Otome Game Review: Code Realize~Future Blessings

Intro: This fandisk takes place during and after some events of the first game, Guardian of Rebirth, so if you’re new to the series, don’t start here. This attempts to create a resolution for the cast, but unfortunately Otomate pulled a clickbait. You thought your bae would get their due? Haha. No.

Final Thoughts Below:

40q2erqdj_mAnother Useless Story: Why is this in the game?! I want Cardia to have female friends but we’re told this happens during the first game. Then we never hear of Shirley ever again. Thanks, Otomate. Basically, Shirley Gordon’s mafia family have a No-Kill contract and they’re pretty swell peeps. Unfortunately, as it is with good folk, an asshat named Avido Crudele swoops in. Avido’s dad was part of the Gordon family but his mom died so he raged at the mafia. He comes back after he’s grown up in Italy to buy the medicine the Gordon’s are cultivating to create a drug that makes consumers lose all rationale and attack indiscriminately. Darius is like heck naw so Avido has his men kidnap his wife. Darius almost gets her back but they literally backstab her and Darius loses his left arm. Avido gets away so Shirley is raised by her dad and she’s thirsty for revenge. Cardia and the gang get wrapped up in drug busting and Avido is sent to rot in prison after blowing up all of his savings on a fancy ship lol. Before that, you have to deal with this boring cookie cutter villain coming back for round after round of disappointing boss battles. Shirley and Cardia take a photo for memories and then we never hear of her again. Ever. Sasuga Otomate. Why couldn’t you scrap this to deliver the content I bought this game for?! (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

gfewmqoqdwaFran: continues to be the sweetest. Cardia brings him his lunch when he forgets it and overhears his apology to Delly for how his research doomed his kind. Unlike the other routes, things take a drastic turn. Saint brings them to see Omnibitch. She tells Fran he’s the next ultra-tensai whose research could destroy humanity so he has 3 days to decide to join Idea. To sway him, she says because Cardia is man-made, there’s a high chance she’ll outlive him so why not become immortal? The cost, however, is he must kill those who may change history. This includes Cardia, who’s poison could return. Saint tells Fran if he joins, she’ll be devastated. During a meeting with Queen Victoria, Cardia 床ドン’s Fran and says she doesn’t want him to become a murderer. Victoria’s like I’m still here as they start spilling everything about Idea and how much they care about each other rofl. That night they confront Omnibitch. Fran declines and Saint has Lupin and co. swoop in for a fight against the Apostles, but Omnibitch allows them to live under the condition that Cardia shortens her lifespan to that of a human’s and for the rest of their lives work to prevent the poison from returning. Cardia becomes Fran’s assistant and they share wedding vows in front of a church for some reason?? Like why. A nice route but really depressing to realize Cardia may outlive her man if he’s not Impey (vampire), Saint (Idea Apostle), or Fran.

pij5kqocbgwFinis: Cardia leaves after discovering she’s a homunculus and meets Finis at her old home. The villagers who tried to kill her before arrive so Finis makes Aleister kill them and is like come see daddy. And we’re at the end of Guardian of Rebirth cuz they reveal their entire plan to initiate plan Code Realize to advance science through eternal warfare 😂and somehow revive Isaac’s family. Cardia tries to show her bro there’s more to life than daddy’s approval but he refuses until daddy kills one of his many dopplegangers. Then he’s all oh shit after Lupin and co. save him. He decides Cardia was the only one who cared, so he lets Lupin’s crew sneak him aboard the Nautilus. He convinces Alestier and Nemo to work with him and he fights daddy with a new Idea Apostle named Gretel, whose sister’s soul is in his fork weapon. Their parents abandoned them in the woods so Omnibitch adopted him and was like here’s your Forkchan. Normal End: Finis pretends that Isaac took over him completely to spare Cardia from pain since Isaac will take over him eventually and lets Gretel fork him (hmm sounds so wrong). Cardia goes down with the Nautilus to wherever it’s headed with a newly born Finis like this is fine. Good End: They shoot Isaac’s core. The siblings clean up their mansion while Lupin and co. go their own ways. Finis thanks Cardia for loving him o(○´ω`○)oわくわく

