✧ Beastmaster & Prince: Snow Bride ✧ Another Story

The Pope of Cattleya has sent out an invitation to the Ball being held at the Rosette Castle. Tiana is bewildered when Matheus and the others squabble over who will escort her.

*All rights belong to Otomate

I’m not a professional translator. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes.


The dragon that had terrorized the three Kingdoms of Cattleya, Fasan and Sardine has been sealed deep beneath the grounds of Rosette Castle, and the people in each country have begun to reclaim their lives, little by little. Then, one afternoon — Alright, Tiana thinks to herself. She’s finished cleaning and doing laundry. It’s time to go shopping. She reaches out to open the front door and finds a familiar person on the other side. He’s tall with impeccable posture, and he stoops down to open the door without any reservation on his part. It’s Klaus. He announces that he’s coming in, and Tiana giggles. So it was him, after all. Welcome. What’s going on today?

Klaus says a letter addressed to her had arrived. To her? Could it be from her mother? It’s not, actually. A small smile curls his lips. “Open it and you’ll find out.” Tiana takes the letter from him and checks both sides of the envelope. The edges are gold-trimmed, she silently observes. Who on earth sent her such a luxurious thing? Tiana opens it and unfolds the letter paper. “Let’s see, it’s from the Pope… What!? *His Majesty!?” The signature is too much of a shock to her system that Tiana nearly drops the letter. K-Klaus. What exactly is this? she asks. He simply tells her she’ll understand if she reads it. It’s a letter of invitation to the Ball being held next week at the Rosette Castle. The B-Ball?! “H-hold on a moment, Klaus. Why am I invited to the castle Ball?” 

That’s when Matheus swaggers in. It was that much of a surprise? he asks. She was invited because he asked the Pope for her. He thinks it’s a good experience to have every once in a while. What? He asked the—but before she can complete her sentence, Klaus cuts in with a glare. “Good grief,” he sighs. When are they going back to Fasan? Matheus tells him to shut his mouth because this isn’t his house. It’s his decision to stay however long he likes.


Tiana interrupts the two of them to say she can’t possibly go to the Ball. She’s never been to such an opulent place, nor has she ever danced before… Matheus smiles and tells her not to worry. He’ll train her, but she must prepare herself. He’s not letting her get a wink of sleep tonight. “I can see right through you,” Klaus says with derisive snort. He’ll teach Tiana how to dance. Matheus can go dance with a prop. What was that? Matheus snaps. Klaus adjusts his glasses and they catch the light. Matheus and Klaus scowl angrily at each other, but Tiana doesn’t have the time to deal with them.

The Ball is next week and she’s only now going to receive some training? If she absolutely must attend, then someone has to teach her the ropes. Klaus tells her to stay calm. There’s no need for her to depend on this boy when he’s also learned how to dance at the Royal Academy. Lucia pops in to say he could also teach her. Tiana startles. How long has he been there!? It’s not like he wanted to hear them screaming at each other, Lucia tells her. Erik says Matheus isn’t playing fair, trying to get a head start on all of them. Klaus is right, he adds. Erik can see right through this invitation of his.

Erik asks Tiana if she would rather learn from him instead of someone like Matheus. He’ll stay with her every night to teach her how to dance…and many other things, too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Cero D intensifies. Stunned, Tiana flounders for a reply. Having lost her chance to flee, she slowly backs away as the four men crowd around her. “What are you guys doing? You’re stressing her out.” Alfred! Tiana says. He shows up to her aid and steps in front of her as if to shield her. “Are you alright, Tiana?” he asks. 

Y-yes, she says, thanking him. Lucia calls him out for acting like some kind of holier-than-thou person and says he was thinking he’d be the one to teach her if someone had to, wasn’t he? N-no, not in the slightest! Alfred sputters, blushing. Alhough he too received lessons at the Royal Academy, dancing really isn’t his forte. But if Tiana said it was alright with her, he’d give it everything he had. She hasn’t been fooled by them yet, so she would choose him to be her teacher, wouldn’t she? U-ummm….

Annnd he revealed his true motive, Lucia says. He just wanted to teach her! “Cut it out,” Matheus says, scratching his neck. For their information, he was the one who invited her to the Ball to begin with. With a glare, he says they’re dreaming if they think they can just disregard him and invite her out on their own. Erik fixes his older brother with his own glare. True, Matheus may have been the one to invite her. However, shouldn’t Tiana be able to decide who she’ll dance with? Lucia grins and tells Erik to give it to him straight. 

Alfred, meanwhile, is busy fretting over how they’re bothering Tiana. How many times does he have to tell them? Tiana doesn’t think this conversation will ever end and she sighs. The five of them aren’t going to yield. As she’s deliberating on how to put an end to this, the front door suddenly opens. “Good afternoon! Apothecary, here… Oh. What’re you all doing in the entryway?” Sylvio asks. What, Sylvio? Tiana startles. He asks if she’s in the middle of something. He just swung by to drop off the cold medicine she ordered.

