✞ Dance With Devils ✞ Right Door Chapter 4

Here is the translation for chapter 4 of the right door, and this is the guide I’m using.

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“Here, I’ve made you some herb tea. Drink it before you go to sleep, it’ll help calm you down,” Lindo says. RItsuka thanks him and sits there. He sighs. She won’t drink it? No, she says. It’s dark out by the time they finally get back from Nagano. Although she’s physically and mentally exhausted, Ritsuka’s so worked up that she can’t seem to relax. “Nii-san… So devils really exist, huh?” Lindo averts his gaze. She thought things like that were fictional. Yet they were right in front of her. She can’t say it’s not true anymore.

Lindo confirms that they exist. Sogami Urie and the others are all devils, which is why he didn’t want her getting close to them. So he knew all this time that the Student Council members weren’t human? “I…” he trails off. Mom is missing, suspicious people are attacking her and strange things keep happening. Lindo sighs. She begs him to tell her what he knows. What is the Grimoire? Why is she and mom being targeted by devils and vampires?

It would be difficult to tell her everything at once, but devils are dangerous beings who lead people astray. She’ll get hurt if she gets too close to them. Dangerous beings, Ritsuka murmurs to herself. “Kaginuki Rem, Sogami Urie, Nanashiro Mage, and Natsumezaka Shiki… They’re devils. There’s no doubt about it.” And like she told him, the ones who abducted mom were vampires, or *blood suckers. Both devils and vampires are evil beings who hurt humans.


The Student Council are all… devils, Ritsuka says. Then why is she and mom being targeted by both vampires and devils? This is related to the Grimoire, isn’t it? Yes. She didn’t know this, but their grandfather had just finished his research when they showed up. They wanted the Forbidden Grimoire. From grandpa!? Ritsuka cries. How did he… Lindo doesn’t know the particulars either, but there’s no doubt that his research summoned them. So that’s why they’re after them? Because they think they know about his research?

Yeah, that’s probably why. But she didn’t know any of this… Lindo says that most of those guys don’t know anything. He barely knows a little more about it himself from what their grandfather taught him regarding folklore. Oh, well no wonder he’s so knowledgeable about demons and vampires. Both of them want the Forbidden Grimoire. She can’t believe her grandpa had discovered it. But then where is it? If it’s not in his house, could it be hidden somewhere else?

Lindo asks her not to look so fearful. Nii-san? “I’ll protect you, I promise. I’m going to get mom out of there too. You don’t have to worry.” There’s also a pretty important piece of information he got from their grandfather: their house has a barrier on it. He purifies it with water every morning so the devils can’t get inside. Oh! That’s why he waters the garden in the morning. So their house is safe, he reiterates. And the pendant she wears is a protective charm against evil.

Mom’s pendant is? That reminds her. She feels like countless strange things have happened to her. Was it protecting her? Lindo warns her that she must be cautious because devils are crafty creatures who take advantage of those who let their guard down. She must be careful around the Student Council. The Student Council, Ritsuka murmurs, prompting Lindo to ask her what’s wrong. 

“Nii-san, can I really not trust Sogami-san and the others?” What? He says. She explains how she was scared and didn’t know what they were thinking when the Student Council members revealed their true identities to her, but… they’ve rescued her from the vampires over and over again. And they said they’d help her find mom if she helped them out — “They’re deceiving you!!” Lindo roars. She flinches at his outburst, and he quickly apologizes for raising his voice at her. 

Appearing kind and gentle is a trick of theirs, he explains. They’ll take advantage of her if she’s quick to trust them. He tells her not to get in touch with them and that if do they approach her, he wants her to call for him. There’s also her pendant. She must not forget to wear it at all times… alright? This is the first time she’s seen her brother look so furious. “Do you understand?” He asks again when she fails to respond. Y-yes, she says.


So the Student Council members are… devils. Maybe Sogami-san and the others really are terrible devils, but the fact remains that they saved her from the vampires. She wonders how she should treat them if she runs into them. Not knowing what to do and filled with a vague sense of anxiety, Ritsuka quickly falls asleep. She never expected this to happen a few days later.


