Otome Game Review: Nameless

Intro: Eri loved dolls as a child and after her grandfather died, her parents left her alone to go off on business. She wakes up one morning to find 5 strangers in her home claiming to be her Crobidoll dolls…but she’s forgetting something important. And it just might cost her. The characters are voiced in Korean.

***My recommended play order from least spoilery to most:


If you want to play some out of order, stick to first playing through either Lance, Yeonho, or Yuri. Yuri’s bad ends reveal a little more than the others. If u really want to enjoy this game, it’s imperative you play ALL of the routes. Because you can’t unlock Red and the ANSWER to everything unless you do this. (Exactly like Code Realize and Lupin.)

If you’re new to otome games, contrary to what u might think, you can’t “shop around” and then choose a route. You have to be set on one guy each play through. You will need to make several saves to get everything. If you need a guide, please don’t hesitate. Though, most of the choices are pretty obvious. Some not so much.

Final thoughts down below. If you just want to skim through the routes I’ve summarized please feel free. Keep in mind that Tei, Red, and Nameless will be nothing but spoilers. I really think it’s worth ur time and money.



Lance:  He looks so much like Code Realize’s Saint Germain but he’s nothing like him lol. TheIce Prince” Tsundere ❤ is freaking gorgeous and prioritizes studying and manners. He’s a prickly fellow who has an inferiority complex with Red because he feels that he’s just going to be tossed away. He’s not special or unique and can’t inspire others like Red. And Red was created as the only doll of its kind, whereas Lance was manufactured over and over again. His route doesn’t really reveal much except there are instances where the heroine notices that parts of her diary entries have been erased. And she can’t remember the missing parts.

screen-shot-2015-04-02-at-6-10-40-pmAs Lance opens up to her, we see him overcome his anxiety and inferiority complex with Red, and how he becomes his own person. His initial design as a doll made Lance worry that he couldn’t become his own person and that he was forever to be stuck as whatever image Crobidoll crafted for him. He tries several times to step out of his box and be his own person but it terrifies him. He’s shocked the heroine pays attention to him when he’s this gloomy person.

When he starts to fall for her, he’s so scared of messing up. That in the end he’ll become a doll again and he’ll just be some useless toy. That he can’t become important to others. He’s so precious. His bad ends were creepy because in one he dies and they find black feathers in his body.

tumblr_mwfhvcnwsd1sqa4xbo1_r1_500I was surprised with his route bcuz he gets really bold for a tsundere. He panics when Red asks her to be the heroine in his play where they have to kiss. To lololol get her first kiss before Red, he tries to get her out of the role several times. When that doesn’t work he tries to talk to her about it in her room but gets too embarrassed. He decides to bring her to the rooftop of the school before the play to kiss her but she completely ditched him like wtf. As she’s changing lol he barges in and forces a kiss on her. And lol he puts on the dress and ends up kissing Red in the play like omg lol.

He was the only one who encouraged Eri to show her friends her interests in dolls.

And they totally did it at the end.

yh03Yeonho: This is where things get rough. Poor baby was abused by his owner and when he arrives at her house in a beaten up package, she’s horrified to discover all these carvings on his body. His previous owner caused him PTSD so severe that he latches onto the Eri the moment he can like a leech. He smothers her with unrelenting kindness and gifts and breakfasts and calls her Master. At first it was cute, but the more the route went on, the more it became obvious  Yeonho was messed up in da head. And who wouldn’t after what he went through?

The poor guy has several PTSD attacks and in one of his bad ends, he decides the only way to make sure his new master won’t leave him is to strangle her to death. Tei walks in to stop him but turns out he’s yandere! So he kills Yeonho and the heroine and himself. Like holy crap. Not only that, but the heroine has a yandere moment of her own in one of the bad ends and it was hard to read. Like holy shit.

cg1Like Lance, Yeonho struggles to overcome his preset personality. It takes him a looooong time to get stronger and finally realize he doesn’t need to worry about her abandoning him.I was so glad he got his happy ending (even though it was bittersweet bc what happened omg) because he went through waaay too much and I was literally so creeped out by his bad endings. Like I couldn’t even in them. It was too much. But they were necessary to piece together the plot.

yuri03Yuri: A narcissistic doll created by Crobidoll to be the man to fulfill a woman’s desires 😉 He believes he’s “God’s gift to women” and is constantly wooing women, donning on facial masks, or lavishly spending money on people. So much so it freaks out the Eri because it seems like he’s doing lewd things to get this cash.