Matheus and the others haven’t noticed his arrival, too caught up in pushing each other around. Tiana explains to Sylvio how she received a letter from the Pope inviting her to the Ball. The Pope? Oh, Kurt, he says. Wow, that guy invited her? How the heck did that happen? Matheus was actually the one who requested she attend, not the Pope, she clarifies. Oh, so that’s how it is, Sylvio says with a laugh. He has an idea of what Matheus is up to. Matheus wants to see Tiana all dressed up and hold her tight while they dance.

Erm… She’d like to think that’s not Matheus’ intent, Tiana muses to herself. Unable to give Sylvio a response, she instead laughs off his suggestion. Alright, he gets it, Sylvio says with a smile. He might just try sneaking in himself then since he’s got his own connections.


What? If he’s sneaking in…does that mean he can dance!? He’ll figure it out somehow, he says. Well, he’s looking forward to it! Tiana calls for him to wait, but Sylvio just presses the cold medicine into her hands and dashes away. Klaus asks Tiana who that was, and she says it was Sylvio… Wait, where did Matheus and the others go? Klaus says they went somewhere because they couldn’t reach a decision. Oh, Tiana says. Anyhow, there’s a week until the Ball. He tells her to be prepared.

Tiana doesn’t think she’ll be able to decline the invitation now. It looks like she has no option but to attend, huh. She’s curious about castle Balls but this is way too sudden. All this is doing is making her antsy. Oh, that’s right! She should go talk to Lotte about this. Maybe her friend can help her figure out what to do about a dress. With her mind made up, Tiana quickly locks up the house before heading down outside and down the shopping street.


“….And now I suddenly have to go to a Ball,” Tiana explains her situation to Lotte, who’s practically sitting on the edge of her seat, thrilled. Bruh please get your bff an invitation. Lotte says this is the Ball being hosted by the new Pope, isn’t it? Yeah, it is. How did she know? Lotte giggles happily and says she’s actually going, too. There is a God! What? Really!? Not as an attendee, she says, but as Klaus’ aide. BOOOOOOO. Let this woman have fun! A considerable amount of guests are coming in from foreign countries and there’s not enough staff to go around.

Oh, alright. Tiana’s relieved to know that Lotte will be there. She’s been anxious about so many things since she’s never been to something like a Ball before. And she doesn’t really know why she was even invited, anyway. Lotte closes her eyes and laughs. Perhaps this is His Highness’ way of thanking her for everything she’s done. For everything? Tiana repeats. Of course. If not for her, the princes’ lives would’ve been in danger, right?

Gerda had cursed the four princes into animal forms: a lion, a wolf, a duck and a rabbit. Tiana had been searching for animals she could train in order to become a full-fledged beastmaster. The four of them were caged, about to be either sold off to either the butcher or the arena… She traded her treasured brooch for them, and then took them home. Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that they were the Fasan princes.

Tiana later told Lotte everything. Her friend was baffled to learn that the lion was actually Matheus, and it had taken a while for her to come to terms with it all. At the time, Tiana also hadn’t known who Matheus really was and had made the princes perform tricks to cover things up. She smiles, thinking back to how Matheus had cooperated with her, all the while finding the matter nonsensical and resenting every moment of it. 

Lotte points out that it could be a problem if she’s reluctant to attend the Ball. Tiana tries to explain that it’s not as if she doesn’t want to go. It’s a rare opportunity and she’s interested in going, but she doesn’t even know what she’ll wear and there’s only a week until the event. Oh, well that is pretty important, Lotte says. That’s when Lotte’s mother, who had been listening to their conversation, raises her right hand. “Gosh, you’re so indecisive,” she sighs. M-mom!? Lotte starts.

She tells Tiana to be happier about this. So many young ladies in Cattleya yearn for the chance to be able to attend the castle Ball. And there’s no need to worry about a dress. What!? Lotte exclaims. She’s not going to give Tiana hers, is she!? Oh, heavens no! Her dresses wouldn’t fit Tiana. As a matter of fact, she remembers that Belinda had a very nice dress of her own. Her mother did? Tiana asks. That’s right, Lotte’s mother says. Belinda was the former king’s favorite beastmaster, after all. She was invited to many Balls and the like. 

She was!? Wow, her mom has never once spoken about that to her… Lotte’s mother sighs in exasperation. Belinda never talked about her self at all. Lotte’s mother encourages Tiana to go look for the dress at home. She’s certain it’s stored away neatly somewhere. Oh, that’s wonderful news! Lotte clasps her hands together and says she’ll help Tiana look for it. Let’s go! S-sure! Tiana agrees. “Mom’s dress, huh…” Tiana thinks to herself. She curious to see what sort of dress it is.


Hmm, her mom usually keeps her clothes around here… Lotte asks if she’s found anything, and Tiana says she has. Spying a dress that fits the description she was given inside of a shelf (I’m going to assume this is either in a closet or a dresser, it’s not specified), Tiana reaches in and pulls it out from the back. She gently unfolds it, careful not to get it dirty. The feel of the high-quality fabric it’s made out of has Tiana exchanging glances with Lotte.