“…Why did I come to the beach?” What’s wrong? Azuna asks. She looks sad. Oh, no. It’s nothing, Ritsuka tells her. Her friend can’t believe they’d go to the beach for their school’s field trip this year. The sea breeze feels so nice! Their Academy sure is hyped about these things. Meanwhile, Ritsuka is freaking out because she completely forgot that she would be going on trips this time of year. Still, she’d probably get antsy sitting at home all day. She supposes she can think of this is as a change of pace.

Azuna says this is a popular event with the students because they can all participate, regardless of what grade they’re in. Hey, does she remember last year? Yep… Ritsuka murmurs. Concerned, Azuna asks if she’s not feeling well. She didn’t have to force herself to come. Ritsuka apologizes and says it’s fine. She feels better out here than she would lazing about at home. She does? But isn’t her brother also pretty worried? Like, he’s been staring at them for a while now beneath the shade of a tree… What?


Ritsuka startles. Why’s he doing that all the way over there for!? Two other students notice Lindo lurking in the shadows and wonder who he is. One of them suspects he could be a dirty degenerate and runs to get a teacher. Hm? What’s wrong? The teacher asks her. “S-sensei, there’s a strange guy over there!” What? He cries. Alright, he’s going to drive him off. Let him handle this. Oh no, Nii-san’s going to be taken into protective custody! 

Azuna says the teacher may not recognize him because he’s a transfer student. She thought he’d stand out because he was an attractive guy from day one. That’s not important right now, Ritsuka says. What should they do? Azuna smiles. It’ll be fine. She’ll go explain things to the teacher. What? Oh, then she will too. No, says Azuna. Knowing her brother, he’ll get all riled up if she tags along. “It’s my duty to protect my little sister! Or something along those lines,” she mimics him. Yep, she can see that happening…

Alright then, can she please handle it for her then? Sure, she’s got this. She’ll be a sec so just wait here, okay? “Thank you, Azuna.” What is her brother saying to the teacher? Azuna is stepping up to help, so it should be alright. Maybe he’s trying to protect her from the devils… There’s no way, right? Besides, she made sure to bring her pendant. If it comes down to it, she can… She cuts off, alarmed. She hopes the time for action doesn’t come. Speaking of, did the Student Council members come on the field trip?

No, there’s no way. Devils don’t go frolicking about in the ocean, she thinks, only to hear someone exuberantly yelling about how they’re at the ocean. Let’s swim, guys! Ritsuka instantly recognizes the voice. It’s Mage, and he’s ready to swim out to sea. Then he’s gonna ride a surfboard and go jet skiing! What should she do? The devils are out in their swim trunks and are thoroughly enjoying the waters. Someone speaks into her right ear, giggling about how wonderful the scorching rays of the sun feels on their skin. Ritsuka screams. 

Shiki appears before her, complaining about how she doesn’t have to be so afraid. God, he scared her… Why did Natsumezaka-san come up behind her like that? “What’s with the long face?” Urie asks her. It doesn’t suit her. Even Sogami-san came. “Yo, you’re even here?” Mage says. They got some great waves and winds coming in. It’d be a shame not to enjoy them, yeah? E-everyone… she says, only to inwardly panic. Why are they all lining up in front of her for!? Where are Nii-san and Azuna? What!? Oh my god, no! The teacher is dragging them somewhere far away!

“Hey, isn’t that the Student Council!?” Female Student B cries. Female Student C fangirls over how good they look in their swim trunks. She didn’t know they came with them! Great, this is going to become a huge problem for her if they come over. Urie chuckles and says he’s become the center of attention for the midsummer butterflies. The hell is he saying? *Mage says they can’t look away from how much of a Beefcake he is. Shiki thinks it’s so nice, feeling like he’s been exposed to their scrutiny with no escape.

It’s like they’re completely unaware, thinks Ritsuka. No one would believe these guys are actually devils. Urie says her swim suit is really cute. It’s an honor to be near someone as lovely as herself. What!? Oh no, that’s too… What’s wrong? She’s very nervous. Could it be… Urie lowers his voice to a whisper and says, “You don’t want to talk to us now that you know what we truly are?” N-no… that’s not it. Shiki giggles and says it’s okay to tell them she’s afraid. What, so she is scared of ’em, Mage says, turning around to face her. 

