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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, Conquest, & Revelations Review

Intro: I’m reviewing the Special Edition. Unlike Pokemon games, each game in Fates is very diff, with lasting consequences. As a male or a female, default name Corrin(customized to your liking) you are tasked with the harrowing decision of siding with your true family, Birthright. Or choosing to defect to those who raised you, but stole you from your real family, Conquest. Or choose no side in Revelation. Prepare for battle & strategy as you lead your units against the enemy, and don’t forget to fall in love along the way. Everything in Fates is up to you & every decision impacts the game.

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Sweet Fuse At Your Side

Intro: Saki’s uncle, Keiji Inafune, is opening an amusement park featuring rides based on video games like FF. Saki shows up to support him when terrorists lock down the park and kidnap Keiji and several hostages. In order to free them, 7 warriors must overcome the trials Count Hogstein has set. Should they fail even one, Hogstein will kill the hostages. If one of them tries to escape, they will die. Saki volunteers as tribute to save Prim Keiji. However, Hogstein isn’t here to play fair. Why were they chosen in this game and will the warriors survive? Or will they condemn both themselves and the hostages? 

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Otome Game Review: Code: Realize~Guardian of Rebirth~

No spoilers.

Code: Realize is a visual novel, and an otome game, where romance plays a strong role in the story. Thankfully, the romance is tastefully and meaningfully included such that even straight dudes can enjoy this ( I say this because so many straight guys who label themselves as such are worried this won’t interest them). Code Realize is also one of my favorite games and one I would recommend without reservations to anyone interested in a grand, sweeping story.

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