Wow, it’s gorgeous! Lotte exclaims. Isn’t it lovely? The dress is white with a tight-fitting bodice and the skirt puffs out from the waist down. Tiana hesitates. “This will show off way too much cleavage,” she says. Lotte giggles and says that’s essential. Now she can bewitch Prince Matheus and the others this way. B-bewitch them!? Tiana chokes. Lotte urges her to try the dress on. They can alter it if it doesn’t fit. They also need to get her ready with hair ornaments and other accessories. Once she’s been put together from head to toe, there won’t be any reason left to be shy.

Tiana giggles happily and agrees. This should be fine. Now that they have the outfit, Tiana just needs to learn how to dance. Sh’s going to be really busy! And just like that, the week before the Ball passes her by before she knows it.


“Hey, is she still not ready?” Matheus sighs. Klaus asks him why he even cares when he’s the one who will be escorting her down to the castle. He can go on ahead. And he was the one who asked the Pope to invite her, Matheus retorts. Naturally, he’ll be escorting her. Shouldn’t Klaus be protecting the Pope or something? “Excuse you!?” Alright, alright, easy there, says Lucia. He’ll go check on Tiana real quick. Sylvio says he will too, prompting Alfred to tell them to wait. It takes a lady a while to prepare herself. He orders them to sit tight and not bother her.

Exactly, says Erik. They’re just using this as an excuse to peep on her while she’s changing. Lucia chokes. That’s not it! He just wanted to ask how much longer she’d be. Shameless Sylvio straight up admits he just wanted to peep on her. What!? He’s not even going to deny it? Lucia gasps. Sylvio grins and says they should just be manly and be honest. That’s not manly! Lucia seethes. “Sorry for the wait!” Lotte calls out. 

Alfred gasps. So Tiana’s finally done? She is! Lotte says. Come on, Tiana. “There’s no need to be shy. Go on out there!” W-well…. Tiana mumbles. Wh-what do they think? This is the first time she’s worn a dress like this before so she’s kind of nervous. 


Matheus startles, Alfred can barely speak, and Lucia goes, “Is this for real?” The princes stare at her, dumbfounded. Tiana waits a while for someone to say something, but no one does. Does the dress not suit her? Lotte said she was fine, but maybe she’ll stick out at the Ball… Lucia decides to be a man I guess and tries to reassure her. No one would think she doesn’t look good, he awkwardly says. Sylvio just blurts what he’s thinking aloud: no, it’s more like what’s with her chest!? 😂

Alfred shakily agrees. Y-yeah, isn’t it a little too revealing? No, Matheus says. “It’s perfect. The dress brings out her charm.” Although, she may stick out in a different sort of way. Tiana flinches. So this will be a problem…! “There’s no need to fret, it’s fine. You’re beautiful, Tiana,” says Erik. The problem isn’t her, rather it’s them. Erik turns to Klaus and says he heard that royalty from the neighboring countries were being invited to the Ball, today. Is that true?

Klaus swiftly tells him to leave the matter to him. Should any wicked individual attempt to get near her…he has the guard at the ready to make quick work of them. He has to be joking, Tiana exclaims. Erik praises Klaus for his abuse of authority, saying that it’s done in sound judgement. It’s difficult to keep themselves together. Matheus believes several of them are having indecent thoughts, and that’s when Lucia bemoans the inevitable nosebleed he’s about to experience. “M-me too,” Sylvio mumbles.

Alfred smugly says that they need daily training if this is all it takes for them to lose their heads like this. Matheus says Alfred’s as red as a ripe apple. Alfred stutters. This is just a fever he got from a cold! Oh, His Highness has a cold? Klaus asks. Then it might be for the best that he stay at home. “What!? N-no, I’m fine! I just recovered from it—just now!” Erik sighs. He should’ve laced their food and really gotten them sick if this is how things were going to be. “I can hear you,” Matheus says. He needs to talk in a quieter voice if he’s going to speak aloud to himself.

Klaus wraps things up by telling Tiana that the carriage is waiting for her outside. They need to get going before they’re late. Tiana agrees, and Lotte tells her to go have fun. His Majesty has prepared a luxurious carriage for her and Tiana has a strange feeling. It’s like she’s become a princess. She remains in that dream-like trance until the carriage arrives at the Rosette Castle.


Alright, now… Everyone said they wanted to spend the day with her, but she doesn’t have a whole lot of time.

Who should she go to?

As always, I have no set release schedule for these translations. The other character routes for this story will come out when I’m finished with them. Depending on how short they are, I may compile them all together or post them separately. I’m also working on Dance With Devils on top of other life obligations. I appreciate your patience. If you notice any translation mistakes, please let me know! Thank you.


*I don’t know exactly how to use honorifics for royalty, but the sender is from Kurt, the Pope of Cattleya. The Pope is referred to as His Majesty and His Highness throughout the game. I went into detail regarding this (I believe) in Lucia’s route and the confusion I had about what kind of power this position afforded someone.

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