✞ Dance With Devils ✞ Prologue Translation 

“Tachibana Ritsuka is attacked by mysterious men on her way to Shikou Academy. This incident turns her into a target, for she is the key to the “Forbidden Grimoire.” A captivating story that follows a different path from the anime and contains several endings. It is your choice: Human? Or Devil?”

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“The time for the ever-turning wheel of fate to stop is nigh. A new power is born within the pitch black darkness. Everyone will be searching for her. She, who is the Bride of Darkness. And her name is—”


It’s morning, and Ritsuka is busy cooking in the kitchen. “…Alright. Mom, breakfast’s ready! Are you up?” Her mother answers her with a tired affirmation. “Good morning, Ritsuka…” Good morning, Ritsuka says, commenting on how she looks tired. Did she pull another all-nighter? Her mother says that the deadline is today…but she only has a little more left to go. Ritsuka asks her to eat a tasty breakfast and tells her to do her best with her work. Come on, eat it while it’s still hot.

“Yes, yes,” her mother says, amused. She makes a delighted sound once she takes a bite. It’s delicious! Just as she expected of her daughter. Ritsuka giggles and thanks her for the compliment. Her mother says she’s thinking of finishing up her manuscript tonight but she wants to make dinner. Will that be alright? Ritsuka asks. Her mother insists that it’s fine. She’s gotten some rest so she can cook. That’s…not what she meant, says Ritsuka. Cooking’s not exactly her forte, is it? 😂

W-well, she’s not as good at it as she is. But Lindo’s coming home today after a long year away. She has to give it her best as his mother. Ritsuka laughs and relents. Since her older brother is coming back she wants to hurry home and help out too. Oh, she’s going to be late if she doesn’t get going! Thanks for the meal! “Ah, Ritsuka, wait!”


What is it? Today’s Monday, isn’t it? her mother says. She asks for Ritsuka’s pendant so she can put a fresh Potpourri inside. Oh, that’s right. Here, says Ritsuka, handing it over. And there she is, her mother says. With this, she’ll have good luck this week too. Oh no xD Ritsuka giggles and says her mother really likes good luck charms. Her mother reminds her that her grandfather told her to take good care of it. “Yeah, yeah,” Ritsuka says, only to cut off with a small sound. What’s wrong?

The chain on her pendant came off. It’s probably because the clasp is loose, she says. It’s already pretty old. Oh, so it has. Her mother asks for the necklace so she can fix it for her, but Ritsuka says she do that when she gets home. She’s going to be late if she doesn’t leave soon. But…it would be bad if she lost it, her mother says. “I’ll be careful, it’ll be fine. Okay, I’m going now!” With that, Ritsuka takes off, leaving her mother behind to fondly remark on how energetic her daughter is so early in the morning. A worried look steals over her. “Be careful, Ritsuka.”


Outside, Ritsuka inwardly thinks about how she’s leaving later than usual. She has to hurry. As soon as she dashes away, a man steps onto the scene. Is that the house? he asks. According to the report Jek gave them, yes, another man says. Let’s go.


At school, Ritsuka happens across her friend Azuna. “Ah, Ritsuka! Good morning.” Ritsuka greets her back. Azuna asks if she did her English composition homework. It was really difficult this time. Ritsuka comes clean and says she actually got her mother to help her out. Oh, she knew it! Ugh, she’s so jealous, having a translator for a mother. Isn’t her older brother also studying abroad? Yes, but he’s coming back home today. Ritsuka’s looking forward to see him. It’s been so long.

He went to study in England, right? Azuna asks. That’s right. Last year he suddenly said he was going, which surprised both her and her mom. Well, that’s just like him though, she concludes. Azuna hums playfully in response. What? Ritsuka asks. Nothing~ Azuna says in a tone that suggests otherwise. It’s just, she thought Ritsuka seemed very fond of her brother. That’s all. Was…it written all over her face? Ritsuka asks. Of course it is, Azuna teases. She’s practically on cloud nine! On cloud nine… Ritsuka repeats.

It’s true that she’s happy, she thinks to herself. “I guess it’s that easy to tell. This is a little embarrassing…” “Ritsuka!” another student calls her name, and Ritsuka greets them. What’s wrong? She’s in an awful hurry. That’s what she should be asking her, the girl says. “What did you do?”


W-wow, this is a huge crowd. Why’s everyone staring at the bulletin board? Azuna gasps and tells Ritsuka to look. There’s a notice attached to it. Ritsuka takes a peek and sucks in a breath. It reads:

“Urgent Notice: Tachibana Ritsuka, second year, class D. Come to the third library. 

—Student Council President, Kaginuki Rem.”

She’s being summoned by the Student Council President!? B-but why!? Ah, that’s her, says Male Student B. That’s Tachibana Ritsuka. The President called for her directly. Does that mean she broke the rules or something? Female Student B asks if the Student Council are using the third library as a substitute for their office. So then the Student Council members are in there? Female Student C asks. Urie and Shiki too? Male Student B says that Mage might even there, too. He’s a little jealous of Ritsuka. (It’s okay, I’ll ship you with your senpai)


Right? Female Student B swoons. She wants to be summoned by Rem too! Easy for them to say, Ritsuka thinks to herself. What’s going on? Azura asks her. Why is she being summoned? That’s what she’d like to know, Ritsuka says. She has no idea what this is about. But this is the President calling her. Wouldn’t it be bad if she didn’t go? Female Student A asks. Yeah, that’s true…

The Academy’s Student Council’s rule is absolute. She’s heard that even the teachers won’t go against them. “Sorry, Azuna. You can go to class without me.” Is she alright? Does she want her to go with her? Ritsuka thanks her but says she’ll be fine. She’s done nothing wrong so they can’t be mad at her. Well, she’ll be going now. Azuna says nothing, watching her friend leave for the third library.


Ritsuka inwardly notes how the third library has a sort of mysterious atmosphere about it. She’s feeling nervous because she rarely comes here. Beyond these doors is the third library. “…Alright,” Ritsuka tells herself. The moment she opened those doors was the moment when everything began. It was also the moment that greatly altered her destiny. It opens with a creak, and then the screen fades to black before playing the opening song.


Hey, there! This is Leaf, and I’ll be fan-translating as much of Dance With Devils as I can. As a reminder, I’m neither fluent in Japanese nor a professional translator. Corrections are warmly welcomed. It sucks that I even have to say this but please do NOT repost or reupload my translations. I will remove them. 

Don’t have a copy of the game? Please consider purchasing it through a link on my blog. I’m not getting paid to translate these games and it takes a lot of time and work to do this by myself. Dance With Devils is only available on the PS Vita.

DISCLAIMER: Rejet games can feature disturbing and upsetting content. I have only seen the anime adaptation for Dance With Devils, so I have no idea what kind of potential triggers are in this game. If I come across any, I’ll put a disclaimer at the top of that post. 

Here is the recommended route order I was given and will be following:


The biggest thing I learned from this is that my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. For comparison, here are the font sizes for Dance With Devils and Beastmaster and Prince:


So yeah… This game will take me longer to translate just because it’s taking me forever to make out what’s on the screen. Thanks for your patience! In the meantime, if you’d like to try a fluffier game, I have already translated the entirety of Beastmaster and Prince, it’s Extra Side Story and I am currently working on its fandisc. If you would prefer to read a professionally localized version of that game, it is available for purchase on the appstore through Solmare. It does not contain voice acting and is missing some content, however.

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