Otome Game Review: London Detective Mysteria

Intro: When noblewoman Emily Whiteley successfully helps find Queen Victoria’s cat, she is given a ring (signifying her title as a true 探偵) and enrolled into the prestigious Harrington Academy. Thus begins her adventures of studying to become a detective with the renowned Holmes Jr. and Watson Jr! But trouble lurks in every shadowy alley in London, for every secret needs its hiding place. As Emily and her butler, Pendleton, search for clues regarding the death of her parents, she’s about to uncover more than she ever expected to. 

JyDFdzny1o4Akechi: sails with Kobayashi from Japan to London to learn how to solve crimes in their country with the knowledge gleaned from Harrington Academy. He’s astounded that girls attend school with the boys and that they’re nothing like the Yamato Nadeshiko that Kobayashi says is his type. Akechi takes over the class as Mother Nag and doesn’t shy away from bugging everyone. Good thing he intimidates and inspires his new classmates or else someone would’ve slapped him. Watson tries to lend his genius to him: Respect WaHmEN. When Akechi was a shota his dad dumped him into the care of a sword master who had a stick shoved up between his asscheeks. Some nobles tried to pressure a child from a poor family to kill themselves in exchange for money, so Akechi saved the kid’s life. His sword master demanded that Akechi apologize to the family for STOPPING THEM FROM MURDERING A CHILD FOR FUN and Akechi was like that’s fucked up and so he was disowned by both his master and his family. Because of this emotional trauma, he’s grown up into a very confused young man. The only way he can see any worth in himself is to point out all of the flaws in everyone else. To top it off he’s a tsundere so you guessed right: he insults Emily a lot and then Kobayashi comes running to say Akechi didn’t mean it! He’s just not used to women!

rLhoZCtE2tQEmily’s so sheltered that she doesn’t recognize danger when it literally tries to kidnap her. Some dude with a bad leg falls down in the middle of the road and he tricks her into getting into a stranger’s carriage. Akechi mans up and takes her place. Some bad dudes are kidnapping nobles to sell them off and Akechi beats their asses with the help of Pendleton and Kobayashi while Emily just STANDS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIGHTING. This kid named Rich was being bullied and Akechi saved him so now the kid wants to make Karate Kid happen with Akechi as his master. The bullies tell Scotland Yard that Akechi is a thief and without even investigating they arrest him because he’s a foreigner. Emily and Kobayashi manage to find out the truth and free him but then Akechi has to go in for Karate Kid 2 and help Rich out. He beats up the bullies, then tends to their wounds and takes on Rich as his apprentice. Emily meets Akechi and Kobayashi’s employer, Dejal, #obviousvilliansbeobvious. Emily sees Dejal creepering through town. Beneath the Church is an arena where people kidnap poor children and make them go Hunger Games on each other. Emily’s kidnapped and Kobayashi finds her but is thrown into a cage with her. One of the guards tries to rape her but Akechi saves them. During their escape Akechi sees a child about to off themselves with a knife and he freezes; Emily stops the kid and then all of them get separated as fire consumes the place and she’s kidnapped AGAIN.

XRfY7sGHFcUAkechi and Kobayashi sneak onto the boat she’s on to save her while Pendleton travels the lands far and wide searching for her aka traveling hundreds of miles on foot like a BOSS. Porlock, the baddie who’s ferrying all of the kids to be slaves in Hong Kong, asks Akechi to join him but he refuses. After intimidation tactics that fail sexy voice I could listen to all day even if it’s about awful things because his voice is magic Akechi fights Porlock with an oar because he made him give up his sword earlier. Emily throws him his sword back and Akechi defeats Porlock and then Dejal’s all Muwahaha now I’m the boss and then a mysterious figure shoots him rofl. Good end: she tends to his wounds, almost kokuhakus, and then Pendleton lets her go with Akechi to Japan. He finally kisses her and confesses pretty smoothly. After story: She’s locked up by the Japanese police for being a foreigner and she’s not allowed to see Akechi but the guy just scales the building and climbs through her window and the two run away to enjoy some time before they’re caught. Idk who the fuck drew this CG but I didn’t recognize Akechi in this and holy shit what happened to Emily’s face? On her ship back to London, Pendleton says she will find another man but SURPRISE BITCHES Pendleton snuck Akechi and Kobayashi on board! I love this man I swear. Bad end: Akechi ignores the crap out of Emily until the day he returns to Japan and he gives her a bookmark and says he’ll be back for it so hang on it for him please WUT you blew her off for the whole year sir. His route is cute when he isn’t an idiot.

2loYOLA3zasKobayashi: is a saint and really deserved a proper route but too bad Emily friendzones the shit out of him. The moment he sees Emily he thinks she’s super cute. He fights with a slingshot and some of his ammo is useful but I couldn’t take it seriously most of the time. Akechi is in the middle of ignoring her so Kobayashi tries to cheer her up. He takes her outside to look at fireworks he made and tells her that when he comes back to London he’ll be an awesome ikemen and she can become his assistant.

