Thanatos Night Revival Translation Request

Rejet announced a sequel to an already new drama cd series I’ve become a fan of. Thanatos Night is about fallen angels who sing death songs to their targets. You, the heroine, vary in each cd between desperately desiring death, or longing for love that twists into the need to die to protect their love. In some, the fallen angels fall in love with you, and in others, they deceive you and send you to hell. Each cd features a badass song.

You can check out my reviews for volume 1 and volume 2.

I’m still a beginner in Japanese, but I understood both volumes. I checked a translation that came out a few weeks after I reviewed Nia’s cd and discovered I’d understood the entire thing, so there’s some credentials for me I guess 😛

As requested by shawnelizkwan, I’ve translated some of the ikeman’s likes and dislikes from the site.

Thanks for the wait. Biology took up all of my time but it was worth it because I did great on it. Thanks for understanding!

If you spot any mistakes, please let me know and I’ll fix them and as credit you if you’d like. Learning a new language isn’t a solo act so thank you to all who’ve helped me on this journey ^^

Izaya: One-Winged Fallen Angel

Likes: Melon

Hates: Cookies made by Liam


Nia: One-Eyed Fallen Angel

Likes: Girls

Hates: Natto and all sticky food


Oliver:Dark Fallen Angel

Likes: Detectives/Inspectors (kanji specified “human” and “inspector” but could also refer to character. Possible that he likes detective stories)

Hates: Free-time


Seth: Playful Fallen Angel

Likes: Music Appreciation (?) 鑑賞

Hates: Anyone’s Happiness That Isn’t His. (thank you, Illinox for correcting me ^^)


Liam: Deceitful Fallen Angel

Likes: Beautiful flowers

Hates: Soft Drinks


Dylan/Duran(?): Lazy Fallen Angel

Likes: Banana Omelette

Hates: Loud or annoying things


And that’s all! ^^

Of course, there were a few parts that stumped me. One in particular was Sesu. His hated things was difficult to translate because 自分 can mean you, yourself, or another person. I honestly didn’t know which way it was supposed to be.

Please let me know if I made any mistakes or if there was a better way to phrase something. Thank you so much!


KDrama Review: Goblin

Intro: Kim Shin loses his life to a heartbreaking betrayal. His anguish is so great he is cursed with immortality and becomes a Goblin, doomed to watch those he loves die. His only hope resides in finding the Goblin’s Bride, who can pull out the sword from his chest. Ji Eun Tak lives with her stepmother after her mother’s death and learns the Goblin saved her life when she was supposed to be taken by the Grim Reaper. However, Kim Shin is falling in love with her, who is fated to kill him.

Final Thoughts Below

*I won’t be spoiling anything. If you were unsure about this show because it was tagged under Melodrama, like Scarlet Heart, don’t worry. There’s a happy ending in this one!


If you’re like me and are getting tired of kdramas or are completely new to them, Goblin is my recommendation. There were no cliches found in kdramas. It had humor, it had meaning, and it had a lovely message.

For a show centered around human mortality, it was never a depressing. Sure it can definitely hit you in the FEELS but it never hit you over the head with it.



Ji Eun Tak good Lord. This woman. The actress, Kim Go Eun, was marvelous. She played both a young and an older character with such grace I believed it. She was a delight to watch, she wasn’t frustrating, and she endured so much abuse with her stepmother’s family. In a way, it almost felt like a Cinderella retelling, except Prince Charming had a personality.



Goon Yoo plays the Goblin and ❤ he’s like wine. The more he ages, the better he gets. He got his big breakthrough with Coffee Prince, but I didn’t understand exactly why that drama was such a hit. He’s pretty much dedicated to ending his life when he meets his fated bride, but as fate would have it, he falls in love with the one capable of ending his life. I loved his relationship with everyone, especially the Grim Reaper.



Grim Reapers are making up for the sins committed during their life by guiding deceased souls to their afterlife. They don’t have their life’s memories and so the poor guy is at a loss when he meets someone who might be the key to his memories, the beautiful chicken shop owner, Sunny. He’s such a tragic character who proves that everyone deserves second chances if they truly repent.


