✞ Dance With Devils ✞ Chapter 1: Act 1

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Whoa! Ritsuka breathes. This is amazing. The ceiling is so high… If there hadn’t been any books in here, she would’ve mistaken this place for a castle, not a library. “Tachibana Ritsuka?” says a voice. Ritsuka startles. She hadn’t noticed the entire Student Council were present. What is this sensation? *There’s only four of them here, but the atmosphere feels different somehow. “I am Kaginuki Rem, the Student Council President. I’m the one who summoned you.” 


Hey! Wait a sec, Rem, interrupts a student with a large build. He trying to take all the credit for himself? And did they not all agree on calling her here? asks a slender student. Rem tells the larger student he summoned her on behalf of the Student Council. Does he have a problem with that? Yeah, he’s got a huge problem with that! *He’s not gonna let Rem get away with stealing the tastiest parts for himself. Ritsuka tries to interject, and one of the members, clad in a white student uniform, comes to her rescue.

He tells them to stop their bickering because they’re only making her anxious. “Forgive us, butterfly?” B-butterfly…? Does he mean her? The slender student snorts with contempt. Butterfly? Does he think she’s already his? The larger student angrily accuses the boy in white of trying to make off with her too. She’s not his! The student in white says it doesn’t matter whether she’s his, for all girls are beautiful butterflies. With that, he approaches her. “A rose for you, lovely butterfly. I’m Sogami Urie, the Vice President of the Student Council. It’s nice to meet you.”

O-okay, Ritsuka says. Urie gushes about how adorable she is. It makes him want to hug her. What!? she exclaims. The larger student walks up to her, scoffing. What good is that flower gonna do for him? Hey, he says to Ritsuka. She squeaks. Why’s he grabbing her arm!? “I’m Naneshiro Mage. Make sure you remember my name, cuz you’re gonna be falling for me.”

F-falling for him? Ritsuka thinks to herself. The slender boy chuckles and says Mage looks like he’s about to gobble her up. Huh? Mage snaps. The other student says he shouldn’t wolf down his food. *He should instead take his time with it, for the pain is best when it lasts. Mage tsks in disgust and says he as creepy as ever. The other student says he’ll take that as a compliment before introducing himself to Ritsuka. “I’m Natsumezaka Shiki. Nice to meet you.”

Shiki informs her that Mage is their Secretary and he their Treasurer. Well, it’s not like it matters if she knew. He steps closer to her. All she really needs to know is that he’d like for them to get to know each other. *He marvels at the strained expression she’s making. He wants her to show him more. He giggles and says this is going to be so much fun. Ritsuka doesn’t know what to do. This guy is pretty scary. “Knock it off, Shiki,” says Urie. Can’t he see that he’s bothering her? Mage calls Shiki a bastard and tells him to back off. Right when things were starting to get fun, Shiki laments. He steps away from her, and Ritsuka thinks she’s been saved.

Urie asks if she’s alright, and she says that she is. Mage is less kind, however. He tells Ritsuka she’s not gonna last if she’s that scared of the guy. Urie explains that you can never know what will happen in life, especially… He trails off and fixes Ritsuka with a look. Especially to a young woman like herself. If she feels like she’s in danger, then she should resist and escape. If she doesn’t, she’ll find that her wings have been plucked. Resist? Shiki says. He laughs and says that would be nice. Just the image of her face as she struggles to get away…is making him shiver.

*Mage glares at Shiki and says he really never changes. Rem doesn’t seem to think this is worth entertaining, for he tells everyone that’s enough and they need to move on to business. He didn’t summon Ritsuka here to discuss other matters. The thing is, they received a note saying she was in violation of the school’s rules. What!? B-but she hasn’t broken any! There must be some sort of mistake… Rem simply says that they must look into it, since they received a notice. Inwardly, Ritsuka scoffs at the notion. She broke the school’s rules? No, that’s impossible. She asks Rem to please tell her what, exactly, she has done. “I’m asking the questions here, not you,” he says.