E2y_wolQX9UHerlock Holmes: is an r/iamverysmart subreddit with daddy issues. Thank God the romance starts early because he stops acting like a douche…kind of. Watson and Holmes are escorting Emily back home when they see a little boy being robbed. They leave her with the kid while they chase him down and of course the kid disappears and some shady man in a cloak tries to shank her. And lo and behold Holmes’ dad, THE Sherlock Holmes scares the guy off and does nothing else. When Holmes and Watson return, Sherlock says Holmes wasn’t thinking because he left Emily alone and Holmes is so TRIGGERED he runs after the shady man by himself. Emily goes too because she can’t stop sticking her nose into things she shouldn’t. Holmes says he doesn’t feel good enough compared to his dad and right as he’s starting to show some human decency the shady man ambushes them. And promptly gets shot by an old man as he’s fighting Holmes. The old man tells Holmes not to follow him or Emily will be hurt and then he plants the gun in Holmes’ pocket, incriminating him as the murderer. Holmes is too proud to ask his dad for help so he lets everyone at school think he’s a killer while Emily and Watson try to help him clear his name. But Holmes just can’t let others help him out and he ends up getting framed for ANOTHER murder at a party ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

KS7zBFSs_EkThe Great Lupin descends from whatever heaven he’s from to hint that he’s kind-of-not-really involved with a group named Spellbound which is responsible for crimes that take place in everyone’s routes (Akechi’s church cult enslaving children, etc.) so when he goes to steal another diamond, Holmes tries to stop him because Lupin may know who’s framing him. The police don’t want to work with a suspected murderer, so Holmes gives up his ring as proof of his determination to catch Lupin. As they’re waiting for the thief to show, Emily’s turning into a popsicle because it’s so damned cold out. Holmes gives her his gloves. In return she grabs his hands to warm them up. Yet again Holmes just can’t let anyone know he needs help. During Lupin’s attack he gets too reckless and Emily nearly catapults herself over the side of the tower. Lupin gives Holmes the chance to save her or catch Lupin but Holmes can’t decide so Lupin steals her away ❤ Pendleton rages at Holmes for being such a dumb dumb and it was glorious. Lupin challenges Holmes to a duel of chess: One of the pieces has Emily’s location but he needs to win. Holmes is so distracted with both trying to win and figure out where Emily is that he starts losing his composure. Meanwhile, Emily scales out of her tower like a boss and interrupts the match to give Holmes the hint he needs: Lupin said he’ll always guard his Queen. (Not, you know, tell everyone where this infamous thief’s base is or anything of grave importance rofl). Lupin tells Holmes he can clear his name soon because some celebrity is going to be involved with Spellbound. Then he jumps over the edge of the tower like a majestic eagle. Watson goes to let Pendleton know she’s safe and Holmes hugs her and she’s all┣¨キ(*゚Д゚*)┣¨キ. 

NIcHF2dvOwQA rich banker gets involved with Spellbound and Watson goes after him. Holmes receives a letter with Watson’s hair covered in blood so he rushes out to save him. Pendleton lets Emily help on two conditions: he goes with her and afterwards she’s not to be alone with Holmes again. She agrees and then they and her classmates all bust out Watson and Holmes. Captain Moran, a bad guy who lost his wife and then went crazy and called the battlefield his new home, is obsessed with a man named Moriarty who helped him out of prison. Moarn tries to run away but because he can prove Holmes’ innocence they chase after him. Emily catches up to him first and he’s all well I guess you’re here for your revenge against me and hints that he had something to do with her parents’ murder. He starts choking her so Holmes saves her and right before they have an anime showdown they both confess their feelings. Then the Captain jumps into a pit of fire. Holmes clears his name, tells his dad he respects him as a detective but he sucks at being a dad, and Emily keeps her promise to Pendleton so it’s really awkward between her and Holmes. Eventually Pendleton can’t stand his depressed ojousama any longer so he tells her to give Holmes his gloves back. Emily tries to kokuhaku again but her teacher starts class and he rewards Holmes for clearing his name by giving him back his ring. Except he lost it and his cat is running around the school yards with the ring in his mouth. The teacher begs his class to catch his cat. During this, Watson and friends lock Holmes and Emily on the rooftop together.

kvdRMJbU-AcHolmes admits he didn’t press the issue about his feelings because she’s a noblewoman and society wouldn’t allow them to be together but now he’s all screw that and tries to kiss her and Emily I swear to GAWD. Every single time he tried, she had to say something to distract him or the cat suddenly cockblocked or etc. but he finally kisses her. Except she didn’t close her eyes like Ichiko did in Hino’s route 😂 Bad end: He loses the chess match and he keeps his distance from Emily until they’re just classmates. Epilogue: Holmes can’t focus on his work because he’s too busy getting lewd with his waifu – where is Pendleton he’s gonna castrate this boi rofl – so Watson suggests they spend some time apart to clear his head. Of course Holmes takes this to the extreme without even talking to Emily about it so the poor girl is just like did I do something wrong? After preventing a bomb from going off during some recital Watson leaves them alone and Holmes apologizes for being a douche, says he loves her, and then he cuddles her like a dakimakura for the night. She leaves his side and the next morning is like surprise bitch I’m now you’re rival. She wants to help him focus on his cases but also be close to him.

Cqlq7JF_Gg0William Watson: may wear a fedora but he’s no reddit white knight don’t you worry. He and Emily met when they were children when she tried to free a deer from an animal trap. The deer died so they dug a grave for it and he made her a flower ring. He felt bad that he couldn’t do more for her and when she said she wanted to solve her “case” about her parents; he vowed to become a detective so he could one day solve it for her. When he sees her at the Buckingham Palace, he immediately knows she’s his long lost loli waifu. So Holmes’ route feels like a huge NTR and a dishonor to the bro code. Holmes even tells Watson he knew Emily was Watson’s first love and yet he STILL CHASES AFTER HER IN HIS OWN ROUTE NANI. After Holmes runs after the shady man who tried to kill her, Sherlock asks Watson to escort Whiteley home. On the way, he tells her about the girl he met when he was a shota but he doesn’t tell her it was her which makes her jealous.