A fiercely independent woman who knows she’s gorgeous and uses it to her advantage. I’m so glad she wasn’t someone who didn’t know she was beautiful for comedy. Not only this but she adds something a lot of dramas are missing. In fact, a lot of media in general is. Female friendship. Despite the romance, this show passes the Bechdel test.


Cinematography is breathtaking and we even get to see them magically open a door to Canada.

My only complaint has to be the multiple flashbacks from episode 1. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed this enchanting drama.

Final Thoughts:

“Because there is death, life is brilliant.”-Episode 13


If you’re trying to get into dramas this is honestly the series I’d recommend. Or for those who are starting to get tired of them. It has a very Harry Potter meets Disney fairy tale vibe. Except it deals with topics like death, religion, God, and fated love.

It was such a breath of fresh air. The female characters all supported each other, the guys were all great bros, and everyone had a part. Even the side characters. The scenes in the tea room where the deceased were passing on brought a smile and some tears.

The romance was so achingly sweet and beautiful. And episode 3 was fantastic with the “kidnap scene” with the song choice.

Fantastic drama that everyone will enjoy and is perfect for someone wanting a story with a beautiful message and a heartfelt romance. Definitely worth the hype and it has a happy ending so don’t worry about that ^^



Dance With Devils Charming Book Story & Characters Translation

Because I’m DWD trash I’m hyped for this new drama cd series. Not only this, but a DWD movie is coming out this fall. My trash ❤ is pleased. If you want to hear my thoughts for the anime, click here. It’s one of the best reverse harems out there.

As always, please take my translations with a grain of salt and if you spot any mistakes please let me know. I’ll fix them right away and credit you if you’d like 🙂

*Please don’t post these translations anywhere! You can link to this site though, if you want.*

Here is the original site.



All rights belong to Rejet


Now that you are lovers, you spend your happiness together.

But one day, the ancient Grimmoire was sealed!

In the book, your boyfriend became the”Prince.”

And you became the “Princess.”

It was supposed to be a happy story, but something strange is happening….

Will you be able to safely return to your world?

The curtain of a new love story shall open.


Kaginuki Rem ❤ – Vol 1. April 19

CV: Saitou Soma

“Though I have no power, I’ll certainly save you.”


We’ve become lovers, but it seems a new trial has come.

To think, of all things, we’ve been trapped in a magic book.

It seems the only way out of here is to become the character and complete the story.

But what is the “The Emperor’s New Clothes” about? (Oh innocent lil’ Rem<3)

…Wh-what? You’re saying I have to be naked!? (YASSSS lol)

No, but this is for your sake…In that case, I’ll gladly bare myself!

Sogami Urie– Vol 1. May 17

CV: Kondo Takashi

“Even if I become *sea foam and disappear, the fact that I loved you won’t.”


We should’ve been spending our time sweetly as lovers, but to think we’d enter a magical book of “Little Mermaid.”

Destined to become *sea foam and disappear….

But I’ll never let you go.

It’s only natural, for I love you more than anyone.

Even if I become sea foam and disappear.

Tachibana Lindo– Vol 1. June 21

CV: Hatano Wataru

“Even if this is a tragedy, I won’t lose hope. I’ll make you happy.”


What on earth is going on?

An empty theater…did we enter the book of “The Phantom of The Opera”?

But, you’re right in front of me-

If you’re the “Phantom”, there’s no way I’ll give her to you!

I can’t lose (her) to you…..! (to Rem? rofl)


Natsumezaka Shiki– Vol 1. July 19

CV: Hirakawa Daisuke

“I won’t leave you all by yourself. When we disappear, it’ll be together.”


Maybe it was a mistake to enter the book’s world.

“The Pied Piper of Hamelin”….With this pipe, I could have so much fun controlling you, but to think I’d be put in charge of a rat extermination.

I don’t really want to do that, though, so why don’t I play this pipe and have fun with you for a bit? 

So….show me a good face, okay? 

Nanashiro Mage– Vol 1. August 16

CV: Kimura Subaru

“If you love me, I’d become a monster for you.” ( 😉 whoooaaa there)


This is all because I was told stupid things like, *”read a book and learn about affection.”

It’s so stupid we’d get sucked into some magic book of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Well, there’ ain’t nobody to butt in, so let’s just have fun, just us, living in this castle!