Urie says she’s probably too excited to see them on display. It’s only natural. Inwardly, Ritsuka thinks about what Mage said. Is she scared of them? No, it’s not like that. There’s no way she’d be able to talk to them if she were. She tells them that she isn’t scared of them, she just hasn’t sorted out her feelings yet. Even though she was told that devils are dangerous beings, all of them have protected her. She’s not sure how she should treat them. Shiki hums. She certainly doesn’t seem like she’s just scared of them. Ritsuka says they tricked her so they could go to her grandpa’s house. She’s not so sure it’s a good idea to trust them.


Urie apologizes for deceiving her, but lying and tricking people is part of being a devil. It’s not as if they meant to harm her, though. He thought she was pretty adorable following after them so eagerly. That’s awful, Ritsuka thinks to herself. “It’s fine,” Mage says. “It’s not like we stole your soul.” Shiki thought she was attractive when she’d been tricked by them. Pitiful, too. That was nice. No, it’s not, she retorts. “Hey, Butterfly. At the very least, we’d like to be friends with you.” There are rarely any butterflies as fascinating as herself. It would hurt if she hated them. Sogami-san…

Urie says that today’s trip is about the students all coming together. Won’t she spend some time with them? Together? Ritsuka says. Isn’t this the best way for them to bridge the gap, so to speak? Urie presses. Sounds great, says Mage. That nag, Rem, ain’t here so let’s party! What!? Party with the Student Council!? But… “You said the President isn’t here… Oh no, did something happen to him?” Yes, says Shiki. Rem is really having a rough time right now. He is!? Could he be fighting the vampires? Or maybe he’s gone off somewhere to look for the Grimoire!?

Female Student C squeals, “Rem-sama!” Female Student B asks if he’d like to go swimming with her. That’s not fair! Student Female C says. Rem-sama is going to play beach volleyball with her! *Rem apologizes and says he’ll be patrolling the beach and asks her to invite him next time. She squeals in delight, marveling at how cool he is. See? He’s in hot water now, Shiki says. Y-yeah, she agrees. The President is a devil too, right? It’s almost as if the tension between them is slowly unravelling.

Urie encourages her to forget about Rem and have fun with them in the ocean. Er, what should she do? Nii-san told her not to go near them… However, this is a more concerning matter. *Fan A wonders why the Student Council are all surrounding her. Fan B says it’s so unfair. She wants to be with Urie! Ritsuka thinks this situation is terrifying because it’s making her stand out too much. “Erm, I have something to take care of, so please excuse me.” Oh? Well then Shiki will tag along. “Y-you don’t have come with me, it’s fine!”

Shiki giggles. The more she doesn’t want him to, the more he wants to come with her. Ritsuka doesn’t understand how his mind works. She races away, yelling at him to please not follow her. “Wait up!” Shiki says, giggling perversely. Oh dear, there they go, Urie says. That guy okay? Mage asks. He wouldn’t know it if he got lost.


Ritsuka pants for breath, wondering if she lost Shiki. She was so intent on getting away that she got pretty far. She needs to hurry back to Azuna and the others. Still, maybe it was wrong of her to just take off all of a sudden… Sogami-san must be disgusted with her. “Just who said my name in that adorable voice?” Huh? It’s Urie. Hello, Butterfly. So this is where she wandered off to. What’s he doing here!? Urie thought she’d get lost with how fast she took off running and he went after her. 

Geez, what should she do? She’s still not sure if it’s okay to say anything to him… He assures here there’s nothing to be concerned about and says they should talk for a bit. “That swimsuit really suits you. You look very cute.” She points out how the devils are also wearing them. Well, they’re pretending to be human. And it’s pretty fun, changing into various outfits. Ritsuka says he could pull off just about anything. 

Urie enjoys wearing clothes but he also enjoys dressing people up. He’d like to dress her. Wow, that sounds like it would be fun! Urie makes a considering sound and leans into her space. He’d dress her according to his personal preferences. Is that alright with her? Ritsuka says that makes her a little worried when he puts it like that. She reminds herself that he’s keeping her on her toes with his flirting. He figured she’d look scared in front of a true devil, he says. She’s only a little worried, she admits.

