” says Klaus. Things aren’t going to improve no matter how much noise she makes over this. Sylvio adamantly disagrees. There’s not a single person out there who wouldn’t make a fuss over this! Well this…is pretty similar to when they were cursed, says Alfred. Oh no. What if she got some of that Gold Powder on her!?

Erik can’t think of any other possibility, but who would do something like this to her? There’s no one else in this house besides them. However, if there were someone who did this… “Hey, hey, hey! What’d you look at me for?” Sylvio asks. Because he’s the only one to be suspicious of in this situation and he’s the one who sprinkled the Gold Powder on them to begin with. That was all Gerda’s orders and he was forced to do it! He didn’t have a choice! 

Oh yeah, Lucia angrily says. Earlier, Sylvio was saying something like, “I wonder if she’d turn into cat too if I sprinkled the Gold Powder on her.” Sylvio winces. He thought they knew it was just a joke! She’s in bed because she’s sick! There’s no way he’d do something horrible like use that as his chance to sprinkle the powder on her! And does he expect them to find his claim trustworthy? Klaus demands. His glasses flash as he says that he’d be fine with locking Sylvio up in the castle dungeons where he’ll live his days never to see the sun again, depending on the circumstances. 

Just a moment, Klaus, says Matheus. Luckily for them, they already have a way to break this curse. If Tiana was cursed with the Gold Powder, then they can turn her back to normal using the same method. Tiana muses over what he said. Her mind had gone blank, but Matheus’ words brings her to her senses. Y-yeah, that’s right. She many not know how this happened to her, but they already have a way to break the curse. The thought quickly comforts her, and she smiles at everyone in an attempt to reassure them.

“I’m sorry guys. All I ever do is worry you all.” There’s no need for her to apologize, says Matheus. And…a cat, huh? What? Matheus looks at her and says that he’d also wondered what animal she’d turn into if she were to use the powder. This is a little surprising though. Wait, Matheus, says Klaus. This is really the effect of the Gold Powder? The explanation isn’t persuasive. 

Well, it’s true that cats and mice don’t get along, says Sylvio. Klaus huffs. He can only think that it’s a mistake that he’s really a mouse. Really? says Matheus. He thought it a mouse fit him perfectly. It was strangely convincing. Klaus curses at him. How dare he say that, when he was the who dragged everyone into this mess! Lucia tries to calm Klaus down. They should let bygones be bygones. Right? Erik admits he’s also a little taken aback by the fact that the curse turned her into a cat. He was certain they’d both turn into rabbits. Alfred thought she’d turn into a dog. No, no way! Lucia says. She wouldn’t be a dog!

Don’t they think she’d be a tiny bird? That way she’d get along with ducks! Ah, says Sylvio. So she can leave the flightless duck behind, he means? Sh-shut-up! Lucia thinks ducks could possibly fly too if they put in enough effort! 😂 Either way, cats and lions are friends. Matheus says that he and Tiana are pretty similar in nature. Erm, well… Matheus and the others stare at her in her cat form, their growing imaginations seemingly flitting from one thing to the next. 

Tiana notes that they seem to be enjoying this turn of events, although she’d personally rather she get back to normal right away. She doubts she’ll be able to cook or clean like this. Sylvio, however, hasn’t said a word. Tiana asks him what’s wrong. He grins. Oh, nothing. He just thought her as a cat was also super cute. (o>艸<)


Excuse him!? Tiana exclaims, and Lucia quickly tells him that this is really not the place to be saying that. It’s the curse’s fault she’s like this. What’s he talking about? Sylvio says. Lucia’s the most infatuated with her, isn’t he? I-it’s not like he thinks she’s like, cute or anything, Lucia mumbles, averting his gaze from Tiana’s. “You’re a terrible liar. Your face is all red, Lucia,” Matheus teases. Shut it! Lucia says. Don’t blab about everything! Erik asks if he can be the first to touch Tiana. What? Touch her!? Lucia exclaims.

