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Get English Otoge, Games with Otoge Elements, and Where to Import-2017 Will be Legendary!

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Learning Japanese Part 5: Genki Chapter 2

Hope things have been well and you’re ready for Chapter 2!!!

If you still have not gotten the text, you should really try to because I can’t post the entire thing on here and it will help you much more than I ever could in the long run.

Like last chapter, this is just an overview of what to expect for this one. I suggest going over the chapter in your time in a way that works for you.

This chapter is also really simple so you got this!


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How to learn Japanese

A while back, I wrote a pretty blunt post about Motivation and what it means when you’re tackling a monster like Japanese.

When people say they’re going to learn Japanese it’s usually because of anime. That’s awesome! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So long as you remain motivated because of anime then it’s perfectly possible! 🙂

In my own case, I was lucky enough to befriend several Japanese exchange students for a few weeks in middle school. Yet after they had gone back home, I realized that I had no idea how to continue learning this beast.

Fear not! There is a way!


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