I don’t like the flirty, womanizer trope, so he wasn’t my favorite. At least they spun it a little differently. Since he was designed to love all women equally, he doesn’t actively seek them out to flirt with them. He’s just designed that way. Because of this, he’s empty inside because he doesn’t know what it means to really love someone and to have someone truly love you in return.

He takes on the role of her music teacher and he honestly was hilarious. He says super crude and sexual things to the students when describing how lovely music is, and then they shove this pic of a horse onscreen because he crosses the line with his suggestiveness lol.

He gets frightened about his feelings for her and tries to ignore them when he realizes she likes him back. Tei ends up becoming involved in his route and holy crap guys yanderes just don’t do it for me. Like no. Tei freaking kills the heroine once again in one of the bad ends and in another “less creepy” one, it’s implied that there’s some weird ass 3p going on. There’s a CG and everything.

tumblr_n9eapfcxm71th5xddo3_1280Tei tells her that Yuri is waiting for her and she runs to him. He’s about to start his music when he sees her and announces he’s quitting his job cuz he fell in love. If the heroine doesn’t go into the music room, Tei grabs her and kills her. It’s revealed that each time she dies the wizard restarts everything. We don’t know why though.

If she goes in, Yuri confesses that he was scared. Lol he kisses her against the freaking door where others could see them. The descriptions had tongue in it and then we get this CG and I’m squinting at it going, “Are they even kissing?” they look like he’s just barely pressing her lips lololol. Tei interrupts cuz he’s still a teacher until he turns in resignation paperwork and waits 30 days. Idk if they actually did the deed that was implied lol bcuz while their on their date he muses to himself about how he has to wait until she’s “legal” lol. He proposes but Nameless is like too bad lol and the game ends after Yuri can’t find her.

Can we take a minute to say that he can’t sing? Like no offense. I can’t sing to save my life but I was cringing listening to the ending song.

tumblr_inline_mwb7h3xnb61r02l68Tei: Ugh, I’m not a fan of yanderes and his route was super messed up &he pops into other routes to kill Eri. I just don’t get the appeal of yanderes. But I tried to go with the flow since I don’t want to be TOO biased. If u like this trope, you’ll like this route.

Eri finds her journal has been blotted out & hears a voice mocking her. She passes out and finds Tei when she wakes up. At first things seem normal until she is shocked to find she has a cellphone. Every night Tei gives her ZZZ tea to make her sleep.

It’s obvious he’s spiking it & cuz he’s always barging into her room, she can barely write in her journal. Even if she was able to, Nameless (who we still haven’t met) is ripping those pages out.

At Banjul she remembers some stuff & panics. Her friends leave w/ her but when Tei comes home he makes her drink more tea. She mentions how quickly the tea works and jokes that he spiked it. GIRL WTH?! That’s NOTHING to joke about.

Eri heads to her room & Tei emos to himself abt how he’s trying to protect her from danger/himself. Tei, this is NOT how you win over a  girl. How much does this guy know? He mentions that she went to Banjul but Eri thinks she’s never been there. He constantly says things that make it seem like he knows more than he should. It’s just him. Did he strike a deal with Nameless?


Because this is what true love is.

Anyways, they go to the amusement park & due to girls getting all jelly, they flee to the ferris wheel. Eri’s scared of heights, so Tei takes the opportunity to confess how he’s scared of someone hurting her cuz of jealousy over him & proceeds to hug her to death.

Tei distances himself & Yuri swoops in & I honestly was thinking Yuri should ntr her cuz holy crap. I knew where it was going the moment we heard about Tei’s damaged knee & his “dirtiness” and just NO.

Soi dates Tei blah blah blah, he kidnaps Eri to his room after drugging her and she never questions it & he forces himself on her saying how he wants to hurt her. Like hell no. While thankfully he doesn’t mean rape, he does intend to scar her and stuff bcuz TRU WUV.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cuz I don’t want 2 write out everything, eventually Soi breaks up w/ Tei & he confesses his rofl backstory. Yeah, I felt a little bad but damn if it wasn’t forced and shoved in just so Eri can decide that YES PLEASE DESTROY ME teehee, or that she isn’t stupid and wants a relationship with him (please just run away, girl)

If you want all his CG’s you gotta play those bad ends!!! And I honestly wasn’t too shcoked since he freaking creepers in to the other routes and freaked me out so much in Yeonho’s bad ending. The last bad end tho did make me go wut? Cuz Eri looks like she’s a doll now…so maybe that’s part of the plot???

Ironically enough, Tei doesn’t have any “suggestiveness” in his good ending-just a gross ass kiss. Like idk I was expecting him to be one of the guys who did get it on, but whelp, it was the tsundere who got it lol.