hik7p6k_hwmHerlock Sholmes: Cardia gets stuck in the sewers with Jack the Ripper. He taunts her for killing Elaine and Cardia is near her wit’s end when Watson arrives. He takes her to his place because sleeping in Jack’s sewers isn’t the best idea. Cardia sees a photo of Watson, his wife, Mary, and Sholmes. She’s like (O_O) you know this guy? He “died” while on a case. His name was originally Sherlock Holmes, but to “go in hiding” prevent lawsuits over copyright, he rearranged his name and somehow by the magic of Otomate-plot-convenience, was never caught. After Finis who dies in front of them, they discover Aleister has betrayed Twilight because Sholmes is back on his radar and the two are arch nemesis. Like wut. Aleister’s desire to break Van is tossed out the window because they needed a plot. Queen Victoria is assassinated and Cardia, Watson, and Sholmes are named for the crime. They flee but Aleister is like yo I killed the Queen and blamed you all lolz. After a wonderful kabedon scene, Lupin and Impey come to their rescue, and the three of them hang onto a rope ladder. Bad End: Cardia lets go of Sholmesrzr83-x9xk4.

Sholme’s lets go and Cardia vows to get him back. Watson asks if she loves Sholmes. But nah, she just wants to punch him😂 Turns out Sholmes had predicted the Queen’s assassination so Lupin and co. were able to prevent it. He goes to fight Aleister and Cardia and the gang crash land into the palace to help him. Aleister unlocks Van’s hidden strength and knocks out Cardia with Finis’s pendant. We find out Mary had also been manipulated to unlock her hidden strength, so Sholmes had to kill her. Watson draws Van’s attention so Sholmes can proceed. Aleister says Sholmes is the only one who can understand him because he solved all of the crimes that led to him. Aleister beats him down and says he must choose to kill Cardia or let her transform into the Philospher’s Stone and damn all of London to her poison. Normal End: Aleister nice boats himself and they find the antidote was hidden on Cardia the whole time. After things settle down, the two get on a train and he vows to cure her poison so they can touch. Lupin is stealing things again so Cardia teams up with Sholmes against him rofl poor guy. Bad end: Cardia tells Sholmes she loves him and has him kill her to save London.

xniwkdhp848Van: pampers Cardia to no end, despite how she worries about the cost of everything. At the start of the route, he starts making out with her because Fran said he cured her poison. But there was no time to be sure, so Fran’s like UH you could’ve died and this awkward. He wants a normal life with Cardia, but he has no idea how to do that, so he pushes his affections on her. This makes her lonely, because he puts her above himself, which makes him lonely because he’s only thinking about her. A huge misunderstanding results when Cardia tries to tell him but can’t get the words right. They start avoiding each other, but as Impey and Lupin point out, this is a bad choice. Cardia tells Fran what happened and starts crying. He tells her this is what happens when you love someone. Every time you argue and feel bad about it or worry or feel terrible, it’s because you’re thinking about the other person and you love them. He tells her things will get better after they talk things out and it’s normal. After Delly screeches at Van in the middle of the street, he rushes back home. He and Cardia apologize and explain why they were upset with each other. Van is like wow, misunderstandings will happen, but if I don’t talk to her, it’s gonna get worse and I’ll feel like shit again. So he has her try on more dresses (DID YOU LEARN NOTHING?!) and then takes her to a park and asks her to marry him and I was going (・へ・)  Have they discussed what they want from a marriage? Seemed too fast for me, but who knows.

gdx9lhrdnv8( ˘ ³˘)♥Saint: my husbando’s route from the first game was a shonen romance and I loved every moment ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡. Of course, Otomate decided his selling point was Despair (™) and that bleeds into the FD. Joy. Right away, we learn Saint was a nameless slave child forced to build a sacred tower for his vainglorious king. In exchange for giving up his soul, Saint was given immortal life and granted a single wish. In the present, Saint wakes Cardia with a kiss and teases her when she worries about her poison melting him. They take a detour to see an old connection named Hermes Trismegistus, an Apostle and the father of alchemy. Hermes has died and his lab has been gutted; they search for the Emerald Tablet. Poor Saint grows insecure about Cardia’s love for him when she shies away from his affection. She doesn’t want to hurt him with her poison and is shy because this is all new to her, but Saint thinks she’ll leave him after the poison is gone. Lupin says he’ll ntr him if he’s going to be selfish so Saint says it doesn’t matter if she has poison in her body because he loves her. Cardia was listening the whole time, so Lupin lets them talk it out. Later, Lupin reveals he looted Herme’s lab and returns the tablet, which Hermes inscribed a note to Saint. Saint had to kill Hermes on Omnibitch’s orders because he was researching the Philosopher’s Stone, which is a no-no. Before his death, Hermes tells Saint his wish to know happiness will come true. Victor uses it the tablet to counteract the poison and Saint gives her a ring made from the tablet. On their return to London, Saint asks Cardia to marry him, hell yes, and kisses her, promising to take her everything after her poison is cured σ(≧ε≦σ) 