Hey, ain’t there something strange about my body? ( No, just keep your hair down & your perfect ;))

Roen– Vol 1. September 20

CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa- Vol.1  September 20

“You shan’t become lost. After all, I shall guide you.” (YAS PLEASE)


“Alice in Wonderland”…Since being sucked into that magic book, I wonder how much time has passed?

Over and over, the story ends, only to begin anew.

Even so, we shall escape.

In order not to meet that ‘end’ again-

Princess, I shall never leave you by yourself.

After all, I decided that I would walk beside you.

*Oh good God. Translating is difficult, especially when you have a character that speaks primarily in keigo and one in really slangy/yakuza speech.

I translate the literal meaning then apply the character’s voices. For Roen, I did my best to capture his super polite and aristocratic-like diction. For Urie, he kept saying “foam” but in the original Grimm, the mermaid became “sea foam”, which is more specific and implies a much more definite “end.” I did my best to make the sentences flow better in English because a lot of the sentences had repeating words or redundancy. There’s nothing wrong with translating as literally as possible, but sometimes it’s kind of strange to read them.

I hope this clears up things if you were wondering about word choice. Please let me know if I made any mistakes. I’d love to learn how to become better at translating!

I’ll be translating the Thanatos Night Revival Character Preferences as requested by shawnelizkwan soon.

What drama cd series are you looking forward to? Which DWD boy are you looking forward to? How do you think Rem will handle the nudity? ROFL

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Kdrama Review: Noble, My Love

Intro: Based off a manhwa of the same name, Cha Yoon Seo is a veterinarian struggling to pay off her student loans. When she saves the life of Lee Kang Hoon, the CEO of DOL, she misses the note he left her to pay for the fee. Since she never calls, he goes to pay his debt, but becomes inexplicably drawn to her. He decides to create a contract ala 50 shades for 3 months, where she must be his gf to get rid of his arranged marriage matches. 

Final thoughts below:

As the trailer shows, this show is cheesy as fffffffffffff. Sometimes we all need to just turn our brains off and watch popcorn fluff because why not? If you go into this without thinking too hard, you’ll likely enjoy it like I did. Though the flaws!! Oh the flaws.

Being a webdrama, episodes range anywhere from 15-30 minutes, unlike normal kdramas which take at least an hour for one.

The male lead….



In dramas, he’s the perfect formula for tropes and moving the plot, as well as being sinfully attractive.

Aka, he’s a fucking asshole and in real life, any self-respecting individual would shove him to the curb. But it’s a drama so as cringey and F U some of his lines are, it’s still entertaining. It works because the heroine doesn’t take his shit and deals it back. Despite all the disadvantages, she still makes life difficult for him because she respects herself too much to let him decide everything. Thank God.




Final Thoughts:


Heroine is a veterinarian and saves the male lead? Dayum.

I mean, that’s badass already, but I’m studying to become a veterinarian so that instantly added bias towards my opinion of this show. Peeling off that bias, though, I can say it served its purpose. Fluff, cliches, tropes, and accidental kisses.

You thought they only happened in jdramas.

You were wrong.

Girl was adorable. Like she’s what the rom coms try so hard to get: that optimistic, cute, girl, but it never works. Well, look no further! She brought a smile to my face every episode and her antics never seemed exaggerated. They felt natural and the actress was just so cute I could. Not.

No wonder he fell for her.


I honestly believe everyone deserves a second chance-if they’re genuinely good people. But as we all know, keep your drama leads in dramas because they don’t change for anyone in real life nor do they make ideal partners. (Though he was entertaining)

Otherwise, you may become stuck with a certain someone on Korean Airlines who had to be restrained to his chair and got away for spitting on one of the worker’s face’s because daddy’s rich….and all of it was filmed for the world to see.

What did you think of this drama? Have any recommendations?

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Drama CD Review: Prince of Grimm Red Riding Hood

Intro: In the Town of Grimm live several PrincesYASSS. You come into contact with whomever you choose (whose CD you buy ) and discover how you came to find this Town and just who the Prince is. But the truth might be more than you can bear….

First, I want to say that these drama cds were too advanced for me and luckily I found an AMAZING person named Nurie who just so happens to really like drama cds too! She paid for the translations to this cd and several other series, so if you have this cd (or another drama cd) she has the translations.