64RRlYAZRmgHolmes is framed for the murder and his dad takes him home to figure out what to do. Watson lies about Holmes being sick because he doesn’t want her to worry that he’ll face murder charges so she decides to bring a basket of fruit over to help him get better, but along the way she sees Watson on the East Side of town. A drunk guy accosts her and Watson stops him. He asks her why she’s in a bad area of town and accidentally admits that Holmes isn’t sick and that he’s with Sherlock. As they’re talking, the drunk comes back with his friends and Watson tells her to run for the main street. Unfortunately for her, she ends up witnessing Jack the Ripper slice some guy’s throat up and just as Watson finds her, she alerts Jack to their whereabouts. Jack and Watson fight until Pendleton comes to the rescue and Watson laments his powerlessness and avoids Emily for a few days. She feels bad for wrapping him up with Jack. Meanwhile, Watson gets Akechi to teach him how to fight. Emily stops by Watson’s place to apologize for the trouble she’s caused him but he never shows so she leaves and Jack the Ripper finds her. Just as he’s about to shank her, Watson beats the living shit out of him. Jack’s bladed-fingers fall off and Captain Moran is like YOU HAD ONE JOB and shoots Jack in the leg. Watson tries to stop Moran from killing him and Sherlock casually struts in all Moran I see you’re no longer in prison *tips fedora*. Moran runs away while Jack tells Watson the Captain has plans for an event in Richmond Park before he also escapes.

DBqiJ0s9F38Good end: Watson rushes her to his place while Sherlock and Scotland Yard chase after Jack. Pendleton materializes out of the shadows like a ninja and Sherlock hints that he knows about Pendleton’s badassery. Emily and Watson talk things out and just as they’re about to kiss, Pendleton crashes through his front door all  ( ◜◡^)っ✂╰⋃╯I swear, this man has to be watching through every window, his ear must be up against every door, he must be hiding in the bushes – he’s everywhere. Watson puts her to bed in another room and Pendleton lectures him before he carries her back home while she’s asleep. Pendleton forbids Emily from going to school and Holmes tells Watson to man up and do something. She reads the paper that morning about the Queen going hunting at Richmond Park and realizes Moran is trying to kill her. Watson helps her escape out of her window and we all know Pendleton was somewhere in the garden all OJOUSAMA but he lets her go. Moran almost kills Emily but Watson shoots him first, making sure it’s not a fatal shot to save Holme’s name. He kisses her and is glad she’s alright but the bullet accidentally grazed her shoulder so Pendleton has Watson tend to her wound every day. If she doesn’t have a scar he’ll let her return to school. The Queen awards Watson with his own ring and Watson kokuhakus to her one day as he’s checking her shoulder. She reciprocates and I guess Pendleton knew there was no hope left so he didn’t barge in.

6JwE6fOFgagHe asks for her assistance on a special case only she can solve. Pendleton is like I got stuff to do but I’ll be there ψ(`∇´)ψ Watson takes her to the place they met as children and she says she remembers everything. They exchange rings and kiss and somewhere deep in the woods Pendleton was watching. Bad end: Emily wants to see Holmes even though he’s “sick” and Watson thinks she likes Holmes. When she doesn’t grab his hand after the second Jack attack, he believes he doesn’t have the strength to protect her and so they remain friends but he tells her he will one day be strong enough for her! BOI WUT. After story: so a new artist was picked and dear god what did she do to you Watson? He looks way too old for his age. Rumors that Moran escaped prison again surface and they find a secret underground cult. Emily collapses when she inhales this special gas that makes her remember her parents’ murder. Watson and her frolic in the flowers and spend the night in the fields and she jokes that Holmes may replace Watson with Kobayashi because he spent the whole day with her and Kobayashi covered for him. Watson later gives her flowers because she caught a cold and Pendleton says they’re going straight down the toilet 😂

Z2t5yHolfuwMarple: is Emily’s friend and she enjoys tea and all sweet foods. She sounds like she hasn’t had a wink of sleep in her life but she has plenty of whoop ass to dish out to whoever messes with her bestie Emily. Her route is pretty much having picnics and baking treats with Emily because FRIENDSHIP. When Pendleton is like “Dear God, Emily these aren’t good enough how ever will you find a husband?” Marple shoves a piping hot scone in his mouth and then asks if he wants to try that again rofl.

0TKwA2TUmKoBaker Street Boys: would be a 3P route if this were an R18 game but alas that’s too spicy for refined English ladies and gentleman. Moran escapes again and vows to have his revenge on Sherlock by blowing up a stadium of 3000 people during a music recital. Holmes and Watson are participating with their violin and piano but before they can practice their music, they must help Emily find out who delivered a bomb to her estate. They find one in her desk and Strater starts acting super(¬o¬)—-☆ 怪しい。Turns out he supports Moran’s ideology that the rich are taking from the poor so the only way to solve this dilemma is to London Become School Bomber. Holmes and Watson try to defuse the bomb in time but Sherlock is like this is no ordinary bomb boiz and asks Emily what her favorite color is and plot twist that’s the wire you need to cut to stop it. Strater is like YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME and nice boats on a poison pill…so then Holmes and Watson give Emily a private duet because sure why not your classmate just killed himself.