Ritsuka frowns. Alright…but none of this adds up. If he won’t even give her a reason for any of this, then can’t she say at least get a word in? That’s for after she honestly answers his questions, he says. It shouldn’t be a problem for her if she’s got nothing to hide. Okay, that’s…true, but— Rem cuts her off before she can finish her piece. She’s done nothing but make assertions without listening to any of his inquiries. Isn’t that suspicious? Ritsuka grimaces. The Student Council President speaks in a confident tone of voice, and yet she’s unable to rebuke him. Why not? 

It’s not just that he makes perfect sense. There’s something almost intimidating about him. Still… she doesn’t want to answer to something she doesn’t even know about. So Ritsuka asks him to tell her why he believes this note is credible. To her, it sounds like he thinks it’s the only reliable source there is. She’d appreciate it if he gave her fair treatment. Oh? Rem drawls. Fair treatment? He understands. Urie makes an amused sound. She’s talking back to him? That’s impressive. Mage laughs. “Ain’t that something? None of the other students have ever stood up to Rem.” Shiki meanwhile, is finding all of this so entertaining that he’s getting the shivers again.

”You’re quite intriguing, Tachibana Ritsuka,” says Rem. #Notlikeothergirls However, he won’t allow anyone to defy him. Rem’s eyes glow, and Ritsuka finds herself unable to avert her gaze from his. Why can’t she? She feels faint as she looks at him. The truth is, he summoned her to ask her something. Ask her… something? Ritsuka repeats, dazed. Yes, says Urie. She should know. Mage says she’ll tell them everything she knows. Shiki laughs. He wonders what she’ll say. He’s looking forward to it. 

Rem tells her that she’s his chess piece. She’ll tell him everything. All that she is, is his. Now, take his hand. Bruh what is this shojo mind-control? Ritsuka mechanically says she understands. That’s right. She only needs to give the President her hand… Ritsuka snaps out of it with a gasp. That’s so weird… Her body’s moving on its own. No! She’s going to be washed away! A bright light abruptly fills the room, and Rem flinches. The light’s coming from her pendant!? Urie exclaims. What the hell is this light? Shiki groans in pain, while Mage asks what’s going on.

When the light fades, Rem is standing far away from her, his eyes round with surprise. What just… happened? Ritsuka wonders. Rem crosses his arms and seems to collect his bearings. “…I get it now,” he says. Ritsuka has no idea what that’s supposed to mean, and he doesn’t bother to elaborate. He says he made the right decision to summon her. Shiki asks Ritsuka if he can take a look at her pendant. Urie says she becomes more and more interesting the more they learn about her. “She’s just what we thought,” Mage says. Ritsuka realizes she’s surrounded. These guys… are kind of frightening. “I-I’m leaving,” she says. “I didn’t break any school rules — Please excuse me!” She dashes off, and the doors close behind her with a soft click.

That pendant sure was a surprise, says Urie. He’d hazard a guess that she has no idea it’s meant to protect her. And she seems completely unaware, Shiki croons. Poor thing. A note of amusement colors Mage’s voice. It looks like this is going to be a lot more work than they thought, huh, Rem? Rem looses a breath. *He’ll be able to see through whatever moves the pieces on his board makes. Next time, they’ll checkmate. 


Ugh, what the heck was that? Ritsuka fumes. They didn’t even let her get a word in and accused her of violating the school’s rules. In the end, she never learned what was in that note he received. And what happened at the end? She doesn’t know why they all surrounded her and stared at her either. The Student Council members are a little scary… “Ritsuka! Are you done? Did everything go okay?”

Azuna! Listen to this, Ritsuka says. Someone sent a notice to the Student Council saying she was breaking the school’s rules. What? Azuna says. It felt to her like the entire Student Council believed the notice over her, even though she said she hadn’t done anything. The whole thing was so unfair. It was just awful. Everyone’s so enthralled with “Ren-sama,” Ritsuka says. She can’t believe that’s the kind of person he actually is! And she also got a weird feeling about the other council members… She left because there was no point in arguing with them. Yes, go off Queen.