0iskqkdp-0eSmooth Criminal Lupin: I nearly fell for the gentleman thief. Lupin has a thing for sneaking into Cardia’s bed while she’s asleep and things happen until the next morning, but of course we don’t know exactly what rofl. She starts to think she likes Lupin more than he likes her, an interesting foil to Saint’s route, where Lupin had to snap Saint out of thinking the same about Cardia. Saint suggests she steal Lupin’s ❤ again. Van decides to put Lupin and Cardia in danger because trauma gets the heart racing and forges deep bonds, similar to wuv. Lupin and Cardia reminisce about their adventures as they track down intruders in the mansion, but Sisi blows the operation. Impey and Saint NTR Lupin by taking her out on a date.

ukf9bgmoxdmHe follows, growing restless and jealous with each passing moment. Impey feeds her and Saint wipes cream off her cheek ( ˘ ³˘)♥ and before Lupin confronts them, Cardia confesses how ardently she adores Lupin. He realizes what a fool he is for not recognizing how she believes her feelings are one-sided, which is hilarious as they’re married. He interrupts them and Saint and Impey leave. Lupin tells her he loves her and her smile is breathtaking (。’▽’。) Later that night, Cardia says she wishes she knew Isaac. Should she even think of him as a father? Lupin arranges for the Queen to let them access Isaac’s diary, where she finds a photo of his family. I felt so bad for Isaac. All he wanted was to bring them back. Lupin says he will love her and she has a family now. The next day they see Impey off to America. Cardia has him fly Lupin to see a view of London Isaac loved, and as Impey leaves, we get to see the boiz’s pov. All of them go their own ways, and Saint even gives up his immortality. A skirl of wind sends petals over the city. Lupin says she never needed to try and steal his heart a second time because it’s impossible to steal something that was already stolen (。・//ε//・。) and they kiss. Lupin nearly stole my ❤ jeezuz this man should be illegal with his compliments. Be still my <3.

c71uuvgza5oImpey: wow, I actually forgot to include his route rofl. Thank you, @/RemIsBestAlmond on twitter. Impey’s entire route is about the fluff and the feels, as well as the cure to Cardia’s poison. There’s really not much else in this route other than Victoria funding Impey to build a submarine to get a heads up in a competition. He and Fran diligently work on the project, and one day, Cardia accidentally stumbles upon Impey showering. She’s so shocked she stands there just staring. Along with the submarine project, Fran and Impey work on negating the poison in Cardia, and in a romantic test run of the completed machine, Impey and Cardia look out into the ocean. He says Fran and him worked on creating a substance to cure her poison but before he can kiss her they’re interrupted. Of course, Cardia doesn’t let that stop her, so she kisses him atop the ship at night, thinking no one will disturb them. You go girl! In keeping with Impey’s fluff, he’s the only one to get a wedding, thanks, clickbait Otomate! It was cute, but unfortunately may set up certain expectations if played first.

mccajaumafsDelly: his “route” is more like an omake. After each route you complete, a new episode opens in Delly’s room. Stories are short, simple, and are focus on the daily hassles he and Cardia become involved in. One of the funniest was when Cardia forced herself to eat Delly’s cooking. Delly looks up to Van as the best cook, much to the chagrin and despair of everyone else, for his food produces terrifying results upon consumption. There’s a few CG’s and some glossary terms required for the platinum in here.