odB6Pds0JVgJack Miller: comes from the East end of town which is renowned for high crime rates, *le gasp* poor people, and prostitutes. And more recently, Jack the Ripper. He contents himself with people leaving him alone because of where he comes from. But not Emily! She notices that he keeps to himself and always has horrible gashes on his hands so she bugs the crap out of him until he’s forced to exchange letters with her. She even tries to sneak up on Jack while he’s sleeping before class in the grass but never succeeds. People are getting fed up with Scotland Yard for never catching criminals and Jack asks her opinion on the police. She says people badmouth them because they can’t remember a time when the police weren’t a thing and that the police are only doing everything they can so she supports them. Jack calls her strange and then backpedals because he agrees with her rofl. Emily tags along with Watson and Holmes to see the Ripper’s latest victim and she gets pulled into the crowd by a man who takes her down an alleyway and threatens her harm unless she hands over her money and possessions.

r2bypQ_1alEShe manages to get away from him but witnesses a terrible murder. The murderer spies her and goes in for the kill only to recognize her: he tells her to leave as fast as she can and not to tell a soul what she saw. Emily sees his hand is wrapped in her handkerchief and she knows his voice. She turns around and sure enough, it’s Jack. Well shiiiiiit. Watson runs into her and sees blood in her hair but she pretends it happened in the crowd. Pendleton rages at her for going to the East end and that she could’ve been shanked by Jack the Ripper, which reminds Emily that her friend is a murderer and she’s like what do I do if I see him at school tomorrow? Conveniently for her, Jack doesn’t show. In fact, the teacher announces that Jack suddenly has a chronic disease and he won’t be back that year. Because another body was found that same day, people start thinking Jack’s absence is suspicious because he’s never been one to miss a single day of class and Emily goes to find her teacher to ask where Jack is. He can’t tell her Jack’s address but Holmes tricks the poor man into revealing his general location and that Jack’s adoptive father, Henry Millers, wrote to the school about his son’s illness. The teachers are all worried that someone from the East end will spread diseases to the other students so they plan on kicking him out for good. While Holmes and Watson go to the East end to look for Jack, Emily busies herself with reading up on the East end of town in the library.

yi1w-iNzuhkCaptain Moran turns out to be Henry Miller: Jack’s adoptive father. Jack’s parents abandoned him so he sought refuge in the warehouses. Living conditions were better than the streets – but only if one could keep up with the work load. It was here that he met another boy named Bradley. Bradley ‘s mom was a prostitute and she tossed him aside because she couldn’t afford to raise him so he despises her and all prostitutes. One day, Captain Moran swaggered through the warehouse and decided that Jack was smarter than most of the kids there and he took him in. He taught Jack how to kill without being seen or heard and because it was the first time Jack had ever been praised by someone, he gladly continued to murder people for Moran. Moran then tasked Jack with attending school at Harrington Academy in order to learn about the relationship between the people, the police, and the Queen. Jack went everyday as a spy and killed all of the traitors to Moran’s organization at night. Surprisingly, Jack isn’t Jack the Ripper: Bradley is. Bradley hates Jack because his master won’t acknowledge him. It’s a little weird that Moran’s organization dresses up their killers in fashion that sticks out so much if their goal isn’t to get caught: children lavishly dressed in suits and top hats and bright red robes like hmmm. Moran orders Jack to kill Emily because he let her go. On the night he’s supposed to kill her, he finds a letter she left for him beside a tree in the schoolyard saying she wishes he’d come back soon so she can sit next to him again and Jack is like FRIENDSHIP so he goes to her place to ask her to run away with him. Before all of this, Bradley had sent the police a letter boasting that he planned to kill 1500 prostitutes unless he killed Emily. Emily didn’t want to believe her friend would harm her so she compared Jack’s letters to the Ripper’s, but Pendleton and the police both insisted Jack Miller is the killer.

c0TPlBL0bVMBut she doesn’t believe that so when Jack sneaks all the way up to her bedroom window, she lets him in. She says she can’t run away because she has a duty as the heir to her family and Jack is like welp this is awkward and then Pendleton dives in with a gun all protect ojousama! Emily holds his arm down so Jack can escape and he returns to Moran with some of Emily’s hair and says he killed her. Moran is like why you always lying now I must kill you for being a disappointment. Jack kills him first and Bradley rages because his own master won’t notice him even when he snitches on Jack for killing Moran. So Bradley targets Emily and Jack falls for his trap and gets thrown in the Tower of London. The people are so happy that the Ripper is finally caught and for a month no murders happen. Emily and Pendleton have fled the mansion to keep her safe and she convinces Pendleton to let her see Jack. She tells him that she plans to use her fortune to create a school for the children in the East end so they can have a future someday and after they leave, she sets up a plan to catch the real Ripper. Good end: Bradley realizes he can’t win so he grabs Jack’s metal claws and skewers his own heart. Jack stays the night at Emily’s home because he has no where to go and he still has to serve prison time. As he may get the death sentence he confesses his feelings to Emily and kisses her. He also says that if he could choose, he wants to become a policeman but alas, it’s not meant to be. Pendleton tells Jack that he’s a Government Agent Badass Butler and that he can save him from the noose if he becomes a butler to protect Emily for the rest of his life. Jack accepts but then Pendleton says, ‘I want my ojousama to marry who she loves but that’s not going to happen in her lifetime because society sucks so she’ll have to marry someone that isn’t you but you gotta deal with it or you can’t be her butler’ ლ(ಥ益ಥლ) I signed up for a happy ending not this! Bad end: Bradley kills Jack and then the police turn destroy his ass. Epilogue: Jack works for the Whiteley house as her hot ass butler. He tries to distance himself from Emily so that she can marry any suitors who interest her but he can’t do it after all and he gives her a ring he bought with his first paycheck. She vows never to marry unless she can marry Jack even though it may take decades. In the meantime she works to fund a future school for the east end with help from a wonderful person named Howard who she turned down. Pendleton hints that he had a forbidden romance in the past which makes me wonder if it was Emily’s mom.

