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Otome Game Review: Beastmaster & Prince

Intro: When Tiana trades her mother’s brooch to save a cage of wild animals at the market, she discovers they’re not really animals. They’re actually the princes of Fasan who went missing when their ship caught on fire! Cursed into bestial forms and not knowing who tried to assassinate them, they turn to Tiana for help. There’s just a few small problems: war is about to engulf her homeland once more, and now she’s in grave danger.

Spoiler-free Final Thoughts down below.

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Angelique Luminarise: Sample

I’ve decided to provide overviews of any Japanese language otome games I purchase to help you determine how difficult the language may be. As such, I’ll be translating a portion of the beginning of the game and providing screenshots so you may see how the Japanese text reads. Hopefully this helps you decide if the game is right for you. As always, if you spot any mistakes please let me know down below in the comments. Thank you!

*Character names follow the official website‘s spelling.

*All rights belong to Ruby Party (Koei Tecmo)

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