And no. Tei is clearly not a brunette. If that were true, I’d sure have awesome hair.

tumblr_nhiwaf98gx1tgbyobo5_1280Red: An action doll who’s genki for justice and pretty stupid. He’s the only Red that was created by Crobidoll. And he has the most spoilers. I was genuinely surprised at how quikcly he fell for Eri and how he knew what his feelings were. He didn’t bumble around wondering what these FEELS meant. I also have to say that I usually don’t like the genki guys. Idk why-maybe it’s like how that one guy friend of urs suddenly falls for u but u don’t like them back & they don’t get the damn hint? LOL anyways, color me shocked to say that Red’s route was really cute and adorkable and HNNNG it was sooo good. And he’s in competition with tsunderes. Tsunderes! I freaking love tsunderes.

Before the game even started we finally get a reveal on what the Wixard and Nameless are, how they met, and what the goal is. We even learn about how the dolls came to life and why they are human.

Eri wakes up to find she can’t remember much and exams are next week. Meaning the festival is super close. Talk about a flash forward.

After a kidnapping incident Eri goes to school early every morning with Lance. But after Red realizes he likes her, he steals her away to go to school with her. Eri is also in the play. Soi asks Eri to give Tei her present and ugh no Soi don’t. Tei doesn’t deserve u.

He accepts the gift but Red misunderstands and thinks Eri likes Tei. And Tei thinks Eri likes him too lol so when Yuri talks about how Red is realizing what it means to have a crush he suddenly gets up and confesses his feelings to Tei…

ROFL everyone is shocked as Yuri and Tei try to defend Red’s sexual orientation and how he likes girls and not guys. Eri is like soooo dense in this. How the hell do u not immediately realize a guy likes you when he acts strange/suddenly asks if you have feelings for someone?

Nameless gets super involved in this route and starts tearing up her journal cuz he’s too tumblr_nhiwaf98gx1tgbyobo3_1280impatient to finally see her. The Wizard says if he wrecks the journal too much, he might ruin his chance of his wish coming true but lol YOLO.

Nameless messes up her memories. Eri gets locked into the gym by the jelly girls but Red saves her. And then she starts passing out, forgetting who people are and hears Nameless’s voice.

Red is going through an identity crisis like all the dolls have. He believes he MUST be special since he’s the only one of his kind and he was made to be a hero. But reality slaps him in the face: he prolly doesn’t have powers, he’s rlly naive, and he doesn’t know who he is if he’s not a super hero and loved by all.

And ugh Eri wtf girl? Like I get it. Bullying sucks and having jelly girls threaten u with knives and stuff and knocking u out ain’t cool. But like all she does is go “Woe is me. What did I do to deserve this?” Like sure, I can agree with u on that but when that’s ALL U SAY and never fight back-even speak up!!-just NO. Yeah, we want genki Red 2 save u, but srsly, u gotta at least tell them to stfu. Tell a teacher. A parent. Someone! Don’t wait for the situation to get so bad that one of the guys has to suggest telling a teacher. Being a victim is hard, but survival 101 helllooooo Eri, freaking tell an adult!!!

tumblr_n28oqjvr0s1r2d9e1o1_500Anyways somehow she ends up getting her memories back thanks to Red and HNNNG this route was freaking adorable. Like just do it for him. Srsly. Even his moments of jealousy didn’t bother me and I really enjoyed his route.  I really think that Red and Eri are canon and I support them. Usually I freaking can’t understand why most of the “canon” couples are even together cuz of issues and stuff but this one worked! They both mutually supported each other, there was no abuse, no questionable stuff it was just nice, sweet and healthy.

And I’d totally date Red if I could. Like srsly.

Nameless: Once you finish this route and enter the name of Namless several times for the true end, all of your files will be deleted. Please back it up or copy your files if you wish.  I feel super conflicted. Like damn this GAME WAS BRUTAL when you piece it all together. “Sweet Solutions for Female Gamers” my ass.


This is literally an otoge in an otoge. The Wizard requires memories to keep him alive and have powers so he appears to Nameless. If ur desperate enough, the Wizard will come 2 u, and boy is Nameless desperate.

See Crobidoll company is messed up. They take pieces of SOULS and put them into their dolls cuz girls get attracted 2 certain attributes and it encourages them to buy the doll with their desired personality type. So imagine Toy Story-the toys can feel and experience everything. And yet they can’t move. At all.

Every traumatic thing they go through, they feel. And they can’t stop it. And their owners don’t know this cuz like lol how would a child realize that hey, ur teddy bear actually is alive!