kSsoZoYGYggLupine: is a lying coward who uses fancy words to cover up his insecurities about love and because he just loves beauty. So when he goes on a tangent it sounds like something a desperate incel would text some girl but because Lupin’s such a Chad it doesn’t backfire half as bad as it would’ve rofl. While he may parade through his class as a bumbling nerd, once there’s treasure to steal, he become a magical Chad known as The Gentleman Thief Lupin! Lupine’s so good at hiding his identity that not even Holmes suspects him throughout the entirety of the game! Only Pendleton does but we all know he’s one hell of a butler 😉 Talk about sly. Lupin’s father kidnapped a lady from being locked up by her people for being too free-spirited and they fell in love and had a son which is our megane boy here. One day the leader of Spellbound, Moriarty, wanted a piece of his mom but she was like sorry, I don’t like creepy guys, so he killed her and stole the necklace that she wore all the time. Lupine wants revenge so he goes along with some of Spellbound’s orders so he can one day avenge her. His dad won’t do anything because he’s a gentleman thief and gentlemen don’t go around murdering people. Emily’s first encounter with Chad Lupin begins with a declaration to steal treasure and ends with him stealing her first kiss and then his next move is to steal Emily’s treasured photo of her deceased parents.

dIiLbZaUtJUSadly, this is the only time Emily decides not to let Pendleton do all of the work. Lupin sets a sleeping gas in her mansion, knocks out Pendleton, and goes straight for her photo, only for him to run into Emily pointing a gun at him. He gets away with her treasure so she’s like I’MMA KILL YOU. Lupine ends up revealing his inner Chad to save her when they get attacked by some drunk guys that try to assault her and then he doesn’t come to school anymore and his excuse is that he fell down a flight of stares and sprained both of his ankles. His classmates believe it because Lupine is always doing this stuff but now Emily is like this little sneak! The next time she meets him, she chases him over a gorge and then slips and falls off the edge. Lupin jumps after her and they fall into the river. It starts raining and Emily, who’s unconscious, is starting to turn to ice. Lupin takes her to a cave, fights off some wolves with his cards (like how does this work someone explain rofl) and then because she’s going to die if he doesn’t heat her up, he strips her and holds her against his bare chest. Needless to say she’s like (ʘᗩʘ’) when she wakes up and then Lupin falls asleep because he’s been awake for hours trying to make sure she survives. He bids her adieu and bounces afterwards and his dad was apparently watching the whole time and this doesn’t freak Lupin out I guess because his dad is always talking about his lewd adventures with women. Emily starts falling for this thief but he ends up becoming this emotionally manipulative asshat to her.

2vv6GQEd3hwThe next day he’s back at school and Emily is so pissed that he stole her stuff and is lying to everyone that she drags him outside and yells at him. He gets a little too close and says some pretty hurtful things to her before he leaves her there to cry. His dad comes in disguised as a gardener to apologize for his son being such an idiot and then is like yeah Lupin prolly has the FEELS for you but after his mom died he just doesn’t want to get involved with anyone. Good end: Lupin ends up sneaking into Moriarty’s base to kill him but then Emily bursts in to stop him and Lupin’s like holy shit what am I doing? I’ll be no better than Moriarty so he lets his dad deal with Moriarty instead and takes back his mom’s necklace. He takes Emily to the park where he first kissed her. He’s all here’s your photo back sorry, oh wait LET ME BURN IT FOR YOU and he burns it to ash in front of her because apparently there’s secrets in there that could harm her wow such caring such love. Then tells her to close her eyes until he counts to ten and he kisses her…only to fucking leave her there again. He also gave her his mother’s necklace which apparently means TRU WUV and at this point I’m shipping Emily x Necklace because this boy is such an asshat. Emily stops going to school and is trying to forget Lupin. When she comes back her teacher starts hitting on her because it’s Lupin in disguise. Apparently his solution to breaking her heart over and over was to trick the whole class into thinking he was the teacher before he kidnapped Emily rather than straight up apologizing because he has to be super extra. She rages at him when he takes her to this rooftop. He’s like yeah I’m an idiot and then promises to stay with her and they kiss and man talk about a disappointing route.

jT4H5qdzTRgBad end: he steals her photo and then leaves after she promises to chase him until she gets it back. Epilogue: some guy buys this collection of her family’s silverware at an auction and she wants to get it back. Lupine tries to warn her that the guy’s a weirdo but she goes anyways and the guy locks her up and has her beaten. He’s planning to sell her to Spellbound so he can pay off his debts. I don’t know how Pendleton thought it was fine to let her go by herself but how else are we going to have Lupin rescue her? Lupin saves her and takes her to a hotel and things get a little too hot for that Cero rating so instead of banging he takes her back to her place and leaves a card on her pillow. His dad asks him why they didn’t just do it because he boned his mom the night they met, and Lupin’s all I gotta NURTURE WUV leave me alone dad! Yeah cuz you sure didn’t do a great job of that at all in the whole route. The epilogue was so much better than the entire route and I’m a little disappointed that Emily fell for Lupin first instead of Lupine – even if they’re the same person it felt like she was only there for his ikemen side. Thank god some of the epilogue gave Lupine something rofl.

