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Ever since I started thinking about translating Beastmaster and Prince, I was aware of an upcoming dilemma: How do I go about posting individual routes?

Matheus, Erik, Lucia and Alfred each have 5 chapters, while Klaus and Sylvio each have 4. It takes me around a week to get a chapter out. My process is time consuming and admittedly cumbersome, but it works for me and this is all for practice. The goal is to compile every chapter in a route together into one post. I think I found a way to do so. We’ll see if it works, fingers crossed!

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I’m not making any promises on a release schedule. Burn-out is a big concern of mine, especially when I have other things I’m working on and other obligations. I also want to play other games so I’m taking all of this at my own pace.

I’m currently working on chapter 5, which is the start of Matheus’ route. Once all of his chapters are done, I’ll upload them all together in a single post. If any changes to this plan occur, I’ll make sure to let you guys know. Thank you for your patience and I hope you’re all staying safe out there!!

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That’s right, I’m back after another long hiatus!! Adhering to a schedule stresses me out so that’s why I sometimes just disappear. If you find a cure for internet introvert syndrome please send help.

A lot of things have happened that really took their toll on me. I’d rather not divulge what those things were but I hope you can understand that I needed a break or I would’ve gone crazy.

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