She still can’t sort out her thoughts, which is why she’s nervous. But… she doesn’t want to run away. That’s very brave of her, he says. He’ll help her out a little then. Here, he says. Can she lend him her hand? What? O-okay, here… She’s fine if he’s just holding her hand, right? Devils aren’t that different from humans. Ritsuka observes how his body temperature and the feel of his hand on hers is similar to hers. Or rather, she’s feeling a bit self-conscious with her hand in his because it’s not any different. 

Oh? She’s blushing. How charming. It makes him want to do more things to her. Ritsuka gasps. “P-please don’t!” She warns herself not to let her guard down around him, because he meant something different. Urie figured she’d be wary of him. But there’s nothing to fear. He’s not going to do whatever it is she’s thinking he might do. Hey, come over here. Huh…!? Wh-why is he drawing her to his chest?


“Come on, relax. Let’s chat. You really can’t trust us?” She doesn’t think she can’t bring herself to trust them so quickly. She didn’t know that Sogami-san and the others were devils, or anything about them, really. Oh, he says. Then in other words, she would be fine if she knew more about them. Erm, maybe? Sure it would. It’s common practice to bridge the gap to get to know each other better. “If there’s anything you’d like to know about me, feel free to ask.” 

Ritsuka doesn’t know what to do, so Urie whispers into her ear. Won’t she ask him? With those lovely lips of hers… “My one and only Butterfly.” His one and only? Um, isn’t this how he flirts with all the girls? There were a lot of fans of his here earlier, weren’t there? Oh, those butterflies. That’s right. All girls are lovely butterflies to him. “But you’re special. I wish you wouldn’t doubt me.” Ritsuka feels a little dizzy. She feels weird when she’s with Sogami-san…

Could this be a devil’s powers? Oh? Urie loudly sniffs her and says he knew it. She smells lovely. Her scent is like a sweet temptation… Her s-scent? He said that last time to her. Urie wonders why it entices him, luring him closer. Where is this scent coming from? Ah… it feels like the scent is the strongest from her lips. Ritsuka flinches. H-he’s really close! His mouth is really close to hers! Damn, this isn’t like him, he says. He’ll want to steal her away if things continue. 

He’ll what!? “D-don’t!” Ritsuka shouts, and her pendant flares to life, startling Urie. Did that light come from her pendant? This must be the work of its protective charm. That was a close one, Urie gasps. The pendant just about bowled him over. It works on him? She asks. Urie looks at her. So then she knows it can become a charm against evil? And yes, it’s effective on him. It’s fine if he touches her normally, but it would seem that her pendant overflows with power when she resists him. That makes sense. Wow, Mom’s pendant is amazing… “I’m sorry. I forgot myself and frightened you.”

Hey, if he makes her nervous, how about they meet up with Mage and Shiki and the four of them can have some fun? The four of them? Urie says her anxiety will melt away if she knows more about devils. How about it? Ritsuka flounders for an answer. It could be dangerous if she tags along. But she knows her pendant is effective against him, so it should be fine. And she’d like to know more about Sogami-san and the others too. Alright, Ritsuka says. Is it okay for her to spend time with them? “But of course. You’re more than welcome to join us, Butterfly,” Urie says, dipping into a bow.


“Alright~ Here I go, Butterfly,” Urie says, punting the ball to her. Okay… there! Mage praises her for a nice toss, then lobs it at Shiki with a roar. It hits him hard, and he chokes. Urie sighs. “Another strike to the face… Mage, this isn’t dodge ball.” He knows the rules to beach ball, doesn’t he? Hell yeah, he knows. Why’d they come all the way here just to do this? Swimming would be better. “You don’t know anything,” Urie says. If you’re going to have fun with a girl you go for beach ball. 

Ritsuka is stunned that they’re doing something so mundane. So even devils play beach ball. Shiki giggles to himself about how he’s been hit thirteen times. “Oh my gosh, Natsumezaka-san, are you okay!?” Shiki thinks it’s great, because every time he gets knocked down the sand gets in his mouth. Is he… really alright? Urie huffs. They haven’t been taking this match seriously. Let’s do something else. Freaking finally, Mage says. He got so tired of throwing the ball at Shiki. 

