✞ Dance With Devils ✞ Right Door Chapter 3

Here is the translation for chapter 3 of the right door, and this is the guide I’m using.

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“Eat your breakfast, I’m going to check on the garden,” says Lindo. Okay, sure. Her brother’s cooking really is delicious. Mom would enjoy it too if she were here… They’ve not heard from the police since her abduction and she wonders if they’ve actually made any progress in their search for her. Lindo told her not to worry, but… Huh? It sounds like someone’s watering the garden. Is it Lindo? *She heads outside and finds him muttering something to himself. What is this? He is watering the garden, but… Lindo notices her standing there and asks if she’s finished eating. They’ll head to school soon if she is. Oh, alright! 


She’s in school as usual, and yet… is it really okay for her to be sitting around doing nothing like this? “Hey, where are we eating lunch today? Want to go to the cafeteria?” asks Azuna. Ah, sure… let’s do that, Ritsuka says. She wonders if things are going to be alright. If she has to go through each day not knowing where her mom even is… Maybe she’s already… Before she can finish that morbid thought, she recalls Urie’s words from yesterday: “Let’s slowly go over this next time. We’ll be waiting for you in the third library.”

There’s no way she can wait around twiddling her thumbs. “…Sorry, Azuna. Can you save me a seat please?” Oh, alright then… but where is she headed? The teachers lounge. Look, she forgot to hand in her early dismissal permission form. She’ll come right back afterward. “See you later!” Ritsuka takes off, and Azuna murmurs her name. Ritsuka had lied. She silently apologizes to her friend, but she desperately wants to talk to the Student Council. 


The door to the third library opens with a loud creak. “Excuse me,” Ritsuka announces. She gets nervous every time she comes up here. The atmosphere in this place is a little different from the rest of the Academy. A tiny Pomeranian barks at her feet, startling her.


Huh? What’s a puppy doing in a place like this? It whines softly and she giggles. “Well aren’t you friendly? There, there… Do you live here?” she asks as she pets it. The puppy barks up at her in reply. It’s so cute! It’s almost like it can understand what she’s saying. “No, no, Roen,” Urie gently chides the puppy. She’s their guest and he’d rather he didn’t steal her away from them. 

Sogami-san… Welcome, Urie says. “I’ve been waiting for you, Butterfly.” Everyone’s actually been waiting for her, Ritsuka notices. Kaginuki Rem looks at her. “Tachibana Ritsuka… I’m glad to see you made it.” President… she says. He smiles and says he thought he should apologize to her, his expression changing to one of remorse. It would seem that the notice he received the other day was filled with groundless accusations. “I’m sorry for doubting you.”

Ritsuka awkwardly tries to tell him not to worry about that. So long as he understands that she’s innocent, that’s fine with her. He continues, saying they all wanted to apologize for being so rude to her. He presses a hand to his temple, looking extremely concerned. They also took her out of class without so much as an explanation. He’s sorry for that. N-no, it’s fine, really. Inwardly, she admits that it’s not at all ‘fine.’ Still, she feels guilty that he’s even apologizing to her.

Besides, there’s something else she came here to discuss anyway… she thinks to herself, and immediately after finishing that thought, Rem looks at her and says that she seems like she wants to ask him something. Ritsuka gasps. It’s like he saw right through her… He encourages her to try talking about whatever she wants. It’s his duty as a member of the Student Council to ensure that she has a hassle-free student life.

Then in that case… this is about what Sogami-san and the others told her the other day they took her to the museum. She was attacked there… by the men who abducted her mother. Ah, he says. Urie and the others all reported the incident to him. So she was in danger… N-no! She’s alright. All of them helped her. Guys like them would’ve been a piece of cake if they’d come at him, Mage brags. “…Mage,” Rem warns. Yeah, yeah whatever, he says. Ritsuka continues. She knows for a fact they were after her, which is why she wants to know why she and her mom are being targeted, and what exactly this Grimoire thing is that those men are searching for.

“…And what will you do once you know?” She wants to rescue her mom. Though they’ve notified the authorities, she can’t just do nothing. She wants to go out there and look for her on her own if he has a lead, even if it’s small. “…I understand.” They all know about the Grimoire, don’t they? Please. No matter how trivial it may be, can’t they at least tell her? Rem looses a breath, before crossing his arms and facing her. It’s true. They’re all looking into this Grimoire. 

Ritsuka gasps. But why? Truthfully, there was a suspicious rumor going around before her mother was abducted. *That there were Devil Worshippers among the students. Or so goes the story about those men searching for this thing called the Grimoire. Devils? Ritsuka repeats. The notice they received a few days ago said that she was involved. What!? She’s done no such thing! Ritsuka yells.

