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Tiana decides to spend the day with Matheus so she looks around the reception hall for him. She spots him surrounded by a group of young women, happily engaging in small-talk. A noblewoman speaks up and my brain begins to fry at the keigo they’re using. “Your Highness. Please accept my congratulations on your coronation.” Another noblewoman extends her own congratulations to Matheus, tacking on a line of bait about how he’s yet to find a princess to marry.

A third noblewoman politely joins the conversation. She tells Matheus that her daughter has just turned seventeen and she hails from a good family. A nobleman interrupts her to proclaim that his daughter is far more suitable for His Highness.


He’d like Sardine and Fasan to be friends—which could happen if he makes his daughter a princess. “Oh, what are you saying?” the first noblewoman sighs. His princess-to-be would have to be a daughter from an aristocratic family of Fasan.

Tiana, meanwhile, is practically sweating as she’s watching this go down. Wh-what should she do? There’s way too many people to get close to him and besides, all they’re talking about are marriage proposals… Up until this moment, she felt like she was pretty close to Matheus. But now he feels so far away. Tiana lets out a small sigh. She’ll talk to him later. She doesn’t think it would be appropriate to do so now. Tiana turns around—

“Tiana, wait.” Tiana squeaks in surprise when someone suddenly grasps her arm, causing her to fall backwards. Matheus cradles her in his arms before he slowly sets her back down on her feet. “You scared me,” Tiana breathes. That was dangerous, Matheus. He grins and says that was his fault. She’s ignored his invitation. Where on earth is she going? Tiana nervously tries to explain that she wanted to talk to him, but he appeared to be in the middle of something.

Matheus beams. He’d wondered what sort of face she’d make if she saw that… Is she jealous? Jealous!? Tiana exclaims. He did that just to see what sort of reaction she’d have!? Matheus speaks loudly. Can she handle listening to each and every discussion of marriage proposals and the like? Tiana urges him to lower his voice. He wants them to hear, he says. Oh, that’s right. Since he’s here, he’d like to let her know one thing.

He steps closer to her and lowers his voice. “…Tiana. You are the only woman in my eyes. And you’re the only one who loves me.” Tiana says his name. The people in the background stare, whispering to each other. Their gazes don’t look particularly favorable, Tiana notes, only for Matheus to speak up. “I can’t hear you when there’s so many people in here. Let’s head somewhere a little quieter.” What? W-wait, Matheus!


Once they’ve escaped to the balcony, Matheus says they can take their time talking. “Geez, Matheus!” Tiana says, prompting him to ask her what she’s angry about. She tells him he went a little over-kill, talking so loudly about all of that stuff. Matheus smiles and says her face is bright red when she complains. W-well, anyone would be mad if someone went on about those things in front of such a huge crowd of people. Matheus’ grin disappears entirely. Relax, he says. He’ll defend her if anyone disagrees with who she is. He won’t let anyone meddle in her affairs.

Tiana says his name, trailing off. Matheus grimaces and asks if she doesn’t trust him. No, she trusts him. She just would like him to be a little more discrete for her sake. Matheus asks if she hadn’t noticed that he wasn’t the center of attention, confusing her. Everyone was gossiping about her, asking whose daughter she was and so on. He was relieved to know that the only thing she tamed were animals, but he never could’ve imagined she would do the same to men she didn’t even know.

H-hold on there, Matheus! She feels the same way. There may be a lot of people here, but…she only has eyes for him. Matheus stares at her. Is she offering him an invitation? What? Tiana asks. If she is, how about they leave this place and go to her room? That’s not what she meant! Why does he always leap to those kinds of conclusions? Matheus laughs and says her reactions are always a delight. He thinks that part of her is adorable.


Tiana sighs in exasperation. He’s always poking fun at her, and she’s lost the will to argue with him. Suddenly curious about Matheus’ short hair, Tiana reaches out to touch his beautiful, golden locks. Hm? What’s wrong? She just thought it was really short. Does she prefer his hair long? Matheus asks. No, she likes it the way it is now, she says with a shake of her head. Matheus smiles as if in relief. Tiana asks for his opinion on hers. What sort of style does he like?