Shiki laughs. He knew Mage was doing that on purpose. So what’s next? Mage asks. Right, says Urie. How about they let the Butterfly decide? “What do I want to do? Er…” She suggests they play in the sand. That’s a great idea, says Urie. How about they build a sand castle? They can write both their names on it. Wha — write their names on it!? There’s no need to be shy, he says with a laugh. They can even add words of love, if she’d like. A castle so fragile that it would crumble to pieces beneath the sweep of the waves… It’s so romantic. 


Aight, if that’s how it’s gonna be then they gotta make one high enough that it’ll be fine when the waves come. Like, as big as a mountain or something, Mage says. And before the waves wash it away, Shiki’s going to squish it between his hands. He chuckles. What a wonderful combination. Urie wonders if he can keep them out of this since they don’t understand the art of romance. Ritsuka says it would be pretty challenging to make a sandcastle as big as a mountain, so why don’t they try a smaller one instead?

Oh… How about they try burying the Butterfly in the sand? What, her? Yes, Urie says, instructing her to lie down. There’s nothing to fear. He won’t leave her side. “If you’re scared of doing this alone, I can cuddle with you. How about it?” Ritsuka ponders over her dilemma. Shiki gets really excited by the idea of being buried alive. It sounds so distressing ❤ Mage wants to make a game out of who can get themselves out of the sand through brute force first. Urie asks if the outsiders could please keep quiet. 

Ritsuka bursts into laughter. These guys — no, devils —  get along so well. She tells them she feels kind of relieved. “Devils aren’t that much different from people.” Oh, has her anxiety subsided a little? It has. She doesn’t think all of them are scary anymore. Mage smiles and says they’re a pretty big deal to humans. There’s not many guys out there who aren’t scared of ’em. Don’t make him laugh, says Shiki. She’s only playing an innocent game with them. “Shaddup,” Mage snaps.

She smiles and says it feels like she’s talking to people. Well, there’s actually all sorts of devils out there. But they’re probably the most similar to humans, says Urie. And there are devils out there who are pretending to be human, adds Mage. Ah, that’s true, Urie agrees. So they’re all are from the Underworld? Ritsuka asks. They are, says Urie. That said, they’ve only been here about a year. A year? That’s pretty recent then. But why did they come here? “The Grimoire,” Mage says in a serious tone. Ritsuka startles. 

Mage doesn’t know why, but the Grimoire’s power suddenly started overflowing on earth a year ago. Naturally, this threw the Underworld into chaos. So they knew the Forbidden Grimoire was here. Urie says it contains enough power to rule the world if they can get it. The devils and vampires of the Underworld are all looking for it. Of course, that includes them. They tracked down the person who was connected to the Grimoire, an ethnologist by the name of Professor Tachibana… her grandfather. And then they went after her and her mom, Ritsuka says.

That reminds her. What do they plan to do with the Grimoire once they get it? Inwardly, she fears they’ll say their goal is world domination. Who knows? Shiki drawls. Whatever will they use it for? Ritsuka is confused by his response, so he says they’re only going after it because they’re under orders to do so. Shiki explains that devils have an incredibly hierarchal society. They can’t possibly defy the guys at the top. Mage tsks in frustration. What a bunch of asinine rules. “Mage,” Urie says sternly. Mage just tsks again and goes silent. So then, the three of them are being ordered to find the Grimoire by a more powerful devil?

“That’s right. By the very Student Council President himself: Rem,” says Urie. The President!? Indeed. They’re carrying out his orders, though even Rem can’t go against his father’s demands. Mage says that if they get the Grimoire, their social status in the Underworld will be secure. That’s why they want it. It must be tough for Rem, coming from a noble family like the Arlonds, says Shiki. Even with them lending him a hand, it’s a lot of work. Ritsuka tries to process all of this information. They’re having a harder time than she expected.