Of course, he knows that now. He’d sent Urie and the others to assess the claims of her story. It was necessary he do so, because if she knew about the Grimoire then she probably was a Devil Worshipper. Oh, so that’s why… They’d whisked her away because they’d suspected her, Ritsuka thinks to herself. Rem believes the men who attacked her were likely Devil Worshippers themselves.


Ritsuka wonders why they targeted them and broke into their house. Shiki says it may be because she spoke as if she knew something about the Grimoire. Does she really have no idea? “…I don’t understand. Isn’t a grimoire a book of magic? We don’t have anything like that in our house.” A book of magic, Shiki says. She’s certainly well-informed. Ritsuka explains that her grandfather had studied folklore. He was called Professor Tachibana and was famous in his field. He was researching things like devils and vampires and he read to her when she was a little girl. So she knows a little bit about this sort of stuff.

“I see,” says Rem. Perhaps that’s why they abducted her mother? Urie posits. What!? If a grimoire is a book of magic, there’s a chance her grandfather may have research results regarding it. “Have you seen anything like that at your grandfather’s home?” asks Rem. She’s not sure, although she remembers he has a rather large book collection. Inwardly, she wonders if the book they want is even there since they went to so far as to abduct her mom.

Hey, where’s your old man at? asks Mage. “He passed away last year. His house is still in Nagano prefecture, though no-one lives there…” Ritsuka cuts off with a gasp. Could their next target be her grandpa’s house!? It’s highly likely, says Rem. Whether it’s even there, he believes they’ll go check it out. If there’s a chance that the Grimoire is really there… he thinks her mother will no longer be of any use to them should they get their hands on it. 

Ritsuka gulps at the implication. Rem says they can’t let them have the Grimoire. For her mother’s sake. They can’t let them… have it, she repeats. Correct. To that end, the Student Council will lend her their aid. What? Really? But of course, he says. He thinks they should go to her grandfather’s house and search the place for her mother. The Grimoire could be there, or they could find a clue pertaining to her mother’s whereabouts. “It’s too dangerous to go by yourself. We’ll accompany you there.”

Ritsuka smiles and thanks him. Rem says there’s no need. He can’t let this disturb the Academy’s peace any further. It would be nightfall if they left for Nagano prefecture now. Fortunately for them, tomorrow is a holiday. Can she show them the way to her grandfather’s house then? Yes, of course! “Um… thank you for everything!”


Ritsuka leaves the library and walks down the hall. She has no idea how she’ll thank them for helping her out so much. Nii-san’s been saying weird things about them, like how they’re all suspicious and to be wary of them as if they’ve done something bad. Sure they’re a bit odd, but the Student Council members are all kind people. They’re going to Nagano tomorrow… she has to hurry home and get ready. It’s fine, she tells herself. She just hopes there’s a clue about her mom there.


“You’re quite the actor, my dear childhood friend,” Urie tells Rem. No matter how you look at it, he fits the part of the Student Council President who cares about his students. Shiki chuckles to himself. He wonders what she’d do if she found out who that very Student Council President actually was. Rem says they must never reveal their true forms to her. They have to gain her trust and have her guide them to the professor’s house. Even if she doesn’t know a thing about the Grimoire… they may find something there.


Still, this is Nagano they’re going to, Mage says. They could just fly there and be there in no time, but they gotta ride in those things the humans use, don’t they? Of course they do, says Rem. They mustn’t forget they need to conduct themselves as people would. “What a pain…” Shiki asks if those guys are going to show up at her grandfather’s place. It doesn’t matter if they do, Urie says. If the Grimoire is at her grandfather’s, great. If not, then… Make them talk, Rem orders. Any information they can get from them will do. However, they can’t let her find out. They must keep their true forms a secret from her, without fail.


Later that night, Ritsuka is in her room getting ready for the trip to Nagano. She thinks back to her grandpa’s house in Karuizawa. It’s been such a long time since she, her brother and her mom all went over there to have fun. There were massive bookshelves lined up against the walls and some of the books had creepy covers… Huh, maybe they were related to his research. If there’s something in the Grimoire that has to do with why her mom was abducted…

RItsuka quickly shuts down that thought. She won’t know anything until she gets there. Going there all alone would fill her with anxiety, so it’s reassuring to know that the President and everyone else will be tagging along with her. Lindo opens her door and pops in to announce that dinner is ready. Ritsuka screams. N-nii-san!? “You could at least knock first, you know!” 

