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Anime Review: Dance with Devils

Intro: Ritsuka attends a school where ikeman pose sexily the moment she walks into the room and break out in dance and sing like Disney Princes. Her mom goes missing and now she’s in danger. If you’re not prepared for the singing, you’ll prolly start rofl going WTF is this shit? but if you’re prepared for a reverse harem with an actual ending and romance, cheap ass plot, and manservice, you might be okay with this show. Just don’t think too much.

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Amnesia Memories 100% Review

Intro: Unko awakens to find a shota-creature named Orion meshed with her brain and she’s lost all her memories. Unko must go through her life to regain them. When she gets enough back, Orion can leave her brain! One problem: the moment she’s suspected of having amnesia, it could be her last. Because Unko is the epitome of self-insert, Orion must speak on her behalf…thank God he’s entertaining.

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OZMAFIA!! Otome Game Review

Intro: An unnamed girl manages to evade her death at the hands of an unknown assailant and is saved when she runs into the Mafia Boss of the Oz Family. From then on, she’s thrown into a world where territorial disputes and violence are the norm. All while being a freeloader surrounded by ikemen and NTRing them, of course.

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