If you decide to share the translations she paid for, please be respectful and link to her post as she kindly requests. Do not reblog or repost, she asks, so please be respectful!

Translations are here

This first volume of the Grimm series stars Akazukin, or Little Red Riding. He’s voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru. Some of Hikaru’s roles include Diabolik Lover’s Ayato and Uta Pri’s Eiichi.


Akazukin leads the Red Hoods, a group of hunters that kill man-eating wolves. His family was murdered by wolves and since then he’s been on a revenge mission. You end up surrounded in the middle of a battle and Akazukin destroys them all to save your life, only to learn you’re not from his world.

He decides to take you to Grandmother’s house to get answers. Along the way, he attempts to steal a present to bring to his grandma, but you admonish him. You end up staying the night out in the woods and teaches you how to use a gun.

You get into an argument but he comes back for you when the wolves show up.



Unfortunately, she’s been killed and you’ve fallen into the wolf’s trap. You and Akazukin take down the wolves together fuck yea and because you’ve been tainted with the blood of the wolves, you can’t return to your world and I mean granny’s dead too soooo and all of a sudden he confesses his undying love to you ROFL like dayum that was fast.

The narrator concludes the cd with the twist:a burglar broke into your home and murdered your family. You stabbed the guy but he got away. Since then, you’ve been plagued with nightmares. One night, you are granted a nightmare that becomes your fairy tale.

Loved by a prince in a world torn apart by wolves and blood.

You will never leave, because why would you want to when all your dreams came true?


I mean, I was worried it was just going to end but there was a plot twist! xD And it was really good. Definitely a drama cd that’s aimed for people who are at least intermediate and above in Japanese. Thankfully, there’s a translation available.

Again, please respect the person who bought the translations and link to her post and don’t reblog/repost. She will take them down if you do.

As always, input—> output, so drama cds will help. For beginners, I’d suggest the Thanatos Night series, starring fallen angels with a badass song for the final track. You can see my thoughts for volume 1 and volume 2. They’re pretty easy to understand.

What did you think of this drama cd? What are you listening to?


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Drama CD Review: Thanatos Night Volume 2 Ria

You want to die so you attract the attention of fallen angels. They want to steal your life away so you spends a few days with one of them before deciding whether or not to go through with it. If you decide to then they sing a death song to you. Since Rejet <3’s music and each character gets their own song rofl it’s pretty obvious what you choose. Spoilers.

This volume stars the fallen angel Nia, played by Masuda Toshiki-thanks so much for correcting me, Retsuya! One of his roles in anime include Kashuu Kiyomitsu from Touran. (Plus, he’s also a total ikeman 😉 )



Nia is seemingly the perfect gentleman. He befriends you right away and consistently asks you to go on dates with him. You’re at first reluctant to do so, but go along with it. You start to fall for him right when this ass leaves you sitting on a bench at the amusement park to get drinks.

You catch him talking to another girl on the phone promising to meet later and he says he loves her. When he sees you heard everything you run away. He catches you and says it was all a misunderstanding. That you’re the only one for him.

The next days consist of going on more dates until he decides to celebrate your anniversary. He gives you roses, saying they mean “love” and inside the bouquet, you find a note. He says he bought you a one-piece and wants to meet with you tonight. And you gotta wear that. Wtf she ain’t no doll of yours


As anyone could guess based on the premise and this guy’s weird af eyes, he’s been lying this whole time. Before he reveals it, he asks you to marry him. You end up seeing his wings so he’s all “Welp, cat’s outta the bag now.” He’s here to kill you and if you love him you should let him kill you. -_-

He says you’re the cutest when scared and then he sings his badass song. Like seriously, despite the lyrics talking about how he loves to deceive you and kill you such romance it’s catchy af. Listen to the sample here.

After you die, he makes sure to remove your ring because he needs it to play his next victim, Ms. Phone girl. Like damn son! Guy has no remorse at all. He’s a real fallen angel. As such, I was pretty impressed that they didn’t sugar coat stuff considering his “job.”

Again, I should stress this drama cd series is really easy to understand. I’m still a beginner in Japanese, yet I was able to understand both volume 1 and 2 with very little problems. Sure, there are words and sentences I don’t fully understand, but the point of listening to these (especially when learning Japanese) is to get through as much as you can. And have fun 🙂

Here is the website and here you can purchase Nia’s cd.

