Oh no. It’s My 5 Year Blogging Anniversary…

Wow, I didn’t miss the notification this time! I’ve been blogging about 2D bishounen and Final Fantasy games, and I’ve even started translating otome games. I don’t know how I managed to stick with this for so long but here we are! Here’s some sassy Lucia for you:


A huge thank you to every single person who’s ever visited my blog, made a comment, liked something I wrote or even used an affiliate link of mine. I truly appreciate it. You have no idea how helpful that is. I’ve also met so many wonderful people and friends thanks to wordpress and twitter and it continues blows my mind that people read my posts.

I hope I can continue to give back to you with my translations and reviews ❤ Feel free to recommend otome games or novels you’d like me to translate. If the material isn’t too advanced for me I’ll absolutely consider it! No promises, though. I won’t be charging anyone for these since I really need to just practice. Later down the road I’ll be charging for translations so I’d suggest recommending something while you can.

Tentative Otome Translation Project Schedule So Far:

  • Beastmaster and Prince (I’ve translated 3 routes and am currently on Alfred’s)
  • Beastmaster and Prince Fandisc
  • Dance With Devils

I love you all. Take care and stay safe out there! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

31 thoughts on “Oh no. It’s My 5 Year Blogging Anniversary…

  1. aseriaa

    Awh happy five years Leafy ❤️
    P.S. If I could throw an otoge title out there for your next project, I’ll vote for BWS Last Hope!
    P.P.S. WordPress isn’t letting me like this post for some reason, even though it let me like your posts before. Idk why it keeps glitching, but please know I tried haha

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Thank you a bunch, aseriaa! Huh that’s weird, I wonder why that is. Last time I tried the BWS games it was waaaaay too advanced for me so I may have to pass but I’ll check out LH and check. It looks like it was already translated by a group though but I’m not sure if it was taken down. I’ll be sure to let you know if I decide to translate it ❤

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      1. aseriaa

        Yeah just tried again, and same thing the page refreshes and the like doesn’t go through. WordPress hates me I swear LOL. BN was translated, but I think LH was dropped. But awh no worries, I totally understand 🙂 Looking forward to the rest of Beastmaster ❤

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  2. Crazymegalomaniac

    Congratulations! I love reading your reviews, they are so much fun ^o^.
    I want to propose translating “Shinobi, koi utsutsu”. There are mixed reviews, but I’m really thirsty for Garaiya lol.

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Oh wow, hey there, Crazymegalomaniac! I hope you’re staying safe and are well out there! Thanks so much for reading so many of my posts and even liking them! Looking back at some of those really old ones I wrote is a little embarrassing but I’m glad you enjoyed them 🙂

      And that is a perfect title!! I actually already own it for the Vita, so I’ll have a look at it. Last I remember, it wasn’t too difficult so I may just be able to translate it for you! I’m thinking of compiling a list of translation projects for a future post so it will be easier for everyone to find. Thank you so much again and take care ❤

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  3. Serena

    Happy anniversary ! I’m a silent lurker but I love your posts and otome journey ❤️❤️ I would like to request Zettai Meikyuu Grimm if possible!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Serena

        Thank you very much! Unfortunately, it’s just a shorter summary of the routes (rather than translation). Her recent posts are more translation-like, but her post for this game are summaries more brief in nature. If this is not possible please do not worry and thank you for the response anyway!

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  4. R i e

    I just wanted to thank you once more for your superb work on Beastmaster and Prince! I took a net break and came back to so many amazing blog posts to read, so thank you! (*^▽^*) I went back to studying Japanese myself (Aksys and their “fine job” on CxM Unlimited was the final push I needed) so it will be useful since I can come and see how off I am, hahaha! My four years at University were a while back and I’m rusty, but I admire people like you who worked hard and kept at it! Wishing you all the best!

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Rie, it’s so good to hear from you again! I hope you’ve been well. And that’s so great to see! It’ll all be worth it 🙂 Pretty soon you’ll be playing all of the otoge you want and even correcting my own Japanese 😉 Speaking of, I’m almost done translating Beastmaster! Alfred’s route comes out next week – if my wifi doesn’t tank in the approaching storms – and then there’s just 2 more routes left. I’ll be making a post about what I used to learn Japanese and how I got to where I am now if you’re interested. Hopefully that helps you with your own journey!

      (Yeah the company really needs to work on this lol it’s nice they’r releasing a patch for Unlimited but I’m so worried they’re going to take those fans’ hard work and just slap it on there, call it a day and not even credit them for it… never should’ve happened. They butchered so many otome releases and it boggles my mind that the company continues to say they’re passionate about otome games pfft)


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