MCznm-3w2CQTrue End: has the most ridiculous villain if I ever saw one and I wanted so badly to just skim through this portion because it was boring as balls. So Pendleton leaves for Christmas but of course it’s just a ruse to get Emily to find out the truth. Her parents founded Harrington Academy with the help of several people including the Queen. A man name Beckford took a lot of the funds and gave them to Moriarty and when Emily’s parents found out, Beckford had them killed. Pendleton promised to protect Emily forever. Beckford sends her a letter begging for help because some people are trying to kill him and Watson and Holmes go with her. Of course it’s a trap. Beckford needs to kill her to get rid of any possible evidence that could incriminate him but she gets away thanks to Holmes. They go down a secret passage and run into this underground facility that Moriarty rules over and then he has Holmes injected with elixir. We never really learn about what this stuff does to people but it weakens Holmes and Moriarty is like time to seduce him to the dark side muwahaha. Apparently Holmes wants crime to always exist so he can get an adrenaline rush by solving cases so Moriarty tries to use the elixir to get him high enough to accept the darkness within him. But why did Beckford give Moriarty money? Moriarty wants to preserve the country’s treasures so the ones in the great museum are all fakes and the real ones are underneath the museum where they are now. Like wut. That was your goal? That’s why you’re killing children and enslaving them? TO PRESERVE ART? WUT. Moriarty gets away because Otomate needs to make a sequel for something but looks like that’s never going to happen despite the promotions for one since it was cancelled. Epilogue: Emily holes herself up in her room because she can’t believe Beckford would soil her parent’s dreams and so Pendleton asks all of her friends for help. Holmes decides to set fire to her mansion because he knows she has severe PTSD from the night her parents were killed so she’ll run out of the mansion right away. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? They all get together for food and celebrations and each of them decide to go their separate ways but promise to meet up again in 2 years. Yeah nice try even if that game did come out I wouldn’t get it.


Final Thoughts 

An Elementary Try (´д`)

I’m pretty disappointed with London Detective Mysteria. Most of the guys were so rude to Emily. She’s no Cardia Beckford and yes, she’s a rich noblewoman who still doesn’t understand how the world works, but seeing some of the guys who supposedly love her constantly calling her stupid, incompetent, unworthy, a disappointment…how she didn’t start to feel like shit blows my mind. Thankfully, the others weren’t asshats to her. The villain in this game has one of the most ridiculous goals I’ve ever seen and the game didn’t even answer all of the questions it raised because they were counting on a sequel. A sequel that will never come out because it was cancelled years ago. 


Related image

Emily Whiteley has a knack for spotting things that most people would dismiss as trivial, which helps during the cases she needs to solve with her classmates. Because she’s a very sheltered noblewoman, she’s super naive about the world. She’s constantly getting wrapped up in situations that most people would easily avoid – don’t get into a stranger’s carriage for instance – much to the chagrin of Pendleton. I put most of the blame to how she was raised and sheltered so much. But she really needed to step up more. Had she been as courageous as she was in Lupin’s route and as mature as she had been in Jack’s route, she’d have really been a great heroine to follow.

System: has skip-to-next-choice and timed choices. The timer felt pointless since you can go back to the last choice anyway. The characters don’t call Emily by her name which was disappointing. I encountered several issues throughout my play through on the Vita. When I reached the “Missing Man” chapter, I couldn’t progress if I skipped to the next choice. Then I couldn’t continue even if I played the game naturally. I had to restart the game, redownload it, etc. and finally I solved the problem. The next issue I had was with the Epilogues. I couldn’t open any of them even though they were unlocked. I contacted XSEED and they said they had someone ask them about the same thing. The solution is to complete Watson’s route and then all of the Epilogues will become accessible. 

Localization: XSEED is renowned for their faithful localizations and I have to hand it to their translator. She did a fantastic job and went the extra mile of researching old British dialects and etc. At times the language became way too flowery when the original Japanese wasn’t nearly as colorful. It irked me that one of the child characters said really crude things when he never did in the original. He makes jabs at Jack for “having a bigger cock than him” which was to convey that he’d done something reckless. Another character in the truth end is an insane guy and I guess to amp up his insanity they took his love of chocolate and had him say that a certain kind got him off. My Japanese is around N3-N2 so perhaps he did say that and I just didn’t catch it but I want to make a note of that since I don’t think he said that at all and it was so crude and out of place.

Art: is super cute as you can expect with Karin’s games. Apparently they got a new artist for the epilogues so Watson has a new sprite. And him only. He looks way too old for the cast and doesn’t fit in the game.

Music: is comprised of mainly orchestral pieces. Some of the tracks are really good but it’s overall forgettable. The opening and ending songs aren’t anything special.


Pendleton: is the game’s biggest mystery and the best character in the entire game. Too bad we’ll never know more about him because there will never be a sequel. He doesn’t have a route but he deserved one or just a whole game dedicated to his other jobs. I’d rather have played that instead.