It’s not like there’s anything embarrassing for him to see, he says. Come on, move out of the way. He needs to get her bed sheets so he can wash them. Lindo pauses, noticing the luggage on her floor. Where is she going? Ritsuka panics. Wh-what does she do? Is it okay to tell him the truth? No, he’d be totally against the idea and say it’s too dangerous… So Ritsuka lies and tells him that Azuna suggested they both head out for a change of pace.

Surprisingly, Lindo buys it. Oh, Azuna? he says. Yeah, moping around isn’t going to do any good for her. Lindo says she’s looked rather depressed lately. gee I wonder why rofl Huh? Maybe she has… Right. She doesn’t have to worry about mom. He’s here now and the police are working to find her. He wants her to smile like she always did. He’d feel more at ease. Nii-san… That said, that’s a lot of luggage she’s packing. Are they going on a trip together?

Huh? Erm… well, they’re going to Nagano. Lindo’s gaze sharpens. Nagano? Uh, they heard there’s a huge outlet mall there and they want to check it out before summer break. Lindo hums speculatively. Is that so? A trip is fine then. He just wants her to come back before it gets late. She also has to make sure she has her pendant on her. “I-I know that already.” He’s so quick to treat her like a kid. Her brother chokes out a laugh. A kid? He tells her to hurry up and eat her dinner because it would be bad to keep Azuna waiting. Ah, sure. She’ll be right there. “I’m so sorry for lying to you, Nii-san. And Azuna… sorry for using you as an excuse.” 


To Ritsuka’s surprise, waiting for her at their meeting spot is a luxurious, shiny black stretch limousine complete with a chauffeur. Wow, she thinks to herself. This may be the first time she’s ever ridden in one before. Urie is already seated inside. He notices her ogling the vehicle and asks if she finds it intriguing. S-sorry, it’s nothing. “God this is so embarrassing. He caught me.”


Oh, right. Is the President coming later? “I’m afraid Rem had some business to attend to and couldn’t make it today.” What!? she exclaims. What. She upset that she’s stuck with them? Mage asks. No, that’s not it at all… she trails off, finishing her thought inwardly. Everyone’s a little… how should she put it? Dangerous when the President isn’t here. Shiki assures her that everything’s going to be just fine. All of them are going to stay very, very close to her.

Ritsuka cries out in shock. Sh-she’s fine so there’s no need! Don’t be like that, Urie says. She doesn’t have to be modest. They have about two hours together until they reach Nagano, so how about they enjoy their road trip? “I-I think I can enjoy the trip just fine without you being so close to me…” What, is she shy? Mage says, leaning into her personal space. Hey, look over here. He wants to get a good look at her face.

Shiki says she must be feeling sore in this cramped space. Would she like him to help her out? Mage says they got food too and encourages her to eat all she likes. No, no, she must be getting sleepy since it’s such a long trip, Urie says. He turns to Ritsuka and says she’s free to lean against him. Yep. She knew it would turn out like this if the President weren’t here. Forced to make a decision, Ritsuka says she’s feeling kind of tired. Alright, Urie says. Come here. She can curl up in his arms.

It’s dummy head mic time. “Relax. Slowly close your eyes and entrust yourself to me…” he whispers in her right ear. Ritsuka notices that he smells really nice. It’s kind of… making her sleepy… Urie says it’s truly such a lovely sight to watch a human sleep without putting up any resistance. She’s adorable. When she’s like this… it makes him want to kiss her hair, her ears and even her lips. Ritsuka jerks awake.

“I-I’m up. Thank you very much!” Oh? That’s a shame, he says. She’s only riding in a car and yet she feels like she’s in danger. How come? Oh yeah, says Shiki. He brought cards with him so they could play a game. “Seriously,” Mage says. Well, he supposes humans play games when they’re riding in a car.

Urie suggests the four of them compete against each other, and whoever wins the game can do one thing they’d like to the Butterfly. BRUH.  So what are they rules? What? Ritsuka cries out. Shiki chuckles. That’s a great idea. Then it’s decided, says Mage. “W-wait a second! Why am I… scratch that. What if I win?” Urie takes a moment to think. Then the three of them will do whatever she wants. How about that? “Please God, get us to Nagano and fast!”


When they arrive, they shut the car doors behind them. Mage groans. Ugh, why are cars so damn cramped and uncomfortable? Now his shoulders are all stiff. Shiki, however, absolutely loved the experience. A confined space rendering him unable to move… he sure could get used to that. “Then we’ll lock you in the trunk from now on, Shiki,” says Urie.


