Otome Game Review: Cinderella Phenomenon

Intro: Crown Princess Lucette’s life is irrevocably changed when the Fairytale Curse befalls her. Fairies and Witches had once lived in harmony, keeping the balance of the powers of their crystals intact. However, fairytales cast the witches as evil , resulting in the Great War to eradicate them. As vengeance, the witches have been cursing humans ever since. Lucette, brought up to distrust others by her mother, must complete 3 good deeds to reclaim her title after she awakens on the streets in rags, with none but other cursed people to remember her. These deeds show up as pieces of a necklace she wears. At the Marchen Boarding house, a fairy named Parfait and a witch named Delora try to help the cursed. But Lucette has never been anything but distrustful, bitter, and selfish. How can she manage even a single good deed?

Final Thoughts Below:

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 3.50.39 PMRod: cursed with muteness, so Sebby, the plush on his shoulder, enables him to communicate. He loved Viorica, his childhood friend. She nearly drowned but Rod saved her BUT a nobleman NTR’d him. Rod asked a witch to make him a prince to win her ❤ but Viorica fell for the cockblock so Rod decided not to break his curse in order to keep everyone happy.

Delora makes her Emelaigne’s maid, who is now Crown Princess. Parfait suggests partnering with Rod may help him desire to break his curse. He’s teaching Em to dance but she needs a demonstration because she’s a visual learner. The close proximity to Lucette has him tsuning. Later, they find Em in the dining room trying to to test herself on utensils. Lucette genuinely helps her, earning her 1st piece of the necklace.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.09.19 PM

Parfait and Delora say a witch is in the castle looking for Lucette because her mother, Hildyr, was the witch who terrorized the people after starting the Great War. She’d killed a human and fell into darkness. So Delora cursed Lucette to see if there was good in her.

Some hos badmouth Opehlia and Lucette tells them off, realizing Ophelia knew she was Hildyr’s daughter and she’d been awful to her. She gets her 2nd piece and Rod shows up.

Mythros wants Lucette to be the next mahou oujousama. She’s all PEACE but he says Rod will die after Viorica’s wedding. He vanishes as Rod walks in and she yells at him for not telling her about the consequences of his curse. He kisses her and Sebby’s all (ʘᗩʘ’) Mythros promises to break Rod’s curse in return for something on her birthday.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.14.49 PMGood End: to break the curse Rod must either win Viorica’s ❤ or to kill her. Em is under a spell and gives Rod a knife. Mythros spells him to walk to Viorica who’s floating in the room asleep. Lucette tackles Rod GO GURL and Delora bursts in to freeze him to the ground. Mythros oneshots her and Lucette jumps in front of Rod so he stabs her shoulder. Her last deed was breaking Rod’s curse, which breaks hers too. Delora was playing possum and owns Mythro’s ass. The next day, Lucette’s life is back to futsu. Because they’re step-siblings, they have to hide their feelings and arrange to meet outside in the woods in secret ლ(ಥ Д ಥ )ლ

Bad End: Mythros is all welp you won’t do it I’m out and Rod confesses to Lucette before he vanishes at the stroke of midnight.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 2.07.44 PMKarma: cursed with the Beauty’s Curse, he dresses as a woman to ward off women who fall madly in ❤ with one glance at him. Though, he seems to like cross-dressing lol. He’s skilled with the sword and trains Garlan and Julien at night, constantly asking Garlan when he’ll confess to Julien. I liked how he taught Lucette sword fighting. He was Brugantia’s Crown Prince. He was vain and selfish and he threw away a woman after a week who turned out to be a witch. She told him to fuck off and cursed him.

Someone tries to kidnap her and Karma saves her. She goes to thank Karma and walks in on him changing and sees a rose on his chest. She’s almost taken to the King after she’s caught eavesdropping on some knights but Karma saves her. She gets him away from a gaggle of women and gets her 1st good deed.

Karma shuts himself in his room so she buys him a rose locket to cheer him up. She walks into his room and he kabedons her asking why she’s here and she throws the locket at him. He returns it but she’s all I got it for you and he’s all O.o Alcaster forces the king to resign and they go to rescue the royal family. Karma transforms into a beast when she’s captured by Varg.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 2.20.09 PMGood end: She recognizes him after he shows her the locket and is like I swear I didn’t eat Karma I’m him and she confesses and breaks their curses.  Alcaster murders his son Fritz and then the King jails Alcaster all TIME TO DIE BOI. Karma leaves to show his family he’s alive and for her bday her returns while she tsuns to him about his flirting and how he owes her. He pushes her down in her bed and starts to icha-icha but a Maid starts knocking on her door to come out for lunch. She starts to open the door and Lucette’s all you shall not pass. Bad End: She fucking stabs the beast to death and realizes it’s Karma as he dies.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 5.16.35 PMRumpel: a shameless flirt with amnesia who collapses on the streets in the beginning of the game and is taken in by the Marchen overseers. His journal will fill out with each memory he regains until the curse is broken. If he can recall his name, it will break automatically, To be honest, not much happens for most of his route until the end. He’s shocked to realize he’s 24 and a doctor.