What do think of this drama cd series? What are you listening to now?

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Kdrama Review: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Intro: Go Ha Jin dies and goes back in time to prevent the next king from murdering his family and becoming a tyrant in history (Gwanjong. Based on a Chinese novel based on true history). As she’s trying to survive, figuring out who the blood-thirsty king is, and adjusting to her new life as Hae Soo, the cousin to the Hae family, two princes change her life. Will she live long or will her life be caught up in misery due to the influence of the throne?

Final Thoughts below:

Firstly, the Korean audience didn’t tune in, resulting in low ratings. The reason? The fans didn’t like that their precious oppas had been involved in minor scandals. And the heroine had worn an inappropriate lolita outfit onstage once. So they didn’t support the show. 


Thank God international fans weren’t complete idiots because they got to enjoy a really good show.


Hae Soo is such a great main character. Yes, she makes mistakes because she’s not a Mary Sue but she’s likable. And she actually does shit! I’m so tired of dramas trying to show us a promising lead only for her to be all talk. Or fall apart at the end. Hae Soo remained true to herself the entire show despite the betrayals and how mistreated she was, the heartbreak, the torture, everything, she never lost herself. She respected herself.

She adapts quickly to survive and when her feelings threaten to hurt those around her, she actually thinks about it and doesn’t let her emotions sway her!


The female relationships in this show range from the typical bitchy girl to the crazy mom to true friends. Sure, I didn’t like some of the batshit crazy ones but they were given backstories to show how they got there. Not to make you forgive them, hell no, but to understand. Same for all the antagonists.


The 8th Prince, Wook, is one of the love interests who, like the other characters, completely changed throughout the course of the show. I loved him at first, but when he was faced with power things turned out a different way. I loved how Hae Soo was able to turn away from him after his lust for power twisted his character. He was still a good guy but the throne ruined him.


The 4th Prince, Wang So, tore out my <3. He only wanted his mother to care about him but she tossed him aside after horribly disfiguring him. The scar has ruined his reputation and hardened him, causing him to lash out at those who provoke him regarding his mother or his face. Hae Soo’s compassion and ability to look past all of that is what causes him to turn a new leaf. He slowly tries to become closer to his family and remains a loyal friend to Hae Soo, even when she rejects his feelings for her. She comes to love him back, but the writers took care in developing her feelings.


Sadly, like all of the characters who get the throne, he slowly goes mad. Hae Soo leaves him after several incidents that only hurt those around them. You can see that he means well but the threat of those stealing the throne from him and trying to hold onto Hae Soo is too much for him. I really hated him after he took the throne because despite all he’d been through, and while it made sense for him to act the way he did, it soured everything.

He tried to blame her for leaving him after he slept with Yeon Hwa for political reasons, for having her friend murdered because she was planning on harming Hae Soo, and more. The throne brought out the worst in him and considering his entire character was the struggle to balance the light and dark within him, it worked. I didn’t like it but it worked and that’s what matters in the end.


Thankfully, this drama took a realistic look at the events of the story and didn’t sugar-coat everything. The ending may not have been the fluff you wanted, but considering the foreshadowing in this show and how often the themes of power corrupting people, people changing, etc came up, it was only time for the ugly to come out.


Final Thoughts:


Honestly, this is one of the better kdramas I’ve seen. I’ve never been a huge fan of them because they’re long, they’re pretty superficial, and it takes sooooo damn long for the heroine to do something. Then again, most of the kdramas I’ve seen were the “popular” ones that came out. The ones that aren’t historical basically.

The heroine is great and I had her back the entire time. She was hurt and tortured, betrayed and endured so much. I really admired her inner strength and her tenacity. The romance was great and heartbreaking.


The entire drama was about how power corrupts people and that people are never steadfast. If we aren’t honest with each other, how can we expect to come out the same? As such, nearing the finale, many people were frustrated by the dark turn the characters faced but it couldn’t work any other way. The show was hinting at it from the beginning and I’m so glad they didn’t pull fluff out of their ass to give us a cliche happy ending.

It was realistic and I enjoyed every single moment. Recommended if you like action, romance, political intrigue, and hot guys ;P.

Available on Dramafever.

What did you think of Scarlet Heart? Do you have any recommendations?

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