✧ Beastmaster & Prince: Snow Bride✧ Story Select Guide

We’ve finally reached the fandisc for Beastmaster and Prince! I’ll walk you through the selection menu if you’re not able to read it.

According to the guide I looked at, the other stories will unlock after you finish one of the others. I’ll be following the guide as suggested. Please keep in mind that I am playing this game on a PS Vita, although there is a Nintendo Switch Port.

The four stories can be accessed through the D-pad:

  • Up: Side Story
  • Down: After Story
  • Left: Another Story
  • Right: Franz’s Diary


  • Press the O button to confirm a selection.
  • Press the X button to cancel a selection.
  • Press the Triangle button to change the protagonist’s name (this menu will only be in Japanese).

If this is your first time playing, the only option available right now will be “Another Story.” Once you access it, a textbox will appear with two pages:

“Invitation to the Ball”

The Pope of Cattleya has sent out an invitation to the Ball being held at the Rosette Castle. Tiana is bewildered when Matheus and the others squabble over who will escort her to the Ball.

“Night Light Festival”

At the request of the Sardine prince, Tiana puts on an Animal Stunt performance to celebrate the New Lunar Year. This is a story of her long-awaited reunion with Matheus and the other princes.

As always, I have no set release schedule for these translations. They take a lot of time and effort, and I am the only one translating them, editing them, adding notes, and so on. I also have other obligations, so I truly appreciate your patience. If you notice any translation mistakes, please let me know!


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