Final Thoughts:



Code Realize is one of my favorite otoge and to see how successful it’s been in the west is amazing. Its’ sales have been instrumental in the localization of future otoge, including the first ever fandisc (to my knowledge-please correct me if I’m wrong). Being a fandisc, you should only play this after having played the original. This serves as an epilogue of sorts, introducing new routes: Herlock Sholmes, Finis, and a new batch of characters. Unfortunately, this fandisc fails to deliver a completely happy ending for everyone. I’m sincerely hoping the second fandisc is localized, where everyone gets their happy ending and more.



Cardia Beckford is one of my favorite heroines and the one I most connect with. She’s an amazing heroine that other games should be using as a role model. She’s timid and shy, naive and sometimes too kind to others, but she also kicks tail when needed and I’m so happy for her! I’m so pleased to see her go from being a lonely, lifeless doll to a young woman bursting with love and hope for the future. I only wish the same could be said of her brother, Finis, but thankfully, we get a chance to see this in this fandisc.

System: No problems here. In order to get the plat, you must fulfill very simple requirements, including filling in the glossary. This can be done by going through every route, including Delly’s. You don’t need to see the bad endings to fill in the glossary.

Art: I was a little confused at one point during Lupin’s route, where the Royal Palace has a background where things have crashed into the building?? There’s no conflict at all so perhaps this is leftover from the events of the first game.

Music: You’re getting what you got from the first game, but it’s a lovely ost so no complaints. The opening theme is alright but I personally loved the ending.

Characters: As always, I’m delighted with the care put into Code Realize’s cast. However, the inclusion of the Gordon family was trite and unnecessary. If removed, we could’ve received what we all wanted! A true, happy ending. The wedding attire is a lie. Only one character gets that in this fandisc.


Sholmes and Finis both received routes in the fd. They both take place during the first game’s events, and I thought they were a nice addition. Finis nearly had me in tears because he really deserved better and we got that in this game. Sholmes gets the end of the stick because he’s kind of shoehorned in and he wasn’t a huge presence in the first game, serving as a foil to Lupin and as comedic relief. I liked him a lot but the lack of time spent with him really detracted from forming a strong connection to him. I hope to see more of him in the next fandisc and hope he finally gets to touch Cardia.


Van isn’t my favorite guy. I hate miscommunication plots, but it fits his character. Personally, I like him better working with Delly to right his wrongs after the war. 

Fran is such a sweetie but his route brought up Idea and the fact that Cardia could outlive her man, so that really left a bad taste afterwards. If Cardia is still a danger, why only appear in his route? It makes sense given he’s a genius who could potentially unearth secrets about the Holologium, but….no matter what, she’s still a danger regardless of whose route you’re on. 

Saint ❤ is Otomate’s Despair (™) but I was pleasantly surprised how, despite the way the route began and how it progressed, there was a lot of good moments and I was very happy with the ending. I really, REALLY need the fandisc because Saint deserves everything good in this world.


Impey’s route was what the game advertised and was a lot of fun. But he’s the only one to get this. 

And color me surprised, for the self-proclaimed Gentleman Thief, Arsene Lupin, quite nearly stole my <3. Saint blew his route out of the way for me in the first game, and I still prefer Saint, but Lupin….oh man. He knows exactly what to say. He’s the charming, suave man as always, but dear lord I didn’t expect him to sweep me off my feet. Any man who compliments and treats their girl the way Lupin does knows what they’re doing and he’s quite honestly a danger to the hearts of many. I thoroughly enjoyed his route, Otomate-biased as he is. He’s a wonderful canon and I’m very happy with his character. I also really liked how his route acted as the ending of the game, so I HIGHLY suggest saving his route for the last to get that closure feel.


In terms of enjoyment from least enjoyable to most enjoyable:

Mafia<Delly<Van<Sholmes<Fran<Impey<Saint<Lupin (wow, he took Saint’s place)

Overall, I had a fun time, even though only one character got the advertised wedding. It’s certainly not without it’s faults, and I still am peeved the mafia story is a thing because if it hadn’t existed, we could’ve gotten a complete happy ending for each character. We’re really going to need that second fandisc now, please, because that’s where all of it happens. I need Saint to get his due (and all of the boys) and I’m looking forward to seeing where Lupin’s route would go. I was lukewarm to him before and now I’m like (´▽`ʃƪ)(´▽`ʃƪ). He can steal my heart anytime.

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What did you think of the fandisc? Which route was your favorite?

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