Mage dissolves into laughter. The hell was that? Well, she thought they’d want to be like more free or even use it for their own selfish means! Ritsuka snaps, only to startle when she realizes she’d said what she was thinking out loud. Selfish means, Urie muses. She’s not wrong. If he had the opportunity, he’d steal the Grimoire for himself. When Ritsuka gasps, he tells her he was only joking. What the heck, that surprised her. Urie says there are plenty of devils who appear to be free. It’s the same for humans too. When he puts it that way, she feels a sense of camaraderie with them.


Oh. Then if they get the Grimoire, will they go back to the Underworld? Probably, says Mage. There’s no reason for them to stay once they get it. Though the human world is surprisingly not so bad. He could settle down here. Urie chides him. Rem will get mad if they’re not with him when he retreats. Shut it, Mage grumbles. They can be free if they just do as they’re told. Ritsuka hopes they can find it, if that’s all they want. So the Student Council are looking for the Grimoire… while the vampires are after great power.

She asks if the vampires will stop hunting her family if they obtain the Grimoire. Mage thinks so, though he says it with little confidence. “Then… I’ll help you look for the Grimoire.” What? Shiki says. She really means to work with them? Urie asks. Yes. She’s fine with helping them so long as her mom returns and she can go about her life as usual. They just need to find the Grimoire so they can bring it back to their home. So she’ll help them. Urie chuckles. Certainly. They appear to have the same goal. But is she okay with this? If she makes a deal with devils, she may not be able to take it back.

Ritsuka says it’s fine. She trusts all of them. He frowns and gives up. Mage snorts. She ain’t budging, even with Urie trying to convince her. Shiki likes how she looks when she’s scared, but he also likes this side of her too. Urie agrees, then looks at Ritsuka and begins anew. “Let’s join forces. So you can find your mother, and we can find the Grimoire.” Ritsuka agrees. Her brother told her to be cautious of them. When she learned that they were devils, she was honestly really scared. But they’re talking and laughing like normal… and they’re really not so different from people. She’ll join their side and she’ll get out there and look for her mom.

Urie says they can save this conversation for another time and says they should enjoy the ocean to the fullest. Right, beautiful butterfly? Yeah, says Mage. They can leave the serious discussions for later. They need a break! He’s right. They came all this way for their field trip. *Shiki thinks she’s the only one who can deepen her bond with devils. Maybe, Ritsuka says. Come on, this way, says Urie. Let’s pick up seashells. That’s so boring, Mage says. Let’s go ride on his surfboard! Shiki wants to put on a life preserver and sink beneath the waters while he’s stuck inside of it. It would be so much fun…

“I’m burying you in the sand,” Mage says. Urie hopes he’ll be at sea when the tides are high. Shiki delights at the thought of the waves inching toward him. Ritsuka giggles. These devils aren’t as scary as her brother thinks they are either.


“Thank you very much. I feel so refreshed now, and it’s all thanks to you guys.” Urie is glad to hear it and says she has a lovely smile. It wasn’t a bad time, Mage says. Yeah! Thanks a bunch, Nanashiro-san! She thanks each of them in turn. That’s when Urie says he’s been thinking of this for a while now, but it’s about time she stops with the formalities. Ritsuka doesn’t understand. “Nanashiro-san this, Nanashiro-san that. Quit it with all the politeness.” 

Oh, erm… But they’re her senpai, so… Like he just said, she’s talking all formal! Mage tells her to call him by his name. Wait, but aren’t devils part of a strict, hierarchal society? Despite her reservations, Ritsuka gives it a shot. “Oh, that’s better,” he says. Urie gives her permission to use his first name too, and he praises her when she does so. He’s thrilled to hear her say his name in that sweet voice of hers. “Call me Shiki.” Just Shiki? Can’t she use Shiki-san?

No, it’s better if she addresses him like they’re close. What!? O-okay. Then… Shiki? Ah, that’s nice. It gives him a special feeling when she calls him that. Mage gets angry at him for trying to beat them to the punch. Urie points out how he was the one who got her to throw away the honorifics first. As they continue to bicker, Ritsuka thinks to herself that they’re really not scary. She hopes her brother can see that there are people who can talk to devils. 