They might forget about him and leave him there, Mage says with a grin. Shiki smiles. He’d love to be treated that way. Ritsuka doesn’t think that’s such a good idea. Though they’ve only just arrived, she feels like she’s used up all her energy coming up here. So it’s okay to go in? Mage asks her. Let’s go. She’s got the key on her, yeah? Uh, yeah! She’ll unlock it for them. What… She pauses, and Shiki asks her what’s wrong.

Whoa… the front door’s lock is in shambles. It’s like it was wrenched right off the door, Mage says. But how… who did this? Ritsuka asks. It may be you-know-who, says Urie. She gasps. They got to her grandpa’s house before them?! Urie warns her to be alert. They may still be inside. 


Her grandfather’s house has also been ransacked. Urie observes how the place has deteriorated over time since no one lives here anymore. That said, this mess was clearly made by people. Doesn’t look like there’s anyone here, Mage says, walking toward them. Shiki says he checked any potential hiding places, but didn’t find any lurkers. So then, they rummaged around the house and then took off somewhere? Ritsuka asks.

So it would seem, says Urie. He suggests they look around for any clues. Urie glances at her and says that this clue is the Grimoire. Her gaze sharpens with determination. The Grimoire… Whatever this thing is, it could help her locate her mom if they find it. Urie says they’ll split up. He’ll search the living room and Shiki can look through the study. Mage says he’ll go check outside. What… so he’s skipping out on them? Shiki drawls.

Cramped places makes his shoulders stiff so he wants to go move around. Urie says the Butterfly should go with someone just in case. It’s dangerous to be on her own. Ritsuka says she’ll search the living room too. “Very well, then. Don’t leave my side, alright?” Sure. She’s in his care then.


They haven’t found anything unnatural, per se, in the living room. Oh. There’s photos of grandpa and the others in here. Are these family photos? asks Urie. This man must be her grandfather. Yes. It’s an old picture but it brings back memories. “…Butterfly, you really love your family a lot, huh.” She looks like she’s in anguish. Yeah, she treasures her family. She loves her mom and her brother… and her grandpa so, so dearly. Hmm, Urie hums. Ritsuka looks at him quizzically. Sogami-san? she thinks to herself.

He walks over to one of the bookshelves. Nearly all of its contents has fallen onto the floor. Ah, the poor books, he says. What was that? For a moment, she thought she’d seen his expression cloud over… had she imagined it? Urie flips through one of them, the sound of pages turning echoing throughout the room. He’s earnestly looking through it. Yeah, she had to have imagined that expression of his earlier. Ritsuka is so lost in thought that she doesn’t notice him until he’s whispering right into her ear.

“…You’re gazing so intently at me. Are you fascinated by me?” Whoa! His face is so close! She’s sorry! She was spacing out and… she trails off. Urie pouts. She doesn’t need to apologize to him in a fluster like that. How about she stare at him for a little longer with that fevered look in her eyes? Ritsuka sucks in a breath. He wants to get to know her better. She can take a break and tell him a little bit about herself. He encourages her to take a seat. What does he want to discuss? Let’s see. What type of man does she like, for instance.


Wha- her type? Ritsuka repeats, stunned. She looks confused, he says. She can pick someone out of the people around her. Like from the Student Council Members, as an example. Even if he puts it that way she really doesn’t know everyone that well so… Oh, that’s true. Then he’ll give her a rundown… Rem is a perfectionist and a sensitive individual. Mage is a violent guy and Shiki is eccentric. Which leaves him. He’ll leave his impression of himself to his butterflies.

“Um, aren’t you being a little obvious in narrowing down my options like that?” Urie leans into her space. He certainly is. He wants her to say that she likes him. “…My type is someone like my Nii-san.” Urie is not amused lol. He says it’s not good to use her family members when she doesn’t want to choose someone. Darn, he got her. Urie leans in again and says her beautiful eyes are clear as gemstones. They’re lovely. He wants to gaze into them forever. She could say the same about his. He has very pretty eyes.

He’s honored that she’d speak so highly of him. “Hey, Butterfly. Can you look into my eyes?” What? Like this? More, he says. More? I-is this enough? she wonders. Sogami-san is close. So close, in fact, that it’s making her feel embarrassed. Yes, just like that. That’s perfect, he says with a chuckle. She gasps when he suddenly pinches her cheek. Urie lets go of her and steps back, apologizing. Seeing her be so obedient like that made him want to mess with her a little. 