When the owner abandons their toy/forgets their name, the toys go to some kind of purgatory. Only the ones manufactured with souls. They can either die off or to escape they must remember their own name or their owner must. Eri completely forgot about her first toy who’s going insane in purgatory so when the Wizard tells him Yo, like all i need to do is make her fall in love you can see her again! Why? Because she’s empty inside-meaning she lacks parts of her own soul.

Yeah, each time she “captures” one of the guys she literally TAKES THEIR SOUL. Nameless is like dude how the f does this benefit me but don’t think too hard guys. This is an otoge. It’s supposed to be this way rofl.

Anyways, not only is this going on but each route takes place in some alternate world cuz it’d be too “wrong” for Eri to have 5 boytoys lololol despite the fact that in this game there is: abuse, drugging, kidnapping, possessiveness, creepy ass stalkers, murdering jelly girls, attempted rape, sexual assault (not rape-it’s forced kisses and touching. This is assault guys. Don’t romanticize it. It’s not cute.)

And Tei apparently was so messed up in da head that he kind of knew what was going on and yet he wasn’t really involved. Can we all take a moment to count all the times he pops up in other route’s bad ends to kill Eri? I don’t understand how ppl find this romantic. Sorry but srsly, if u’ve ever been stalked it’s terrifying. And then try and imagine everything Tei does to Eri after that. Not cute. Like no.

Well, I felt awful for Nameless. Like holy crap this was messed up. However I have to say it-he mentions that he found her attractive when she was a child and then they reveal he’s a teddy bear and I couldn’t not think:


I mean yeah, maybe he grew up and aged like her….lol nope. Like shit what am I supposed to think after he says this? And they flash a teddy bear at me staring at the heroine and u can’t help but stare at his button eyes and go shit Eri get out of there. He’s lusting.

The boytoys get together to rescue Eri from Nameless and because it’s justice, Red tosses acid at pedobear and freaking melts him. So while he’s slowly dying in agony, they skip happily away! Later Eri lol somehow remembers there’s a closet in her kitchen and finds the mangled body of her first toy…

If you type in the name of Nameless u wipe out all ur save so copy dat shiet. This is the only chance u have to have a happier ending with Nameless. Unless ur cool with him dying by melting from acid.

So that was Nameless! A seemingly innocent game that srsly spun out into psycho land faster than u could blink.


Final Thoughts: Yeah, keep telling yourself this was a sweet otoge. It’s not. Lol wtf like it’s cute in some parts but if u actually think about it…ugh it’s so messed up. I enjoyed it a LOT and really hope you pick this game up. It’s worth the market price and the art, voice acting, music, etc were great. Keep yourself braced for the bad ends because they’re worth it and get you cg’s and journal entries but they’re intense.

Red was my fav!!!! Like I never like the canon guy but he got me:) Lance was next followed by Yeonho, Yuri and…Tei is just no. Don’t go near that dirtbag. Lol obsessive possessive men aren’t hot especially when they flipping drug ur tea, kill u mulitple times and hurt u bcuz they find it hot…nope. Nopity nope.

Highly Recommended!!




















37 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Nameless

  1. pokeninja90 says:

    Awesome post! I have been sitting on this game for months, Dandelion kind of traumatized me a little…but based on this review, I think I’ll give Nameless a go! I am so stoked for Mystic Messenger though! XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Neko-chan says:

    I had so much fun reading this post ! same as pokeninja, I got kinda “stuck” (traumatized ? XD) on Dandelion for a long time and Nameless was put on-hold because I kinda still thought it would have been the same kind of game. Well, I’m glad it isn’t. Your review really intrigued me, Leafy ! I’ll follow your suggestions when I’ll eventually get around it XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cat says:

    Holy shit, this game sounds super intense (・∀・)
    I’m glad to see the Dandelion makers keep making games. I saw a bit of an LP for Dandelion and I wasn’t liking how it was playing out (plus I have no PC to play in ORZ) so I’m glad to see they’re improving! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Reare Noella says:

    I didn’t know you’re interested in Korean otome games~ If I’m not mistaken this dolls are real right? I think I once saw a pictures of every character in dolls.. But never mind that, I love Lance and Red the most together with Nameless (but that last ending, where Nameless show up scares the fuck out of me tho)

    Lance was a cute and bold tsun boy ~ He was insecure with himself and thought that Eri was bored of him.. but Lance is so funny with his sarcasm~ I can’t get enough of it WELP XD. Yuri was okay, but at first, I though he did something illegal at night since he always went out and brings home a tons of cash, I’m still surprised how the hell did he became a music teacher in the school..