What the heck, really? Azuna says. But is this okay? They’re not going to summon her again, are they? It’s fine. If they do, she’s not going. Right, her friend says. That might be for the best. She’s just glad nothing happened to her. Still, that was horrible of them, making groundless accusations like that. Yeah, it was, Ritsuka agrees. But she feels better now after talking to Azuna. She’s kind of relieved. Azuna laughs. Looks like it was worth coming to meet her half-way then?

“Yes, of course it was! Thanks, Azuna.” Well, they should get back to class, her friend says. It’s going to start soon. Sure, Ritsuka says. As they may make their way back, Ritsuka ponders over the third library. It was a pretty weird place. And that light… It was so intense and it filled the room in a flash. Just what the heck was that?


“Exactly. You still don’t know about that important matter. That your destiny had changed long, long ago.”


Hey, Ritsuka, Azuna says after class. Is there anywhere she’d like to stop by on the way home? Oh, sorry. She has to go shopping for dinner today. Ah, that’s right. Her older brother’s coming home today, isn’t he. That means they’ll be throwing a feast just for the family tonight. She won’t butt in. Ritsuka apologizes and says they can hang out another time. It’s fine, her friend says. Don’t worry about it. Ritsuka needs to do her best to show off for the older brother she loves so much. Loves? Ritsuka says. 

“Ritsuka, don’t you go on and on about him all the time?” That’s why she thought she loved him. Azuna’s an only child so she’s a little envious that she has a sibling. Yeah, she does love her brother, but… he can also be pretty annoying? Azuna can borrow him sometime if she’d like. 😂 Azuna laughs and says she’ll take her up on that another time. Anyway, Ritsuka should make plenty of delicious food for dinner. Yeah, she will, Ritsuka says. She’ll see Azuna later.


“…I may have bought too much. I don’t think I’ll be able to use everything for dinner,” Ritsuka muses to herself. Still, it’s been forever since her brother’s eaten Japanese food, so it should be fine to go all out with a feast. She hopes he’ll like it.


…Huh? Why is the front door is ajar? Did her mom come out to the garden? “Mom? Are you there?” She startles. The flower beds have been torn up and the herbs and flowers have been utterly destroyed. It’s a mess. Her mom wouldn’t have have done this, so did someone else…? Oh no, was it a burglar!? So then their front door is open because…! Ritsuka tells herself to calm down. She has to make certain she’s not imagining things first. If there really is a burglar here, she could be in danger. She has to be careful.

No way. The entire house has been ransacked. So this was a burglar’s doing, after all…? Her mom is supposed to be home. If she is, then she’s in — there’s a noise. Ritsuka flinches. Wh-what should she do? Are they still inside the house!? Someone groans in pain, and Ritsuka gasps. “Mom!?” Ritsuka spots her figure beneath a table. She’s hurt. Is she okay!? “I’m sorry, Ritsuka. If only I could’ve done it sooner…” her mom says.

What is she… What on earth happened!? There was a chink in the garden’s defenses. It was her duty… She can’t protect her anymore. She has to get out of here, and fast. Those guys are still here…! Then they’ll go together! Ritsuka tells her. Can she stand!? Her mom urges her to leave, but a voice cuts her off. “You’re too late.” I swore this was a fever dream but no. Lingerie Mask is back! “Welcome home. Are you her daughter?” 


“Wh-who are you!?” Ritsuka demands. Lingerie Mask introduces himself as Jek. It’s a great name, isn’t it? She best remember it. “Ritsuka, run!” her mom cries. Ritsuka startles when the chain on her pendant comes undone again and falls off of her. Her mom begs her to pick it up. Without her pendant — Jek speaks over her, commenting on how beautiful the love between a mother and her child is. But it’s because of that love that they were able to so quickly find them. “No, let go of me!” 