What an adorable reaction, he says with a smile. It’s so much fun teasing her. Ritsuka thinks that was pretty cruel of him to mock her. She glares at him, realizing that he was poking fun of her because he knew was making her flustered. Something suddenly falls and hits her. “…Ow!” Oh, a book had fallen down and cut her finger. HOW. Urie apologizes and says he probably took his teasing a little too far. Is her finger alright? He wants her to let him see.

Urie takes her hand and Ritsuka makes a startled sound in response. Ah, he says. She’s bleeding. Does it hurt? This is nothing, she’s fine. She’ll put a band-aid on it later. “You won’t need something like that. I’ll heal it for you.” Uh…? With that, Urie presses a kiss to her finger. Ritsuka goes bright red. Sogami-san!? Urie tells her not to move. He’s still treating her cut. God, this is so embarrassing! Ritsuka thinks to herself.


Urie can’t believe her pretty hand got hurt. He was reckless. “I’m sorry. Can you forgive me?” She forgives him, she says, only to backpedal and say she doesn’t want him to worry about it. She did this herself! Urie says she’s so kind… it makes him want to embrace her. Ritsuka begs him to first let go of her hand in her mind. Urie steps back and crosses his arms. Now her cut should heal soon, he says. Ritsuka awkwardly thanks him. She’s never heard of medical treatment like this before. 


Afterward, they check the rest of the house, but they turn up empty. They’ve looked everywhere but there’s no book like the Grimoire here, says Shiki. Mage says there’s no kind of clues to finding her mom here, either. Maybe there’s nothing here, Ritsuka suggests. Unless it’s already been stolen? “Maybe,” says Urie. Though it’s hard to say when the place is such a mess. Yeah… Mage tsks. Well that was a waste of time. Whatever. Sure would be nice if the thing just showed up. 

Ritsuka wonders if it’s already been taken or if it hadn’t been here to begin with. If they’ve already found it, then mom is… Urie is quick to assure her that things will be alright. He thinks it’s a good idea to resist letting her thoughts take a dark turn. Mage thinks they should hurry back since staying here isn’t gonna do anything. Okay… She thought she’d learn something about her mom here. But everything’s been destroyed. This is the house that brought back memories of her and grandpa.

She looks miserable, says Shiki. Sorry, she just recalled some memories about her grandpa. What kind of person was the Butterfly’s grandfather? He was so kind to her, she says with a smile. She, her mom and her brother would come here on holidays to have fun. Nii-san was very interested in the books here and would study them with grandpa. “Oh? That older bro of yours? That’s surprising,” Mage says. Shiki’s also stunned to learn that that frightening brother of hers read books here.

Speaking of her brother… he was incredibly cold to the Student Council the first time they met each other. Ritsuka apologizes to them. She has no idea why he was so rude to them all. He’s normally not like that… It’s fine and she doesn’t need to apologize for that, says Urie. Anyway, it’s pretty unusual for someone to enjoy books on folklore. Yeah, it is. He loved it so much that he even went to England for a year to study the subject. 

Urie makes a considering sound. So her brother left for England after her grandfather passed away… Huh? Yeah, he did… Urie seems troubled by something. A door somewhere in the house opens, but it seems like Shiki is the only one to notice. “Hm?” he says. What is it? asks Ritsuka. There’s someone here… a crowd of them. What!? Mage figured they’d show up. “Butterfly, come stand next to me.” A deafening boom goes off, shaking the house. Wh-what was that!?

Hmph, they thought someone was here. So it was them. *They sure took their time. It’s Lingerie Mask the man who took her mom! The people who destroyed her grandpa’s place was them!? Ritsuka shouts. Jek asks them what on earth they came all the way here to look for. That’s what they want to know, says Mage. He’s gonna be in for a rough time if he doesn’t spit it out. He’ll cut him down. “That’s quite barbaric,” Jek says. “Now hand that girl over.” He has a lot to discuss with her. 

Ritsuka startles. He plans on kidnapping her!? They can’t do that, says Urie. This girl is their precious butterfly. And besides, if they’re targeting her, that must mean they still haven’t found the Forbidden Grimoire. “I don’t owe you lot an explanation.” They were after the Grimoire after all, Ritsuka realizes. To everyone’s surprise, Ritsuka speaks up. She knows they’re looking for the Grimoire. Huh? Jek drawls. “Butterfly,” Urie hisses.


Ritsuka says it hasn’t turned up during their search for it, so she’s certain it wasn’t here to begin with. Other than her grandfather’s collection of books in here, she truly doesn’t know anything about this Grimoire. Jek’s features contort with rage. “Quit playing dumb with me! Did you hide it?” Of course not… She truly doesn’t know anything. She doesn’t know about some book meant for Devil Worshippers. Devil Worshippers? Jek says, his eyes round with surprise. What? Is she wrong? 