Matheus says the slender curve of a woman’s neck when her hair is up is rather tempting, though the sight of long hair flowing in the wind isn’t half-bad either. But Matheus is confident he’d love how she looked even if her head was bald and shiny. Sh-shiny… Tiana repeats, only to burst into laughter. What is he saying? How about she give it a go? he continues. It’ll probably suit her surprisingly well. Between laughs, Tiana asks if he’ll try it too. And she feels the same way. She doesn’t care one whit if his hair is long or short.

However he looks, he’s still Matheus. “I’m certain that I’ll always love you, Matheus…be it ten or twenty years from now.” Tiana, Matheus says. She’s a bad girl, tempting him like that with sweet words. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) P-pardon!? Tiana exclaims. Matheus chuckles and says he was only joking. He’s thrilled to see she’s the same as ever. He also feels the same way about her. He’ll lover her always, no matter how much time passes. Tiana murmurs his name.

Hm? It looks like the Ball’s begun, he says. Matheus tilts his head toward the reception hall where the sound of music drifts out to the balcony. She’s finished her training, so how about she show him the fruits of her labor? What? He wants them to go dance in there!? “I’m proud that you’re my fiancée.” They’ve made plans to throw a grand engagement parade in order keep the public in check in a short while. He’s certain the number of marriage proposals he’ll receive will decrease if they flaunt their relationship in front of everyone. With a smile, he asks if she’ll help him out. Tiana calls for him to wait as he starts toward the Ballroom.


A noblewoman urges the woman beside her to look, and she gasps. Why, that’s the woman from before! This can’t be! The nobleman cries. He can’t believe His Highness is with a woman like her. Meanwhile, Tiana is busy dancing with Matheus. She asks him how she’s doing. Are her movements strange?


Matheus assures her that she’s doing nothing wrong and not to worry about it. She’s remembered her training well despite having so little time to practice. That takes a load off her shoulders. Matheus says her expression is a little strained and asks if she could try smiling. Tiana would like to, but she’s concerned about so many people staring at her. He says she can lean into him if it bothers her that much. She won’t be able to see anyone but him that way.

Matheus! Tiana says as he grabs her by the waist. He draws her close until she’s pressed flush against him. Tiana’s heartbeat practically pounds in her ears. Matheus asks if she’s still worried. Not as much as before, she says. Matheus’ gaze as he looks down at her from up close is far more exciting than the stares of those around her. He’s very accustomed to this sort of thing, she says. What does she mean? he asks. Tiana says the realization never really sunk in when they were living together. She been reminded of the fact that he’s royalty.

Well, it is part of the job, Matheus says. That’s true, she agrees. Does he often participate in dances in Fasan, too? Matheus immediately says he’ll decline any invitations from here on out if that bothers her. He’ll what!? Doesn’t she hate the fact that he has to do these kinds of things with other women in places she doesn’t know? Tiana starts to say she doesn’t hate that, but trails off. Thinking back, she was a little lonely seeing Matheus surrounded by so many women.

“Tiana,” Matheus says, snapping her out of her thoughts. How many times has he told her to be a little more selfish? He’d be delighted if she did that. Tiana says his name, then steels herself. Alright, it’s a promise then. He can go to Balls so long as he doesn’t dance with other women. It’s a promise, Matheus agrees. She’s the only one he’ll hold in his arms. The stares and voices of those around her slowly become less of a concern while she’s in his embrace. The two of them gaze into each other’s eyes and spend an enjoyable time dancing together.

After this story is complete, you’ll have unlocked new content accessible from the Story Select Menu. These include:

  • Matheus’ After Story + Side Stories 1 and 2
  • Two Extra Side Stories: A Date with Kurt and an Event with Lotte

As always, I have no schedule for these translations. Thank you for your patience.

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