“Ah! There you are!” Huh? Mage turns around right as Azuna comes racing toward her, asking if she’s okay. Oh shoot… She had fun with these guys and didn’t contact her! “I’ve been so worried about you! What have you been up to?” Ritsuka apologizes. She was with the Student Council. She was… with them? Azuna says in a frightening voice. What? Azuna…? They haven’t done anything weird to her, have they? Azuna asks them. If they did, she’s not letting them get away with it.


Hey now, Urie says. That’s a groundless accusation. They were just having fun, weren’t they? Shiki says. Azuna sucks in a breath and scowls at him. What’s wrong, Azuna? Ritsuka thinks to herself. She seems different. Urie says she doesn’t need to glare at them when they’ve done nothing to the butterfly. But could she pass on a message to that older brother of hers for him? It’s fine that he’s got his guard up around them, but if he goes beyond that than she’ll be the one who to get hurt. What the heck is that? That sounds like a threat, Azuna says. No, Shiki croons. It’s merely a favor. Welp, it’s time they get back, says Mage. Bye, it was fun. With that, the devils walk away. They all left, Ritsuka observes. But more important than that is… What’s wrong with Azuna? “The Student Council… huh?” Her friend murmurs. 


Yeah, taking a bath at home is the best, Ritsuka decides. She can fully relax. The trip was over in the blink of an eye, but of course it was. So much happened. Still, she’s glad to know that devils aren’t as scary as she’d thought they were. Oh yeah, she should talk to her brother. It would help him calm down. She walks out into the kitchen. “Ritsuka…” Oh, Nii-san. What great timing. She actually had something to discuss with him… Lindo says he heard all the details from Azuna. “…Come.” Lindo grabs her arm, squeezing hard. Ritsuka cries out in pain. What’s going on? That hurts. He’s hurting her! Lindo just tells her to come with him. He can’t let her leave the house anymore.


Ritsuka continues to ask him what’s wrong. Isn’t he being weird? Those devils have deceived her, he says. What!? What is he talking about? Lindo says it was his fault for leaving her alone, but he can’t always be there to watch over her. So… starting today, she’ll spend her days only at home. H-hang on, stop! He’s taking this joke way too far for it to be funny. This isn’t a joke, he snaps. While she was taking a bath, he did everything he could. 

Huh? What is he…? That’s when Ritsuka notices something outside her window. Bars? A grill? There’s also a sturdy looking padlock… They’ve never had something like this in their house before. Lindo says he’ll be installing more in the other rooms soon. The front door also has a padlock on it and he’s the one with the key. Naturally, he’s made sure to reinforce the barrier so she can’t break out. W-wait, Ritsuka says. She knows there’s a barrier on the house, so why go through all the trouble of putting a lock on the front door?

It’s weird, almost like he’s… Ritsuka stops talking and finishes the thought to herself. It’s like he’s made this place into a prison… “Ritsuka, please understand. I’m doing all of this for your own good.” He won’t let the devils have her. No… Wait, Nii-san! But Lindo ignores her and tells her to go to sleep, then leaves. “Nii-san…” How did it come to this?

Translation Notes

*There are two words for vampire in Japanese: 吸血鬼  (Kyuuketsuki) and ヴァンパイア (literally pronounced “Vampire”). Both mean the exact same thing, however the game makes a point to distinguish between the two. To my understanding, it seems like Ritsuka is only familiar with 吸血鬼, which is why I had Lindo refer to them as “blood suckers.” Her grandfather also read books about them to her when she was little, so it seems this is the only name she knows them by. 

*交流旅行 Field trip? 

*俺さまの肉体美に目を離せなくなってんだろう。I could totally be off here, so please correct me if I am. 肉体美 is one’s physical beauty. Another option specifically for men came up: Beefcake. Considering how much confidence Mage has and the fact that he literally refers to himself as 俺さま, I thought it made sense that he would unironically call himself a Beefcake. 

*私はこれから、海岸の見回りがある。 I’m not too sure how 見回がある functions here. I’m marking this just in case I got it wrong.

*取り巻き is literally someone’s followers. Since the girls are stans for the Student Council, I thought fan was most appropriate.

*Shiki is suggesting that she’s the only one who can actually form a bond with them as opposed to the other students.

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