She’s so adorable he can’t just look at her, Erik says. Alfred agrees, blushing. To be honest, he’d also like to touch her. Hold up, Sylvio cuts in. When it comes to cats, he’s the most familiar with where it feels nice to be touched. Shouldn’t he show them how it’s done? “Show them how it’s done? Don’t be so conceited!” Lucia tells him. What’s that? Sylvio drawls. So he doesn’t want to know? And here he was thinking of showing him where and how to make her happy. N-no, that is… Lucia mutters.

“That’s enough!” Klaus raises his voice. They should be looking for the one responsible for this. Without knowing what their goal is, the same thing could happen again even if they break her curse. Matheus agrees. Breaking the curse is easy to to do, but there’s no point if this will just continue. Alfred asks if Matheus means that someone broke into Tiana’s house and sprinkled the Gold Powder on her while she was asleep.

But Erik doesn’t think someone just came into the house. He and Matheus were in the next room while Lucia and Sylvio were loitering in front of Tiana’s room. Alfred says he was in the courtyard training the whole time but he didn’t see any suspicious individuals. There aren’t any signs of someone entering through either the back or the front door, says Klaus.

So basically, it would’ve been nearly impossible for them to have snuck into Tiana’s bedroom without being noticed by the six of them? Lucia asks. Yes, there’s no way someone could’ve broken in, Alfred confirms. Then he was right: one of them did it, Lucia says. I-it wasn’t him, says Alfred. Besides, he doesn’t even have any more of the Gold Powder. Neither did he, says Erik. The pain of that curse has stained his heart. He can’t even imagine putting her through that. 

Matheus doesn’t think the person responsible would come clean, given the circumstances. Klaus thinks he’s correct. Since it’s come down to this, they should inspect everyone’s belongings. A baggage check!? Lucia cries. Is he saying that the one with the powder’s the culprit, then? Oh, what’s wrong Lucia? Erik asks. He looks rather pale. No, it’s just… he trails off. 

Ah, wait a second! Sylvio cuts in. Aren’t they all forgetting something really important? Really important? What on earth does he mean? Klaus asks. Sylvio tells them to think back. Someone other than them came into Tiana’s room! Klaus startles. Now that he mentions it… Tiana also tries to remember. She gasps and her eyes widen, having finally recalled Gerda’s face. At the same time, Sylvio says, “It was Gerda! She did it!”

Th-that’s it! Lucia says. He’s certain of it! Huh, so it was Gerda, Erik muses. He thought her a coward, but it would’ve taken a lot of nerve to do something like this. Alfred doesn’t know what Gerda’s aim is, but he won’t go easy on her just because she’s a woman after what she’s put Tiana through. W-wait! Tiana says. She thinks they have to be mistaken because she was so, so worried about her. Good grief, sighs Klaus. He tells her all the time not to be so quick to trust others like this.

Tiana may have her reasons for trusting her, but the fact is that Gerda tried to kill Matheus and his brothers. And there may also be a reason for why she did what she did this time too! Tiana argues. Matheus says that she has a point. They can’t just treat Gerda as the bad guy without hearing her side of the story. He tells Sylvio to quickly call Gerda. He’d like to question her.


Alright, Sylvio says. He should be able to get a hold of her right away if he uses the hand mirror. He takes out the mirror and calls her name. “Answer if you can hear me!” He holds his hand over the glass as he calls her name over and over. A blurry image of Gerda reflects back up at him. She tells him not to call someone’s name so many times like that—she can hear him just fine. Gerda was finally enjoying a good afternoon nap. What the hell does he want?

This isn’t the time for a nap! Depending on how things go, her life could be in danger. What? Gerda asks him what he means, and Matheus answers her. He tells her to listen well since he’s going to briefly explain the situation. Actually, showing her might be quicker. Matheus picks Tiana up and holds her up to the mirror. What? Gerda asks. What’s wrong with the kitten?