She thinks he’ll let her go because she said so? Jek snaps. He orders her to behave herself, and that’s when Jek’s accomplices enter the room, addressing him as their superior. Jek asks if they were successful. Mysterious Man B apologizes. They looked everywhere — Fine, Jek says. He’ll do it himself. He orders they take the woman outside. “Yes, sir,” says Mysterious Man A. Ritsuka’s mom begs them not to touch her daughter. Jek says that’s depends on her. Mysterious Man B orders Ritsuka’s mom to come with him, and she makes a pained sound when he grabs her.

“Mom! Stop it, where are you taking her!?” Jek says there’s no time for that, and he slaps her. Ritsuka cries out in shock. “Look at me,” he says. A wave pulses out of him, and she notes how his eyes have turned red. Yes, that’s a good girl, he says. He tells her to stay still. What’s going on? She feels dizzy. “Now, answer me: Where is the Forbidden Grimoire?” The Forbidden Grimoire? Ritsuka repeats, confused. She’s positive she heard something about them from her grandfather. A grimoire is the name for books on magic.

Jek tells her to hurry up. Where is it? Ritsuka says she doesn’t know anything about it. He sighs. She’s a stubborn one. Well, that leaves him with no choice. They’ll just have to slowly extract the information out of her. He doesn’t want to stay here any longer as there’s debris everywhere and the place is filled with talismans. It’s making him sick. Ritsuka is dimly aware that her consciousness is slipping away, and she tries to fight against it. Now, let’s get going, says Jek.


Jek tells her to behave and follow him. She’s lost control over her own actions, so he doubts she could even kick up a fuss. But Ritsuka continues to try and resist, demanding he let her go. Oh, so she can still talk? Perhaps he should take that away from her too? Ritsuka doesn’t respond, and Jek tells her to shut up if she doesn’t want him to do that to her. She doesn’t want her mother to be harmed, does she? 

Ritsuka’s mind whirls. Mom… she’s hurt. Where did they take her? At the rate things are going… no. She has to escape, somehow! But her body won’t listen to her. What should she do? The screen goes black with a ripple of static. The same bodiless voice from earlier speaks, telling Ritsuka that she’s the only one who can choose her fate. Only she can spin a new wheel of fate for herself. Now then, he says. She must choose. 


The Doors:

The door you choose to open at the end of Act 1 determines which set of potential love interests Ritsuka can pursue. While I’m translating Urie’s route first, I will be posting translations for both doors sometime next week.

Left Door:                                                                                           

  • Kaginuki Rem                                                                                  
  • Tachibana Lindo
  • Roen

Right Door:

  • Sogami Urie
  • Natsumezaka Shiki
  • Nanashiro Mage

Translation Notes 

* When Ritsuka talks about the atmosphere feeling different, the implication is that there seems to be more than four people in the room.

*「大アリだ!ウマイところだけ持ってくるなんて許さねえぞ。」It’s been years since I’ve seen the anime, so I don’t remember why Mage calls Ritsuka tasty. The game doesn’t elaborate on this either. I stuck to a more literal translation just in case his route reveals more.

*「食べる時はぱくっとくちじゃなくて、じわじわ、丁寧にね。痛みは、持続するほうが上質なんだから。」The entry for ぱくっと on Jisho was literally to “gape wide.” Entries on other sites meant “to snap.” After more research, I found wolfing down one’s food. I’m a little nervous for Shiki’s route because I’m already struggling with his lines but I could just be overthinking things, like I always do. I’m pretty certain he’s telling Mage to take his time with his food (Ritsuka) because the pain (of being eaten) is best when it lasts. If I’m wrong, please let me know! 

*歪んだ顔とは「笑みを含んだ顔。 にこにこ。 わからないのにわかったふりをして笑う。」Honestly, I’m not sure what the best way of translating 歪んだ顔 into English would be. I figured a strained expression encapsulated this best, though I could absolutely be wrong. Feel free to correct me.

*「お前はほんと、ぶれねえな」Y’all I’m lost rofl. I did my best.
*「盤上の駒がどう動こうと、私に読めない手の内はない」He’ll be able to see through whatever moves the pieces on his board makes?

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