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This is a casual blog created to talk about the games I've played. My primary focus is a genre of visual novels called otome games, though I cover other games in annual overviews. Follow for otome game reviews, translations of otome games and other content. Hope you enjoy what you read!

✞ Dance With Devils ✞ Prologue Translation 

“Tachibana Ritsuka is attacked by mysterious men on her way to Shikou Academy. This incident turns her into a target, for she is the key to the “Forbidden Grimoire.” A captivating story that follows a different path from the anime and contains several endings. It is your choice: Human? Or Devil?”

All rights belong to Rejet. 

**Do NOT repost or reupload my translations or I will take them down.

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✧ Beastmaster & Prince: Snow Bride ✧ Another Story

The Pope of Cattleya has sent out an invitation to the Ball being held at the Rosette Castle. Tiana is bewildered when Matheus and the others squabble over who will escort her.

*All rights belong to Otomate

I’m not a professional translator. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

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✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Extra Side Story

Warning! The Ex Side Story depicts a tale following the ending of the main campaign of Beastmaster and Prince. As such, it is recommended that you play this after completing the main campaign.

*The only choice you will make is who you will check on, so there is no guide. I have divided this post into pages based on the order of characters in the selection menu from the common route.

Do NOT use my translations to earn a profit, whether it be through streaming or any other venue. That is illegal. I don’t make money off of these translations. Beastmaster already has a proper localization through Solmare. Please use their localization if you plan to stream. I translated this to practice the language and even included notes and comparisons. Please don’t jeopardize future fan-translation projects for the both of us.

All rights belong to Otomate.

*I’m not a professional translator. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes!

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How I’m Learning Japanese to Play Otome Games

Let me preface this post with a few disclaimers.

I’m not an expert in language learning and make no claims to be one, nor do I have a guaranteed road map to get you from where I started to where I am now. I’m still learning this language, but I’ve made significant progress and have even translated an otome game on my own for practice. Lastly, how I’ve been learning this language may not work for everyone.

This post will detail what I did to get as far as I have with Japanese and what worked for me. Links are affiliate links. There’s absolutely no pressure to use them. 

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✧ Beastmaster & Prince ✧ Sylvio

Sylvio works at the apothecary next door to Klaus and seems to know Tiana from somewhere.

Here’s the guide I’m using. Sylvio is in black.

If you want to play in a different order than mine, you’ll need to keep the first four chapter translations open alongside the character route you want as I have used Matheus as a template for the common route.

Sylvio’s route can’t be played until you finish Lucia’s. You also must not pet the princes during his route.

All rights belong to Otomate.

*I’m not a professional translator. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes!

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