Angelique Luminarise: Sample

I’ve decided to provide overviews of any Japanese language otome games I purchase to help you determine how difficult the language may be. As such, I’ll be translating a portion of the beginning of the game and providing screenshots so you may see how the Japanese text reads. Hopefully this helps you decide if the game is right for you. As always, if you spot any mistakes please let me know down below in the comments. Thank you!

*Character names follow the official website‘s spelling.

*All rights belong to Ruby Party (Koei Tecmo)

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✞ Dance With Devils ✞ Prologue Translation 

“Tachibana Ritsuka is attacked by mysterious men on her way to Shikou Academy. This incident turns her into a target, for she is the key to the “Forbidden Grimoire.” A captivating story that follows a different path from the anime and contains several endings. It is your choice: Human? Or Devil?”

All rights belong to Rejet. 

**Do NOT repost or reupload my translations or I will take them down.

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