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Get English Otoge, Games with Otoge Elements, and Where to Import-2017 Will be Legendary!

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Why We Should Appreciate Otome Game Heroines

If you’ve ever played an otoge, the main attraction is no doubt the selection of ikeman you’re able to feast upon. These ikeman are dubbed “Capturables.”


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1 Year Anniversary: 2016 games in review

2016 was a shit year.

So instead of remembering the cringe fest let’s go through my year of Drama CD’s, Otoge, and Visual Novels of 2016.

Then the amazingness in store for English otoge players in 2017! ^^

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Hakuouki: Shinkai – Kaze no Shou is being localized by Idea Factory this Spring for the Vita.

There has yet to be details on this as it literally was JUST announced. If you want to check out the official tweet click here.

The official site has also just opened.

From what I understand, this is a remake of the original but includes routes for Nagakura, Sannan, and Yamazaki.  About time rofl.


There are also 3 new characters to get routes: 

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Otome Game Review: Nise no Chigiri

Intro: Mana Shiraha goes looking for a shota who ran away from his foster parents. She falls through a puddle-portal into feudal Japan, where a spirit tells her to save Masatora. She stops an ambush on Masatora’s life and he decides to take her in. She adopts a ferret-thing called Shiro and now must protect Masatora while snatching an ikeman.

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Hakuouki Stories of the Shinsengumi

Intro: Chizuru’s searching for her missing daddy whilst genderbending in Kyoto. She makes it so far only for some dudes to try and steal her sword, and as she’s fleeing, Rasetsu (called Furies in English lol) slaughter her pursuers. Luckily, the Shinsen-ikemen arrive before they get to her. But now that she’s seen the Shinsengumi’s “secret” they have to deal with her. Prepare yourself for La Tragedy of Le Ikeman.

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What to expect this Summer from me

I’m not dead. I’ve been pushing through finals week and I take my education VERY seriously. As such, you won’t be hearing a lot from me until the days of torture are over. And I usually study weeks in advance.

While sadly, my finals aren’t going too well, I wanted to let you all know I’m still here and after today, I will BE FREE! 


As such, I will make it my mission to give you plenty of reviews and impressions on video games (otoge, rpg, jrpg, sprg, etc.) as well as study Japanese more. I’m hoping to improve a lot this summer with my studies so I can provide better content for you.

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Hakuoki Movies Gets Localization


Hello everyone! Just wanted to update and share the (late) news. The Hakuoki films are getting blu ray and dvd releases this year!!! They’re a remake of the anime with MUCH better animation, a higher budget, and less history and more romance between the canon pairing.

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