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Otome Game Review: London Detective Mysteria

Intro: When noblewoman Emily Whiteley successfully helps find Queen Victoria’s cat, she is given a ring (signifying her title as a true 探偵) and enrolled into the prestigious Harrington Academy. Thus begins her adventures of studying to become a detective with the renowned Holmes Jr. and Watson Jr! But trouble lurks in every shadowy alley in London, for every secret needs its hiding place. As Emily and her butler, Pendleton, search for clues regarding the death of her parents, she’s about to uncover more than she ever expected to. 

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What to expect this Summer from me

I’m not dead. I’ve been pushing through finals week and I take my education VERY seriously. As such, you won’t be hearing a lot from me until the days of torture are over. And I usually study weeks in advance.

While sadly, my finals aren’t going too well, I wanted to let you all know I’m still here and after today, I will BE FREE! 


As such, I will make it my mission to give you plenty of reviews and impressions on video games (otoge, rpg, jrpg, sprg, etc.) as well as study Japanese more. I’m hoping to improve a lot this summer with my studies so I can provide better content for you.

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