Rumpel was unable to save some patients of his so he sought a witch, who took his memories. He was engaged to a woman named Bria. Rumpel refused payment for his services as a doctor, plunging him and Bria into poverty. Bria went to a nobleman he saved to collect payment since Rumpel refused it. The man asked her to sell herself and they had an affair. Bria and Rumpel decide to move on and he learns his name is Chevalier. After confessing, Waltz says the witches have started a coup on the castle.

Good end: Mythros reveals her mom isn’t dead and he’s going to revive her. Her friends rescue her and Waltz broke his curse and is now a smoking ikemen. Mythros grabs Em and starts strangling her. Chevalier baits him into raging over 9000 and everyone rushes Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 5.23.02 PMhim. Mythros tries to stab Lucette but Parfait jumps in front and dies. Chevalier shanks Mythros in the neck. She wakes up to ikemen sensei beside her and kisses him to wake him but Waltz strides in to tell her about her plans for the future and advertises his route to learn how he broke his curse lol. Bad end: Lucette sneaks around to shank Mythros but he spells knights to kill her and Chevalier jumps in front.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.57.05 PMFritz: Lucette’s personal knight and son of Sir Alcaster. I was interested in his route from the start but damn do the childhood friend/body guard tropes always get the short end. He’s cursed with the Big Bad Wolf but for the longest time I was convinced it was a spin on Jekyll and Hyde. She stays with him at his house but of course shit happens and she’s constantly running away from him or the Marchen cast. His route explored what happened if she didn’t grow attached to the Marchen’s aka she doesn’t break the curse through good deeds, people die for her, her mom is resurrected, and she fucks up big time.

The worst offender was I came here for Fritz and I stayed for Varg. See, I like the nice guys. Yeah, they ain’t terribly interesting but I’d much rather THAT than some dude constantly trying to rape you, murder you, stalk you, lock you in cages, etc. but that’s a personal opinion. See, Varg is Fritz’s dark side that manifests to help Mythros out and because he’s Fritz, he comes to care for Lucette. He’s just super emo and stuff. Despite how Garlan, Delora, Parfait, etc die, I had hopes for Varg because as much as I loved Fritz, we knew nothing about him. We were supposed to just float on the trope he was but it didn’t sail. Add to the fact that Lucette’s mother abused her so badly to the point she couldn’t trust anyone and it made NO SENSE that she was all I trust Fritz with my life!!

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.59.09 PMGood end: people die and Varg decides to let Fritz come back because he loves her, meaning he’ll die. Lucette is all GOOD and then later she talks about getting rid of the whole class system so she can marry him without being judged. Bad end: Mythros and Varg corner them in the tunnels and Varg shields her from a spell. He tells her that a dog will always ❤ his mistress so it’s best that he dies rather than come to terms with how she’ll never choose him ಥ_ಥ

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.01.26 PMWaltz: the true route and has the Neverland curse so he’s a shota for most of the game until you play his route and BAM he’s a nice piece of ikemen. He was a witch and Hidyr’s pupil but because his parents refused to hand him over, she killed them. He lived with her at the palace and snuck around to play with Lucette and cheer her up. Hildyr found out and forbade him from being with her, then erased Lucette’s memories of all the bad things she’d done to her. Waltz calls Lucette his “little star” because she was the one beam of light in his dark days.

I kind of feel like they fell a little fast for the plot but then again it said she’d been at the Marchen for 4 months? He teaches her how to open her ❤ to others who want to get to know her and her kindness is what propels her to gaining support from the town when Hildyr comes back and kills her father, Alcaster, and then holds Waltz hostage. I loved how she kissed him first.

Good end: she goes to save him and Delora and Parfait come too. She lies to her mom to get her to come down the steps and then one shots her. Parfait sends her off to whatever hell the bitch deserved to go to and then Lucette becomes Queen. Annice and Rumpel apparently are getting it on lol and she breaks the Fairytale curse for the whole town. And Parfait fucking dies ლ(ಥ Д ಥ )ლ Waltz makes her go through the town to the palace because the townsfolk planned to welcome her with bouquets of lilies and all of them apologize for being racist dicks.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.02.53 PMHer family dress her up as a bombass Ojousama and Waltz is all DAYUM and then the game has to end with an epilogue if you weren’t ready to accept that this was Canon. Bad end: Hildyr makes Lucette give back her powers and it turns her into an empty shell so Waltz stays with them because he believes he can break her curse but he never can. All in all a good route and he was so sweet!!! ❤


Final Thoughts:

I’mma Bomb Ass Bitch


For a FREE otoge by Dicesuki, I have to say I was pretty much floored. I’ve played a lot of kusoge-and those were commercial otoge. Then we get this. Dicesuki certainly is making a name for themselves and oh boy am I ready for their FD. So, why was this so good?



Lucette is a lovely young woman who makes me so happy. She was raw, flawed, and human. Sure, she acted like she had a stick up her butt in some routes *coughFritzcough* but hot damn. I loved how she gave no shits when her man was like BUT YOU COULD GET HURT she was like SO COULD YOU and she didn’t just rush in blindly (unless Bad End). She really made this game what it was and I was just as invested, if not more, in her as a character as I was with her love interests. Ugh she makes me so happy. Just play the game for her.