“Oooh, Devils… So that’s how it is,” Jek practically purrs. Urie sounds panicked as he tells her that she doesn’t need to talk about that stuff with him. The guy will only confuse her. But Jek speaks over them, amusement in his voice. Hey, little girl. Would she like him to tell her the truth? About those Devils she mentioned? “They’re right in front of you.” Huh? What does he mean? Jek wonders if they tricked her into helping them find the Grimoire. Whatever are they going to use the Forbidden Grimoire for once they have it?

What is he saying… the Student Council want to protect the Academy… That’s ridiculous, Jek says, laughing. There’s no way they’re trying to protect her school, because they’re — “Butterfly! You don’t need to listen to him anymore. Get behind me and close your eyes and cover your ears.” Oh? So it would be bad for them if she knew the truth? Mage tells him to quit blabbing. He’s gonna beat his ass and shut his mouth up. And while they’re at it, Shiki says he’s going to tell them everything he knows about the Grimoire.

“That’s my line,” Jek says. Glass shatters, and Ritsuka shrieks. The window has been smashed, and several shapes fly into the room. They appear to be accomplices of Jek’s. They’re surround. S-Sogami-san, Ritsuka says. It’s okay, Butterfly. He tells her to stay where she is and hold onto him. Mage smiles. The amount of people he’s got here doesn’t mean it’s gonna go well for him. Well, fine by him. He’ll be their opponent. 

Nanashiro-san, don’t! It’s too dangerous! He tells her it’s fine and to stay right there and watch. He roars, delivering a powerful strike to one of the mysterious men. He chokes from the impact. “You bastard!” Mage swings at each of the men, one after the other. Despite being hit by what seems to be a decisive blow, the men continue to get back to their feet to attack him again. One of them rears up, brandishing long claws, and roars. Mage looks surprised, but he easily dodges his attack. “Too slow!”

He rushes forward and hits his opponent hard. Oh dear, he’s quite the rambunctious sort, Jek muses. However. He can’t win with so many opponents here. Now, Jek says, his voice deepening with anger, tear him apart, limb from limb! Don’t go easy on him! Ritsuka startles, noticing the sudden change in their enemies’ appearances. Their eyes have gone red, almost like they’re bloodshot, and they’re bare fangs in a snarl.

One of the men leaps at Mage with a cry and swipes his hand down on him. His hit lands, and Mage gasps. Nanashiro-san! He’s got claws!? Why? How was he able to hurt him with nails sharp as blades!? Another one swoops down at Mage, slashing him in the face. Mage claps a hand to the wound, and curses. “Hmph. Naive,” another man says. What… these people… They’re movements are so fast that Ritsuka can barely register them. It’s odd. Another enemy attacks, this time hitting Shiki. He cries out in ecstasy. Oh… that hurt ❤

Natsumezaka-san! Jek bursts into laughter. What? They’re not going to fight back? Looks like they can’t go all out with that girl right there. But that doesn’t apply to him, he says, closing in on Ritsuka. She screams. “Butterfly!” Urie yells, moving to shield her. He takes the blow for her, and Ritsuka cries his name. “I’m fine… You’re not hurt?” Sh-she’s okay, but his arm is bleeding! How unsightly, Jeks croons. He wonders how long they can keep playing human. Playing… human?


Oh, whatever. If they’re going to keep playing make-believe then he’ll hack them to pieces! His nails lengthen into long claws before her very eyes. Between his red, blood-shot eyes and the fangs, Ritsuka doesn’t think he’s human. He’s a monster… Jek says he gets that quite a lot. He’s proud to say that they’re Vampires and he’d appreciate it if humans didn’t treat them like monsters. Vampires? Ritsuka repeats. Mage tsks. He outed himself like it was nothing. Shiki says that Rem ordered them not to draw their weapons, either.

Jek addresses Ritsuka. Shouldn’t she know this if she’s Professor Tachibana’s grandchild? About the existence of the creatures that live in the darkness? Devils, Vampires… Those sorts of things? Well, yeah she does know about them. She’d read all about them in her grandfather’s books. But she never thought… they were real. Jek says he’ll listen to her. If she doesn’t want to die, then he wants her to behave herself and go with him.

He’ll treat her nicely if she tells him what she knows about the Grimoire. He’ll even let her see her mother. That’s right, mom…These people hurt her. She’s got nothing to with things like Vampires. She has to… she has to get her mom back! “I’m not…” she starts to say, causing Jek to perk up. “I’m not doing a damn thing you say! Now hurry up and give me back my mom!” You… little brat, Jek growls.

