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Otome Game Review: Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal


Intro: Kotomori Yui’s dad is sent to Europe by the Church and he sends Yui to some “relatives” at the famous “haunted mansion” where she meets 6 vampires who aren’t sparkly….

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Otome Game Review: Nise no Chigiri

Intro: Mana Shiraha goes looking for a shota who ran away from his foster parents. She falls through a puddle-portal into feudal Japan, where a spirit tells her to save Masatora. She stops an ambush on Masatora’s life and he decides to take her in. She adopts a ferret-thing called Shiro and now must protect Masatora while snatching an ikeman.

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Animal Complex Otoge Demo Review


If you wanted to play Beast Master & Prince, fear not! Minus the petting, this otoge will get you your boys-turned-into-animals fix 😉

Intro: Clena’s just been fired from her job and happens upon D. Circus where she will later try and get some d but she’s lost her wallet and can’t see the show. When she turns around she runs into a cat who transforms into a tsundere ikeman!! Now that the secret is out, Clena is taken to meet the mother of the 7 ikeman. She hires Clena and says that lol like it or not, you have to marry one of my sons! Bc this is only a demo, Kad the tsundere cat is only available as of now.

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Soukai Buccaneers! Review

Intro: Rian Lawrence wants to become a seafarer like her dad bcuz he was some awesome adventurer. She decides to live in Kings Bridge port to fulfill this dream, but she’s robbed of her father’s sword. Some pirates help her get it back. Everything should be great & shojo from there, but shota-Navy Captain Frederick and his 2nd in command Dean are here to arrest them! After settling things, Rian must sleep in the church headed by Stella and make her way through the upper/lower cities. However, she’s broke af and can’t get the boat she needs. Will Rian decide to stick with Captain Jack Ore-Sama or join shota tsundere Fred-kun & daddy Dean? Final thoughts at the end. There will be Japanese included along w/ translations cuz I picked up a lot of vocab. Maybe u’ll find it useful too! XD

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