“Well, the thing is…” Tiana begins. Oh? That voice…Tiana? She’s awake? That’s a relief. It looks like her medicine worked. Y-yeah. Her cold is completely gone, but… Gerda’s expression instantly changes to one of horror as it dawns on her. W-wait a second. Did her voice just come out of that cat? She definitely isn’t hearing things, Sylvio tells her. Tiana had turned into a cat before she even realized it. Gerda cries out in shock.

Erik tells her to be honest. She did this to Tiana, didn’t she? Huh? Her!? Erik says he’s asking whether she sprinkled the Gold Powder on her. P-please don’t be ridiculous! Why would she ever do something like that to Tiana? That’s what they’d like to know, says Klaus. As it stands, they can’t think of any other person responsible for this. 

Matheus says it’s too late for regrets, but someone should’ve been there when Gerda came into Tiana’s room. Alfred laments the fact that he’d been doing sit-ups in the courtyard. That wasn’t the time to be doing them. Just spit it out! Lucia snaps. She did it, didn’t she? Now hold on a moment! Gerda cries. She didn’t do it! She only gave Tiana a cold medicine she had mixed for her. She doesn’t carry around something as dangerous as the Gold Powder!

Yes, that’s right. Tiana says she’s not suspicious of Gerda. Klaus tells her to think again. Gerda may not have intentionally done it, but it’s possible that some other factor accidentally caused this. Something else accidentally caused this? Gerda repeats, only to cut off with a gasp. It couldn’t be!? She quickly begins rummaging through her bag, out of sight. When she reappears in the glass, her complexion is ashen.

She strains a smile and in a shaky voice asks if they’ll calmly listen to what she has to say. Does she know anything? Matheus asks. “Uh, erm, well…it’s hard to say.” She was supposed to give Tiana the cold medicine. Yet somehow, the medicine is right here. Lucia chokes. If she has the cold medicine then… No way. Uh, hey. Isn’t this like really bad? Sylvio asks. What the hell did she make Tiana drink!?

Gerda tells him she told them to listen to her calmly! She accidentally gave Tiana the medicine Sylvio had asked her to make for him. The one that turns him into a cat. 😂 Sylvio gasps (looks like he never told anyone his secret rofl). A cat-making medicine!? Tiana cries. Wait, what the heck is that Lucia asks. It’s exactly what it sounds like, says Gerda. It turns people into cats. It’s different from the Gold Powder, as it can turn any sort of person into a cat without fail. Any person can become a cat, Klaus repeats. He had no idea such a medicine existed.

So this was Gerda’s doing, wasn’t it? Erik says. She already said she didn’t do it on purpose! The bottles are really similar, it was just a mistake! Her problem of accidentally cursing people is inexcusable! Klaus snaps. Matheus thought this might be the case, and sure enough… Still, Alfred is surprised to learn there are other ways of turning people into animals.


Erik says that Klaus is right. Gerda’s careless mistake can’t be excused, though there’s a bigger problem here. He’s curious as to why Sylvio asked Gerda to make that kind of medicine for him. Huh!? No, that was just—he did that on a whim… “Bullshit!” Lucia yells. He’s not getting out of this by saying he was just messing around with a curse that turns people into animals! If it was so dangerous then he wouldn’t have asked her! Sylvio retorts. And they don’t need to worry because it’s super defective. Huh? It’s defective? Tiana asks. Oh no. He’s saying you can’t break the curse on your own just like their own curse, isn’t he?

Please calm down, Gerda says. That’s a previous problem. This curse differs from the Gold Powder in that it doesn’t last. It should wear off on its own in about two to three days without them having to do a thing. It’ll wear off on its own? So then she doesn’t have to do anything to break this curse? Tiana asks for clarification. Yes, that’s correct. No matter how many times Gerda is asked, she won’t make a dangerous curse that takes a long time to break, even if it can be broken.

Klaus says they can’t entirely trust her on this…but it looks like the effects of the curse will really go away in a few days. Erik doesn’t think he can just blindly accept whatever Gerda says. Shouldn’t they capture her and hide her somewhere until Tiana returns to normal? H-hey, don’t say scary things! Gerda pleads. It really was a mistake! Right now, she doesn’t have the power to make the curse last more than two or three days!