Related image

Holmes: his seiyuu didn’t fit his character and for some reason his CGs made him look hot but his sprites were garbage. He can fall down a gutter for all I care. He was such an asshole to Emily and I don’t care if he feels insecure because his dad is the great Sherlock Holmes. You don’t treat the people around you like crap just because you’re too prideful. He was always putting Emily down and don’t get me started on the stunt he pulled in the Truth End’s Epilogue.

Watson: is an angel who puts up with too much of Holme’s shit – even if that includes watching his best friend go after the girl he’s been in love with for years. His route was a little lacking compared to the action-packed ones everyone else got though.

Akechi: starts off just like Holmes but thank God he grows a pair. He’s a cute tsunkun megane boy. But his bad end will really piss off a lot of people if they play that end first since it all stems from miscommunication and stubbornness.

Kobayashi: is pretty much Watson all over again except he didn’t get a route. He’s forever friendzoned.

Lupin: was so disappointing. He played with Emily’s feelings and even if he liked her back I was so done with his crap before the route ended. It’s a shame since I was really looking forward to him and I prefer his “secret-identity” over the Thief Lupin even though it was all an act.

Jack: is probably the best character in this game and he gets screwed over in the truth end. I didn’t love him like I’d hoped and I attribute that to just wanting the game to be over by the time I got to him. He was a breath of fresh air and I think he’ll be a favorite for many.

Recommended Route Order:

Watson/Holmes > Akechi>Kobayashi/Marple > Jack > Lupin > Truth


Overall I’m salty about this game. 2019 didn’t start off with a good one for me but at least I’ve finished it. I’d been really interested in it since I saw the promotions and despite how it didn’t get great reviews when it first came out on the PSP, I held onto the hope that I’d like it when I got around to it. The common route is very, very long and the mysteries are elementary to solve. As for the romance…bruh I’m disappoint. I got so sick and tired of hearing Holmes shit on Emily, I was tired of Lupin taking her for granted (but he thankfully came around and his epilogue was pretty cute), and Akechi was such a butt in the beginning but he had a lot of development and he became one of my favorites. Jack, Watson, and Akechi are my favorites in this game and if Kobayashi had been given a route I think it would’ve been great. A lot of research was put into both the setting and for the localization. But the laughable villain, cancelled sequel and the underwhelming romance wore down this title. It’s currently available on the PSN for $29.99 and there will be a PC port coming to Steam soon. If you’re interested in this game I’d highly recommend waiting for a sale. If you can snag it for $20-25, I’d pick it up but that’s just me because I was so excited for this game and I feel so disappointed. Thank God Code Realize Wintertide Miracles is coming out February.

What did you think of London Detective Mysteria?

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17 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: London Detective Mysteria

  1. Kitty-chlo

    Oh god, Im so glad someone else thinks LDM is disappointing. I thought I was the only one. The game is way too over-hyped that I started playing it with high expectations and came home disgruntled (Didn’t read any reviews from the PSP port, I should’ve had though! sob) The common route was too long and I am on board with your take on jerkass Holmes, I couldn’t have said it better myself! lol The boi had pride issues and it annoyed me to no end (*°ー°). I’m finishing up Lupin’s route right now and tbh I’m at the point where I just couldn’t wait to finish the game as a whole. lol I havent unlocked the “True End” yet but all thanks to your review I am now fully prepared to become more DISAPPOINTED haha I also agree with you that some translations were way too flowery and I think it wasn’t needed in some scenes. My fav characters so far are Watson (his rt was meh though), Akechi and Jack.

    Thanks for this review, it was a fun read as always! :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Sorry you’re not enjoying either, Kitty-chlo and I hope you’re able to quickly finish it. I think the hype is mainly due to people being excited for another otoge and thinking they should be grateful for whatever they get…which is not the best outlook to have when we should be able to freely talk about titles and look forward to what is worth the time and money. Oh God Holmes rofl why is he a thing? I think CR’s Lupin was so much better tbh rofl. Yeah Watson’s route was pretty boring but I def. agree with you on who’s the best.

      And aksdakrakl you’re too kind! Thank you as well for stopping by and have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. karin

    Oh boy, that’s such a shame. I thought one good purpose for the BORINGGGG and long as heck common route would be that the romance would feel more well-developed. Apparently not lmao. Oh, well. Even having only played the common route, I can already tell there will be things to rage upon. It’s so disappointing that the company would create a heroine that can use her brain (even if the common route cases are super dumb) only to reduce her to an insult-receiving sponge and a damsel in distress. Also, leaving the main mystery unsolved is REALLY bad writing. Unless you’re absolutely sure you’re going to make a sequel, imho a writer should NEVER depend on it to resolve unfinished business. They could have perfectly resolved the mystery then create a new one for the sequel!! The art change is also mega jarring, especially because only Watson had his sprite change. The CGs can be somewhat tolerated but a change in only ONE sprite looks ugly and unfitting. As for the localization I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks that there is an overuse of purple prose and that some characters’ dialogue (especially Jack’s) is weird (and tbh sometimes I don’t understand what he’s saying because of the ‘dialect’). In other regards it’s pretty well done, though. Anyway…I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the game that much. I agree that it looked super good but, in the end, it was overhyped and, from the looks of it, looks unfinished. Hopefully we get better otoges for localization!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Hi Karin, how you’ve been?