Butterfly, Urie breathes. Mage barks out a laugh. Not bad. She’s got a backbone. She sure does, Shiki says. “You cheeky little girl. I was thinking of being a little nice to you, but then you had to go and push your luck.” He’s going to kill her followers and then he’s taking her back with him whether she likes it or not. Ritsuka panics. Everyone’s going to die! Oh, yeah! She should call the police! “Stop,” Shiki says. He doesn’t want her to call them.

Wh- why not? Just don’t he says. He’s sure she’ll be able to witness something fun. Urie says that Rem had tried to stop them, but it looks like they have no choice. The Butterfly’s done her best, so they must respond in kind. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Mage yells. They finally get to go crazy! The air around her becomes horrifically cold. A distinct sensation clutches at her heart, almost like she’ll be consumed if she moves so much as a muscle. What is this? Their enemies notice it too.

Alright, says Mage. Now it’s time they have some fun. “Blow ’em up! Flame of Amienthus!” His attire changes completely. Wh-what!? A blaze of flames bursts up from his feet to coil around his body. As the flames snake around his wrists, they freeze, solidifying into pointed knives. 


”I’mma chop you to pieces! Come onnnnn!” As Mage takes down the vampires, Ritsuka watches on in shock. He cuts them down with his knives within moments, leaving his opponents collapsed on the floor. The reality of it all doesn’t hit her until she sees the red blood spreading along the floor. N…No way… They’re dead? What’s wrong? Is that all they got? He thought bringing more people was supposed to be a boon for them? “You annoying Devils!” Jek spits. 

Devils? Ritsuka says, confused. “Forgive us for keeping you in the dark,” Urie tells her. Well, they’ve come this far, Shiki says. Sogami-san, Ritsuka says. Natsumezaka-san? There’s the sound of flames, and then their outfits change. Now then, says Urie. How about they give Mage some backup? Shiki says he’s going to make them feel excruciating pain. What is this? A chill runs down her spine in the face of their peculiar vigor. 

The three of them undulate as if they’re dancing, and with each movement, red blood flies into the air like flower petals. No human can move like that. The realization hits her dimly. Devils… Devils and Vampires. Her grandpa read books about them to her when she was a child. She never imagined they actually existed. But… they do. They’re right in front of her. Jek clicks his tongue in annoyance. He thought they were under orders not to reveal their true forms… He’s got no choice. He has to retreat.

“Hold it!” Mage yells as Jek takes off running. Vampire D says he’s not letting him go after him, and Mage rounds on him. “Outta my way, stir-fry!” Mage slashes him with his knives and the man screams in agony, toppling to the ground. “That bastard got away… shit.” Shiki doesn’t think it went too bad, considering they tore everyone else to shreds. Urie points out that while they were unsuccessful in their search, they know that their enemies don’t have much information either. From the looks of it, they didn’t find any clues in this house. So it’s a tie. 

Guess so, says Mage. They should get back so they can report to Rem. The three of them are talking about this as if it isn’t a big deal, while the men collapsed on the floor at their feet turn to ashes. They’re carried away by the wind and disappear. They’re… gone, Ritsuka says. Aw crap, he totally forgot she was there, says Mage. The hell are they gonna do about her? It is what it is, although it seems their covers have been blown, says Urie. Rem is going to be so mad at them, Shiki moans.

“Are you guys… Devils?” she asks. “That’s right, my adorable Butterfly. And evil Devils gobble up sweet, innocent little kids like you.” Shiki chuckles. Poor thing. They took her to a desolate place. Mage says no one will come to save her from them even if she gets scared and cries. So, what’s she gonna do? Devils really do exist… What should she do? What’s the best course of action to take? She has to run or they’ll kill her.

Urie chuckles. “Just kidding. We wouldn’t do something awful to you. There’s no nothing to fear.” He apologizes for sweet talking her into guiding them here. They have no plans to harm her. They only want the Grimoire. The Grimoire… So they really do share the same objective as those guys, after all… It was the Grimoire. So then everything was a lie? About them wanting to protect the Academy and so on? Yeah, pretty much, Mage says. I-it can’t be… Then everything the President said was also…

“Rem is a Devil just like us. Lying is nothing to him,” says Shiki. Even the President is… a Devil, Ritsuka repeats in a daze. Urie apologizes once more for deceiving her. But they absolutely need the Grimoire for their own goal. What the heck is this Grimoire? Ritsuka asks them. Urie says they haven’t actually seen the real thing before, but they’ve heard that if they have the Grimoire, the world will be in their grasp. They’ll have the world? That’s the magic book they’re searching for?2021-05-21-003750

Those Vampires and… Sogami-san and the other Devils too. And in order to find this magic book’s location, they went after her and her mom. The Vampires and Devils are — Shiki interrupts her train of thought with a laugh. He likes her face when it’s drained of color. He pities her for getting wrapped up in something so awful. Still, they can’t hand the Grimoire over to the Vampires, so… he glances at her. If she sticks by them, they’ll protect her from them. 