So the curse won’t last because Gerda’s skills are inadequate, huh, says Alfred. When she puts it that way, it kind of makes sense. Welp, it’s not like the curse is really that problematic so isn’t it fine to wait a few days before they capture Gerda? Lucia asks. That’s true. However, something unexpected could happen, says Matheus. He tells them not to let go of that hand mirror and that if something happens, they need to wait for their chance to get out right away. If they call her and Gerda doesn’t immediately respond…

Gerda forces a smile. She understands. She reaps what she sows, and this is the least she can do. “Tiana…I’m so sorry. I never meant for this to happen to you.” No, it’s fine, says Tiana. Thanks to Gerda, her cold is gone. She’s thrilled to hear how she feels, so she doesn’t need to worry about her. God, she’s such a sweetheart, Gerda tells her. Well, if they anything happens they can give her a call. Matheus doesn’t even hesitate. He tells Gerda that he would’ve done so without her having to tell him. 

Gerda’s reflections disappears and Matheus pockets the hand mirror. Well, that’s how it is, says Sylvio. How about they relax and have fun with the cat? Alfred says that the curse doesn’t seem to be a big deal, just like Gerda said, if it will really just wear off within a few days. Tiana sadly says she’d just gotten over her cold, and now it looks like she won’t be able to cook or clean. 

There’s no need to worry about those things, says Erik. They can split the work between themselves and take care of the chores for her. She’s stunned. They’re going to split the work between each other? Klaus speaks to her in a soft voice. That’s right. She’s always working way too hard. She should take it easy for now. Lucia says he can help with anything that isn’t cleaning pfft. You failed the husband test

Alfred says they can let him do the manual labor and Sylvio says he can handle pretty much anything since he’s skilled with his hands. Matheus says he’s never done any kind of housework in his entire life but he’ll do them for her. They’ll pitch in and help her out. “You guys,” Tiana says. Then let’s get started, says Erik. He tells Tiana to stay here since it’s dangerous. Uh, w-wait! She wants to help too! The door closes, and Tiana realizes they’ve all left. They said it would be fine and to let them handle it, but Tiana feels a little uneasy. 


An hour later.

There’s the sound of glass shattering. Tiana flinches. She’s heard things break countless times today, and it startles her, making her tremble. They told her to stay put in her room, but she’s been listening to the sounds of things breaking and someone screaming for a while now. Just what the heck is going on? Concerned, she decides to check what’s going on. 

Who should she go see?

Translation Woes

Many of Klaus’ lines went over my head because there was a lot of sonkeigo. We barely covered them when I was in class and I absolutely bombed that section 😂. I managed to figure out most of them in the end, but I left one of them in my notes. There were other lines I wasn’t entirely sure of, but I think I got them. If you catch any mistakes, please let me know. I’m still learning this language and I want to get better. Thank you.


Dictionary entry:「大義名分を掲げる」は主張として押し出すこと
たとえば、「仕事を教えるという大義名分を掲げ、部長が若手社員に雑務をやらせている」とすると、部長が押し通したというニュアンスの強い表現です。 同様の表現では、「大義名分を振りかざす」という言い方もあります。

“大義名分を掲げる” is to put forth an assertion. For instance, say you have a manager who makes their younger employee do chores as a way to teach them how to do their job. It is strongly implied that the manager is pushing (their will) onto their employee. “大義名分を掲げる” can be used as a phrase for a similar expression.

There’s a lot of different meanings for 振りかざす, like brandishing (something), raising (something) over your head or wielding (something). 

So I figured その大義名分を振りかざしたいなら would be something like: “If you want to wave around your justifications…”  

How badly did I do? 😂

「……それでも、受け入れられないと申し上げたら、どうなさいますか?“…Regardless, what would you do if I said that was unacceptable?” This is my literal translation. I tried to make it sound more natural with “…And if I said that was unacceptable?” 

*肉球 are the little beans on a cat’s paw. 


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