      Yeah the common route was weird. It introduced the cast very well but as you said it did nothing to develop the romance. The main “mystery” for this game is partially solved. We learn the villain’s motivations but felt like a huge cop out for a sequel rofl. Pendleton is the game’s best part and yet we learned nothing about him and that was beyond frustrating. And I agree so much on Jack’s dialogue! I really think the translator did a fantastic job and put in a ton of research that I’d hope to see more of in the future but sometimes it was a little too flowery and his lines took a while to read. What’s jarring is that I don’t believe the Japanese version even gave Jack a different dialect – he just spoke very casually to everyone but the English adaptation was faithful to the language of that time and area. And don’t worry 🙂 I find myself becoming easily annoyed with otoge the more I play haha. Yeah I hope so too! What titles would you like to see localized?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. karin

        Hey Leafy! I’ve been well, and you? I have quite a few plans for new posts so I’m excited about that.

        Aggh, it’s so disappointing when a villain’s motivation is dumb. It makes the main conflict of the story lose seriousness and look stupid :/ . I’ll have to judge Pendleton after I finish the game but, so far, it’s a mixed bag for me. On the one hand I find him really awesome but on the other hand, I don’t like characters who are invincible and, to put it simply, perfect. I like that he cares for Emily as much as a real daughter but sometimes his teasing also gets annoying. For instance, I don’t like how he comments on her weight, sometimes. As for the localization, yeah, I agree that most of it is very well done and it shows that a lot of research and effort was put into it, but they went overboard with the dialects and the flowery text.

        Hmmm otomes I’d like a localization for? Let’s see…I’d love to have RE:VICE[D], Binary Star and Kyoukai no Shirayuki! Also a good localization for Taisho Alice…but that’s probably not gonna happen 😦 How about you? What otoge localizations would you hope to see?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        That’s great to hear and I’m excited to see what you have planned for this year!! ^^

        Haha I feel you on Pendleton. I got so tired of the boiz in this game that I was like at this rate I’d take invincible Pendleton over them. As for the weight thing I think that was played up in the English localization because it was a huge thing back then to be a certain weight. The 1800s is romanticized to a crazy point so when the uglier facts crop up and people aren’t used to that it’s jarring. A lot of classics touch on the subject of women’s waistlines (albeit discreetly but still enough to notice). I agree with the localization issues but I think it reflects the time period well concerning the prose. But definitely purple prose. Fata Morgana is the only visual novel that has managed to pull off purple prose and make it seem magical and I can’t recommend it enough.

        Lol omg exactly those! Binary Star is supposed to be amazing! I’d love to see the Harukanaru Toki no Naka de series too.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. karin

        True, it may be that this game focuses on the last part of the 19th century since, at first, what was considered beauty was actually being plump. It makes sense…but I honestly wish it hadn’t been included. Especially when the game emphasizes it as comedy and not as criticism. Poor Emily.

        I feel you, girl, I too would take a perfect man if all the other available guys were a nightmare. I wonder if I should leave Jack for last since it seems like he has one of the best routes…

        Fata Morgana! I really need to play that this year. I bought it a while ago but never got to play it.

        Harukanaru Toki no Naka series looks really nice! 😃

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        I completely agree that those statements about weight are outdated and unbelievably uncalled for. When it comes to translating, it wouldn’t be faithful to remove those lines and then the topic of censorship and more would arise. However, I agree that it was overdone though in this game because they were very hurtful. I wish they hadn’t been included in all honesty.

        Jack is probably the sweetest guy in this game outside of Watson and Kobayashi but it’s your call 🙂

        Fata is really good but I’d check out Magangamer’s post regarding triggers. There is assault but all of those take place in the past and is one of the few stories I’ve seen that really tackles the subject very well and does so tactfully and sensitively.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. karin

        Oh, yes, of course not! I didn’t mean the localization but the game itself. I feel like the writers could have done without the weight teasing scenarios.

        I’m so mad that Kobayashi didn’t get a proper route. He’s one of my favorites so far…so I find it really unfair that he got friendzoned just because he has a baby face.

        Thanks for the warnings regarding Fata! I don’t mind as long as it serves a good purpose to the story and is well done so I’m looking forward to playing the game! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        You’re good haha and absolutely agreed! Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome had a ton of weight jokes as well and left a really bad taste.

        I’m not even sure why Kobayashi was friendzoned tbh sure he’s got a baby face but wasn’t he around the same age as Akechi?? If anything he deserved a route for how great he was *cries*

        Not at all! I don’t want someone to play something that could potentially be harmful to them.

        I hope you end up enjoying London Mysteria more than I did!! 🙂 and I’m looking forward to seeing your planned posts 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      7. karin

        Oh yes, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome had quite a lot of those *sigh*. It may also have to do with how Japan is really hurtful when it comes to weight. There’s a lot of fat shaming plus Japan is one of the countries (if not THE country) with the most anorexia issues 😦

        Ikr?? Him and Akechi have the same face so I honestly don’t get the friendzone bullshit grrr. I bet his romantic route would have been great.

        Thank you! Hopefully I can finish the game in January and post the review! And thanks once again! I hope you like my upcoming posts! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. exxiel

    It’s a shame the game disappointed you. Looking through some images, I find the art to be good and the heroine surprisingly cute. I possibly won’t play this, however I have a friend who has a bit of interest in this game, will probably tell em to wait for a decent sale. Thanks for the thorough review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Hi, exxiel! Hope you’re having a good day.
      Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed too 😦 but of course if this one interests you by all means go and grab a copy 🙂 While I can only do my best to provide the most informative review that I can, not every one will agree and a few people really did enjoy London Detective a lot. I hope that if and when you do play it you have a much more enjoyable experience!

      Liked by 1 person


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