    Red is a cute superhero as usual, his superhero action justice is so damn funny I can’t even properly type this lololol. Yeonho is so clingy and he’s second last in my list.. that chick seem innocent and pure… but Yeonho and Tei are pretty much on the same boat. As for Tei, he seems so… cunning (LMAO he actually reminds me of carrot and his name, on how I pronounce it as, it means tea and Tei works in a cafe right?XDDDD) (o-0)/ btw, why do you mean about Tei’s hair? I don’t get it…

    As usual, thanks for the review~

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Haha I agree with everything you said! I also thought Yuri was doing something illegal lol
      I meant that his hair looks orange in the game but he’s supposed to be brunette lol he looks like a ginger.
      And yep:) I really have been interested in other kinds of games from other countries!
      Lance and Red were also my favorites:) I cannot wait for Mystic Messenger, their new game. It looks like it might be about idols but I’m not too sure. The opening is amazing.
      Thanks so much for reading, Reare!

      (And I started one of the drama cds. Thanks for your patience. I have exams coming up so I won’t get to that until Friday, but it will take me a while since I am still REALLY new to the Japanese language. Thanks again!)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Reare Noella says:

        I’m pretty sure most of us were thinking that Yuri was doing something illegal *cough*prostitution*cough*

        Oh! I get what you meant by Tei’s hair now, thanks (シ. .)シ and it’s kinda refreshing too see games from other countries but I’m not sure how to cope the language barrier unless it’s similar to Nameless: local seiyuu but english translated game, which is kinda hard to find 😦 but let’s just finger crossed there will be games like that every now and then (*→艸←*)

        Wait! What!?∑(O_O;) They have a new game soon? I didn’t know about that!! (●´∀`●)ノ thanks for telling me this though *runs away* C= C= C= C=┌(`ー´)┘

        P.S. ( ̄ω ̄) nah, it’s fine, I know the drama CD’s will be challenging to translate since they will be talking about places in Italy/Spain so it’s alright, (シ_ _)シ because I know it will be hard for you lol, totally forgot the fact you are still new with Japanese but just enjoy the drama CD ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ yeah? Anyways, good luck answering your exam paper~ cheers for your exam~ ( ’ω’)旦~~

        And call me Rea instead (^人<)〜☆

        Liked by 1 person

      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        Haha omg yes lol that’s what I was thinking!!! Or maybe he was in a gang if not that lol.
        Haha yes, I really like exploring different cultures and their games.
        Haha well I still would like to try a hand at translating it since you asked and when my Japanese improves I plan on going back to it to correct it:) Thanks for your understanding but I still would like to try your request! XD
        Awww thanks, Rea!!! You can call me whatever you wish! Do you have a wordpress or twitter or smt?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Reare Noella says:

        I’m 100% sure that at least half of the people that play the game thought Yuri did that LMAO

        Nah, I think I stick on calling you Leaf or Leafy or anything related to leaves (muahahaha!!) ╰(▔∀▔)╯

        Nope, I don’t have WP since it will take me decades to write a sentence (ノ*゚▽゚*) and I’m really easily distracted lol. I don’t have twitter either since I’m not really interested in having one but I do plan on having a account soon but after I finish my study since it will be my biggest distraction ⊂( ̄(エ) ̄)⊃ . I used to have a Tumblr account but some idiot deleted it ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶ idk how though, still a mystery for me lol…

        So I’m just an old plain Jane that just roams round the cycle of otome games and stalking everybody like crazy ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴

        You should be careful of me LMAO

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Annesthesya says:

    I always enjoy reading reviews about this game~ *spoilers for those who didn’t play* Red ended up -surprisingly- being my favorite. At first I was really worried his route would be some boring action heroes stuff and was all “nope” but I really enjoyed & enjoyed the fact he called Eri his Heroine (• ω •) Not only him, but I loved Nameless/??? too. The Secret Ending 2 was really despair for me and the CG Eri hugging him and Nameless saying he doesn’t want to be nameless… how could I resist? (´;ω;`) I still want to try Dandelion someday, I got interested in the Wizard.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Bánh says:

    Nameless still have so much remain questions. Like after all this sh*t, Eri was left to 5 guys who remember EVERYTHING and 2 of them are yandere . My friend said this is harem end, Red wasn’t canon (which make me damn sad because I ship Red and Eri).
    I heard somewhere that the reason Tei crazy like that because he still remember (a little) his own route. I dunno how they jump up to that conclusion though…
    Really, this is not funny. I don’t like the fact that heroine make all the guys fall in love, I don’t want all the route involve like that…
    *I’m sorry, my English is pretty bad ;-;

    Liked by 1 person

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