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Otome Game Review: Period Cube

Intro: SAO Arcadia is an MMO where players are split between Angels and Demons. There’s a rumor that the server World V locks players into the game forever. Kazuha Hanamiya’s brother hasn’t been in contact with her and his last text warned her away from the game. She finds the rumors are true after logging in to World V, and to logout, she must gather the Trinity of Swords and reach the Ark. Problem is Kazuha is one of the Swords, called the Almighty…and she’s useless.

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Why We Should Appreciate Otome Game Heroines

If you’ve ever played an otoge, the main attraction is no doubt the selection of ikeman you’re able to feast upon. These ikeman are dubbed “Capturables.”


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Soukai Buccaneers! Review

Intro: Rian Lawrence wants to become a seafarer like her dad bcuz he was some awesome adventurer. She decides to live in Kings Bridge port to fulfill this dream, but she’s robbed of her father’s sword. Some pirates help her get it back. Everything should be great & shojo from there, but shota-Navy Captain Frederick and his 2nd in command Dean are here to arrest them! After settling things, Rian must sleep in the church headed by Stella and make her way through the upper/lower cities. However, she’s broke af and can’t get the boat she needs. Will Rian decide to stick with Captain Jack Ore-Sama or join shota tsundere Fred-kun & daddy Dean? Final thoughts at the end. There will be Japanese included along w/ translations cuz I picked up a lot of vocab. Maybe u’ll find it useful too! XD

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Otome Game Review: Code: Realize~Guardian of Rebirth~

No spoilers.

Code: Realize is a visual novel, and an otome game, where romance plays a strong role in the story. Thankfully, the romance is tastefully and meaningfully included such that even straight dudes can enjoy this ( I say this because so many straight guys who label themselves as such are worried this won’t interest them). Code Realize is also one of my favorite games and one I would recommend without reservations to anyone interested in a grand, sweeping story.

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