What? Protect her? Mage glares and says that the Vampires are an eyesore to them. If she says she’ll work with them to find the Grimoire then it’s the least they can do for her. They’ll even get her mom back for her while they’re at it. They’ll save her mom? But these people are… Devils, right? She’d be helping them… Urie says that she herself is a clue to finding the Grimoire, whether or not she’s aware of it. There’s no doubt about it. The Vampires will continue to come after her. Wouldn’t it safer to go with them?

“But you guys are Devils, aren’t you?” That’s right. Devils who deceive humans and devour their souls. They don’t go around hurting people at random, though. And above all, they’re very interested in the Butterfly… How about it? “I…” Ritsuka wonders what she should do. She trusts Sogami-san and the others, but is that really okay? Shiki’s suddenly alerted to someone else approaching. Guess who rofl. What? Who the hell’s coming to this place? Mage asks, only to start with a realization. It can’t be.

The door slams open with a bang. “Ritsuka!” Nii-san!? Mage grimaces. Oh my, what good timing, Urie says. “I knew it. You bastards!” Nii-san, wait! This is — Trouble is here, says Shiki. Sure is. Let’s hurry back, Mage says. Hold on! Lindo yells. They’re not getting away! Mage apparently doesn’t like it when people think he’s being a coward, because he tells Lindo he’s wrong. It’s only gonna turn into a mess if they do any more. “Thanks for showing us around today, Butterfly,” Urie says. 

Sogami-san! He tells her to come visit him another time and reminds her not to forget. They only want to become her strength. “Don’t listen to them! They’re trying to lead you astray with their honeyed words!” Lindo tells her. Urie ignores him and says they’ll see her again at school. They vanish in a flash. They’re gone. All of three of them were right in front of her… So those are Devils…

Lindo turns to her, saying her name. Nii-san… “I was so worried about you! Why would you lie to me so you could come here with them!?” He’d called Azuna and she said they’d never made plans to go out. He didn’t think it was possible, when she said she was going to Nagano… Ritsuka apologizes, and he heaves a heavy sigh. “…No, that’s enough.” Those Devils are the most at fault here for deceiving her. There’s nothing he can do. They’re enemies. 

Wait, how come he knows about Devils… Don’t say anything, he says. Please, not right now. Lindo draws her close and asks her to let him hold her like this for a moment. “I thought I’d lost you…” She really made him worry, she thinks to herself. “I’m sorry… I’m really sorry.” He takes a deep breath. He knows. Ritsuka lets him hold her, slowly closing her eyes as she feels his body heat soak into her. Devils, Vampires… So many things are racing through her mind and she can’t tell if any of it is real. Still, she knows somewhere deep down that none of this is a dream. 


“Geez, that bastard, Rem… He really put us through the wringer,” Mage grumbles. She found out that they’re Devils, Shiki points out. Of course he’d get mad at them. Too bad, he quips back. They drove the Vampires off, didn’t they? True, although they ended up frightening the Butterfly. How unfortunate. It seemed like they were getting along. Even without the Grimoire, that girl is a lot of fun, Shiki says. Maybe she can be with them again soon. Ugh, humans are such a bother, Mage sighs. Being afraid of them just cuz they’re Devils. It’s only natural for them, says Urie. Anyway, they got orders from Rem. They are to continue sticking by the Butterfly’s side and collecting information from her. Urie wants to see if they can get along from now on too while they’re at it. 

Translation Notes

*When Ritsuka goes outside and finds Lindo watering the garden, she can’t make out what he’s saying and the textbox is all ellipses. However, you can hear him chanting, “By the Sacred Name…” if you turn up your volume.

*悪魔崇拝 While Satanists can also work, the anime translated this as Devil Worshippers. I’m sticking with this for consistency’s sake.

*民俗学 Someone who studies folklore.
*手間が負けた I’m not sure. Is this like 手間がかかる? Or more like, “You beat me here.”
鷲掴み This is going here for my sake because I literally could not make out what radicals were in the first kanji on my Vita screen. Never again lol.

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