System: Easy interface. The Holy Skip-to-Next-Choice has blessed us all! Thank you, Dicesuki. There were a few times where I tried to skip and it crashed, but they’ve addressed this on their FAQ. There was some lag as well when there were moving things on the screen, such as in the bad endings and in Waltz’s route with the lights.

Art: Sprites are great but the bgs were gorgeous!!! Like I kept wondering if this was all a RickRoll and some ugly ass bgs were gonna replace them later lol but no. The CGs were a little wonky though. The side profile ones were really WUT so the artist needs to work on that but the rest were really good. 


Music: The op was a little hard to listen to if I’m being honest. Sorry, didn’t look up the male singer. He was good in some parts but in others I was like HMMMM but hey. The ost was pretty forgettable but it worked so I can’t complain too much.

Characters: In otoge, you’ll be hard-pressed to find decently well-written female characters. This one delivered! We had about 8 if I’m counting correctly. And all of them passed the Bechdel Test holy crap *applause*. I adored Em and normally she’d be the MC (glad she wasn’t) but she was so precious. Parfait was likewise precious and while Delora was vastly more entertaining, I hold a soft spot for our fairy. Annice isn’t as developed and HOLY SHIT Lucette you should’ve done more to make up for what you did to her. That was the one thing that buggged me.


The love interests were really good. Dicesuki has said on their page they dislike yanderes so for me that’s great news! But if you like that stuff, you’ll likely find Fritz’s route really entertaining despite some of the drawbacks it had. Rumpel was cool but I never was attached to the guy. Same with Karma, but I did really enjoy his story. Fritz dear Lord. Boi, I had such high hopes and then his route was basically “I came for Fritz but I stayed for Varg.” Waltz is the canon route and I did like him. He was sweet, caring, adorbs, etc. but man Rod just captured my ❤ with his tsuntsun. Of course, I prefer how bomb ass Lucette was in Waltz’s soooooo yea. 

In order from most fav to least (though I didn’t hate any of them yay!)


Overall this was a really good game for FREE. I repeat, IT’S COMPLETELY FREE. You can get it on Steam, Android (though there are still problems with it they addressed on their site) or their website where I HIGHLY encourage everyone who liked their game to consider supporting them. It doesn’t have to be much. I gave them $5 since I’m broke but I wanted to show them I appreciated all their hard work, time, and effort for us. The FD is going to be $10 and I will gladly slap that down for them because this was really good. Was it the best otoge I’ve played this year? No. But it’s pretty damn good if I do say so myself. The writing was beautiful, lush, and I love Lucette.

If you’re looking for something similar, I’d suggest trying out Nameless for a darker fairy tale spin. The Zettai Meikyuu Grimm titles are also well received and feature Grimm fairy tales and voiced, strong heroines. I plan to review one very soon. And of course, the Alice in the Country otoge as well as Code Realize if you want a really awesome, likable cast. 

What did you think of Cinderella Phenomenon? Will you be getting the FD?

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10 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Cinderella Phenomenon

  1. 1_chan says:

    I saw a short demo play through of this a while back, and while I thought that Lucette was overly cold, my heart continued to break for her as the demo progressed. She really is one of the memorable heroines, and I hope to play the game someday xD. It’s too bad my laptop has no space whatsoever for large files. Thanks for the review! I’m definitely looking forward to it more aha~

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Agreed. Lucette definitely was very hard to get used to at first but she really grew on me. She certainly grows during the routes but she never abandons herself completely so she’s still a little colder than most MCs. I hope you can make space haha. Are you ready for the other otoge coming out this year?

      Liked by 1 person

      • 1_chan says:

        Haha~ it depends on how much I have in my pocket xD. So very excited for the coming releases though, especially since some of those titles are titles I’ve been keeping gan eye out for a while. Thanks! Hopefully, I can clean up and make some space available before my summer ends xD

        Liked by 1 person

      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        You got this, 1_chan!! And if you play them a little later that’s fine!:) Haha I hope your summer is amazing and do let me know if you want to see anything in particular from my blog. I want this place to be something everyone can enjoy and feel comfortable in.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Sindy says:

    I just started playing Cinderella Phenomenon over a week ago and have only completed Karma’s route so far and I enjoyed it. This quality for a free game, I was surprised by how good it is. I also liked the mc, I found her refreshing.
    I’ve only read your final thoughts to avoid spoilers (I’m sad to see Fritz’s route isn’t as good, I was excited for him). I loved the ‘cover’ arts. They were so pretty.
    I almost feel bad that such a nice game is free.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Hi Sindy! ^^
      Haha right? I was really surprised it was free when it was so well made too. Glad you like Lucette! And yeah I feel like a lot of entitled otoge fans are going to start a riot when the FD is released since “the first game was free” lol.
      I’ve been getting a lot of people asking where to get free copies of games like srsly?! What’s hilarious is that most ask for vita otoge because there’s no possible way you can lol


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